Battlefield 5 is pretty chill...

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Battlefield V Rifleman is a really fun and chill way to play. Having fun on arguably the best map in the game here, Twisted Steel. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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Aziz N
Aziz N - 5 timer siden
Battlefield 5 is the worst battlefield in the history of battlefield games. Bf5 was also the first game I have ever asked a refund for. That is my comment on bf5 and if anyones is curious I can give a really big list of why this is an disgrace to battlefield title.
Ian Moore
Ian Moore - 9 timer siden
*gets shot* "hmmm..."
Tyup K
Tyup K - 22 timer siden
You mean battlefield V is full of cheaters
Brian Hubbard
Brian Hubbard - Dag siden
You jump out of a plane and parachute onto the bridge, or squad spawn on someone who is already up there.
Marcus juvani
Marcus juvani - Dag siden
I'm comeing back cod is pissing me off atm
Candy and Violence
Candy and Violence - 2 dager siden
how is this game chill when your team is always getting destroyed and you getting killed constantly by lvl 200+ no life losers
Aka - 2 dager siden
battlefield 5? do you not mean cheaters arena 5?
Zandaz - 2 dager siden
I snipe using bolt actions with the 2x zoom, helps me play aggressive and removes scope glint. Nothing worse than 8 Recons on your team sitting light years from the objective and not using their amazing gadgets.
Qauntum Gamer
Qauntum Gamer - 3 dager siden
Is it just me or is some of the gameplay a bit blurry
Alexander Shaw
Alexander Shaw - 3 dager siden
Teammate: "You hit him!"
JackFrags: :"I did hit him mate, thank you yeah!"
I just enjoy the dialogue and call outs made by your teammates, it really amplifies the experience and immersion; it teleport's you into the game's world.
Another thing is the explosions, they are on an entirely different level within this game; so much more engrossing and spectacular than any other Battlefield title. Prime example was the V-1 Rocket at the end-screen. Just eye candy.
It is a pity that they did not maximize and capitalize off of the immense potential that this gem possessed.
Oh what Battlefield 5 could've been. Tsk tsk...
ProudpatriotUSA - 4 dager siden
Battlefield 1 still better
Imy - 4 dager siden
I haven't been able to play Battlefield games properly in a long time. I really want to get into it hopefully with my new PC build next year.
Reel Hookers
Reel Hookers - 5 dager siden
Is that enfield a No4 Mk1?
Richard Saar
Richard Saar - 5 dager siden
How do u get so chill players, each time I play I get smashed by the tryhards who just spam we with their 1911 or quicky get killed with 2 sec by a dude who uses the medic. Like they are everywhere, with you all is chill sorta say.
BrainError - 5 dager siden
Would love to see the next BF game set in Vietnam.
Egidijus Ivas
Egidijus Ivas - 6 dager siden
this is so satisfying to wach !! love it way better then cod.
TheEpicPancake - 7 dager siden
You know, I hear so much ill about this game and that I should buy bf1 or bf4 instead, but this game just piques my interest in a fashion none of the others have. Makes it quite the pain in the ass deciding whether I should buy it.
Rob Parsons
Rob Parsons - 7 dager siden
This was my fav game. Loved the battles and front line movement. Then it came pacific maps and it just turned crap
Krishnajith - 5 dager siden
@Rob Parsons thanks man I played bf2 bf3 BF4 but hasn't got time
Rob Parsons
Rob Parsons - 6 dager siden
@Krishnajith ye it's a great game. The front line moves back and forwards as you take /loose objectives. I just don't like the pasific maps. Havnt played for long time. Was amazing. Tanks planes and men fighting together
Krishnajith - 6 dager siden
I haven't played this game yet but it look awesome does it worth playing
Alex Petley
Alex Petley - 7 dager siden
Twisted steel has to be the best map the to points on the bridge are so muck fun for any of the classes especially the scout
Wadser - 7 dager siden
Hindsight 2020, but I really wish they did just make BFV a reskinned BF1.
Dark8 9wolf
Dark8 9wolf - 7 dager siden
Derrick Sturkie
Derrick Sturkie - 8 dager siden
I cannot wait to get Battlefield 5 on Friday
FlyingHulk - 8 dager siden
Lets hope dice will put very soon some new Firestorm for next gen console
KIT357 - 8 dager siden
Jack: shooting at someone ages away
Me with a magnafying glass: I still can't see what your shooting
Shahin Shkur
Shahin Shkur - 8 dager siden
What's the name of that gun?
Jose Shaji
Jose Shaji - 8 dager siden
Gotta love battlefield
JZ Gringo
JZ Gringo - 9 dager siden
You try enlisted?
dianne smith
dianne smith - 9 dager siden
Still chill still chill
Soulayman Ben Salah
Soulayman Ben Salah - 9 dager siden
he so sad at the end he say if you do not like it a dislike man he needs likes
Moh lachi
Moh lachi - 9 dager siden
Should i get this?
dutchdragon 44
dutchdragon 44 - 10 dager siden
I still love Battlefield v I play few matches when I can their a map I don’t like break through my favorite mode
Adrian Collins
Adrian Collins - 10 dager siden
Dead ass game L D.O.A
Alex Gillespie
Alex Gillespie - 10 dager siden
Ps5 release?
DevineGamingTV - 10 dager siden
I'm not entirly sure, but I think map design was my biggest issue with BF5.
Jim Stunt
Jim Stunt - 11 dager siden
I like how he says leave a like if you liked the video and a dislike if you didn’t
Jim Stunt
Jim Stunt - 11 dager siden
What gun where you using?
win woo
win woo - 11 dager siden
도움이 되었습니다 ^^!
Auklon *
Auklon * - 11 dager siden
what mode was that? doesn't seem like much objective pushing.
Erik Beehner
Erik Beehner - 11 dager siden
Conquest I believe
NOAH LEON - 11 dager siden
To get on the bridge walk on the part holding it up on the left side of it
Adam Durrani
Adam Durrani - 11 dager siden
Jack saw a tank and said “are u stuck”😂😂😂😂
For real 😂
Mericon - 11 dager siden
Never seen BFV gameplay... game is so gorgeous I nearly shed a tear
monoJin - 11 dager siden
people say there are hackers in this game but really its just jackfrags headshots
Atelier CT6
Atelier CT6 - 11 dager siden
The ost is absolutely stunning. What's the title of the track?
Yourdadsafaggot Whatsurmomsnumber
Should I download this game?
sid chapman
sid chapman - 12 dager siden
Bf5 is a beautiful game
TTVBomBerxX TV - 12 dager siden
I prefer BF cus' of it's slower paced fighting. I love COD it's just that it's so fast and how many corner-campers there are. Remember this, you only get a free pass to camp, if you are a sniper.
Dead Boi
Dead Boi - 4 dager siden
Battlefield campers were met with kamikaze strikes, jihad keeps, and fucking tanks running through your shit. We had options to disrespect them. You just can’t do that in COD.
ReapNia's Adventures
ReapNia's Adventures - 12 dager siden
Bf1 is better than bf5 change ma mind
I’m Stupid
I’m Stupid - 12 dager siden
@Jackfrags my favorite weapon in bf5 has to be the boys at rifle and the m2
terry mcginnis
terry mcginnis - 13 dager siden
i liked BFV as recon idk i never took those cheap shots you know were the medic is reviving or the guys the tank gunner of course ill mark them i mean im pretty sure a squad would want to know theres a tank on its way or enemy air craft is about to bomb the bridge or idk a whole bunch of people are storming a objective i find myself marking targets more or staying with my squad more
Alex11531 - 13 dager siden
It'd be better if it was hardcore and not made for bandwagon people
Gabriel Huinquez
Gabriel Huinquez - 13 dager siden
Honestly I have no intention on playing BF5 again
LavishMcTavish - 13 dager siden
I just don't get how DICE thinks a bolt action rifle always falls under the catagory of 'sniper'. I really like to use rifles like the Kar98, but you always have to be a sniper to use it. I'd like to be more involved in the combat as assault, with a bolt action rifle. That would be pretty normal for WW2 standards.
Yes it's a game, and there are more realistic alternatives, but still. BF used to be my number one shooter, and hope they will do better.
Muhammad Luqman Zain Makarim
Muhammad Luqman Zain Makarim - 14 dager siden
to go to up bridge use plane then fall of the plane and land in the bridge
ShotgunJebus - 14 dager siden
I don't miss it lol but it's nice seeing a Jackfrags BF5 video.
pink is sexy
pink is sexy - 14 dager siden
whats your loadout
JackWProductions - 14 dager siden
To me the biggest problem with Battlefield 5 was the setting. Gameplay wise I thought Battlefield 5 was really fun, if Battlefield 5 was a modern setting or even a sci-fi setting it would've been up their as one of my absolute favourite Battlefield games.
ismael - 14 dager siden
Yesterday i got my xbox series x with the game pass and i got to try bf5 for the first time. Years hearing that this game is bs and it turns out to be a pretty nice game...
camera31 - 14 dager siden
how do you zoom in so much at 0.59 ?
Mark Atkinson
Mark Atkinson - 14 dager siden
What was the first gun he was using?
Mark Atkinson
Mark Atkinson - 14 dager siden
Lee Enfield
Societal Preferences
Societal Preferences - 14 dager siden
bfv is hot garbage
john Kimble
john Kimble - 14 dager siden
Bfv On The xbox is full of people cheating with the titan and the chronus and modded controllers. Firestorm is infested what little people are left . You got cheaters being allowed to cheat for 2000 or 3000 wins . There is a reason its dead.
Cameron Roxby
Cameron Roxby - 15 dager siden
Jackfrags: "If you didn't like it, dislike."
People: *dislike*
Jackfrags: "You weren't supossed to do that."
People (now): i want new battlefield game! Me:... You don't even support or pay them and now you want new battlefield? What do you think their are!? A Slave!??
J. Rambo
J. Rambo - 15 dager siden
BF5 is awesome haters are full of shit
shock7258 - 15 dager siden
and because of players like u, i can't play chill match
Timothy Green
Timothy Green - 15 dager siden
Jack you have to play BF6 you’re the best✌🏼
Nique Ta Mere
Nique Ta Mere - 15 dager siden
im playing CoD since warzone is really good
but im open for a new BF
Sai _XXXT - 15 dager siden
The graphic looks incredibly realistic, but the action is nothing compare to Insurgency. Anyway, they are both great games.
Doody Stainz
Doody Stainz - 16 dager siden
bf5 is the only battlefield game in history i did not and will not buy
F1nn Lad
F1nn Lad - 16 dager siden
Player at 5:53 must have used a controller.. No other way to have so shitty aim. 😅
General Reevis
General Reevis - 16 dager siden
Haven't play since BF1 beta, did not like the direction they were going. hopefully the new one is better in 2021. I honestly can't really tell the difference between BF1 and BF5. I thought for the longest time the footage i saw of it was just DLC for it.
gris186 - 16 dager siden
Stop beating the dead horse that if BFV
Rekon_Rondo - 16 dager siden
Bf6 will prepare us for the upcoming future. America will stand on top!
apollus - 16 dager siden
Such an underrated gem
Adam Mohammed
Adam Mohammed - 16 dager siden
Would BF5 be worth to get for ps4 st ill
Sahib Singh
Sahib Singh - 17 dager siden
The music man, at the beginning
Sulltay - 17 dager siden
6:24 maybe the next bf is a bf3 remake...
Giga byte
Giga byte - 17 dager siden
So we going to ignore this beautiful ending 8:27
A Dude
A Dude - 17 dager siden
BF 5 is a very arcade-like game
V Alfaridz
V Alfaridz - 17 dager siden
Damn this guy can shot no scope
Jeerus - 17 dager siden
Battlefield can be chill but I liked BF1 way more.
Bartosz - 17 dager siden
It's a dead game to me, a dead franchise most likely too.
Andonis - 18 dager siden
I wouldn't be getting advice by a sub 2kd player.
Joseph Reynoso
Joseph Reynoso - 19 dager siden
What video card are you using?
Liam Dahan
Liam Dahan - 19 dager siden
I miss BF1😪
Dominique Poelhuis
Dominique Poelhuis - 19 dager siden
Which weapon is he using in the video?
Justin crowder
Justin crowder - 19 dager siden
havent played since prior to the pacific release.. Really missing it. But from what I could remember it was just too broken and even seem kind of dead.
Samuel Phillips
Samuel Phillips - 20 dager siden
To me, BFV is a game to come to after a couple of weeks or so and is quite enjoyable until all the BFV bug drama comes in
Wait, November update?
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams - 20 dager siden
Battlefield 3 and 4 to me were amazing. Just the capability and gameplay was so smooth. These older setting ones look fun but can't get into them as much as the newer combat
Shaun Cowell
Shaun Cowell - 20 dager siden
My granda sent my grandma a letter from the war saying 'WW2 is pretty chill...'
Dominique Poelhuis
Dominique Poelhuis - 20 dager siden
Which rifle is this?
Ghost face killah
Ghost face killah - 21 dag siden
Whats the BEST gun in each class?
Florian Pierre
Florian Pierre - 21 dag siden
Hell let loose is the real deal !
nnslg - 21 dag siden
Thanks for BFV gameplay. I'm still enjoying it daily.
MRBP - 21 dag siden
Jackfrags. The soundtrack is on Spotify
El Gamerinho
El Gamerinho - 21 dag siden
ormagoden - 21 dag siden
My krag jorgensen has been the bain of enemy snipers lately. Best sniper for headshots the kar is a close 2nd or maybe the arisaka
John Albert Mariano
John Albert Mariano - 21 dag siden
Every server in SEA has a cheater that makes you lose interest real quick.
Altona Falcon
Altona Falcon - 21 dag siden
Poor BamborXD
Émile Lavoie
Émile Lavoie - 22 dager siden
im just in love with the Lee enfield in this game, i highly recommend
Callum McMillan
Callum McMillan - 22 dager siden
Really appreciate the trigger hand's grip on this rifle. Started using it, learned a new playstyle and all, just for that.