Assassin's Creed Valhalla is good fun!

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Runtime: 1:57:30


Bubble_Soldier - 7 dager siden
What Internet connection is needed for it to run smooth?
Klaus - 8 dager siden
SO... This means you can play on Ultra graphics instead of NORMAL that you pc can only support ? Just wondering lol
jayy - 8 dager siden
still waiting for geforce now available in my country, with my potato laptop :D
Mcauley man8
Mcauley man8 - 8 dager siden
The video quality is shit because your streaming the game. These streaming sites are a good idea but never run the game very well
Matt Walter
Matt Walter - 8 dager siden
I was really hoping this game would be good but after playing it for a while honestly I give it a 7/10 ... I am fairly disappointed in it. A lot of glitches, character movement does not flow well, horse movement is off.. the combat is ok at best ... I wish they just slowed down the development of this game and put it out when it was ready. I would say the positives are graphics are decent and the long ship riding is fun... the rest needs major help.
Shrek ed
Shrek ed - 9 dager siden
How good does your internet speed need to be for this?
P SF - 10 dager siden
why does ACIII looks and feels better than a 2020 game?
Apti Newim
Apti Newim - 10 dager siden
11:00 that guy jumping off the cliff made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂
A Claye Jones
A Claye Jones - 10 dager siden
GeForce Now is also available on Google TV as well.
Oscar Mendoza
Oscar Mendoza - 10 dager siden
I thought this was going to look better than odyssey and it looks like shit
RedRock3t82 - 10 dager siden
This game got tired about 4 titles ago.
Muhammad Pandu
Muhammad Pandu - 11 dager siden
I was expecting a "just OK" experience with the game. But found myself really enjoying it instead. I thought this is the best game in the series.
SaydFPS - 12 dager siden
Banes Bro
Banes Bro - 12 dager siden
Lol they even got a Chinese chick? This is takes a lot from Vikings and thats a good thing
Egemen Türkyılmaz
Egemen Türkyılmaz - 12 dager siden
These streams are good fun too sir, please continue 👍👍
TheDJkarsy - 12 dager siden
Can't believe you didn't watch a single box crash into the mountain cliffs lol...
joshua logan
joshua logan - 13 dager siden
Enjoying the story, keep them vids coming
Debasmita Pradhan
Debasmita Pradhan - 13 dager siden
Hi bye
Scott 420
Scott 420 - 13 dager siden
Im loving the game so far but playing it on xbox one not the new gen it feels laggy slightly un finished which is a slight shame as I don't have the new gen stuff yet. Im sure thats fixed for the new better processing new gen stuff
peasantt - 13 dager siden
should have gotten this instead of Legion. Legion runs like ass on my beast of a PC... and they had 3 more years to make it.. FeelsBadMan
Jerard McNamara
Jerard McNamara - 13 dager siden
I hope there’s more! ❤️
EnViTeX_DK7 - 13 dager siden
The game's language should be Danish and Norwegian and swedish.. with english subtitles.
Vampiszon - 13 dager siden
Man those graphics are shait for todays standards. Ubi needs to hire new dev team.
Mathias - 13 dager siden
What is the highest resolution to play with in GeForce now
sakthi dhana
sakthi dhana - 13 dager siden
Omg how am I seeing this video if youtube broken
MAXIIClAY MAX - 13 dager siden
I just don’t understand why you turned the game volume down
Now I have to turn it up to hear anything but ur voice is too loud.
Just something to think about in ur next stream it was spot on at the start
Good stream tho man
Mr.Firefox - 13 dager siden
so historically inaccurate
joey statham
joey statham - 14 dager siden
I think the characters glitching in cutscenes is the GeForce now, it doesn’t do it to me when I’m not on GeForce now
Tobben Hamre
Tobben Hamre - 14 dager siden
go to gudvangen in norway there is an viking theme park there
Callum Ayers
Callum Ayers - 14 dager siden
Finally unsubbed after years. I swear this channel is allergic to good games now
Trevor Machia
Trevor Machia - 14 dager siden
Jackfrags have you ever played Call of Duty 3, its the OG WWII, please play it. You won't be dissapointed.
that guy down the street
that guy down the street - 14 dager siden
Assassins Creed became a shitty franchise tbh.. I wish they innovated on the older game design rather than these "historical Epics" it should just have became it's own new franchise.
that guy down the street
that guy down the street - 14 dager siden
This is an incredibly good deal!
Captain Gigg1eshitz38
Captain Gigg1eshitz38 - 14 dager siden
You’d think with all of Ubi’s resources they’d be able to create a stable game... the combat animations look pretty terrible. Doesn’t look like very satisfying gameplay, which is a shame because the story seems interesting enough.
TheASHLEYSMITHY - 14 dager siden
"Destiny is all" - If you know you know
Dark Daubeny
Dark Daubeny - 10 dager siden
My name UTRED
paulo8919 - 12 dager siden
Dave Kerryvane
Dave Kerryvane - 14 dager siden
Horses do swim in the game, you just have to upgrade it at the stables in your village
jordsnorth - 14 dager siden
Why do the graphics in the cut scenes look worse than the main game? 😅
Tommy John
Tommy John - 14 dager siden
amazing how some of these people have access to internet fast enough for this. a lot of people don't. enjoy
Reece Francis
Reece Francis - 14 dager siden
Re-watch after the disaster of YouTube yesterday
Scorch Ghost
Scorch Ghost - 14 dager siden
nice vid game looks good
Varun Vkl
Varun Vkl - 14 dager siden
Imagine having 16Gigs of VRAM and thinking should I run it in High. Hell yeah Jack you should, frikkin crank it upppp.
Ben Aldrich
Ben Aldrich - 14 dager siden
Lmao jack you are so funny
Daniel McKee
Daniel McKee - 14 dager siden
so glad you continued streaming this
M3me mupp
M3me mupp - 14 dager siden
I need more of Assassin's Valhalla so please continue!
Tobias Goodman
Tobias Goodman - 14 dager siden
this game is not made for pc
Lab s
Lab s - 14 dager siden
Cool guy
EchoSixSix - 14 dager siden
such enlightened vikings ha
wtf is this commentary
EchoSixSix - 14 dager siden
this game looks terrible lmao this is "next gen" graphics?!?!?!
Curtis Davis
Curtis Davis - 14 dager siden
Basically the pc acts as your secondary screen or a tv that's really cool.
Elliot Pang
Elliot Pang - 14 dager siden
jack saying yeet is the best thing ever.
Liverpool Widding
Liverpool Widding - 14 dager siden
I am Norwegian.
Lee Graham
Lee Graham - 14 dager siden
Do you have to own the games before using Geforce Now or is it part of the sub you pay?
Thomas 2140
Thomas 2140 - 14 dager siden
He does realize you dont go to valhalla for committing suicide right?😂
Thomas 2140
Thomas 2140 - 14 dager siden
@Rolls OLMS they had to die an honorable death tho, wasnt honor in suicide at that time
Rolls OLMS
Rolls OLMS - 14 dager siden
No, that Is a catholic tradition, never has been enogh proves to support that theory
andrejnovember - 14 dager siden
Where's the AC in Valhalla? The only thing that tells me this is an AC title is the clipping lol.
Silverestmoon - 14 dager siden
Love the vids Jack!
Also, just wanted to say its been 4 months since the last Hunt: Showdown vid.
Just saying...
HJ vdb
HJ vdb - 14 dager siden
Im enjoying this series you are making it very entertaining.
Der Schuller
Der Schuller - 14 dager siden
Holy shit that game looks like crap!
Bustin Nuts
Bustin Nuts - 14 dager siden
I feel the health bar above the enemy head takes away from the immersion
cskiller86 - 4 dager siden
I disabled that and the damage numbers immediately. I've also enabled one-hit assassinations, because, if I'm good enough to get in a position where I can assassinate someone, then I should be rewarded for it. Also, it makes no sense to stab someone in the neck and they survive and keep on fighting.
jaspal singh
jaspal singh - 14 dager siden
Building my first gaming rig. AMD 5950x and Asus Tuf 3090 OC. Is 1TB ssd m.2 enough? Do you install games on C drive and game data on another drive ? Do you suggest 2 x 1TB ssd ?
Random Truths
Random Truths - 14 dager siden
*looks at title* not if uve played most of the creed games lol
smooth gaming
smooth gaming - 14 dager siden
There is a game called Heroes and generals WWII. Pls try it it is free on pc ps4 and xbox
DARTH VADER - 14 dager siden
in war zone I didn't saw nuke
malek ishtiwi
malek ishtiwi - 14 dager siden
stupid title stupid company god i hate em
Adam Habershon
Adam Habershon - 14 dager siden
You have a wolf you can use as a mount instead of a horse :)
rose - 14 dager siden
Guess who forgot to claim their Assasins Creed using their Ryzen 3700x :)
Tapped yute from Harrow
Tapped yute from Harrow - 14 dager siden
is good fun ... but is not grape.
John Rambo
John Rambo - 14 dager siden
Best Assassins Creed game
Mostafa Sami
Mostafa Sami - 14 dager siden
9:16 A minute straight of Jack yeeting
lethalholmes - 14 dager siden
It really isn't.
miner 49er
miner 49er - 14 dager siden
Dale Emmott
Dale Emmott - 14 dager siden
loved the streaming of game jack but please next time stream from you're computer the lag spikers arggggggg. also bought 2 of your t-shirt designs from store
BigNig4000 - 14 dager siden
“Skyrim’s not even coming out on the ps5 right?” Damn it jack don’t tempt them
Thomas Kostelac
Thomas Kostelac - 14 dager siden
Wait, did you buy Valhalla on UPlay or do you have it on Xbox X or did you buy it through GeForce? I bought the Collector’s Edition for PC through UPlay. Can I start on PC and keep playing on my Xbox One? If I buy an Xbox X can I play on my PC and Xbox with the same saved game? I’ve got so many questions, Jack.
sonaboy - 14 dager siden
i dont even care that youtube was down, i was waiting for the next valhalla video
Daniel Woodland
Daniel Woodland - 14 dager siden
Need really good Internet tho to stream this on good detail peeps
Vince Patrick
Vince Patrick - 14 dager siden
Watch the Last Kingdom series.
Many characters here are also there, like Ubba.
InvisibleMan - 14 dager siden
So i've been playing it on PC. About 14 hours into the game. I played Oddesey directly before this and I must say Valhalla felt weird to me. The first 4 hours felt cluncky as hell. I encountered a bunch of bugs, the worst one was on the first map riding my horse, it got stuck on a spot where there was seemingly nothing in the way. I got of and continued on foot, after a few seconds my horse was following me again. I got back on and could not control the horse, it automatically walked back to the same spot where it was stuck and got stuck again. Once on the England map, things were much better and it became a ton of fun. I wish they gave some more insensitive to play more on the starting map, but I just powered through to the next. I would give the game 9/10 if the start felt better, coz it really is fun later, but I have to say 6/10 due to the buggy and boring start. Many of the basic character movement and control I was used to is actually unlocked through the skill tree (not abilities), if so knew this to be the case I would probably have felt more optimistic in the early game.
AFEEF M - 14 dager siden
Hey Jack would love to see a full gameplay of this on your channel
Mr Manceres
Mr Manceres - 14 dager siden
The only thing I don't like about AC is the modern era stuff, its boring and I completely forget what happens during that timeline. The only one that was interesting was the first one.
Unicornrange r.
Unicornrange r. - 14 dager siden
When youtube ruins your stream-
Shivnil Lal
Shivnil Lal - 14 dager siden
please play more of this
Kyle Howard
Kyle Howard - 14 dager siden
Except it’s extremely buggy, which is ruining the experience...
Jürgen Schiml
Jürgen Schiml - 14 dager siden
Dice come on 🤣😂😂
Mahdi Zakizadeh
Mahdi Zakizadeh - 14 dager siden
Po - 14 dager siden
Surely hope Jack can go a complete walkthrough for this game.
むさし - 14 dager siden
Game doesn’t even have swords lmao
Im_a_barbie_girl74 - 14 dager siden
How is yt broken?
everydaypengs - 14 dager siden
so laggy the stream
Seaf Halabi
Seaf Halabi - 14 dager siden
God of war is a million times better
WindBlownLeaf - 14 dager siden
honestly looks kinda boring
Hofas - 14 dager siden
Tyler Coyner
Tyler Coyner - 14 dager siden
Hunt showdown is also available on this if anyone wants to try an awesome fucking game
Bo van Oerle - Longboarding
Bo van Oerle - Longboarding - 14 dager siden
Is there a transmog system like odyssey to change looks of gear back to the older version?
speedy jim HCR2
speedy jim HCR2 - 14 dager siden
re'skin of last game like if agree
dot - 14 dager siden
hey its just like skyrim...
ian pendleton
ian pendleton - 14 dager siden
Just landed in England excited to progress further.
Light Valentine
Light Valentine - 14 dager siden
To Asgard !!!
Shane Games
Shane Games - 14 dager siden
Great video bro! I love I can play at ultra settings with high FPS with my new pc, when I do videos tho, I have to lower the quality other wise it’ll most likely explode 😂😂🤣. Great video tho man
Derek - 15 dager siden
Streamed from Nvidia to Jack and from Jack to us 😌
NewtonPlays - 15 dager siden
No one wants to play the modern crap. No offence if you do but theyre really jarring and take me out of the mood :/