Battlefield 6 - Actual News! ( Next Gen and Epic Scale )

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Battlefield 6 got some real news and information! At the EA earnings call we learnt more about the game, it's scale, what platforms and how Next Gen consoles are enabling it! Last chance to get Limited Edition Designs - Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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Hubi - 10 timer siden
don't buy it, don't pre-order it! Never forget BF5!
spiff3n - 11 timer siden
Give me something that give me the feeling BF3 did, and I'll be playing it for 3 years easy!
-Slow down down the gamephase. I dont want to run around like an athletic potato sack.
- I want vaulting, not parkour.
- More strategic gunplay and gameplay.
- Make the control of Heli/aircraft dynamic like in BF3, not arcadeish like BF4.
Fleece Johnson
Fleece Johnson - 16 timer siden
Well no matter what it will be a sweaty camp fest full of snipers
charles - 16 timer siden
No more preorder for me ......bf5 was a lesson.
GhostBear - 16 timer siden
Just remaster 3 ffs
GODS OWN LUNATICS - 17 timer siden
we do not anticipate seeing too much of 2021 or beyond
no more fossil fuels to suckle upon, no more resources to deplete which means the human race by human race's popular demand will become extinct. extinction is what mankind hath been working on since the birth of Christ
3 5
3 5 - 17 timer siden
It better be modern like afghan war iraq war era
Diamond Block
Diamond Block - 19 timer siden
i wonder if theyre going to match planetside 2's scale
Fresh jonesie
Fresh jonesie - Dag siden
do u think it will be vietnam or korea?
Beach - Dag siden
Probably won't even have an anti cheat.
Smatt - Dag siden
This game is going to kill CoD for good.
ShootsLast - Dag siden
I want something that captures the intense CQC fire fights from BF3 and the destruction of BC2.
Wolf. - Dag siden
If it doesn't have 50v50 I'm gonna be disappointed.
Theo The Great
Theo The Great - Dag siden
Battlefield 3 remastered?
HardstylezSuperstaar - 2 dager siden
I will never forget the feeling I had in me when BFV came out 2 years ago. Wow I miss that feeling!
Lazaross - 2 dager siden
Well not everyone will have an Xbox series X or S on Christmas 2021
Connor Jones
Connor Jones - 2 dager siden
Dice need to bring back a even better firestorm royale mode back again first thing
kabeauregardajax - 2 dager siden
Cat Cat
Cat Cat - 2 dager siden
"Xbox one series x"
Cristian Gutierrez
Cristian Gutierrez - 2 dager siden
Star wars
Enes Kemal
Enes Kemal - 2 dager siden
Please please please devs make a BR for this game
Doomgel - 2 dager siden
Here is my guess. They aren't going to pick a specific time period, but have a range of time periods. It'll be a mess.
Evan Connor
Evan Connor - 2 dager siden
Ultimate test of Load times
BigToePapa 93
BigToePapa 93 - 2 dager siden
Fck yeah 😎
Blind Hunter
Blind Hunter - 2 dager siden
i whant BF6 like 4.modern .no ww2
Alan Tang
Alan Tang - 2 dager siden
please, no "soon" updates!!! I have high hopes, COD is getting boring.
Mario Da Cunt
Mario Da Cunt - 2 dager siden
No mention of Battlefield 3 Remastered?
Alex Fuentes
Alex Fuentes - 2 dager siden
So this game is not going to be capable on “last gen”
PS4 and Xbox ?
TeaRex844 - 2 dager siden
Yea idk might just go buy battlefield 4. I have 1 and 5 but 4 looks lit so...I'll wait for reviews on 6.
Justin Red
Justin Red - 3 dager siden
They going to stop that bullshit representation nonsense
FeuerfesteUnterhose08/15 - 3 dager siden
Battlefield series is dead get over it and don’t look back
Noneof Business
Noneof Business - 3 dager siden
Hope they dont do BR
Shiben Chakravorty
Shiben Chakravorty - 3 dager siden
I watched the entire video I have no clue what the "news" is
Alex Hdz
Alex Hdz - 3 dager siden
Will Winters
Will Winters - 3 dager siden
Who’s tired of ww1 and ww2 so boringgg even Vietnam is boring. Idk if it’s just me I just really like modern shooters. Bf3 and bf4 are so amazing
KleineJongen Gap
KleineJongen Gap - 3 dager siden
Bf6 better be in Afghanistan or one of those west lands
conner mf hayes
conner mf hayes - 3 dager siden
I hope they have a solid weapon customization this go around - like Modern Warfare gunsmith would be sick
Grassy Knoll
Grassy Knoll - 3 dager siden
Battlefield 6: Person of Colour, now only $399 with a free limited knife skin.
Necro Mammba
Necro Mammba - 3 dager siden
man bf2 and 2142 was my childhood. Really wish dice devs deliver this time. 5 was a dissapointment
SIIIOXIDE - 3 dager siden
a functional game on release day would be "a scale never seen before"
GODS OWN LUNATICS - 17 timer siden
lol, what? did dice finally fix the holes in the backdoors of gameplay?
Deeken Wheeler
Deeken Wheeler - 3 dager siden
I still have no idea why they didn’t call battlefield V Battlefield 2 as a direct sequel to 1. Or call it 1944 as a sequel to 1943
Jason Tendencia
Jason Tendencia - 4 dager siden
I'm a bit disappointed to dice on how they just dont care about cheaters who's killing the game.. Keeps reporting these players and nothing really happens lmao. It makes me dont wanna buy bf6 no matter how good it is coz it will happen to bf6 as well for sure
DRL CA - 4 dager siden
Please have offline instant action with customizable parameters. We haven't had AI in BF since BF2 and even though they couldn't even sprint towards an objective, I still had epic times just playing by myself. BF3 with sliding/vaulting/diving mechanics and AI would be a perfect game IMO.
xX.Annihilator. Xx
xX.Annihilator. Xx - 4 dager siden
Battlefield 6 Vietnam?
Because of COD cold war....
Casey Cheney
Casey Cheney - 4 dager siden
Will they have a better BR is the real and only question
Datwh1te boii
Datwh1te boii - 4 dager siden
I just want a WWII battlefield done right.....
disjustgaeman wtf
disjustgaeman wtf - 4 dager siden
honestly i think DICE could definitely still expand on battlefield 5 and even a bit on battefield 1, these games have a lot of potential if u ask me and i think its kinda sad on just leaving battlefield 5... i guess DICE should do something to make the new game stand out
Oisin Cassidy
Oisin Cassidy - 4 dager siden
Jack sitting here like he dosent know exactly when the game releases and when all the trailers will drop
Pete Junior
Pete Junior - 4 dager siden
Loved b4 but they fell off hard hope b6 is modern and a bigger version of b4
Pete Junior
Pete Junior - 3 dager siden
@Patches k
Patches - 4 dager siden
They will fail
Legions Gore
Legions Gore - 4 dager siden
I just hope its modern combat and not another ww2 creation
Lyn Charles
Lyn Charles - 4 dager siden
Battlefield 5 killed the franchise and DICE choosing to go progressively woke was the final nail in the coffin.
I already went off to SQUAD and Sandstorm, games that don't insult my intelligence
Patches - 4 dager siden
Good move
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill - 4 dager siden
How about the campaign?
Olandeis Coleman
Olandeis Coleman - 4 dager siden
I swear Man they better not fuck this up modern shooter please for the love of god !
Patches - 4 dager siden
They will fuck it up
Illphaqup - 4 dager siden
After the fiasco of Battlefield 1 and the dismal BF V, PASS.
RozenKrieg - 2 dager siden
@Illphaqup bf1 was the most succesful bf game in terms of sold copies
Illphaqup - 4 dager siden
@Patches the fiasco when they tried to make it inclusive, and then forcing it down your throat when BFV came out. We all know the history of WW1 and BFV just made a mockery of it going into WW2. All started with BF1.
Patches - 4 dager siden
What battlefield 1 disaster are you talking about wtf
Lyn Charles
Lyn Charles - 4 dager siden
A smart man I see. Join us in SQUAD.
Aztlan - 4 dager siden
Soooo, when is BF3 remaster coming out?
Patches - 4 dager siden
Nick Peterson a call of duty mobile player
Darn I might have Xbox 1 till There won’t be support
Six hundred
Six hundred - 5 dager siden
Im still on BF3. It must be better this time.
Ryan Simard
Ryan Simard - 5 dager siden
Whats about a sequel to Battlefield 2142?? Seems like a very small player base that loved that game
Patches - 4 dager siden
We just had a ww2 game
Lol - 5 dager siden
Battlefield 2/3 would be better
allthtrmns12 - 5 dager siden
BF6 come sooner god please Cold War is dogshit shit and I cant deal with anymore SBMM
Remi A.K
Remi A.K - 5 dager siden
Hard not to get hyped xD
House Barzini YT
House Barzini YT - 5 dager siden
Have they finished Battlefield 5 yet? Otherwise 6 is reaching.
Patches - 4 dager siden
@House Barzini YT wtf no we don't, they fucking abandoned development
House Barzini YT
House Barzini YT - 4 dager siden
@Patches Sweet so we have the Italians and the Russians in BF5 now? With their maps? Not just Germany and Britain? Or U.S vs Shiny Japanese STG 44 wielding women? Awesome....
Patches - 4 dager siden
Bf5 is finished and bf6 will be dogshit
Matthew Desravines
Matthew Desravines - 5 dager siden
I really like the world war games they did, i hope they do vietnam or civil war
Patches - 4 dager siden
Civil War wtf
destroyer 1805
destroyer 1805 - 5 dager siden
I wish the next bf6 would be based on the Vietnam war
Ryan Mac
Ryan Mac - 5 dager siden
Please make the game immersive like bf1
Jose Q
Jose Q - 5 dager siden
Come on Dice! Make it a good one like BF4 please
FULL METAL GUNNER - 5 dager siden
Modern war or Vietnam. They better not fuck around with another WW 1 or 2 scenario. I stopped playing at battlefield 4.
Patches - 4 dager siden
Shouldn't have stopped bf1 was awesome
JackKnoffGaming - 5 dager siden
Random ass question but what are your render settings and what program do you use?? The quality is prestine!!!
Kiwi HD
Kiwi HD - 5 dager siden
I bless its not a cold war theme
dazzaburger - 5 dager siden
The reason why I loved battlefield 3 and 4 was because of the amount of content and challenges you got going through the ranks in multiplayer it gave you a reason to keep on playing if they did this with the upcoming game I would buy it in a heartbeat.
Jimmy Lee Garza
Jimmy Lee Garza - 5 dager siden
Im hard core battlefield fan cod sucks and i just want to say 3 and 4 were the best ever and if they dont make a game with modern weapons like the ones in 3 and 4 im not going to buy.
Patches - 4 dager siden
Who asked you now?
Joseph Croutcher
Joseph Croutcher - 6 dager siden
Set to launch Holiday 2021. Set to be finished Holiday 2022. Enjoy the full price beta for the first whole year.
K C - 6 dager siden
PC gamers do not give a shit about the consoles!!!!!!!!!!! PC gamers pay the bills so cater to us or die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patches - 4 dager siden
Kaiysidian - 6 dager siden
Kaiysidian - 4 dager siden
@Patches we hope 🤝🏻
Patches - 4 dager siden
Hopefully modern
crow13b - 6 dager siden
As long as I get the Skyrim Nord, Cyberpunk 2077 hybrid woman with the bat from The Walking Dead.
Patches - 4 dager siden
Long live the empire!
John Paul Vrabac
John Paul Vrabac - 6 dager siden
Let’s go dice has did it their is a new bf6 no cap 🧢 the cod and bf6 if each game had a war which one was better bf6 would win no cap 🧢
Orange Vlad
Orange Vlad - 6 dager siden
Never trust Andrew
Dee Bee
Dee Bee - 6 dager siden
Will it also be woke?
Erick Valencia
Erick Valencia - 6 dager siden
I just hope the remaster b4 or make another modern one
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas - 6 dager siden
Camilo Castro
Camilo Castro - 6 dager siden
Bigger maps are a BIG no-no! More players definitely but the maps are already large enough to have a lot of empty spots, the fun is where they force people to fight!
Dr Earnhardt
Dr Earnhardt - 6 dager siden
When the teaser trailer drops i want to see Alaskan mountains, hear haggards voice and see a grenade flying by with a yellow smiley sticker on it, followed by the number 3.
GODS OWN LUNATICS - 17 timer siden
ya, had y'all actually followed the number 3, we would not still be suckling the crude oil tit Magnetic levitation would be here, more technology would appear and these cowards who keep stealing ideas to profit off it would be broke oh wait, dice is already broke
Eskeysis - 3 dager siden
Chris Wyles
Chris Wyles - 4 dager siden
I want the conversations between haggard and sweets to be as epic as before! Truckosaurus rex!!!!!
Aaron L
Aaron L - 4 dager siden
@Dorian Richards indeed!
Dorian Richards
Dorian Richards - 4 dager siden
Rifqi riza irfansyah
Rifqi riza irfansyah - 6 dager siden
Better dice make better anti-cheat before make a new game battlefield 6
Tocoolforschool - 6 dager siden
I would love a modern era on battlefield on next gen
Jake Halstead
Jake Halstead - 6 dager siden
Kinda want a Vietnam game :(
Patches - 4 dager siden
Please no
K Kei
K Kei - 6 dager siden
If offworld's budget and resources is as much as half of dice's, dice can be closed
JLo™ - 6 dager siden
environmental destruction????
Eric Gavi
Eric Gavi - 6 dager siden
I'll be very surprised if they'll cater for the P.C crowd.
My confidence in DICE will be restored if admin tools with the option of Private Serves ( ala BF4 ) will come out of the box on release.. we'll just have to wait and see..certainty not holding my breath.
I recall the positive hype pre BfV.. let's hope we don't get a repeat this time ....
Bubba G
Bubba G - 6 dager siden
How do you battlefield players feel about cod taking bits from the game and calling it call of duty?
Cloversicle - 6 dager siden
What PC will we need for BF6?
David Murguia
David Murguia - 7 dager siden
I don’t think it will only be on the new consoles because the Xbox one x is more powerful than the Xbox series s the only one that lags behind is the original Xbox one so who knows
E A X - 7 dager siden
Me: Wich bug from previous battlefield titles will we reencounter?
Also me: will we get some proper gunplay this time?
And also also me: Can we fly a Z11-W trough tunnels again?!
Ant_Dawg_Skate - 7 dager siden
I pray for a modern battlefield🙏🏾
GODS OWN LUNATICS - 17 timer siden
oh its a door knock away mortal, when you hear the BOOM next door. their will be nothing forever more
Ataru Moroboshi
Ataru Moroboshi - 7 dager siden
Ok so they basically said that all the battlefield games have been held back by the consoles. And now that the consoles are better the PC version will be better.
StaringBeast159 - 7 dager siden
I guessing that the new one is going to be on the Vietnam war
Patches - 4 dager siden
Hopefully not
Alex Scott
Alex Scott - 7 dager siden
Poor console players, always five years behind...
Patches - 4 dager siden
Gelo G
Gelo G - 7 dager siden
imagine the next star wars battlefront with real time fights in space and transitions ground. Especially with the new ssd's its possible
Exarathas - 7 dager siden
This is all blah blah. Don't forget BFV please. Don't get your hopes up that they will deliver a good game. This is DICE. And don't buy it at launch, wait for the price to drop after a few days again!
Patches - 4 dager siden
Finally a sane person
Evert AJ
Evert AJ - 7 dager siden
Man seeing BF4 footage just gave mee goosebumps again
The Ground Hornbill
The Ground Hornbill - 7 dager siden
I'm from the Southern Hemisphere. When is the holidays Jack's referring to? Our "holidays" may be different to others.
The Ground Hornbill
The Ground Hornbill - 4 dager siden
@Patches Huh?
Patches - 4 dager siden
The Ground Hornbill
The Ground Hornbill - 7 dager siden
@T_J___ Thanks
T_J___ - 7 dager siden
Late October-December