Assassin's Creed Valhalla 4K Xbox Series X Gameplay Walkthrough!

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Part 1! 4K Xbox Series X Gameplay, let's go be Vikings together! Become a Member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
Runtime: 1:58:42


FrankNite - 17 timer siden
It looks like Fortnite a lot
Matt1984 - 2 dager siden
Ps5 is turning out to be better
Enzito WHAT
Enzito WHAT - 9 dager siden
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KRS Movie
KRS Movie - 10 dager siden
Combat and animations from Origins
Parkour from Unity
And THAT would be a very good game!
levelXtreme - 12 dager siden
Pizarro - 13 dager siden
the movements are terrible
Avv. Luca Di Nardo
Avv. Luca Di Nardo - 14 dager siden
I encountered some problems refreshing the screen starting from minute 42. Especially when moving the camera (there are lines). It has also happened to me on several occasions. In your opinion is it a problem deriving from the game itself or is it a problem with the tv or the xbox series x? Thanks
donald tha rider
donald tha rider - 15 dager siden
This game is the truth story and gameplay
matt bibby
matt bibby - 16 dager siden
Would you rather be yeeting from a roof or trippin on some Viking juice
Sergey Ch
Sergey Ch - 16 dager siden
Закаленный мужик
moi - 16 dager siden
i never been a fan of assasins creed. dont think i will like this one either. those drinking contests are ridiculous btw
Tommy - 17 dager siden
why xbox, we want pc!!
Joel H
Joel H - 17 dager siden
Looks better than the Ps5 version that's for sure
Adriano Primero
Adriano Primero - 17 dager siden
It looks like a ps4 game. Is this the next gen power?
Ash Parks
Ash Parks - 17 dager siden
Those are some horrendous graphics.
Jeremy - 17 dager siden
Way too much dialogue
Nika Megrelidze
Nika Megrelidze - 18 dager siden
Wow such next gen wow AC is truly dead
BenDover - 18 dager siden
another Ubi downgrade to match the consoles lol - series x is literally just an overlocked xbone one x, but yet it can't maintain stable fps at 4k so it uses dynamic resolution just like its predecessors 🤣🤣 oh and the in game settings are set to med/high
Brandon Winters
Brandon Winters - 18 dager siden
This was.. Underwhelming.
Steven Feng
Steven Feng - 18 dager siden
How hard is it to just make a good ASSASSIN’s creed game? Just do a Japan or Chinese ninja themed game man. None of these Egyptian or Viking warrior stuff.
Михаил Венедиктов
It's easier to pronounce like "well, hello")
Travis Wirth
Travis Wirth - 18 dager siden
Rygjafylke - more correct to pronounce as Rig-Ya-Fil-ke... fylke means county, Rygja Country
Nettuno - 19 dager siden
Nice spoil
Shuma Atiqunnassa
Shuma Atiqunnassa - 19 dager siden
Play moreee
Bruno uno Wuno
Bruno uno Wuno - 19 dager siden
Looks extremely disappointing
Lucas Marvel
Lucas Marvel - 19 dager siden
New console shit graphics low framerate... consoles holding gaming back for years now... cause people won't invest in decent gaming rigs....
Isaac Wilson
Isaac Wilson - 19 dager siden
Honestly would just prefer any of the Ezio collection remastered in this engine
Marko25Polo - 19 dager siden
Im glad current gen has seemingly set 60fps as the new standard. Thats a good thing. Now we just need bigger crowds for battles and better animations and we are there boys. Maybe next gen. Fingers crossed.
Travis Wirth
Travis Wirth - 19 dager siden
The intro was sick! I wasn't remotely interested in buying this, but this looks good.
Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf - 19 dager siden
I'm so tired of this modern assassins creed. If I wanted to play a loot based RPG I'd just play some other game, they've ripped everything that was unique away and now it just looks like everything else
Patrick Nærvig Wøhlk
Patrick Nærvig Wøhlk - 19 dager siden
I personally hate how fast the ship is sailing.
adam coats
adam coats - 19 dager siden
Skyrim vibes
CHK MKHan - 19 dager siden
Strange ancestor of Vikings victims loves to have fantasy about their ancestor getting rob and slaughtered by the Vikings few centuries later.
ItsKonGaming - 19 dager siden
MAN, this looks and runs incredible on XSX. runs like shit on my PC in 1440p medium settings lol
Vince - 19 dager siden
Witcher 3 did it better.
J New
J New - 20 dager siden
This looks boring and shitty.
Nicolas - 20 dager siden
Feel like skyrim, but better
THEODOR Sundqvist
THEODOR Sundqvist - 20 dager siden
That ess the Worst scandinavan ice ewer heard
Andrew - 20 dager siden
Garbage console and garbage game.
Holyskin - 20 dager siden
This honestly looks like a 2017 game,
RottenHopper - 7 dager siden
@ShottysGotShots ohh we got sore fan here, those are rare. Characters and their movement simply looks horrible. it has nothing to do with what you said above
Mitchell G
Mitchell G - 18 dager siden
@ShottysGotShots damn bro who hurt u
ShottysGotShots - 19 dager siden
What do you expect? Virtual reality everything? Make a list of what you want to see improved upon in this game, but before you post, research what would be the result of hardware limitation vs poor and short development cycle. Keep in mind that this is an open world game with large draw distance, large amounts of on-screen geometry, and this is on a console that's attempting stable 2160p resolution at 60fps, which inherently means compromises will be made. New consoles come out on a roughly 8 year cycle, which means games are bound by hardware for that same time frame. If you really want to see huge leaps and bounds in games year after year, stop supporting consoles and developers who prioritize console development. Then you get games like Star Citizen, which are too ambitious and will likely never have a solid release. Everything is a compromise. @Gwynbleidd quit bitching. You were probably a toddler 7 years ago.
Gwynbleidd - 19 dager siden
More like a 2013 game, since AC Unity looks better and its from 2014 lmao
Travis Wirth
Travis Wirth - 19 dager siden
Idk, the combat movement looks almost unnatural, or janky
Dan Guryn
Dan Guryn - 20 dager siden
Graphics don’t make a good game. I don’t get the obsession with graphics. The best games of all time do not have good graphics!
William Fraser
William Fraser - 11 minutter siden
Thank you so much, people judge everything off graphics when that's not even gameplay, its like people have been given a few games with good graphics and expect every other game to be the exact same real life quality
CARB0Ñ 420
CARB0Ñ 420 - 20 dager siden
Doesn’t look all that good
Martin Littleford
Martin Littleford - 20 dager siden
The dick shaped river at 1:06:48 definitely intentional
Adam Habershon
Adam Habershon - 20 dager siden
Loved it! Super keen for the next stream!
Croco HH
Croco HH - 20 dager siden
The intro is as Dark Souls "inspired" as it gets.
JJ - 20 dager siden
This game looks like it has Ghost of Tsushima quality graphics, Assassin's Creed fluid parkour & movement, Spider-man inspired combat, GoW style visuals but Watch Dogs Legion style dialogue...Also the 12 second loading screen...don't know about this one chief.
David Groom
David Groom - 20 dager siden
Not impressed with the game or console . I'll stick to my One x .
Kyle Abbott
Kyle Abbott - 20 dager siden
Wouldve been nice to not know I was gonna fight a huge badass wolf thanks Jack!
Cameron Phillips
Cameron Phillips - 20 dager siden
lol looks like xbox 360
Julian - 20 dager siden
Terrible graphics
Cam Rob
Cam Rob - 21 dag siden
Wow the animations in the cutscenes... that’s not so great, they’re so stiff and suddenly twitchy. This seems like a remastered ps2 game🧐
IIRedCliffII - 21 dag siden
Does anyone know the Song name @40:36? I love the Theme!
Donald Obama
Donald Obama - 21 dag siden
Assassins creed 4 was fire
John Capehart
John Capehart - 21 dag siden
hate this cartoony color palette. Needs to go.
Rando Stuff
Rando Stuff - 21 dag siden
Why you playing this on a trashy console? No one likes low graphics with a low framerate.
BudgetG420 - 21 dag siden
"Hi everyone and welcome to Assassin's Creed... Vallallow" Nearly there Jack!
Will Marsden
Will Marsden - 17 dager siden
He said Valhalla
B L - 18 dager siden
Lol I’ve lost consciousness
An obese walnut • 8 years ago
mais4u - 19 dager siden
lol, I passed away
ttgwolf - 20 dager siden
Lol I'm deceased
Demetrius Harrison
Demetrius Harrison - 21 dag siden
Next gen needs to be boycotted til games are actually made for nex gen!
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor - 21 dag siden
The Darkness in this game is created by someone that is possessed by the devil.
Gordon Sylvester
Gordon Sylvester - 21 dag siden
I don't like asassins creed.
Why not making a cool Viking game without this assassins shit?
Roël Konings
Roël Konings - 21 dag siden
The game doesn't look as good as I expected. I was expecting more from it. Amd what's the deal with choosing frames or textures? I want to play a game not think about that before I start...
potato boiky
potato boiky - 21 dag siden
pls continue the series
kareem daoud
kareem daoud - 21 dag siden
this is one of the shittest looking games in a while
Adrian Hafer
Adrian Hafer - 21 dag siden
I've seen a bunch of Ps4 and 5 gameplay and it doesn't hold a candle to the series X
SackBall - 21 dag siden
When all movies and games forget that Sweden and Danes also had vikings. Not only Norway😏
Maybe Danes gets mentioned sometime but Sweden less so. The nations we know today obviously didn't exist then. There more like small kingdoms here and there through most of history
sushant Kumar
sushant Kumar - 21 dag siden
I just got a free gift card code from *** 📌📌 Thanks me later 😍💳 මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ
Cristian Marinescu
Cristian Marinescu - 21 dag siden
51:49 Family Matters... is that a nod to one of Witcher 3's best quests ?
Syed Haque
Syed Haque - 21 dag siden
The voice acting is so shit lol. Welp
Tahmid Muhtasim Al
Tahmid Muhtasim Al - 21 dag siden
The sprint button sold me
Jeffaa 010
Jeffaa 010 - 21 dag siden
Yeah the graphics arent great, voicr acting and character animation is a little weird but, im buying. AC since Origins have been real entertaining for me. I dont really care about the not so good stuff.
Israel 'The Roid Boy Killer' Adesanya
They completely ruined these games
James Stephen
James Stephen - 21 dag siden
Love reading the console war...I have you all beat with consoles...My PC's graphics card cost more than both the new consoles...
James Stephen
James Stephen - 21 dag siden
The graphics kind of piss me off...suppose to be 4k...but the graphics remind me of ps 3...sure it's brighter and the actions are more fluid...but there is so much lacking...
Camtis XR
Camtis XR - 21 dag siden
Can't imagine being born in this time. Truly astonishing
Homeboy - 17 dager siden
In what way do you mean that?
Unknown - 21 dag siden
Damn God of war lookin good
Reznor440 - 21 dag siden
These character models are straight out of Odyssey
Kapsones33 - 21 dag siden
Nice but what on earth do vikings have to do with assassins? They were brutal pillagers.
Jacob Hawthorne
Jacob Hawthorne - 21 dag siden
This should have just been a movie
fkknsikk - 21 dag siden
Wow. The art style/colour palette is boring, the fx are not very well done, the voice acting sounds very much like acting, and the gameplay isn't anything new. Next gen console, maybe, but not next gen devs.
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia - 21 dag siden
Looks good although it doesn't look like a next gen game to me, but that's just my opinion
Andre Luengo
Andre Luengo - 18 dager siden
There hasn't been a leap in graphics as big as past generations.
GIANNI - 18 dager siden
you will rarely find a true next gen title at launch, its always been like that
Andrew Milburn
Andrew Milburn - 18 dager siden
Of course it is, bud. Don’t be afraid to say what you want to say. Own it. You’re allowed to say what you want without the need to put “that’s just my opinion.” Much love dude!
masterowner - 21 dag siden
why does it splash mud when he is running in snow ?
SMOKEY - 21 dag siden
You know I think this and oddessy would get less hate if they dropped the Assassins Creed title
PB Richie
PB Richie - 21 dag siden
Looks like dogshit
Joshua Hagon
Joshua Hagon - 21 dag siden
why are games so intent on killing horses the last decade dammit, shit hurts my heart every single time.
Joshua Hagon
Joshua Hagon - 20 dager siden
@TheHiddenOne caring makes you human, not weak hearted
Travis Wirth
Travis Wirth - 21 dag siden
Cool to see ‘Avaldsnes’ in the game, that place is actualy 20min away from my home town. In norway, They stil to this date use it as a viking setting for attraction of tourism and the locals, where they have actors that are dressed up as vikings as well. It was a place for the kings
The setting is not by the mountains btw, its at the west coast😅
Samuel Oneto
Samuel Oneto - 21 dag siden
Modern day part fucking sucks
splinter360 - 21 dag siden
This franchise is so fucking dead.
A Gatorade
A Gatorade - 21 dag siden
Am I the only one that thinks there's too much fucking wash-talking?
Salomon Markovich
Salomon Markovich - 21 dag siden
is this skyrim
Ian Smith
Ian Smith - 21 dag siden
He's playing the game in 4k, but I'm watching him play in 480p on my Samsung Galaxy S7.😂
SaaaL - 21 dag siden
what capture card you are using for record and stream on console?
Luiz Oliveira Jr
Luiz Oliveira Jr - 21 dag siden
the snowing animation looks stupid as hell. its literally only on the screen and not in the background environment.
zp1944 - 21 dag siden
I feel like the developers borrowed heavily from the show Vikings
Theo Uhrik
Theo Uhrik - 21 dag siden
This game has me so excited!!!! FUCKK
Gamer Scope
Gamer Scope - 22 dager siden
It’s called the bone biter and does 69 damage, is there anymore to say. Please say I wasn’t the only one to see that
Sevastian Javier
Sevastian Javier - 22 dager siden
The witcher 3 is still a better game
SgtKickazz YT
SgtKickazz YT - 22 dager siden
Dude I cannot wait for tonight at 12:01am to play this is already downloaded all the way I am literally soooo stoooked!!!

Update: so I don't know if I stated this before BUUUT, I've never played ANY ASSASSIN'S CREED in the past well, I take that back, I played a lil bit of the VERY first "A.C" but not nearly enough to say and claim proudly that I have played the game. But with all that being said it is with out a doubt safe too say that this game is ABSOLUTELY Amazing YES it has its issues upon launch, nevertheless it is seriously OBE OF THEE BEST ARPG games I have played in Quiet some time. Probably since my Diablo II Lord Of Destruction days, (Mind you please, that THIS IS ONLY BUT AN OPINION!) but regardless I wouldn't shun the person that stands with me on this statement neither lol. Hope all are doing well, & are soon embrassing the Thanksgiving Ways, while we ALL ENJOY THESE amazing new releases , as well as we ALL enjoy the the next gen consoles too keep us busy till those big Thanksgiving/ & other future holidays meals. Best wishes too ALL Cheers my fellow men/woman!
Erik - 22 dager siden
What crappy looking character design
Yas - 22 dager siden
Looks unimpressive, uninspired and boring af, skipping this AC as well.
Yas - 20 dager siden
@Tekno77 my comment isn't a triple A game meant for next generation 🤦‍♂️
Tekno77 - 20 dager siden
Same could be said with your generic comment
Jackeline Rose
Jackeline Rose - 20 dager siden
Yoru V2
Yoru V2 - 22 dager siden
You better also show the loading time when starting the game...