Battlefield 1 is really good...

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Battlefield 1 Sniping is so satisfying, and this game is great. So much fun to come back and play it. There really is nothing like Battlefield. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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TRAGICTACTICS - 36 minutter siden
I wonder how BFV would be if they let you're health regenerate like this game
Drknss_ 02
Drknss_ 02 - 2 timer siden
Does bf5 has more daily players than bf1?
I want to buy one of these games👌🏻
Pablo E Chávez
Pablo E Chávez - 3 timer siden
Hey guys hope someone can help me. I recently re-downloaded BF1 and noticed I was missing the expansion packs and the "new" guns. I went to the ps store and re-downloaded my Premium Pass and that solved mostly everything but I noticed that like 5 guns per class are locked and say I need warbonds to unlock them. I'm level 150 so there's no way I can earn warbonds by ranking up. What do I do? Some of the guns that are locked are the Hellriegel factory, all versions of the Bar, some SMLE's... please help
ninjafin - 3 timer siden
Might get this bf cuz ive never played one before and it looks sick
Pepe Frog
Pepe Frog - 6 timer siden
Is it worth revisiting this game on XB1? I miss it tbh.
Alex Murcer
Alex Murcer - 7 timer siden
is this playing in Multiplayer?
TheDeleted117 - 11 timer siden
Dude it's all i've been playing since 4 months into Warzone. And since launch, xbox and pc for years. This game is whole next level next to any cod game ever made or even battlefield itself. Shame no one really plays it anymore. Guess mainstream base moved on..
Christian Kragh Bundgaard
Christian Kragh Bundgaard - 11 timer siden
What's your favorite class? Mine is scout with Martini Henri Infantry.
Ram Anandan
Ram Anandan - 12 timer siden
Such a beautiful game
RJ Maksym
RJ Maksym - 12 timer siden
Really wish I had the time to put into getting the peacekeeper revolver
The Adventurest
The Adventurest - 14 timer siden
Why don’t people log on and play anymore if they still like it
The Phoenix
The Phoenix - 21 time siden
I'm about to re download it on PS4. IT CALLS ME!
The Degenerate Gamer
The Degenerate Gamer - 23 timer siden
I wish I would actually load into a match
Joshua Morris
Joshua Morris - Dag siden
What hand gun is he using?
Eli Kasinger
Eli Kasinger - Dag siden
My friend thinks that cod ww2 is better than this game. I mean... come on dude
Eli Kasinger
Eli Kasinger - Dag siden
I just want people to know that on this map, the flame truper is really good against the behemoth armored train
Gianni Rizza
Gianni Rizza - Dag siden
Thank you sir for this fine revival.... just made me reinstallate it... was so disappointed from B5 that the retry of B1 was like a huge relieve.
NicoOto - Dag siden
This game is incredible. WE NEED a Battlefield 4 enviorment PLUS Battlefield 1 mechanics and that is THE PERFECT 2020/21 battlefield year game.
Sandy Verbeek
Sandy Verbeek - Dag siden
What do i need to play bf5 or bf1
Call Me Youl
Call Me Youl - Dag siden
Game is amazing
Bigus Dickus
Bigus Dickus - Dag siden
I heard cheaters are rampant
Khoshnaw - Dag siden
this game will always remain as a master piece
Nedelcho Nedelchev
Nedelcho Nedelchev - Dag siden
Guys come back to bf1, we need to populate hardcore servers
RIVASRND - Dag siden
how do you get all this video quality? At what bit rate do you record?
Nightmare_ - 2 dager siden
I like to use the martini henry for stuff like this
Kameron Gaskin
Kameron Gaskin - 2 dager siden
2:00 is no one gonna talk about that revolver toss
Giorgos Tolis
Giorgos Tolis - 2 dager siden
This is such a good game. All out war and feels so real
Highland Silverback
Highland Silverback - 2 dager siden
new pc think I'll go back then I remembered I got addicted and just cleared lobbies with my bolo knife with only 16 star's on it nothing sad about that.
arbusto arbol
arbusto arbol - 2 dager siden
I love this game!
jonny lafitte
jonny lafitte - 2 dager siden
You make these games seem way better.
Irishhaf - 2 dager siden
Havent played it in quite some time, one of the few shooters I put a lot of time in.
y33tboy - 2 dager siden
Damn I’ve just got back into this game since before quarantine started. Glad to see people still enjoying this masterpiece
Keddiels - 2 dager siden
Wasn't really a fan of the gameplay in bf1 but God damn you can't say it's not cinematic!
NvalidUsername 32
NvalidUsername 32 - 3 dager siden
Please play more!
Fab0 - 3 dager siden
I bought a game couple days before, love it!
Słowiańska duma
Słowiańska duma - 3 dager siden
Bf1 is the best fps based on real war in my opinion
Nyx X
Nyx X - 3 dager siden
They need to stop giving Stockholm any BF game projects, those mothefuckers just fuck it up. Please just push it over to LA and will get more games like this
1234567 - 2 dager siden
It was DICE Stockholm who made this?
TheNoob Gamer
TheNoob Gamer - 3 dager siden
They should make another ww1 based FPS game in 5 years
paralyzed yoshi
paralyzed yoshi - Dag siden
Theres already another ww2 fps game
Wanna Throw Hands ?
Wanna Throw Hands ? - 3 dager siden
My games are nothing like this the hell...
FancehBread - 3 dager siden
I like the game but I can't get off the italian part of the campaign
bonkybonk _ow
bonkybonk _ow - 4 dager siden
it's not sainai, it's sinai, pronounced; seenai.
hippie hippo
hippie hippo - 4 dager siden
How do planes get tangled up in midair lmao
Connor Long
Connor Long - 4 dager siden
which do you like better @jackfrags bfv or bf1
SPOOKSTR - 4 dager siden
2:04 How did he spin the pistol like that?
EEEEETTTTT - 4 dager siden
Your a sniper maniac
Wass Good
Wass Good - 4 dager siden
Bf1 is in my top 3 games. I thought people didn’t really like this game when it dropped. But all I see is love now. Cool
MasthaX - 4 dager siden
This game cinematic value is awesome yes, funny to also come across some players who I come across myself too, maybe we'll meet :).
Kill - 4 dager siden
Such a shame BFV didn't ride the BF1 wave
Festive Pybro
Festive Pybro - 4 dager siden
Not enough people talk about the voice acting in this game. The voice acting in BFV is eh. Especially the ear piercing shriek the woman make, it makes the game unfun to play
Duncan Fraser
Duncan Fraser - 4 dager siden
lol how does this look 10x better than the new cod?
Twatical - 4 dager siden
Did I just get placed pack in time 3 years or something
Rob Parsons
Rob Parsons - 5 dager siden
It was an amazing game. But then I would log in and no one was really playing it. Real shame. Seeing this video. I'm like ye I'm just going to die and die by bloody snipers. Not going to play again.
isaccc000 - 5 dager siden
do you struggle to get in a match?
Alvaro Oliva
Alvaro Oliva - 5 dager siden
Are there any US servers still active?
H N - 5 dager siden
OrkSlayer360 - 5 dager siden
Whats that pistol/revolver
Maximiliano Rodriguez
Maximiliano Rodriguez - 5 dager siden
The views aren’t even low. This only proofs that BF1 is still relevant
Leviticus226 - 5 dager siden
A+ gameplay as always!
Joseph Dalimonte
Joseph Dalimonte - 5 dager siden
Im still jealous he has the Peacekeeper and I dont
Andreas Zis
Andreas Zis - 5 dager siden
Keep playing
Louis Janus Thomas
Louis Janus Thomas - 5 dager siden
play operations w standard issue rifles only
Dan's Gaming
Dan's Gaming - 5 dager siden
What is that sniper?
Drew Whitney
Drew Whitney - 5 dager siden
Why anyone would player the new call of duty’s over battlefield is beyond me. The new call of duty’s feel like an arcade game.
Drew Whitney
Drew Whitney - 4 dager siden
@Your mom Karen I gotta check out cold wars soon! I really love the older call of duty’s but havnt been too impressed by the recent ones.
Zach B
Zach B - 4 dager siden
Because battlefield hasn’t released a good game in over 4 years. Bf1 was solid, that’s about it
Your mom Karen
Your mom Karen - 5 dager siden
I love battlefield 1 but damn dude Cold Wars campaign is really good and the zombies especially
Kevin Simmons
Kevin Simmons - 6 dager siden
bf1 visually looks so much better than bf5. I just wish their was a larger community playing in the states. Most people I know think bf1 is more causal than the other bfs and it's a turn off to them. I do agree it is more casual but it's also more fun and you get dominated by vehicles constantly like in bf4 where 3 out of 4 deaths is a tank or helicopter
Zach B
Zach B - 4 dager siden
Graphically, bf5 looks better, with more colour variety and better effects (fire, snow, leaves). But it’s atmosphere sucks, bf1 feels like WW1
Damn Nigga.
Damn Nigga. - 6 dager siden
Man this reminds me of all the snipes I hit and all my clips sadly my account got hacked and I lost those clips and my main account but I guess it’s time to redownload and get back all the memories and make more goals boys
JohnPasSmith - 6 dager siden
the peacekeepr give you strengh
Karl Briones
Karl Briones - 6 dager siden
This video made me download BF1 again. Feels good
Cynical Alloy
Cynical Alloy - 6 dager siden
BF1 was the first battlefield game to push me out of simply playing TDM and only playing recon and into playing conquest and operations. This game will always have a soft spot in my heart for that
Finn Johnson
Finn Johnson - 6 dager siden
haven't played in 2 years... I think I'll go update and play now
Joshua Satterwhite
Joshua Satterwhite - 6 dager siden
*read title*
*my 4 years of BF1 experience*: "No Shit"
Obeliscão - 7 dager siden
I love bf1 it's so amazing dude!
Manuel Pol Costa Orvalho
Manuel Pol Costa Orvalho - 7 dager siden
i know this is very strange but i think i played with you a gam, because i remember i was playing battlfield one like 2 weeeks and somthing ago and i died like that
Jordan Coote
Jordan Coote - 7 dager siden
Reinstalled BF1 again last night and can’t remember why I ever stopped playing it! Can’t wait to throw it on when I get home!
norixya - 7 dager siden
i redownloaded battlefield 3 then instantly died do to a tank sniping me

across the map
Azra valencia
Azra valencia - 7 dager siden
You know is a good game when everybody still playing it and the trailer rewatched every year..
dead channel
dead channel - 7 dager siden
Any south africans still playin this game? if there is, ill reinstall
Pivot Boy
Pivot Boy - 7 dager siden
This game came out finished thats whybit was so good
Got Lost
Got Lost - 7 dager siden
abdullah bahzad
abdullah bahzad - 8 dager siden
Such a shame that this game is dead on the Ps4
John Beeler
John Beeler - 8 dager siden
Are there still servers on ps4? Burned out on Warzone and BF5 so I think I may download it again.
methedemon - 8 dager siden
That was AMAZING video . Man this game is still fun.
red squirl12
red squirl12 - 8 dager siden
Looks like im buyin this one! Just wanted to make sure people still played it before I got it❤❤ glad to see its still pooular.
tommy norton
tommy norton - 4 dager siden
I read a couple of months ago that BF1 still sometimes draws 45,000 player peaks.
Smiley Riley
Smiley Riley - 8 dager siden
If you don't play conquest, than like what... IDK even know what to say 😂
The RedTengu
The RedTengu - 8 dager siden
what killed the BF-series is the ppl playing snipers.
Zach B
Zach B - 4 dager siden
What? What killed it was DICE not knowing how to make a fun and balanced game. They made sniping way too easy
David Brennan
David Brennan - 8 dager siden
Can 1992
Can 1992 - 9 dager siden
AVGR 2005
AVGR 2005 - 9 dager siden
2:30 British soldier committees war crime
Regular Jay
Regular Jay - 9 dager siden
Really cool game
Ty Gravey
Ty Gravey - 9 dager siden
The guy who keeps riding the bike is funny 😂
FreedomFisher - 9 dager siden
I still play it, so much better than BFV imo. I wish the new BF would be BF one two ;)
Barmutmar - 9 dager siden
Back When Martin Henry was a 1 shot monster miss those days
Chuck Prasek
Chuck Prasek - 10 dager siden
This entire game just feels so real and great, I wish they had a battlefield anniversary where the dlc is free and everyone would come back to this.
Luka Tisljar
Luka Tisljar - 10 dager siden
Abdulaziz Owein
Abdulaziz Owein - 10 dager siden
This game is super underrated and was massively criticized for no reasons. Battlefield community is the worst in gaming. Best bf game and sinai desert is the best map i ever played in.
Renzo Silver
Renzo Silver - 10 dager siden
The best Battlefield ever !
CamilleGMT - 10 dager siden
I feel like BF1 is still way way better than BFV ...
Alex Showers
Alex Showers - 10 dager siden
This game still active?
onehappy pepper
onehappy pepper - 10 dager siden
Oh god i remember getting my peacekeeper. ahhh the memories.
Choose Your Difficulty
Choose Your Difficulty - 10 dager siden
Looking forward to this on PS plus collection on PS5, hope there will be some more full servers.
Le Meme God meme
Le Meme God meme - 10 dager siden
Bikey boi