Assassin's Creed Valhalla - NEW Gameplay and Impressions

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Gameplay is getting more interesting now! I'm trying to replace a King in this one. Let me know your thoughts below! Thanks to Ubisoft for Sponsoring, check out the game here - #AssassinsCreedValhalla #LikeAViking
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Soul Rebel
Soul Rebel - 2 dager siden
What about this is assassins creed I don’t understand
Jim Morgan
Jim Morgan - 3 dager siden
Never played RPGs is this worth it..Despite good graphics ?
john newman
john newman - 6 dager siden
the lighting is horrible, cant see the action clearly.
Kapparoni - 9 dager siden
Everyone: This game looks lame!
Bruh this looks better than all the games i have combined
Rickertt - 13 dager siden
How can you have all those special abilities already? Like throwing your axes? Is it because you just had early acces?
Nour Chtouki
Nour Chtouki - 14 dager siden
I dont know how ghost of tsushima did it but they executed hand to hand combat perfectly. I dont see it being matched. This Viking dude runs like Tommy verceti from vice city
TomatoFanny - 15 dager siden
graphics look dark and fuzzy. I have the game and something seems off about it
IDont LikeTraps
IDont LikeTraps - 15 dager siden
Vikings are cool and all but i want my American Civil War AC game
shahin khacbaz
shahin khacbaz - 15 dager siden
where is king Ragnar?
Aniello Aprea
Aniello Aprea - 18 dager siden
This is just AC Odyssey with Vikings nothing new here.
KrispyOtaku - 19 dager siden
I know the game isn’t out yet but everything feels the opposite of fluid.
Samuel Bozyk
Samuel Bozyk - 19 dager siden
Lol this games called Assassins Creed
juan argueta
juan argueta - 20 dager siden
Is this current gen
WhoTube? - 20 dager siden
Honestly looks pretty tragic
Stephen Whiteman
Stephen Whiteman - 20 dager siden
Looks like witcher 3 engine
FrenchFly - 20 dager siden
Refunding my pre-order after watching this
No Commentary Gameplay
No Commentary Gameplay - 21 dag siden
So magical
So magical - 22 dager siden
tbh i think they should have called these games something else, as theyre not assassins creed, i like the games but should of started a new franchise instead,
p.s lul tamworth
Graphite - 22 dager siden
Why don't they just name it diffrently this is not really ac anymore
Braydon McCallum
Braydon McCallum - 22 dager siden
6:05 such a boring scene. This should be epic, but there's nothing hype about it
Akshay Pavithran
Akshay Pavithran - 22 dager siden
get this man a hoodie XD
Luis heller
Luis heller - 22 dager siden
buenas la verdad increible video me encanto espero el nuevo grabación los dejo les dejo besitos muchas gracias
SnowySnagel - 22 dager siden
3:41 oh thank god they changed the name for the male.
Oh..nvm...still a grandmas name x)
Dash Dash
Dash Dash - 22 dager siden
Huh. Looks good
TuMadre2000 - 23 dager siden
Incredibly stoked to play this game.
brazer participant
brazer participant - 23 dager siden
it feels so akward, empty and silent
brazer participant
brazer participant - 22 dager siden
@Larry I expected more ambiance, sounds from trees/animals/people/wind you name it, i expected it to feel like a world, i expected some form of music score, i expected the animals and npc act like normal people and not some ai from 2010
Larry - 22 dager siden
Welcome to ancient times? What you expects? 10s of millions of people walking around in the region and constantly bumping into travelers when in reality, you could travel dor days without seeing another person or village
Lurgi - 24 dager siden
Uhhh why is Ivarr the boneless able to walk?
Max Montair
Max Montair - 24 dager siden
These recent AC games fun and dumb. Val doesn’t look as goofy as Ody which is a plus
The Game Type
The Game Type - 24 dager siden
Ngl this barely feels like an AC game also looks very ridged and non immersive. 6/10 probably won’t buy
sixfoothobit - 25 dager siden
I’ll buy an assassin’s creed game when they go back to the roots. This isn’t supposed to be a god of war style combat system that’s not what made the series popular.
Kristin Theile
Kristin Theile - 25 dager siden
closetome dicetower funnycats ifallapart
Sk8ndrummer963 - 25 dager siden
What platform is he playing on?
molchat doomer
molchat doomer - 25 dager siden
Christ this looks nothing like assassin's creed
Thomas Cleaves
Thomas Cleaves - 25 dager siden
As long as assassinations work as one shot kills no matter what I'm game, I hated taking someone down to half health with an assassination in odyssey.
Martin Kováčik
Martin Kováčik - 25 dager siden
Heya, any idea if AC Valhalla will be a part of Uplay+ game pass ?
Larry - 22 dager siden
It will
Matthew Garcia
Matthew Garcia - 26 dager siden
What others see: lady of mercia
What I see: lady of murica 🇺🇸
Enmanuel Tejada Asencio
Enmanuel Tejada Asencio - 26 dager siden
It´s ok, I guess, to not like a game that isn´t even out (by the time of this comment) but Crist, the toxicity in this comment section is almost unreasonable. Seems like people can accept change and innovation.
Lhyle - 27 dager siden
Just looks so boring, same shit different skin.
reckless spartan
reckless spartan - 27 dager siden
I’m actually excited for this game haven’t been this hyped for an AC game in a while but this looks promising
Chad E. Irvine
Chad E. Irvine - 27 dager siden
This just looks like assassins creed odyssey but a different story smh
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 28 dager siden
Don't bother paying full price, just use their Uplay+ subscription.
Mike Hancho
Mike Hancho - 28 dager siden
Everyone else in the comments: This is not an assassins creed game. Its an assassin's creed odyssey 2.0
Me: Soooo I get to rororo my mother fucking boat up the river to murder,and loot in epic viking fashion? Pre-Order confirmed!
NixPix - 28 dager siden
Did you know that Eivor is an ancient female name here in Sweden? My wife's grandmother that died recently, was named Eivor. Can't understand how they found that name for a male Viking character. 🙈
Maybe it was used for both sexes a long time ago, but I've never heard of it. @jackfrags
ChaoticSlx - 28 dager siden
damn, this game really brings out the stealth as a assassin
Avalan - 28 dager siden
You can see how Assassin's Creed has fallen, when a fuck like this doesn't even consider using stealth.
Ryan Lambert
Ryan Lambert - 28 dager siden
Looks terrible 🧘
Dejan RADINOVICLUKIC - 28 dager siden
Holy crap the gameplay looks unattractive :D
PhantomRaven - 28 dager siden
Why didn't you explain what system this was played on?
Igec Novák
Igec Novák - 28 dager siden
Witcher 3 looks better in every way. This is really 2020 game?
Larry - 22 dager siden
I mean, hard to compete against witcher 3 story and immersion wise
Andy Mc.G
Andy Mc.G - 29 dager siden
Is it possible to turn off those arcady color flashes? Kinda ruins the emersion for me
Larry - 22 dager siden
ac games has always been very customizable in their settings so I assume so
Oni J
Oni J - 29 dager siden
nice Viking Game - where's Assassin's Creed though?
FoxyRaven-TV - 29 dager siden
This game seems super borring compared to other AC games.
ClydeBarksDale - Måned siden
Jack, yes, if you’re single and want a companion, a doggo is great, if you’re to busy w YouTube maybe adapt an older dog that fits your busy schedule, don’t get a energetic dog, unless you want a dog for that reason, to get you out and about, maybe running. Love your vids man and wish you the best. ✌️
Moopylicious - Måned siden
I live in England in a town called Alcester... I can raid my own town this is going to be awesome!
Dracorex - Måned siden
What are you playing on?
Suh Dude
Suh Dude - Måned siden
All these ppl complaining... Stop living in the past and give the game a chance
The Cool1ne
The Cool1ne - Måned siden
Looks fun!
Get out.
Get out. - Måned siden
why does that guy have a female name
Larry - 22 dager siden
Eivor is a gender neutral name and it sounds pretty cool which is why it was chosen. It was more used by women because the they prefer to name their sons something scary and memorable like Hafthor or Ragnor etc....
Josh Hartshorn
Josh Hartshorn - Måned siden
I want to love AC but where is the secrecy and stealth, the discovery of mystery's and greater meaning???
Larry - 22 dager siden
They're still there, but majority of the people prefer upfront fighting which is why that is all we see youtubers do in demo and majority of trailers around fighting instead of stealth
Josh Hartshorn
Josh Hartshorn - Måned siden
This is just RPG fighting with to much HUD like an arcade game
Jared Mumper
Jared Mumper - Måned siden
Once again this looks like a good game but not a good assassins creed
Michael Davies
Michael Davies - Måned siden
i think AC needs to go darker in its overall tone and combat system. A first-person option with less arcadey combat would enhance immersion for sure
Humble Boy
Humble Boy - Måned siden
This game should be named: The Witcher 3: Vikings
Majin2606 - Måned siden
So long beautiful green grass and palm trees and paradise water, welcome to depressing ass England
Daan Sotthewes
Daan Sotthewes - Måned siden
Jesus christ, people are being so negative. Get lost when you don't like it, but don't ruin it for others. Don't compare games that are from other makers... Just enjoy and stop being so butthurt about litteraly everything..
Luka Nogalo
Luka Nogalo - Måned siden
Hey guys, I have an urgent request. What do you use for capturing screen video and audio? Please help me, I need to attend two zoom conferences at the same time, how can I do that?
phoenix penn
phoenix penn - Måned siden
I am so pissed that
jackfrags is pretending to like this game
phoenix penn
phoenix penn - Måned siden
this is not an assassins creed game
MonBerry - Måned siden
same crap different skin. a dlc
RustyNailGaming - Måned siden
Good god how many whiners.. it looks awesome and definitely will play it.
Isik Can
Isik Can - Måned siden
looks already outdated
Will Fletcher
Will Fletcher - Måned siden
Not picked up a new release since unity, seems to have lost its way in the last few titles such a shame
Emanuel - Måned siden
A really easy pass, especially with Cyberpunk 2077 on the horizon, which actually feels like something news and innovative... and better overall. This one is something that Ive seen done repeatedly this gen, TW3 released years ago and looks better. Go figure.
Daszon Alexander
Daszon Alexander - Måned siden
They should make an AC like MGSV
Daszon Alexander
Daszon Alexander - Måned siden
Man I'm incredibly underwhelmed with ac now lol
Gaffie 1996
Gaffie 1996 - Måned siden
The game plays exactly the same as all the others, the only changes are visually. This is a shame, i used to love AC but these last few games I get bored after an hour and never play it again
Raymond Woods
Raymond Woods - Måned siden
I really hope theres more to get from the chests after raiding camps besides "materials". NOt even sure why that would be a thought in the developers head. "hey when they raid these camps, should we give them a cool weapon like a new axe? or new shield? or some cool armor?" "nah just materials" like what the fuck?
Convikt88 - Måned siden
the horses still look shit since AC 1
Zak Maslen
Zak Maslen - Måned siden
This game looks so dry
ChadManSam - Måned siden
“Let’s get the throwing axes out” *proceeds to miss almost every axe that he throws*
R MO - Måned siden
Jackfrags, a normaly enthusiastic person, is struggling to stay awake during this 😂
R MO - Måned siden
Game looks kinda shit ngl
Priime - Måned siden
Idk what happened to assassins creed. This shit is ass.
Daniel Ramsaran
Daniel Ramsaran - Måned siden
Why it’s the audio so shit in every recent AC game am I the only one that’s noticed this
Charliik - Måned siden
Seems god awful, like the previous one. It is absolutly NOT an assassin's creed game.
Charliik - 22 dager siden
@Larry According to the comments of this video... hmmm people dont seems happy. But yeah personal taste too I guess
Larry - 22 dager siden
Then you just have your own personal taste because odyssey is the most popular game among the AC series.
William Warford
William Warford - Måned siden
I’m still gonna buy it gonna be a sick game
William Warford
William Warford - Måned siden
It’s same style play as odyssey
JustAlbin - Måned siden
Doesn’t look as good as odyssey did
UffUffsen - Måned siden
well this looks like shit again....
Larry - 22 dager siden
again? Origin and Odyssey were 2 of the most popular among it's series so saying it looks like shit again doesn't make sense lol
junkfoodeater - Måned siden
assassin's creed odyssey reskin?
Ahmed - Måned siden
A setting based in Babylon would be a million times better than this 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jerry Hurst
Jerry Hurst - Måned siden
Seems plain and the story mode basic
TheCrzyman0 - Måned siden
Man, these games just keep getting worse. The lack of polish and attention to detail is very distracting
Chan Star
Chan Star - Måned siden
I have lots all desire for this game it is far from what it used to be 🤦🏾‍♂️
ry jo
ry jo - Måned siden
Dont buy a dog. Buy a modular synth.
Loading now
Loading now - Måned siden
I like the setting but this game seems like it was done in a hurry and on a budget 😂
label me
label me - Måned siden
oh nice, floating numbers and an intrusive hud. giving me motion sickness as a bonus. another winner from the big game complex.
RedaSkateboard - Måned siden
I played RDR2 for a long time, if I will play this game it will hurt me
Zander Wylie
Zander Wylie - Måned siden
Two years for this?
Sh4un1r1k - Måned siden
That dog, the characters and overall look of the game is nothing close to what a late- current gen AAA game should be graphically.
Same problem with Watch Dogs Legion, London map look great but the npcs look a bit PS3 ish.
Catatonic 93
Catatonic 93 - Måned siden
Looks awful