Apex Legends New Map + Legend Gameplay!

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Apex Legends Season 7 is here with a new map and Legend, Horizon! Playing with @jacksepticeye Check out Apex here - x.ea.com/66204 Sponsored by EA Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
Runtime: 2:23:16


Kingdecca - 2 dager siden
I hate it when people leave because they died literally yesterday I died and because I didn't leave my teammate got me and our other teammate the win
Sternward Boss
Sternward Boss - 8 dager siden
Haven’t played it.Should I download?
Mist 64
Mist 64 - 8 dager siden
They sound verry similar
DreadlessTV - 18 dager siden
1:16:50 I am POPPING OFF
DreadlessTV - 18 dager siden
1:21:40 I had a good run, Nice to play with you Jack and Sean
GH0ZTY Edits
GH0ZTY Edits - 20 dager siden
bond1j89 - 20 dager siden
3:50 lol
Brief Keef
Brief Keef - 21 dag siden
ok jack wit some apec
AshGaming - 22 dager siden
Great gameplay!
HIGHERxLIVING - 22 dager siden
Jack literally is a hoarder with loot. Picks up everything that he doesn’t need.
HIGHERxLIVING - 20 dager siden
@John Paul Ellis frags
Ivan Ilic
Ivan Ilic - 20 dager siden
John Paul Ellis gggggyyuixgxgxgx
John Paul Ellis
John Paul Ellis - 22 dager siden
Which Jack?
Joshua C
Joshua C - 22 dager siden
Weird.. Horizon legit looks like my ex.
Abdou Dio
Abdou Dio - 20 dager siden
Hmm were with your ex 88 years ago by any chance ?
Oliver - 22 dager siden
God, I love your channel so much. It's really entertaining and it's a nice break from all the other stuff where the videos are built around being funny rather than good commentary and game play. Keep it up man :)
Rhys Rigley
Rhys Rigley - 23 dager siden
Taz Daddy
Taz Daddy - 23 dager siden
Not a fan of this game, but this is what gaming should be. Friends having fun with ridiculous banter, without the sweaty bullshit stress and hackers.
TheGrinderno1 - 23 dager siden
"Jimmy Carr's sister laughs the same as him!" "does he?!"
fucking ruined me.
Matt Horscroft
Matt Horscroft - 23 dager siden
Hemlock single fire > hemlock burst fire
Gamer A
Gamer A - 23 dager siden
I hate jacksepicpye
I ok jack frags
Mr frags
Mr frags - 23 dager siden
This guy is not funny , dont know why he thinks he is , not the jack ofc
Nathanael Tetley
Nathanael Tetley - 23 dager siden
Yay an Aussie in the game. High from another Aussie, jack.
Lucario Fatcat
Lucario Fatcat - 22 dager siden
he's british
Damn You're Garbage
Damn You're Garbage - 24 dager siden
Don't really care for JackSepticEye much
:o - 24 dager siden
The new map feels weird
xIAMDAVEx - 24 dager siden
wingman is still such a bullsht weapon
Rising Gamer
Rising Gamer - 24 dager siden
Awesome ❤️
miner 49er
miner 49er - 24 dager siden
prevalien - 24 dager siden
Looks like giant Nuketown 2025
MozkoŽrout - 24 dager siden
Lol right at the beginning there is the champion called Zasranec, which in czech means something like Shithead
oifwarveteran - 24 dager siden
Love your streams and videos Jack!! This new map is doodoo in my opinion.
popscapo1 - 24 dager siden
This is great stuff with you guys! Keep it up!
Greg - 24 dager siden
Great entertainment guys!
Anubis - 24 dager siden
Got hyped from the trailers.
Let's f-ing gooooooooooooooo
William Ward
William Ward - 24 dager siden
Totally addicted to your videos.
I’m not even a gamer.
I just love the skill and banter.
Jesse Wright
Jesse Wright - 24 dager siden
"Hi ron".
Baiiley - 24 dager siden
Catimoto classic wraith player , pushes on their own then confused they died
wex - 24 dager siden
emil Yourdanov
emil Yourdanov - 24 dager siden
Turn on chets plz kekw
Baiiley - 24 dager siden
Play this unsponsored please
Flap Hammer
Flap Hammer - 24 dager siden
More of this, please. APEX>Warzone
HdndkdjdhgBs 89
HdndkdjdhgBs 89 - 24 dager siden
Bergschrund - 24 dager siden
love jacksepticeye! he makes the stream more enjoyable and fun to watch instead of just going for wins and kills.
J. L.
J. L. - 24 dager siden
You guys are so funny!!! Cheers
s child
s child - 24 dager siden
Haha i love havin jacksepcticeye on. You should have more streams
special task 9711
special task 9711 - 24 dager siden
Jack got 3milion subs 🎉🥳
Bluedemon 341
Bluedemon 341 - 24 dager siden
Its wonderful to know theres ppl worse than me at the game
Fionn MacCumhaill
Fionn MacCumhaill - 21 dag siden
My thoughts exactly 😂
Thome Denay
Thome Denay - 25 dager siden
This game still exists???
AMarq13 - 23 dager siden
This is the best BR you can play bro. Not even close.
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed - 23 dager siden
When all else fails, target the grammer and spelling.
Thome Denay
Thome Denay - 24 dager siden
@HdndkdjdhgBs 89 Little nerd can't spell.
HdndkdjdhgBs 89
HdndkdjdhgBs 89 - 24 dager siden
@Thome Denay ok with your logic ur the only one hating it
Thome Denay
Thome Denay - 24 dager siden
@HdndkdjdhgBs 89 If you think you can invite me to be the third only person to be playing this game, you're hopeless little nerd.
pwndbyagirl - 25 dager siden
so satisfying
TedRampart Gaming
TedRampart Gaming - 25 dager siden
only here for teh chets
Cole Bordi
Cole Bordi - 25 dager siden
stop cheting
Truedau Morales
Truedau Morales - 25 dager siden
Hey! Watching this as a video doing great!
Ebro Gamzzz
Ebro Gamzzz - 25 dager siden
These live streams are the best!
Retro Damo
Retro Damo - 25 dager siden
Really enjoy you guys playing together 👍
The Fanciest Cat
The Fanciest Cat - 25 dager siden
I'm so sad I missed the stream
Switty - 25 dager siden
There should be a Bangalore Star Wars skin, called the Bangalorian
Aditya Pandey
Aditya Pandey - 22 dager siden
fun fact: Bangalore is also a city in India
Frazier Lax
Frazier Lax - 23 dager siden
This is actually a brilliant idea hella people would buy it cause it’s star ward
Sky Walker
Sky Walker - 24 dager siden
I bet they can, they already made the iron man skin for Mirage.
A Silas
A Silas - 24 dager siden
The Playing Dutchman
The Playing Dutchman - 25 dager siden
That's actually a really good idea - not to mention the pun. ^^
Krisi7575 DB
Krisi7575 DB - 25 dager siden
Octane gang!!!
Abel Ritter
Abel Ritter - 25 dager siden
you and your mates should try playing arma 3 sometime
Christyn Pienaar
Christyn Pienaar - 25 dager siden
Elon Musk is doing that internet thing?? wow great convo jaysus
Sh1fty10 - 25 dager siden
I love you Jack lol
Ellopez05 - 25 dager siden
This just feels like the elementary version of COD.
taco salads
taco salads - 25 dager siden
With Jacksepticeye *closes video*
James Mostert
James Mostert - 25 dager siden
new map actualy suits the game.
SLi - 25 dager siden
Yo Jack!!!! What do u think about new BattlePass system?
Marcel Brard
Marcel Brard - 25 dager siden
why every time there's a stream of jack I don't get ANY notifications! I'm subscribed and I have the notifications on all
I knew there was gonna be a stream today but I missed it anyway :( fok
project ice
project ice - 25 dager siden
26:13 that was an Earl of Lemongrab moment right there
Mike G
Mike G - 25 dager siden
this game has jumped the shark. too bloated with special abilities.
James T. Luttrell
James T. Luttrell - 25 dager siden
That's....its whole thing tho
Hipstercat - 25 dager siden
23:57 it reminds me of SSX the snowboarding game! when Jack hops on that hover board
Comic Scozzy
Comic Scozzy - 25 dager siden
legendary game
Temirlan Seytzhapar
Temirlan Seytzhapar - 25 dager siden
wait i just realised i have no idea how Jack looks like
Logowhite442 - 24 dager siden
I do believe there is a photo out there of him
symirabi - 25 dager siden
Jump when you hit the jump pad, to go higher. You could’ve made that jump
sebi hemi
sebi hemi - 25 dager siden
Omg you guys are hilarious together XD
KÄYȚØ x ŠȚÄR - 25 dager siden
Looks like destiny
Sev - 25 dager siden
loving all the streams you've been doing Jack keep it up!
Shroomer - 25 dager siden
This game is no better than fortnite
Ghost Blows
Ghost Blows - 24 dager siden
It is now
Over There
Over There - 24 dager siden
Lol that's a good joke.
James T. Luttrell
James T. Luttrell - 25 dager siden
Big 'ol plate of mistaken
Bread Master
Bread Master - 25 dager siden
But it’s not fortnight so it’s already an improvement.
Colby Lauber
Colby Lauber - 25 dager siden
This game is way better then fortnite, strategy, the first person shooter us gamers want, how can you not love this game
A Moye
A Moye - 25 dager siden
Plz never stream this bullshit again......
Cadavu2 - 25 dager siden
This game just looks ridiculous.
Bmxer_DSM - 25 dager siden
How do you mean?
Edgier Boi
Edgier Boi - 25 dager siden
Horizon is pretty much Sigma's daughter.
Lord Catface
Lord Catface - 25 dager siden
It hurts to see jack strugle with the momevement and healing, but I don't blame him it's a fast paced game.
Benji - 25 dager siden
We need crossplay, so I can play with my brother 😢
Ghost Blows
Ghost Blows - 24 dager siden
Crossplay is already there
Sespa - 24 dager siden
@Kubito goodnight
Kubito - 25 dager siden
Good morning
Snow - 25 dager siden
its there
Mr2inche r
Mr2inche r - 25 dager siden
They removed it?
Jeffy Getty
Jeffy Getty - 25 dager siden
Letir Souza
Letir Souza - 25 dager siden
Rad Gam3r
Rad Gam3r - 25 dager siden
Hey their, Iv been thinking of playing this again 😂just like with bf1 and bf5, you read me 😳
Marco Saucedo
Marco Saucedo - 25 dager siden
Wow Alex noce
Holly - 25 dager siden
Awe damn I missed the stream!
CW - 24 dager siden
@tanner tibbs yo homie you kinda sexy what's your ig 😳🗣
Ramen Edits
Ramen Edits - 25 dager siden
@tanner tibbs what’s yours cutie?😳👌🗿🗿
tanner tibbs
tanner tibbs - 25 dager siden
whats yo ig shordy 🗣
Ramen Edits
Ramen Edits - 25 dager siden
Marcel Brard
Marcel Brard - 25 dager siden
same I didn't get any notifications about it :/
Raheim Knight
Raheim Knight - 25 dager siden
I love you jacks❤❤❤
samtheman2144 - 25 dager siden
Proof jacksepticeye is just jacks alter ego
Rowan Fulford
Rowan Fulford - 25 dager siden
Itsjohnmon - 25 dager siden
Hey Jack, can you comment on the battlestar/battlepass and how shitty it is to level up in it?
Tiago Martins
Tiago Martins - 25 dager siden
its so hard to level up dude
The Real Noob
The Real Noob - 25 dager siden
Osarobo Osemwingie
Osarobo Osemwingie - 25 dager siden
Omega 2003
Omega 2003 - 25 dager siden
Aye 4th comment!
Hope you had fun Jack, thanks for the gameplay!
Millwright77 - 25 dager siden
They really fucked up the battle pass with this season
Fall Guys TV
Fall Guys TV - 25 dager siden
3rd comment, top 3
- ɧųʑaɩʆa
- ɧųʑaɩʆa - 25 dager siden
Tarvis Scotch
Tarvis Scotch - 25 dager siden
hello there
akra mourad
akra mourad - 25 dager siden
واش خو
Vincent Tijerina IV
Vincent Tijerina IV - 25 dager siden
General kenobi
Jon chase
Jon chase - 25 dager siden
What's up man
superboy plays
superboy plays - 25 dager siden
General Kenobi
Zero - 25 dager siden
hello there