Battlefield Bad Company 2

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a fan favourite in the franchise, but why and what did it do well? Let's take a look. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Become a member - noburn.infojoin
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Moh amed
Moh amed - 2 timer siden
Who still play it in 2020!?
GammonDwarf - 15 timer siden
This was hands down the best battlefield game and what did they do with it? Nothing. Just release increasingly worse battlefield titles when this was what they should have built on.
Trippy Bruh
Trippy Bruh - Dag siden
If Dice does a BC3 I hope they stay somewhat original and disable prone and the scope glint on snipers.
Emiliano Villarreal
Emiliano Villarreal - Dag siden
It looks like bf4!
Paul Sadelph
Paul Sadelph - Dag siden
The BEST battlefield game ever! Wish they would remake it for ps4 and ps5. Battlefield 4 is also pretty badass...Hopefully battlefield 6 is amazing!
Lindon Waithe
Lindon Waithe - 2 dager siden
Trying to get into this but it's horribly laggy. 90 ping shows up as 200+ when I'm in game. Frustrating.
Mustafa yurtseven
Mustafa yurtseven - 2 dager siden
My favorite battle game bfbc2 and bf3❤️
Grant Jackson
Grant Jackson - 2 dager siden
holy shit... I miss this game man
Fry - 2 dager siden
They should jusy take this game and remaster it.
Scott Jameson
Scott Jameson - 3 dager siden
This game is actually my first introduction into the Battlefield series. I'm still having nightmares of trying to warm myself next to a fire because I don't want to freeze to death while sneaking out under the enemies noses.
Killing Spree
Killing Spree - 3 dager siden
wait so do people still play this cause the servers are empty when I downloaded it but someone posted a video saying its still very popular
J K - 11 timer siden
yea I play all the time. it's packed on the weekends
kokumosu - 4 dager siden
My first Battlefield and nothing even compares to it.
Battlefield 3 was my next favorite, but the drastic changes made in F3 compared to BF:BC2 kept me from fully enjoying it.
BF4 was awful and i havent touched a BF since.
Morte Parla
Morte Parla - 5 dager siden
Something has happened to Battlefield over the past decade that makes it uniquely... not Battlefield. And that is the CoD-esque, overly smooth and overly fast movement.
DLO__392 - 5 dager siden
Are the Xbox servers still active? Tryna play on my Xbox 1
First Name
First Name - 6 dager siden
This specific game had the best bullet drop physics ever for snipers. It’s never been the same since then no matter how many games I play
amir cool
amir cool - 6 dager siden
*i still play it because my pc cant run any newer games, so im playing it everyday*
Nicer Dicer
Nicer Dicer - 22 timer siden
manuel m
manuel m - 6 dager siden
The idea of destruct buildings was really nice. I think bf2 was the best of all the gameplay is different then. I like both really good but someone knows if you could make a funcion to turn the destruct on and off server wise so you get both like bf2 feel and bc. Or what would be nice a funcion to make the weapon dmg both bf2 and bc, i like both also thats a little bit different gameplay
General Zucc
General Zucc - 6 dager siden
Jackfrags 2.0 Destruction
I have Alopecia
I have Alopecia - 7 dager siden
I only ever buy physical copies of games, fuck that digital shit.
Nahue Stark
Nahue Stark - 7 dager siden
Still play it, still my fav Battlefield game. Battlefield 4 is for me more like BC2 but not quite, and i find B3 really hard and kinda "call of duty ish" in terms of shooting, in bc2 you didnt have to shoot like crazy spreading bullets you had to be more precise, in 3 and 4 you shoot just like in cod, pull the trigger and thats it, hate it.
Andy Lin
Andy Lin - 7 dager siden
I loved sneaking up on a tank putting 3 C4 s on it and blowing it up before the people inside have a chance to get out. if done correctly they won't even know what hit them until too late.
Lolp821 - 7 dager siden
Hold on, it's rare these days to have a physical copy because you haven't bought one? Physical purchases are very much alive and well
nate - 7 dager siden
this was the first battlefield i played. definitely a fun game
Roy Barhorst
Roy Barhorst - 9 dager siden
Goog game, the thing I hate was the shitty overbrightness filter what was on almost ervery map..
Lauv - 9 dager siden
The last good Battlefield.
Ivan Mad Vejarano
Ivan Mad Vejarano - 9 dager siden
Rush! Parachuting from helis, throwing c4's and destroying mcoms was the best alternative when time was out!
Ivan Mad Vejarano
Ivan Mad Vejarano - 9 dager siden
06:22 captain Price made an entrance before was kicked out from the company, and recruited by Cod!
P I - 10 dager siden
vietnam dlc was TOO GOOD.
Saber - 10 dager siden
So much nostalgia. I played multiplayer with my friends and even got some classmates into it. I loved those big maps and sniping. It was such a great game.
Povzilla - 10 dager siden
Snowy Moutains. That sound that i miss!
Jake - 10 dager siden
I've played every Battlefield game and this one is still my favorite.
John Gervais
John Gervais - 10 dager siden
Is this game still active in multiplayer???
L!MBO - 11 dager siden
Gamepass is kinda reviving it on xbox, almost got full lobby
Daniel King
Daniel King - 11 dager siden
So many memories and so many hours playing BC2
MercenaryRandoms - 11 dager siden
I wish more people would play this on Xbox :(
DLO__392 - 5 dager siden
Is it still active on Xbox?
TheBlueJimmy - 12 dager siden
This game goes down as one of my favourite games of all time, superb!
VocalBellybutton - 12 dager siden
i just want a scope on my rpg
Daniel Holta
Daniel Holta - 12 dager siden
Still no BC 3... SAD
The last Daydreamer
The last Daydreamer - 12 dager siden
Physical copy all day
P L - 13 dager siden
BC2 Vietnam brings memories back...great game.
Masche981 - 13 dager siden
I still have the same headache as if I was about to have an epileptic fit.. i cant play or watch this game.
Kisel Kisel
Kisel Kisel - 13 dager siden
золотые были времена
angry zergling
angry zergling - 13 dager siden
I spent like 500+ hours on BC2. I was absolutely in love with this game. The graphics, the gameplay, everything about it totally blew my mind.
I was a beast with my AN-94 or HK416.
Thurnis Haley
Thurnis Haley - 13 dager siden
still play this daily, gamertag is BarryBoxMuncher if anybody's seen me
Schubox Productions
Schubox Productions - 14 dager siden
No mention of dog tag collecting... I think that was one of the highlights of the game. Being able to go through and see the name of every player you had ever stabbed to death was incredible.
Alan N
Alan N - 14 dager siden
This, aside from Operation Desert Combat mod for 1942 was my absolute favorite BF of the series. Does it still have a high player base? watching this video made me miss the shit out of it.
tomstonemale - 11 timer siden
You always find at least 3 or 5 servers full every day.
MF187DoubleG - 14 dager siden
B2C was great. No jets but helicopters were awesome.
Ratmead - 14 dager siden
I really miss those Rush maps.
Johnny Bonzo
Johnny Bonzo - 14 dager siden
We need destruction like this back
IT'S ELL-S-D - 15 dager siden
By far the best Battlefield game ever ! (My opinion) modern Battlefield games dont have that same........ feeling! Played it so much I was ranked 2,281 on the leaderboard ranking such a shame Dice forgot about this one 🥺
lazy coconut
lazy coconut - 15 dager siden
The maps in this game were fucking amazing
Baki Retsu
Baki Retsu - 16 dager siden
I remember planting C4 on ATVs and seeing the C4 icon drive away lol click . And I miss knocking little sniper holes to snipe out of 🖤
Chainsaw Monday
Chainsaw Monday - 16 dager siden
Easily the best Battlefield ever. Personally one of my favorite GAMES ever.
warock101 - 16 dager siden
I just want a 1 to 1 remake of the game. Don’t change a thing, same movement same gun play. It was perfect in my opinion. Really miss this game 😔
DonJuan - 16 dager siden
Seriously such an amazing game. Loved playing rush.
X6ROK3X _ - 16 dager siden
bro i nvr even played battlefield, always been cod but i actually had this one n actually liked it
Tacoman4k - 16 dager siden
I think bf3 had the best campaign in bf history
cal.l.m - 17 dager siden
oh my god, the moment you talked about singleplayer - the feel was real *_*
Joseph Fry
Joseph Fry - 18 dager siden
I just never understood why they made all the iron sights look so disproportionate. lol
Sean Patterson
Sean Patterson - 18 dager siden
This and Battlefield Vietnam are still my favorites of the series
posford - 18 dager siden
they must make the commander come back, in such a way that PPL will chose it .
any veterans here ...?
posford - 18 dager siden
Best game after BF2 !
Brian_Butler-793 - 18 dager siden
Shotguns could kill you from a mile away on that game lol. I used to roll around with the 870 and slug rounds and snipe people from all away across the map lol.
tim barten
tim barten - 18 dager siden
I agree, this was for me the best battlefield game becuase of all the reasons you give. Lets hope they can make another one just like it
Raul Ramirez
Raul Ramirez - 19 dager siden
This game was the first Battlefield game I ever played! I started playing it after I saw the trailer for Battlefield 3 and I felt the need to dip into this one to prep for BF3 on my playstation 3!
Mauricio Marioni
Mauricio Marioni - 19 dager siden
This is one of the best games I ever played. I miss those days. And I could relive them I would.
Arturo Villa
Arturo Villa - 20 dager siden
Best game ever
Adam Whitt
Adam Whitt - 20 dager siden
This was the Call Of Duty killer.
themobb24 - 20 dager siden
these were the days. miss it.
Marcus S
Marcus S - 21 dag siden
BC3 plz? :D
Kevin Morgan Music
Kevin Morgan Music - 21 dag siden
Make Rush Great Again
JAKE tyler
JAKE tyler - 21 dag siden
I was 8 when this game came out and I went with my dad and he bought me it for 4 years straight I played this beauty
Rotiart - 22 dager siden
@snakemaster7 good times
benz kozlov
benz kozlov - 22 dager siden
I've played PC BfBC2 since 2011.
Its biggest success is because of graphics and it's not skinny like bf3.
The guns in bf3 was skinny and the screen was very compressed and felt like they was trying to make maps feel bigger and that felt like you needed a bigger tv. So I stick with bfbc2 cause my tv is smaller.
brainstormer - 22 dager siden
It just baffles me as to why DICE hasn't remastered this game yet. It more than deserves it.
OusA57 - 22 dager siden
The trailer : there is always a bigger fish
DarkGladiator0 - 22 dager siden
and here it all started
Jumbo 71
Jumbo 71 - 22 dager siden
Was great game , battlefield just ain't the same no more.
Martin909CA - 22 dager siden
i remember always playing cod until my homie put on this game, after that always been a huge fan of battlefield, cant wait for battlefield 2021
Mcbear 291
Mcbear 291 - 23 dager siden
I've been a battlefieder since 1942 released and BC2 was just a HUGE advancement..
Suave JAE
Suave JAE - 23 dager siden
Man i spent so many hours on this game till the break of dawn. The atmosphere of this game is truly unbreakable
Prosperow - 23 dager siden
I love rush the best thing
niv dsas
niv dsas - 23 dager siden
Thats the best shooter i played
Jason Doyle
Jason Doyle - 24 dager siden
Arica harbour still my favourite map in the series
Swag Bag
Swag Bag - 24 dager siden
OG game i still have. Still amazing in 2020
Mike D
Mike D - 25 dager siden
Battlefield 5: 3 hrs
Battlefield 2BC: 3000 hrs
Lucky production
Lucky production - 25 dager siden
So sad that it is a ps3 game :( and multiplayer is shut down
A1pha Ch3rnovak
A1pha Ch3rnovak - 25 dager siden
i started playing since 2017, and still having fun
Enemyzidfalcon HD
Enemyzidfalcon HD - 26 dager siden
I think everbody would be happy if they remastered bc2 for bf6
Littletweeter - 26 dager siden
throwback to good battlefield. its been too long
Christopher Jankov
Christopher Jankov - 26 dager siden
Jack, there was also Vietnam series for bbc2, which were so great, remember getting myself a platinum star for the ak! The Vietnam was so much fun.
Paul Sillifant
Paul Sillifant - 27 dager siden
loved it PLEASE REBOOT it in HD :D
Jordan Oosting
Jordan Oosting - 27 dager siden
I don’t think it’s dice that failed to make a good game. I think it’s the player base that ruined the game. Before it became a popular game it had its own culture. Once the call of duty fans started crossing over it went from being a strategic game to run and gun, people stealing helicopters just to get to the top of a building, people dedicating their lives to gaming meaning the balance is thrown off, etc.
Cutter gillespie
Cutter gillespie - 27 dager siden
Dont forget the veitnam dlc
Kwl Gamer
Kwl Gamer - 28 dager siden
Are there Servers Active?
Mrcaptain - 28 dager siden
THank you for leaving out the intro in the end of you video :D
tha nightfam
tha nightfam - 29 dager siden
I remember when I was younger I asked my mom to buy me the new call of duty for my Xbox 360 and she brought me home this. And it was from then on I became a fan of battlefield
Samppa 12345
Samppa 12345 - 29 dager siden
Tracer gun + rpg = fun
Christian - 29 dager siden
Saihna Glückler
Saihna Glückler - Måned siden
Sniping battles on arica harbor on those two places u already know