Battlefield 1

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Battlefield 1 is an iconic and unique entry into the Battlefield franchise. Full of atmosphere and chaotic combat. Why was it so great? Let's take a look! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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BlobFish - 18 timer siden
I honestly like how BF1 looks more than BFV
Cuguli Boi
Cuguli Boi - 20 timer siden
better than trailer lol
Bob Bobby Bobson
Bob Bobby Bobson - 20 timer siden
Man imagine a battlefield set in the future with futuristic behemoths
Nix - 23 timer siden
I was here
Dang Dingus
Dang Dingus - 2 dager siden
where all my xbox bf1 hardcore servers go :(
obama bin laden
obama bin laden - 2 dager siden
Ok hear me out...
A Battlefield game set during the later 1700s/early 1800s, kinda around the Napoleanic Wars possibly. I think that sounds unique and cool
TAEK - 3 dager siden
TAEK - 3 dager siden
@Eduaardo6 Lol buy meh pls xd
Eduaardo6 - 3 dager siden
@TAEK I used to play bf1 using origin acess but in this weekend I'm gonna buy it XD
TAEK - 3 dager siden
@Eduaardo6 Yeah i know im saving up on something
Eduaardo6 - 3 dager siden
but the price is just $11 (blackfriday)
Silver Jay
Silver Jay - 3 dager siden
Its still very active in ps4!!! Conquest 😍😍😍
Silver Jay
Silver Jay - 3 dager siden
Crazy game
My first bf ever and i fell in love
UberTraffic - 4 dager siden
I love playing Operations. It really feels like you're in a mini war. You pull up with an LMG spraying enemies, explosions all around you. The bombers come in for support. The explosions really give a feel to the game.
Ak iraq
Ak iraq - 5 dager siden
Plz more bf video 🥺
Tyson Boley No
Tyson Boley No - 5 dager siden
8:54 damn teammate
Diamondeye 4780
Diamondeye 4780 - 5 dager siden
I hope one day we get a remake of BF1 with more nations maps guns vehicles more destruction and the fortifications system but I know that might not happen for years
FrenchyJr - 5 dager siden
The music is amazing and you feel something different when you listen to it and makes you also feel like your actually in the great war
- BWS2206 -
- BWS2206 - - 5 dager siden
Best FPS I've ever played.
Sharkee DetoX
Sharkee DetoX - 5 dager siden
I loved the gun play in bf1 sooooo much
JJAHROCKS HORTON - 7 dager siden
For BF6 i hope they keep BF1 mechanics and BF5 mechanics such as the slide and the 1 health pack system and make the setting BF4 and maybe like 3 years beyond that for something new yet familiar.
Douglas Parkinson
Douglas Parkinson - 7 dager siden
nice video, dont refer to BF1 in past tense or i will draw and quarter you
Unusual Stranger
Unusual Stranger - 7 dager siden
It may be extremely flawed but damn , it is fun and inmersive
J2trappy FCF
J2trappy FCF - 8 dager siden
I’m infactuated with ww1 and I play bf1 every day it’s such a great game and I’m happy it’s coming back to popularity now
theHeinzStuhlgang - 8 dager siden
Started playing it again couple of weeks ago - if you catch a private server with no hackers its a hell of a lot of fun!
jamal washium
jamal washium - 8 dager siden
Bf1 had the best trailer
Soggyteabag - 8 dager siden
The battlefield game I was best at, love this game
Adam Noya
Adam Noya - 9 dager siden
Dude operations in ww1 was AMAZING. What a fucking killer game and it's still fun. ALL BFV had to do was take this foundation and make it world war 2 lol. [Sad trombone]
Joshua Satterwhite
Joshua Satterwhite - 9 dager siden
"gUnS dIdNt HaVe MuCh ReCoIl" yeah on PC maybe.....
Bradley O'Kane
Bradley O'Kane - 9 dager siden
Is the playerbase in Europe large enough to warrent bying it in 2020? Im new to pc but had it on xbox, superb game
BunnyHop1337 - 10 dager siden
Its was mediacore for me and my friends, BF4 is the no. 1 and there is no game close to bf4
Ariq Darwish
Ariq Darwish - 10 dager siden
My father delete this game in PS4 because he said its broke our ps4 but it turn out we just need to restart the PS4
Xela - 10 dager siden
3:54 *Augh*
Henderson Account
Henderson Account - 11 dager siden
It’s better than V
332 Safe
332 Safe - 11 dager siden
I still play it
Eduaardo6 - 3 dager siden
on pc?
Matthew Chang
Matthew Chang - 11 dager siden
Best battlefield.
milk man
milk man - 11 dager siden
God, I still play this game.
Comrade Soner
Comrade Soner - 12 dager siden
I reinstalled the game I was broed this game is Fucking awesome
The Airship Coming down is so fucking cool
Jacob Spencer
Jacob Spencer - 14 dager siden
I miss bf1 so much good memories and such good features like the gas and gas masks
Iwantthesmoke _
Iwantthesmoke _ - 14 dager siden
For me this is the best battlefield of all time it was just so immersive and perfect
Sensei - 14 dager siden
Good game but they should have added serbia into the game. Like battle of cer should have been in the game
Mario Hachicho
Mario Hachicho - 15 dager siden
We need a remastered version on next gen consoles!!!!!!!!
Monkey Mage
Monkey Mage - 15 dager siden
Playing the game is like watching a movie
Martin Cyrén
Martin Cyrén - 15 dager siden
Loved the custom game mode “back to basics”! Everyone running around with iron sights snipers but keeping the classes with special abilities. Amazing times.
Historic Resurgency
Historic Resurgency - 13 dager siden
There was a b2b server running this past weekend. Winning or losing, pretty damned nice.
sezer tan soysal
sezer tan soysal - 18 dager siden
The best revieuw of a game i have ever seen.
Samuel Hashim-jones
Samuel Hashim-jones - 18 dager siden
This was the 2nd game I got on my Xbox 1 3 years ago and I love this nostalgic video
MrGashi1337 - 19 dager siden
loved horse gameplay in BF1
OMEGA BABA YT - 19 dager siden
nice you can check i have uploaded that part
McArnold Richard’sGravyTrain
The most immersive and beautiful BF game
fudgeyman99 - 20 dager siden
Realism in games is overrated the only purpose it serves it to restrict developers creativity.
CC taketheL Gaming Hd clips n more
best FPS ive ever played tbh
Glenn Quagmire
Glenn Quagmire - 20 dager siden
Battlefield 1
Jake the Snake
Jake the Snake - 20 dager siden
I’m gonna get loads of hate, but I prefer BFV, the gunplay is perfect, just the perfect amount of recoil and damage is low enough where the first person to shoot doesn’t necessarily win. Charging up the beaches of Iwo Jima with bullet cracks and flamethrowers from tank to the side of you. Personally I find BFV way more immersive.c
Oerlikon20mm - 21 dag siden
I was so blue-balled when I downloaded the open beta on the last day it was available and found out the next day it was closed
J. Vinton
J. Vinton - 21 dag siden
Battlefield 1 oozes Love, and the way it launched and was cared for after shows that.
Did anyone’s Bayonet kill count go up when they started just using it to dash into rooms, or to get around? I couldn’t kill shit at first, then just started doing it randomly and always got random ass kills.
Not Narc
Not Narc - 21 dag siden
For those that are saying they miss the game, hop back in! There’s still a pretty large player base on it. You can typically get into operation games really quickly still and tdm, pigeon, and conquest are still really popular. Come back for the nostalgia!
milk man
milk man - 11 dager siden
Just got back
steinfi3 - 21 dag siden
I love this game
Ballidon - 22 dager siden
Such a great game. Just alone the atmosphere, the colors of the game did an outstanding job. Everytime I watch the review trailer, I get goose bumps. By far the best trailer of all time and the best game
Stalin the Legend
Stalin the Legend - 22 dager siden
The headshot Sound
Taylor Oliver
Taylor Oliver - 22 dager siden
Operations is my favorite game mode out of all the video games I’ve ever played. You really felt like you were in a war and that you had to win. You could play obj and sacrifice yourself but still dominate and go like 90-12 and get crazy kill fields.
The games were so long which made you feel more involved and committed. The comebacks my friends and I would have. Being down 250 lives and having to hold down the last obj. Fun to look back on those memories.
Mr. Sniffles
Mr. Sniffles - 22 dager siden
still play it. still awesome
mrs. ms
mrs. ms - 22 dager siden
And it came at a time where people were tired of futuristic games
AdamHeheXD - 23 dager siden
This is personally my favorite Battlefield game that i've played.
Zenkeef - 25 dager siden
I gave 4 and 5 to many chances. 4's Graphics just look terrible these days on a 4k can barely see whats going on its just so dark and Blurry in most maps its like they forgot about lighting in so many places and we all know why 5 sucks
Twerkinator - 25 dager siden
I seriously love how cinematic this game feels. Charging into a battle with explosions around you and planes flying above just felt so good here.
By far the best feeling Battlefield game so far. It took my favorite part of the games and dialed it way up
Obiidof - 26 dager siden
Best BF ever ❤️BF1✨
PhyscoFalcon - 26 dager siden
I’d love for them to bring out battle field 3 again with the new game engine. But they have definetly went all in with the new games.
patriot459 - 28 dager siden
00:13 secs in and the trailer lets you know oh yeah there’s guna be gas machine guns and death... I love this game and the fact it didn’t hide from how fucked world war 1 was. Lol I still remember playing operations on a map and storming a trench while a behemoth airship slams down near me as I beat a man to death with a shovel in the mud...
frankie1435 - 28 dager siden
Guys, start playing this game again!
osfallatah - 29 dager siden
Is it just me or sinai desert in beta was much better than now
Dice the hyena
Dice the hyena - Måned siden
Battlefield 1 was the best
FatalxWolfsgrin - Måned siden
Yeah, I used the hunter. The hunter slug. Nothing like beaning snipers with a shotgun slug. They never move and always have thier head exposed. One shotting sniper glints with a shotgun at 50+ meters was like crack, cuz you know it probably triggered them and the likely didn't take you as a serious threat because you because you had a support icon above your head.
Robert Martin
Robert Martin - Måned siden
I love the fact that people are still on it 4 years later. Servers are still full and finding a full game is easy. I think that speaks to this game and how good it really is. As long as people are on it, I will be playing it.
Christian young
Christian young - Måned siden
Great game that was ruined by hackers
Ponn - Måned siden
automatico LOL
i hate the automatico
Kimble Mo Jimble
Kimble Mo Jimble - Måned siden
Battlefield 1, playing Argonne, listening to Sabaton 👌
J Berry
J Berry - Måned siden
Machine gun, look alive!
Jonathan M
Jonathan M - Måned siden
I LOVED this game so much but the servers started to drop count. Should i reinstall it back on XBOXONE??
rhea - Måned siden
I still play 4 years never stopped:)
rhea - 29 dager siden
@TrashPanda78 sorry for the late reply but I would recommend :) it’s my fav game I’ve ever played
TrashPanda78 - Måned siden
I'm thinking of buying soon, seems more fun than bf5. Would you recommend?
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez - Måned siden
such a great game! should've expanded it instead of adding BFV
LilNick 223
LilNick 223 - Måned siden
Bruh I loved this game I remember people didn’t like this game when it came out
__ - Måned siden
I like battlefield more then other shooters just because its a slower game then cod (you dont die/kill someone every 2 seconds)
TonyAFC - Måned siden
Warzone has drained all enjoyment out of gaming for me. This video saved me. I downloaded BF1 again and It feels new again.
BeastModeJelly - Måned siden
This game is so crispy
Another YouTube Account
Another YouTube Account - Måned siden
2:26 what gun is this?
Kevin Wilkinson
Kevin Wilkinson - Måned siden
God what I would do to play a full game of Fort De Vaux such an amazing map hectic yet enjoyable
Mr random stuff
Mr random stuff - Måned siden
Best battlefield game
Radish Boi
Radish Boi - Måned siden
Finch’s death was sad
microwaved chocolate
microwaved chocolate - Måned siden
Hell of a game, one of the best multiplayer games of all time.
General Grievous
General Grievous - Måned siden
This and bf4 are the greatest battlefield games
Noobiedooby - Måned siden
Sad that the servers are empty...
Omar Abudelea
Omar Abudelea - Måned siden
Wdym the servers are packed on xbox one from what I've seen
Elenation - Måned siden
bf1 is the best bf ever came out
SMLFAN 007 - Måned siden
This was the only battlefield game I could get into
Jaeger Entertainment
Jaeger Entertainment - Måned siden
It’s pronounced B.A.R. not bar.
Daniel Villanueva
Daniel Villanueva - Måned siden
This game will look even more gorgeous on next gen for us console users
annatar977 - Måned siden
Why people in the comments are like "yeah it was a good game". I didn't have a gaming PC for a long time and I only bought it a year ago and BF1 was one of the first games I got for it. And it's still VERY good even for 2020. It's not some 2005 game that only people with nostalgia would like. The servers are still very much alive (maybe not for all the modes though) and the gameplay is still as good as it was in 2016. It's probably my favorite FPS game and the atmosphere is incredible, I didn't see anything like that before.
Maybe some of you know that disappointment of growing up, when you stop being immersed in the game? Like when I was playing WoW when it just released I was 12 I think and I was immersed in that world. Now I can't feel it - I still can appreciate nice gameplay, good graphics/animation/music, interesting story, but I can't feel like I'm the character in the game. BF1 brought me really close to that feeling.
Ivan TV
Ivan TV - Måned siden
Best war game i have played in my life
ExhumedXxXx - Måned siden
Before battlefield got woke.
Billy - Måned siden
My multiplayer won’t even install😂
AX NINJA - Måned siden
Just started playing this again and I've come to realise there is no better shooter. The immersion is unbelievable shame bf5 was more like cod than Battlefield what a disappointment
LIL huntudown
LIL huntudown - Måned siden
How do you get dlc map lobbies and what about the hackers 🤕 (edit I mean full dlc lobbies)
Neil Bowman
Neil Bowman - Måned siden
Can we bring this back?
Celtic Warrior
Celtic Warrior - Måned siden
I'm suprised at myself that I have never played ANY battlefield game ever. I play lots of fighting games and I'm planning on buying a battlefield game soon, any recommendations? 1,2,3,4,5?
TheRedPandaGamingSWE - Måned siden
still mad that there was no war story for the Kaiser... SMH I wanted to scream " FOR THE VATERLAND, FOR THE KAISER" but oh no to much to wish for... WHO WANTED TO BE A ITALIAN DUDE IN MEDIVAL ARMOR?!!?!?! who?
Kamil Zielak
Kamil Zielak - Måned siden
Bf1 ps5?