Battlefield 5

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Battlefield 5 is the most divisive game in the franchise. It did have some great features though like The Pacific, Gunplay and More. Let's take a look! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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Game Kills
Game Kills - 16 timer siden
wow if hell is true ..... then this is the best hell for gamers (BATTLEFIELD ALWAYS ROCK)
Anxiety Ebriety
Anxiety Ebriety - 22 timer siden
Bfv definitely a failure
Pat Malloy
Pat Malloy - Dag siden
Friend and I thought 5 was way better than 1
Block O Cheese
Block O Cheese - 2 dager siden
Is the BFV campaign enjoyable?
Fabian Fausto
Fabian Fausto - 2 dager siden
Bf hasn't been fun since bf4. I have no hope for bf6
chiara balsamo
chiara balsamo - 3 dager siden
jackfrags always making the best gameplay, but i loved the previous one too!
WesTi - 4 dager siden
On offer for 13 quid is it worth it?
Frisbee - 5 dager siden
I honestly really enjoyed Firestorm when it came out. It seemed to be less of a loot based BR and more about tactics. In most BR games, if you have the best loot/set up, you're damn near guaranteed to win. In Firestorm you could have the best guns and armor in the game, but if you couldn't outmaneuver someone you were screwed.
Zach B
Zach B - 5 dager siden
Couldn’t you shoot midair grenades in bf1?
Elliot - 5 dager siden
I loved this game
Iwantthesmoke _
Iwantthesmoke _ - 6 dager siden
If bf5 was like bf1 in terms of realism would’ve been the best battlefield of all time
Broken Littlebastard
Broken Littlebastard - 7 dager siden
wernt u allways able to throw gernades back?
AKLiens - 8 dager siden
Battlefield 1 will always be better than V
Thomas Hessling
Thomas Hessling - 8 dager siden
y’all remember when life was good? i mean when Battlefield 2 was the newest battlefield.
John Idol
John Idol - 8 dager siden
Tanks going 50-1. Hackers, hackers,hackers. The game requiring a team to play hurt it also.
ROBtheVIKING - 8 dager siden
Band of brothers was good
Ezra 456
Ezra 456 - 9 dager siden
Battlefield 4 look better
d - 10 dager siden
The best shooting game I’ve played.
d - 10 dager siden
I don’t get this big thing about it being not a good game. Honesty it’s the best shooting game I’ve ever played. Beautiful graphics. The online play and some of the game modes are insane. I’ve tried to play all shooting games and lose interest because of the repetitiveness of each. Never feels like it’s repeating itself. So many maps no crazy constant being killed. Some of the maps are beautifully detailed. The only game ever that has made me feel how I did when I was 11 over Medal of Honor allied assault.
Anthony Petrocelli
Anthony Petrocelli - 10 dager siden
can anyone tell me if the pc game is still full of hackers now that the new verson game out?
Kaizen Abrisam
Kaizen Abrisam - 13 dager siden
I love bf5
MC-P ( 303king)
MC-P ( 303king) - 14 dager siden
Good game fun addicting I advise too get it !! Maybe xmas gift
Matthew Tuttle
Matthew Tuttle - 14 dager siden
Bf5 just felt like a missed opportunity. They could of waited another year and had a banger of a game
ineed2wheels chevy
ineed2wheels chevy - 14 dager siden
I've never played bf5. I had some good times on bf1 on ps4. Was thinking of getting a battlefield title since I switched to pc. Any suggestions from the battlefield community?
CT-Gutter - 14 dager siden
This game is a master piece that wasn't able to get that love from DICE and the player base, but I still love playing it and I felt joy returning to this game
Julian Peters
Julian Peters - 15 dager siden
Did anyone ever recreated the grenade plane shot ?
Sulltay - 17 dager siden
Battlefield V wasn't even WWII for me. It was like another dimension...
Cinematic battlefield
Cinematic battlefield - 18 dager siden
What’s with the ticking clock at the end?
gabo_abr - 18 dager siden
Its 12$ on psn, is it worth it now ?
gabo_abr - 15 dager siden
@Luke Johnson bought it the other day and for 12 bucks its worth it, its fun ,better than bf1 but not as good as bf3/4
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson - 15 dager siden
I'd say it is, I sold it a while ago and my friend has it and I want to play with him so I got it back. But I definitely would not buy it full price
Big Cock
Big Cock - 17 dager siden
Patrice Uebe
Patrice Uebe - 19 dager siden
Not gonna lie. If they had put in everything from the trailer this game maybe wouldn't have been the Battlefield we know but it probably would've been better.
-Janne- - 19 dager siden
Shitiest BF and why they added the content so much after, bf1 was so much better, I lost interest bf5 after week.
henry stritzke
henry stritzke - 20 dager siden
will there by a November update
Mrcaptain - 21 dag siden
Ive always refused to buy bf5 due to my disapointment of bf1
G g
G g - 22 dager siden
Bf3 had the best sniper play with adjusting the mil on the scope for long distances and bullet drop 👌🏻
G g
G g - 22 dager siden
I remember operation firestorm was epic!
Janler Sanchez
Janler Sanchez - 23 dager siden
I just hope Bf6 is set in modern times.
Timmy76 - 23 dager siden
My favorite part of BFV was uninstalling it 😂.
Oliver Fasola
Oliver Fasola - 23 dager siden
just bought this for $15 looking like it's worth it
Ronnie Fan
Ronnie Fan - 23 dager siden
saturday night live
Guts - 25 dager siden
BF1 and BF5 had really off gunplay for me these guns just aren’t fun to use
Shadow Hunter
Shadow Hunter - 21 dag siden
True. The only ones I can use are the snipers
Lord Klíma_CZ_
Lord Klíma_CZ_ - 26 dager siden
Meehh, battlefield 4 looks much better!
Ethan Garcia
Ethan Garcia - 26 dager siden
The figurative Eastern front
Luca Donciu
Luca Donciu - 27 dager siden
I LOVE THIS GAME i will buy it
_Static _
_Static _ - 27 dager siden
When this first launched it was great it kinda turned into not so great though
Gavin Emery
Gavin Emery - 27 dager siden
This game sucks
Joe Hitman
Joe Hitman - 27 dager siden
Imagine ppsh And T-35s
RetroSplash - 27 dager siden
More bfv please
Dare Saraj
Dare Saraj - 27 dager siden
The thing that made BF1 so unique, is the WW1 setting, made at a time when everyone was chasing the futuristic trend. I think they tried to replicate that in BF5 with places like Norway, beacouse they thought : "Everyone has already seen all the famous battles, lets try some lesser known battlefields"
Toxic Suriken
Toxic Suriken - 29 dager siden
While watching this I deadass was looking back on battlefield vs call of duty rap battle video and had so much nostalgia
Piesang - 29 dager siden
Anyone knows when a modern Battlefield game would come out again? Like BF4
Henry Lindholm
Henry Lindholm - Måned siden
best part of BFV in my opinion was The Last Tiger; best war story in the series
John laplander5105
John laplander5105 - Måned siden
If anyone wants to join my realism bf5 server on discord, I'm gonna set up matches with private codes only people in the discord know, once I have enough people, matches will have only 2 snipers per game and once you're assigned a role you stick to it, each squad will have a machine gunner, 2 riflemen and a medic, most games will be hosted on aaras, martia, and panzerstorm and will be set on the modes breakthrough, conquest, and squad conquest, PS4 ONLY!! thanks for reading! -preditor3-123, the host of the server
Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini
Battlefield V 💚 is beautiful
xxSoGRAMBOxx - Måned siden
I wish support could rebuild destroyed houses!
Julien M
Julien M - Måned siden
What does a stopped clock mean ? What does it mean ?
Matt - Måned siden
If DIce would have just stopped trying to tweak the time to kill it would have redeemed itself.
Problem was that DICE.... Just.... Couldn't. They couldn't stop doing shit that the players didn't want, and that's why the game didn't make it. It was as if DICE deliberately sabotaged the success of this game since day one of development, day two of marketing, and day three of the piss-poor so called "live service" .
Just don't trust DICE anymore. BF5 left a void in my heart, I haven't had a real authentic BF fix since BF3/BF4 and that sucks. I want to see a BF 2142 again with mechs, starships, and Titan mode. Titan Mode was seriously the best game mode I ever played in BF.
TrollinMace - Måned siden
not a single mention of how they just randomly dropped support for this game without a new one to take its place. kill off bf1 early for this pile of hot garbage and then abandon it
James Greicar
James Greicar - Måned siden
I love bfv. It's like playing a movie, and sometimes it feels sad when friends die around you. The gunplay is punchy and powerful. The gameplay can be fast paced, giving you a rush of excitement and slow, mythotical, and make you feel like a mastermind when your plan works. You get hyped up, going to jump from the planes on narvik dock, and tense when you sail to the beach on iwo jima. It feels viceral, yet polished and utterly cinematic.
Blizzarderper - Måned siden
I just really wish BFV had continued support really
Luka Nogalo
Luka Nogalo - Måned siden
Hey guys, I have an urgent request. What do you use for capturing screen video and audio? Please help me, I need to attend two zoom conferences at the same time, how can I do that?
LadaSoda Explains
LadaSoda Explains - Måned siden
The reason they didn't make houses completely destructible is because it just doesn't happen in the real world, especially concrete buildings. You could detonate tons of TNT and still not able to make a concrete building completely crumble
ARCÆD - Måned siden
I wish I could play this game. I always crash.
Asta v3
Asta v3 - Måned siden
RatOnTheMoon - Måned siden
All guns just feel and sound the same, and theres absolutely 0 recoil gunplay in this game is so meh
Jakey boi COD 2nd
Jakey boi COD 2nd - Måned siden
Should I play this game???
Elektric Eli
Elektric Eli - Måned siden
I hate the colors
Outsider_scratch_III - Måned siden
"not having the option to completely level a building doesnt make the game more limited" yes it does lol you literally have less options, and i used to frequently use rubble from levelled buildings as cover in bc2 as the rubble more times than not was taller than a standing man.
If you ask me the game needs to get rid of sniper glare and bring back proper destruction as both of these things are not only a step backwards but also ruin immersion and kind of stick out like a sore thumb, I dont need sniper glare to deal with snipers and I dont want immersion and gameplay oportunities robbed of me. games should move forwards not backwards.
If you actually need sniper glare to deal with snipers and you cant cope with buildings being destroyed then why are you playing a fps, go and play animal crossing.
Chris Feild
Chris Feild - Måned siden
I remember I preordered bf5 because of how good bf1 was but then I played the beta and hated it. Im just now downloading it for the first time
rooniroon - Måned siden
I love pacific storm just need it to be better
DeStrix - Måned siden
Jack are you all done with BF5. OR do you still play a bit? I just started with a few friends. We have a lot of fun..But some things seems crappy ..Im a Bf1 player 1000+ hours.... But BF1 is littered with hackers now...Only ran into one in BF5 tho....
DeStrix - 26 dager siden
@Gamers RISING Ahhh gotcha ma dude!
Gamers RISING - 26 dager siden
@DeStrix he is in my friends list it shows when he gets online
DeStrix - Måned siden
@Gamers RISING How would you know. If you don´t mind me asking :)
Gamers RISING - Måned siden
He still plays bf5 2 hrs daily
THE TYRANT TYPE - Måned siden
What does the tik's mean jack...
Can I get to 1k subs
Can I get to 1k subs - Måned siden
Can you guys get me to 1k plz it would make my year
SomeGuy YouKnow
SomeGuy YouKnow - Måned siden
Firestorm is garbage. Royale is garbage. Play fortnite if you want royale. BF at its core is a team base game! sharpening that is key.
Zalos Gaming
Zalos Gaming - Måned siden
A great game rn
Avitus - Måned siden
I'm not good enough to have ever experienced the V-1 :/
SOUPY FALL Lt. - Måned siden
Reloshi - Måned siden
23 tics could be tics for months ? if so 23 months from November 20th 2018 (BF5) release date would be October 20th 2020
Reloshi - Måned siden
Abouelkacem Belkhadir
Abouelkacem Belkhadir - Måned siden
All Battlefields version are awesome ,, firestorm its killed by the DICE and there policy
DylieZ1 - Måned siden
Ngtl fire storm was good and fun
Kaiserland111 - Måned siden
DICE messed up gunplay TWICE, not just once. Personally I'd like to see BF6 have a combat system that is a mix of BF4, BF5, and CoD MW 2019. Deep weapon and vehicle and character customization, fortifications, vaulting high walls, squad revives, real recoil without random bullet deviation, all-kit weapons (think BF4 shotguns, carbines, and DMRs), thorough destruction, etc.
Christopher Keller
Christopher Keller - Måned siden
I’m just disappointed. Looking back on all the great memories I had with my friends on this game. A lot of potential left on the table for sure
First Last
First Last - Måned siden
I swear if aliens wanted to fight us, they’re gonna have a hard time 😂 We kill each-other for resources and practice killing for fun.
tenacious645 - Måned siden
It sucks thinking how good a World War 2 BF game could be in the modern era. Unfortunately we didn't get one. We got a decent ww1 BF game and then the alternate history, PC, unsupported, fantasy mess that BF5 is
Guanlun - Måned siden
I like this game, though it's not that impressive than the bf1. However, meeting hackers in every rounds made me leave the game finnally.
communist junkie
communist junkie - Måned siden
Is the game plagued by hackers as many reviews say?
Oren Silgon
Oren Silgon - Måned siden
oh yeah you have no idea
Killerwit Heynow
Killerwit Heynow - Måned siden
BFV is/was a terrible disappointment. Quit trying to put lipstick on this pig of a game
Lorenzo Lozano Abreu
Lorenzo Lozano Abreu - Måned siden
bfv is way better than bf1
Jody Mitoma's Videos
Jody Mitoma's Videos - Måned siden
7:53 - This is so cool. I love the destruction of buildings.
Kjeld Schols
Kjeld Schols - Måned siden
What are y'all weapons of each class in your opinion?
LukkasZB - Måned siden
I think this game was shit. Almoust kill there serie for me. Last chance into next battlefield.
YAYYOKAYY Y - Måned siden
I would love a eastern front on this game
J1M1 - Måned siden
I really loved this game.
caden robetson
caden robetson - Måned siden
it god
omer cohen
omer cohen - Måned siden
iam sorry, but this look like s***
Upside Duck
Upside Duck - Måned siden
Firestorm should have been free to play. this case it will attract more player, just like what happened to COD. Plus Cod ripped off the shield mechanics of BFV Firestorm
Mr. Pancakes
Mr. Pancakes - Måned siden
Sniping in this game is soooo satisfying
Gandalf 69
Gandalf 69 - Måned siden
Game was a fking disappointment like me
PRAZ CuRay - Måned siden
Definitely a disappointment it had a lot of potential the Pacific edition was awesome
Shadow Hunter
Shadow Hunter - Måned siden
Maybe 23. of October?
oPoKOLO 900
oPoKOLO 900 - Måned siden
This game could have been the game of the year or maybe even 2 years. It had unbelievable amount of potential to be the most fun ww2 game ever created. The mechanics, graphics, sounds, maps, weapons... were quite good, but ths management of the game is just devasting. The potential just thrown out of the window.