Battlefield 3

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Battlefield 3 is a Legendary game in the franchise, from marketing to gameplay. But why and what did it do best? Let's take a look! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Become a member - noburn.infojoin
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TrooperStewart - 9 timer siden
Honestly my fav Battlefield way better then any battlefield today 🤷‍♂️ Hoping for the remastered
verox - 16 timer siden
imma download it today thank you for this video, havent played it for 5-6 years, i finally want to have a good feeling again playing a shooter, last good battlefield i enjoyed was battlefield 1
D G - 20 timer siden
I remember me and my boys playing the metro beta for hours on end. This game hooked me on Battlefield.
Dre Day
Dre Day - Dag siden
i played the shit out of bf2, it was amazing time. Bf3 and bf4 i wish i never bought those games.
Al Capwned
Al Capwned - Dag siden
Best Battlefield.
Allex G
Allex G - Dag siden
BTF1 and BTF3 are the 2 greatest battlefield games.
Sean and Blanca
Sean and Blanca - Dag siden
Still my favorite game
bakedwithrealchez - 2 dager siden
They made this game way to early it was so far ahead of it's time.
Matt Thompson
Matt Thompson - 3 dager siden
Bf2 was the best one for me but bf3 was next !
Fayde De10n
Fayde De10n - 3 dager siden
I remember coming home from third grade, turning on my Xbox 360 and grinding for hours just for fun.
BlackyModz - 4 dager siden
I loved these long rounds on Metro where you just played 1 round that lasted like 1 houre. And at the end you where just happy about the end either you have won or lost. The Xp screen and the exhaustion that you felt. Just remarkable. And the following Battlefields couldnt catch that feeling for me, especially BF1 and V arent that catchy in that feeling area. But BF3 and BF4 are and forever will be my favorite Games of all Time.
Thanks for that beautiful Video, that reminded me what Battlefield used to be for me.
Claude Akel
Claude Akel - 4 dager siden
i played it on pc in 2011 and got it again on ps3 in 2019 such a classic
dfuze_ Shots
dfuze_ Shots - 4 dager siden
A remastered would change me
DH Kim
DH Kim - 4 dager siden
Despite my absolute hate for a lot of elements in BF3 (very samey damage models, sniper rifles being atrocious at launch, map design, in general, taking a step back particularly for rush, Ace jet players singlehandedly terrorizing maps, etc.), I won't deny that it very much has a sense of magic the later BFs just don't quite capture. This was the first true step into next gen FPS territory and the jitters I had when I first loaded up the game for the beta is something that's going to be a very difficult experience to top.
Anthony Belo
Anthony Belo - 4 dager siden
This was so nostalgic... very good job
red crimson102
red crimson102 - 5 dager siden
Do people still play this on pc?
Dre Day
Dre Day - Dag siden
no... in fact bf3 and bf4 didnt live that long after their releases.
Adam Bruh
Adam Bruh - 6 dager siden
Nothing beats the first time you down a jet as a tank
C19 97
C19 97 - 6 dager siden
Most underrated , under appreciated game when this came out. Man this was awesome
Collin Fox
Collin Fox - 6 dager siden
Nostalgia glasses big time
Barzinkstudio202C - 6 dager siden
the hype is creeping back in with new ps5 and xbox and the 120hz i think bf6 will last for 3 years.. bf4 was lacking
keetguy - 6 dager siden
Aviral S. Chauhan
Aviral S. Chauhan - 6 dager siden
Miss playing multiplayer on this game in my PS3... Back when online gaming was free.
Mario Da Cunt
Mario Da Cunt - 7 dager siden
Forget the PS5, I'll buy that later on, I'm buying a PS3 again just to play BF3 again
Prof Rekt
Prof Rekt - 7 dager siden
Firing off rounds in BF3 felt savage, weapons felt real, weapons felt raw, it just felt right!
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 7 dager siden
These graphics still look good
durk snof
durk snof - 7 dager siden
Damn, i'm getting emotional watching this video
Tieme K
Tieme K - 7 dager siden
4:27 bruh
Lateralus - 7 dager siden
Who Wants a BF3 Remaster! For Series X and PS5
Idle_Worship - 8 dager siden
They should remaster this for next gen consoles
WorldChanger - 8 dager siden
For real, I thought games couldnt make people happy. But when I started to play BF3 and Bf4, Im putting up a big fking smile. For everyone who is still playing BF3, I love you homie. You are the ones who make people happy
saif saify
saif saify - 9 dager siden
One word to describe this game. Masterpiece.
John Thomas
John Thomas - 9 dager siden
TDM in Noshahr Canals was, and still is really fun.
Cuadrito - 10 dager siden
you know how good the vid was by watching the dislike rate.
Daniel Filippus
Daniel Filippus - 10 dager siden
I had the same experience, but my favorite is still BF2. I also had a very good time playing rush in BFBC2 with voip friends.
lil_bleachbottle - 10 dager siden
I miss this game so much man the AEK was a beast in this game
speedydraw - 10 dager siden
only problem with BF3 nowadays is the jet nerds that have 1000k hours flying and stay in the air the whole match dropping rocket pods
Daniel W124
Daniel W124 - 10 dager siden
Best battlefield if you ask me
ApeHead - 10 dager siden
Best battlefield game ever. This game took it to the next level.
GlowInTheDarkCamel - 11 dager siden
never played bf3 so i would say bf4 for me
Jonas - 11 dager siden
BF3 was the best, IMO, BF4 was allright, after that Dice ruined the franchise, also, IMO, that make me started shooting real guns, and it's way better than videogames.
Max Silvernail
Max Silvernail - 11 dager siden
so this game is good
Parminder Singh
Parminder Singh - 11 dager siden
Best multiplayer in those day's
Fraser Donaldson
Fraser Donaldson - 11 dager siden
imagine being this serious about pixelated video games
charles hubert françois De castille
bf3 on ps4 !!! for christmas plz
Bernie Nguyen
Bernie Nguyen - 14 dager siden
I swear this is like the 14th "THROWBACK TO BF3" video on this channel
Cuca Beludo
Cuca Beludo - 14 dager siden
WORST campaign of all time.
Edward Laurén
Edward Laurén - 14 dager siden
BF4 was better but dam this was good
Raphael Hidber
Raphael Hidber - 14 dager siden
Haha i like no m16 players
MΣNT0R™ - 14 dager siden
The golden age of fps games
Lukas Groot
Lukas Groot - 14 dager siden
Ah yes, member? Legendary indeed.
frozenalien _
frozenalien _ - 15 dager siden
Watching Because its on Game Pass.
Keith Simpson
Keith Simpson - 15 dager siden
BF 3 was the start of BF going to shit I thought as a longtime player. Having to unlock so much basic BS felt like COD garbage.
Elliot Jones
Elliot Jones - 15 dager siden
gazed - 16 dager siden
the real reason i loved bf3 so much is how freely you could just jump in a tank or jet or buggy and cause as much shit as you wanted, ram down as much stuff as you wanted. if im using this phrase correctly it's like "the world is your oyster" but with bf3, loved that game man
S.G.E - 16 dager siden
Battle field graphics was always ahead of its time
Tarek - 16 dager siden
I never played any BF game after BF3. Tried them and they sucked compared to it. I would still play it over any other BF game.
VicRaptor2589 - 16 dager siden
To me BF3 was amazing, I was a good pilot Jet and Heli and of curse when you get a long headshot with the sniper... my gawd such a satisfaction the number of meters plus ur score. Missed the experience
chqara - 17 dager siden
FabbeX - 17 dager siden
BF V is probaly the best battlefield ever.
Jaxamuss - 17 dager siden
Honestly, they should just remaster this game and put it out again. It still looks excellent but I just love those maps so much. I don't think a battlefield or any multiplayer game, can ever recapture how great those maps were.
Ed Gonzales
Ed Gonzales - 17 dager siden
Bf3 was better Also had actual full auto m4 and actual ak instead of ak 12 shit
Zach bob
Zach bob - 18 dager siden
I love the multiplier In bf3, But I also loved the campaign. I thought it was very good.
Furkan Torun
Furkan Torun - 18 dager siden
Literally the best game DICE pulled off ever. Long range sniping was my thing at this game. Sniping people from hills was fun but i still remember the adrenaline rush i had when i get killed by a counter-sniper. That was the beginning of the match for me. After that, dueling with the counter sniper had all my attraction.
Zvonne - 18 dager siden
Best game ever made. Seriously.
Havoc - 18 dager siden
Such a nostalgic video
coffee and cigars
coffee and cigars - 18 dager siden
venice unleashed
Jack Ruther
Jack Ruther - 18 dager siden
Bf3 will always be my favourite and honestly I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a game as much as I did bf3. I moved to pc just to get the full experience.
Sheldon Redmon
Sheldon Redmon - 19 dager siden
If they just remastered this and added new maps it would go nuts
Jörgen Järsk
Jörgen Järsk - 19 dager siden
Great game. Hit detection was a total wank tho - hated it
Jose M
Jose M - 20 dager siden
Best battlefield N my first one too 😪
barry atherton
barry atherton - 20 dager siden
I miss BF 3
Saad Sall
Saad Sall - 21 dag siden
What a game what a lovely game !
Bo Jibbidy
Bo Jibbidy - 22 dager siden
I like battlefield but the community is awful, most servers I join were just pure toxicity. This is what led me to uninstall battlefield 4
Nathan Bruce
Nathan Bruce - 22 dager siden
People still play the ever living hell out of this game on PC. Full servers on a daily basis.
Jordan Bonifacio
Jordan Bonifacio - 22 dager siden
Metro is definitely a damn good and fun map
NORCO4LIFE - 22 dager siden
DICE needs to prioritize gameplay, gunplay, balancing, and performance over pretty graphics. BFV is a beautiful game, but looks alone don’t make a great game. I would be happy if they dialed back the visuals a bit, to put more resources into making a good game.
We need proper map design, balancing, and game modes that people want to play (Rush anyone?).
Icyy Mark
Icyy Mark - 23 dager siden
Battlefield 3 was ahead of its time. Very fond and nostalgic memories
ilusion4sta - 24 dager siden
Has anyone know how to start coop in this game right now? For some reason the coop doesn't want to start.
tycool 243
tycool 243 - 24 dager siden
God dam did i ever love the shit out of this games campaign
4 sean
4 sean - 24 dager siden
the beta was the best beta ive ever played alongside halo 3
dnky pnch
dnky pnch - 24 dager siden
Battlefield 3 was so much damn fun. I spent so many hours with my buddies on this game. Hands down best battlefield.
tbm - 24 dager siden
Battlefield 3
Tejveer Sidhu
Tejveer Sidhu - 25 dager siden
I wish just one more game like bf3 I still play this game and I live this but it hits my heart when I see so less people play it
Ellis Thomas
Ellis Thomas - 26 dager siden
I'm colourblind and BF3 was pretty much unplayable because of the neon writing theme they had going on and no colourblind mode.
Harold Merrywethnor
Harold Merrywethnor - 26 dager siden
Operation metro beta was carnage.
Geri Hinsey
Geri Hinsey - 26 dager siden
I loved taking people's dog tags. I had a nice collection.
NDK0 - 26 dager siden
Still my fav bf game.... (i really want a remake of bf1942 though
SupraDeluxx - 26 dager siden
I think Battlefield 3 was so good for its time, its still holds up to date as one of the best looking and playable FPS you can buy. as time goes on I see videogames almost like a painting. where some are just knock offs, and some are just literally so good they are timeless.
Tian Xia
Tian Xia - 26 dager siden
Okay Dice, time to remaster.
ArchAngel121996 - 27 dager siden
when i use battlelog i can barley get into a match so u know its shit so now when i play battlefield its on the console
T. Rose
T. Rose - 28 dager siden
Can't believe it's been 9 years since that game! Classic!
DataWell - 28 dager siden
We need a remastered
calvin smith
calvin smith - 28 dager siden
only liked it in hardcore mode like real war, in normal mode bunch of crap you have jets and helis sniping foot soldiers and getting way to high k&d ratios !
mgproryh - 28 dager siden
Mistakes started with not adding karkand, dev peak and wake island to 4. Hardline tanked it never brought a battlefield after hardline. Just bring back 3
yoav cohen
yoav cohen - 28 dager siden
I hope the next BF game will go back to the style of BF3
Rams Your Gurly
Rams Your Gurly - 28 dager siden
They need to remake or remaster this masterpiece
Christian Ogata
Christian Ogata - 29 dager siden
Hey guys, I have a question. Did any of y'all notice Chinese soldiers on that one dam mission?
Prod.Mellow - 29 dager siden
anyone who did defibrillator kills in bf3 and 4 are legendary
Brent Steagall
Brent Steagall - 29 dager siden
When he talked about experimenting I brought back a memory of me and my friend killing tanks with c4 and shooting it with a revolver . It would tell them we killed them with a handgun so many hate messages so much fun