Battlefield 3 Single Player Walkthrough - Full Game 4K 60FPS

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Battlefield 3 Campaign is one of the best in the franchise. This is my full gameplay walkthrough in 4K 60FPS, it still looks incredible! Leave a LIKE and a comment. Become a member - noburn.infojoin
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GökcanBln030 - 17 timer siden
Remaster this game
FragTANK - 22 timer siden
Ahhhhhh so many memories I love this game
Wikom - Dag siden
We need another BF next gen like this 😭
Nicholas Marinich
Nicholas Marinich - 3 dager siden
Incredible game
MATT CYPRESS - 4 dager siden
I have played all the campaigns for all the battlefield games and it is looking like battlefield 3 is the only battlefield game i actual like. Every other one is pathetic. Well i guess i will stick with CALL OF DUTY.
559mnvcs4ever - 6 dager siden
I think battlefield franchise dominates over COD all day. So much more you can do in a battlefield game
KyPc0p - 7 dager siden
Какой плохой русский тут. Почему они не поставили русскую озвучку , для русских из РУССКОЙ верcии BF 3. А так это выглядит нелепо немного
Axis - 7 dager siden
i remembered getting launched from the exploding vehicles from the rpg in the first mission
Dantic - 9 dager siden
My friends and I played hours/days playing this game. Brings back good memories.
hector ugalde
hector ugalde - 10 dager siden
Crazy how this looks better than MW
Cho Koon
Cho Koon - 10 dager siden
i can remember all of those nostalgia and shenanigan moments in the beta on my ps3
DailyPlayers - 11 dager siden
Guys, SUBSCRIBE to our channel, we post gameplays daily (Battlefield, Cold War, CS:GO, Warzone, FIFA21 etc. THANK YOU!
jordux - 13 dager siden
xbox code please and thank you
MrHelppo plays
MrHelppo plays - 14 dager siden
f yeah i wathäched the whole video bcouse battlefiel 3 i one on the best battlefield games out there
CGSDR JC - 14 dager siden
43:28 I got goosebump when this happens, goosebump then 9 years then, still goosebump now. :D
Ruskad - 14 dager siden
Now do the BF4 campaign!
I'd rather they skip single player and focus on multi but it was fun to see this again.
Luis Robles
Luis Robles - 15 dager siden
Thumbs up from My GeForce 9600GT
xKaydo - 16 dager siden
Watching this while playing metro exodus is like watching the before and after in an alternate universe where the nukes went flying in a World War.
Bilbo Riches
Bilbo Riches - 17 dager siden
Thos warm fart sounds... when dnb was new...
MGP101 - 17 dager siden
Much appreciated, Jack. Hoping you play BF4 and Hard Line campaign.
Jim - 18 dager siden
Battlefield 6 wish list:
- All weapons from BF3/4
- Remastered maps from BF3/4 (not redesigned, but remastered)
- a functional attachment and customization system, like in Tarkov
- Lean mechanic for cqb firefights
- arcade gameplay, with realistic feel
- good sound engineering
- some good close quarter game modes/maps to get my cod friends to play battlefield
- operation locker 128 player explosive only lobbies
TytoAlbaSoren - 18 dager siden
Jack: "This game in terms of graphics, design and animation, it was really ahead of it's time isn't it? The fact that it still holds up in 2020."
Me: "And don't forget, this game came out a month before Modern Warfare 3."
TheFly212 - 18 dager siden
It's such a tremoundsly optimized game too. The single player that is. Multiplayer is weird. But I get 4K/ 120fps on ultra almost all the time on single player with a RTX 2080super
DELI KURT - 18 dager siden
the best battlefield ever
Cinematic battlefield
Cinematic battlefield - 19 dager siden
Your bringing back hype for battlefield 3 because the next battlefield is going to be baced on this isn’t it
Hateem Hassim
Hateem Hassim - 19 dager siden
Well they finally gonna make a new one 😏 imagine the graphics would be considering this being so much ahead of its time
IDKENG BUTISUPP45 - 19 dager siden
Battlefield 3 and 4 where and still the best of the best.
Ronald Johnson
Ronald Johnson - 19 dager siden
Mans called me a rat
King Nitro
King Nitro - 19 dager siden
I never finish these campaign modes. Watching you do it is the best
Tyler Tate
Tyler Tate - 23 dager siden
Here’s to hoping that the next battlefield game inherits some of bf3’s dna
spank yanks
spank yanks - 25 dager siden
This being played on the xbox series x?
TheFly212 - 18 dager siden
@spank yanks lol, naw. Not at 4K ultra and getting 60. Maybe 1440p checkeroard.
spank yanks
spank yanks - 18 dager siden
@TheFly212 why so funny its more then capable?
TheFly212 - 18 dager siden
Hahahahahahaha! No.
Leon - 27 dager siden
Is it me or did the graphics get worse in BF4?
RomeoJollyBun - 27 dager siden
This game is absolutely visually stunning and it is well optimized even for low end pc's!!
TBKx - 28 dager siden
8:27 Army says hooah. The Marines say oorah. No hate, just pointing out
Steve Miller
Steve Miller - Måned siden
I wish for a remastered version of this game with toned down suppression, blue tint and exchangeable gadgets I would pay full price for that.
Kshitij kaikeya
Kshitij kaikeya - Måned siden
"In the 👀ran 👀raq region" 'murican😂
Easy 010
Easy 010 - Måned siden
The running animations are still unmatched till this day, looks so good
Easy 010
Easy 010 - Måned siden
Use me as “here since BF3 days” button.
Good to be back!🤩
BrotherO4 - Måned siden
reality mod,
Thepunki26 - Måned siden
This game still be awesome, the best shooter ever for me.
Jamrock - Måned siden
WTF happened to BF, this game is a masterpiece
Jack - Måned siden
проста лучшая часть батлы ) Thanks Jack
Aayush Singh
Aayush Singh - Måned siden
The tanks in operation guillotine be like: another 1!
Ryan Gladstone
Ryan Gladstone - Måned siden
I wanna see a playthru of BF4 Like you did with this video
Ryan Gladstone
Ryan Gladstone - Måned siden
I hope that Battle Field 6 will be in a urban city setting like BF4 and BF3
Jose A.
Jose A. - Måned siden
Battlefield 4 next please!
Dharmesh B
Dharmesh B - Måned siden
Sooo nostalgic
Nineteen1900Hundred - Måned siden
SHABBA'S GAMING - Måned siden
Battlefield is my all time favourite game in the worl and it always will be i was born playing this game. Battlefield has so much space in the bottom of my ♥
M T - Måned siden
What makes this game even more fun today is that actually there is some truth behind the game's story. First thing, obviously, this game was, and still is, banned in Iran. 2nd, the Solomon guy in the game was actually based on Qasem Soleimani who was assassinated early this year in Iraq. "Soleiman" in Persian/Farsi directly translates to Solomon.
Damian Goina
Damian Goina - Måned siden
I think Jack is trying to tell us a BF 3 Remastered is coming togheter with BF6 ,like cod remastered came with cod infinity right Jackiee?
MrScapper - Måned siden
Centuari - Måned siden
Looks better than cold war lol
undercover snake
undercover snake - Måned siden
Bf3 campaign on the hard difficulty was really complicated, I always died with a few shots
Richard Segal
Richard Segal - Måned siden
BJ Blaskowits's dad was a little less of a dick 9 years ago
Holesale00 - Måned siden
the sound design in this game is fucking bonkers i miss modern battlefield
nigerian scammer
nigerian scammer - Måned siden
There's something about this battlefield. Its not the nostalgia feeling, but something else. A vibe that almost everyone feels when watching or playing it. I can't quite figure out what it is, bur i know its there.
Juliet PaPa
Juliet PaPa - 15 dager siden
@SirRBS28 best setting for modern shooters imp
SirRBS28 - 15 dager siden
The setting probably in the middle east
is actually Ark
is actually Ark - Måned siden
it's called appreciating a ground breaking masterpiece
Juliet PaPa
Juliet PaPa - Måned siden
The game just felt right, the lightening of the game the setting the weapons the character designs
Maaike de Graaf
Maaike de Graaf - Måned siden
Aj Nitsuga
Aj Nitsuga - Måned siden
"Campo I'm scared.... Campo hold me.... what kind of a name is Campo anyway?" 😂😂 that whole mission killed me 2:47:35
Juliet PaPa
Juliet PaPa - Måned siden
Always thought bf3 was lookin better than bf4
TRIGGER 49 - Måned siden
Wow even almost a decade ago the graphics are still great
Chase Hagert
Chase Hagert - Måned siden
Ahhh, when people ask me what game kept me up til 4 am everyday this would be the answer. I loved coming home from school and playing the shit out of this with ally friends. Good times.
Jacob Monsey
Jacob Monsey - Måned siden
Friendly reminder that in reality the Kurds are for the most part US allies in the fight against ISIS and you can look into the whole nation/state conflict with Iran if you'd like
Steve Russell
Steve Russell - Måned siden
Anyone else tip there head when they was in the yet lmao
KARMAS DECIPLE - Måned siden
Listening to the bf3 campaign as I'm playing bf 4
Naughty Shepherd
Naughty Shepherd - Måned siden
This looks better that the current COD...
asam samir
asam samir - 4 dager siden
@Equilibrium 2112 Imagine to still hate COD in 2020 man you must have no friends
neil rubi
neil rubi - 8 dager siden
You know what? That's actually true
SushiWithABass - 8 dager siden
@Equilibrium 2112 it’s easy to look Better because they don’t care about graphics. The only game with good graphics in the franchise is Modern Warfare (2019) because it uses the new engine.
Leon - 27 dager siden
@Equilibrium 2112 Best looking cod in the franchise 😂
Magical Mahi
Magical Mahi - Måned siden
@Gutekx x yah
Blue Blood
Blue Blood - Måned siden
pasidu - Måned siden
After watching this video, today i played bf3 single player campaign again 😱 many thanks
Jaydon - Måned siden
If only this game would run good on the 360 I would have played this and mw3
John Downes
John Downes - Måned siden
Forget talking about multi-player. Love your commentary.Its like watching a movie. Really enjoyable.
Nikolas Maes
Nikolas Maes - Måned siden
Ur forgetting all ur Russian fans, Jack. They dont need the mini subtitles lol. Would love to speak it too.
Omg that half life ref. I do remember that. Corpse jamming the elevator.
Oh Ahoy
Oh Ahoy - Måned siden
I really hope the next battlefield has a modern setting. You already know it’s going to clap, even if it’s not good immediately, because dice can’t let another game flop like bfv.
oliveirades - Måned siden
Best Battlefield ever made!
EinarC Gulbrandsen
EinarC Gulbrandsen - Måned siden
2011 ? seems like it was yesterday.
Leutrim Avdija
Leutrim Avdija - Måned siden
Dice should surprise us with a bf3 console remake for the ps5 and next xbox. That would be sweet
Ubaid Bakhtiar
Ubaid Bakhtiar - Måned siden
That f18 hornet mission is the best ever
Maurice - Måned siden
Pls do 4 nexy
ᐯᗩᑎTᗩᘜᙓ ᑭOIᑎT
Posts 4k me in 240 p everyone liked that
zdru - Måned siden
man if I could go back to the midnight release of this game I would
definitely miss these classic
Marco Bephage
Marco Bephage - Måned siden
I had good memories too fantastic game👍👍
YAAAKUZZZA psn - Måned siden
Still the Best BF Game - love it
Nils B.
Nils B. - Måned siden
I hope that your streaming bf3 because dice is making a remaster.
Tom de Weger
Tom de Weger - Måned siden
The Battlefield Instagram has also just recently become active again changing their profile picture to just 'Battlefield' and posting fan videos on their story.
lahbibe djalali
lahbibe djalali - Måned siden
Emmm jack jack !!! U know something about bf3 remastered ....that's why u did this video aheiiiin ??? Waiting for the announcement 😂😂😂😜
K den
K den - Måned siden
When the A10 goes on a gun run you know there’s gonna be one less area code
Zekli - Måned siden
Best Battlefield
Mau Hurtado
Mau Hurtado - Måned siden
So much nostalgia, great gameplay! Hope you live BF4 story too!
AmirAli Clash
AmirAli Clash - Måned siden
Hello to Jack from Tehran❤️🤣👋
I’m sad
I’m sad - Måned siden
And if you pick walkthrough you get this story about this game here
star dust
star dust - Måned siden
you have no idea what swear words they are saying in Persian! lol
Hepsuuu - Måned siden
dsemt54 - Måned siden
This storyline had me emotionally invested
dsemt54 - Måned siden
Such an under appreciated game
Brandon Jota
Brandon Jota - Måned siden
man, wanted to play this game but my potato pc wont let me, thanks jack.
TLast Punisher
TLast Punisher - Måned siden
Damn BF3 was such a good game and i would say it was the best game i've ever played!!! I mean everything was perfect + not that much bugs and Hacker like today it was funny and peacefull
joshplayz_0807 - Måned siden
I was the guy that said if u hear the a10 u weren't the target, thanks for noticing me Jack!😁
JEREMIH-RAIDEN - Måned siden
49:00 “I need to watch Top Gear again!” Jack
“I don’t think Clarkson has ever flown a F18 before?” Me,
Kaan Toy
Kaan Toy - Måned siden
I think he meant top gun XD
Gaz Da Lad
Gaz Da Lad - Måned siden
if we are theorizing on jackfrags teasing bf6........then ive got a theory
i think jackfrags is trying to say that there will be a campaign in bf6............idk its just a thought
Jcswe - Måned siden
Best game ever!!
Frisiandude - Måned siden
Still my BF GOAT! :-D