Beyond the Wire - The game that Battlefield 1 could have been.

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Beyond the Wire Gameplay! I checked this out recently, a hardcore, tactical WW1 shooter that is more accessible but still satisfying to play. BF1 Hardcore mode?! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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jackfrags - 29 dager siden
Cheers for 9 years everyone 🍻
King Spam
King Spam - 5 dager siden
Laurensnl - 24 dager siden
Cheers man! Just stop with the clickbaity titles, you're content speaks for itself and doesn't need it.
Adrian_ Zombturtle
Adrian_ Zombturtle - 25 dager siden
Woah I thought u where an adult though
ً - 25 dager siden
It looks like a mod for bf1
Shaggy Shaggio
Shaggy Shaggio - 26 dager siden
Bicuit Plays
Bicuit Plays - 4 timer siden
Everybody seems to forget about war of rights A civil war first person shooter
j3ns franck3n
j3ns franck3n - 12 timer siden
Could it maybe come to ps4? Or definutely not?
Ethan Tyler
Ethan Tyler - 21 time siden
I still love Battlefield 1 and probably always will
framerate 300
framerate 300 - 22 timer siden
the game i'm glad battlefield wasn't
Daniel Menez
Daniel Menez - Dag siden
Bring back bf4 with mini choper and apache,tanks ,AA all that to ps5 pls bf5 was garbage
Simon Saysdie
Simon Saysdie - 2 dager siden
Thanks Jack 🙂
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Donovan Bosley
Donovan Bosley - 2 dager siden
is this game coming on console? ( PS4 or Xbox )
The Minotaur
The Minotaur - 2 dager siden
BF1 was way better
dutch doofus
dutch doofus - 3 dager siden
so basically in the first minute i can tell this is one of those really loved game
okay - 3 dager siden
Had to flex the 3090 ;)
I,M& M
I,M& M - 4 dager siden
Cheers Jack
pluto - 4 dager siden
really want this game, $40 CAD is way too expensive for a poorly optimized early access game but it looks super fun and graphics look nice. gameplay also seems like i’d love it. i know i’m going to stop playing bc the 40-50 fps will annoy me and make it no where near as fun as it would be.
Oskar Jankowski
Oskar Jankowski - 5 dager siden
I love the climate of it
Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan - 5 dager siden
soooo ww1 meets squad nice
LolKat - 6 dager siden
So...Verdun with better graphics?
dankest of memes
dankest of memes - 6 dager siden
Imagine this game on the ps5
hanzo - 6 dager siden
bf1 best ever
Shiraz B
Shiraz B - 6 dager siden
I can never get into these realistic style games because of the learning curve. I like how easy it is for me to jump into bf games and just play without having to figure out shit. I know I've tried one of the games he mentioned, and part of what made bf1 so good to me is the graphics, building destruction, and sound effects. Bf1 feels more immersive, and just looking at the graphics for this game, I can tell it'll be less interesting for me.
Stormboxer - 7 dager siden
This just looks like a flanking simulator. I want to charge the trench and die gloriously!
Fluxuous - 2 dager siden
As if played it it's definitely not, if your playing as infantry some of the best moments come when you or someone else rally together a bunch of nearby troops for a bayonet change.
LtRiot - 7 dager siden
yea. if battlefield ran at 12fps
imortalxgamer 571
imortalxgamer 571 - 7 dager siden
Wait a console release?
Jay Gatsby
Jay Gatsby - 8 dager siden
"Fear not, the game is scheduled to release sometime in 2022" lmfao. No thanks. I am so sick of these not-even-half-baked WWI/WWII MMOFPS 50v50 shooters like Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptum and now this, that release at a $40 mark and ask us to wait 2-3 years to make the game enjoyable. HLL is already so full of cheaters that it's unplayable. I wish you weren't such a c*ck to these shooters Jack and spent less time giving them free advertising and more telling people what they really should expect with development... It's why I can't trust your judgment any longer.
DEU - 8 dager siden
Not could have been but should have been.
Pungkoy - 9 dager siden
they wish they couldve been battlefield 1 lmao
the blackmask
the blackmask - 9 dager siden
Is it for ps4
paul o rourke
paul o rourke - 10 dager siden
Is it also console
waeliano - 10 dager siden
I would have kept playing BF1 till this day, if it wasn't for the empty Hardcore servers. They are like ghost towns now.
Badboys server and BCL server were my favorites.
Alejandro P.R.
Alejandro P.R. - 10 dager siden
What the heck r u saying bf 1 is still great game, bf5 isnt yet.
Peps - 11 dager siden
but does it have flyable ww1 aircraft's?
CanadianCCP - 11 dager siden
"The game BF1 should have been"...people should stop saying things like that because it never turns out to be true. So we get another "realistic" war game that basically nobody finds fun except a very small group of autists who think poor controls and making everything slow = realism.
Schilt No. 3 bis
Schilt No. 3 bis - 2 dager siden
Whether the controls are poor or not is subjective, but Battlefield 1's gameplay was much too fast to be realistic. Everybody constantly sprinting around, no frontline, and lots of semi-auto and automatic weapons made it almost nothing like the actual fighting of the First World War.
Callum starling
Callum starling - 11 dager siden
Not being funny the fact the British aren’t in the game before the Americans is a bit off
Trash Boat
Trash Boat - 12 dager siden
Bro bf1 gameplay is too fast paced than beyond the wire or verdun
MrFiddleedee - 12 dager siden
This guy says you *must* mention BF1 and then lists a bunch of other games AND YET HE OMITS *VERDUN*!?!?!
Evan Martin
Evan Martin - 12 dager siden
***great war 😑🙄
Connor Cunningham
Connor Cunningham - 12 dager siden
So Verdun just doesn’t exist?
Charles Guerneui
Charles Guerneui - 13 dager siden
What's the difference between Verdun or Tannenberg and Beyond the wire?
Zack Mahoney
Zack Mahoney - 13 dager siden
This game sucks for real tho
PRO GAMERZ - 13 dager siden
Battlefield 5 is best
ShortShots - 13 dager siden
R u serious?
Malachi Y
Malachi Y - 13 dager siden
Yeah, this is very Squad-esque.
Toozillard - 14 dager siden
Why do WW1 games never include the Southern Front in Italy? I would absolutely love experiencing fighting for my nation on my land!
SW gardthedude
SW gardthedude - 14 dager siden
Looks amazing
Alex Reeves
Alex Reeves - 14 dager siden
Why do u play the is game like bf1 get out of here man ur may mature enough to play realistic shooters
Che Ster
Che Ster - 14 dager siden
Where are the Africans and women?
Joshua Solalinde
Joshua Solalinde - 14 dager siden
Does anyone know more about how he mentioned that both post scriptum and this game are based off the base code of squad?
Cameron Moore
Cameron Moore - 14 dager siden
Call of Duty:WWII: am i a joke to you
Schilt No. 3 bis
Schilt No. 3 bis - 2 dager siden
@ShortShots Funny seeing you in this comment section after seeing you in MatPat's terrible 11th century combat video. Another history buff I see!
ShortShots - 13 dager siden
Jonny Jewell
Jonny Jewell - 14 dager siden
Imagine adding the U.S.A into a first world war game before the British lmao
Very Hairy Larry
Very Hairy Larry - 15 dager siden
Nelson Sham
Nelson Sham - 15 dager siden
I really doubt it will release at the console... like, Flashpoint franchise failed to attract any hardcore player that are looking for Milsim unlike Arma... and I still waiting Insurgency Sandstorm news about that... wonder how the console handle the game
Cronykil - 16 dager siden
Americans... Great. They only turned up at the end. They should have done every other army first. Make it historically accurate.
Gaijin Oni
Gaijin Oni - 16 dager siden
If it’s supposed to be “realistic” then why the hell is the ammo count like a DOOM game 😂.
Reiming - 16 dager siden
so basically a cod world at war but it’s about ww1
RoostRfry - 16 dager siden
I'm assuming only on PC?
Surrealiant - 16 dager siden
i'd love to see a BF1 remake with better game modes and refined gameplay
TRSH Hotcornmuffin
TRSH Hotcornmuffin - 16 dager siden
A decade is impressive! Good shit!
Ash my Blunt
Ash my Blunt - 16 dager siden
Let’s be real. What would you rather play?
SharkTank - 17 dager siden
bro you had a rtx 2080ti and now you have an rtx 3090 XD wtf
King Wes7
King Wes7 - 17 dager siden
Yeah this really should've been Verdun, but Verdun is alright tho
Amit Avraham
Amit Avraham - 17 dager siden
Can you do more of this game
Infant Native
Infant Native - 17 dager siden
Bro, I still play BF1 till this very day! One of a kind. I just need a game to give me a daily dose of ptsd! 😂
Pajdoman - 17 dager siden
Verdun died becouse of this game 😭
Mike Ross
Mike Ross - 18 dager siden
Beyond the Wire is not good yet. Can't really compare BF1 to this game. It's the same time period but that's all they have in common. I think BTW is charging too much for an early release game, it's 34.99. We will see if they optimize and update it enough to keep people playing.
Tristan Lake
Tristan Lake - 18 dager siden
Battlefield 1 was just fine... BFV was the issue.
rusmam77 - 18 dager siden
Really great game the bullets are better than the shitty time trabelling in battlefield 1
CA RO - 18 dager siden
I hope they give me back up this time because in Battlefield 1 they never did I'm always the person alone getting shot by a bunch of people and the only person is following the objective I don't know if there's anyone else that following me to the objective I just hope this game has team effort for once cuz there's not much team efforts in any game
Eminem - 18 dager siden
I loved battlefield 1... would not change a thing about it
Torxx - 18 dager siden
I love how this video is tagged as BF1 lol
Mert Kocabaş
Mert Kocabaş - 18 dager siden
Graphics look like it is from late 2000's.
Tarsha mckechnie
Tarsha mckechnie - 18 dager siden
Verdun plz just know what verdun is
AUFLAIR - 19 dager siden
I wonder if they will include Gallipoli and Australian forces?
Kabosu - 19 dager siden
BFV died brutally. so sad
ManicMango Mango
ManicMango Mango - 19 dager siden
Nobody mentioning verdun ;(
skinfullofdoom - 19 dager siden
what is it with "XYZ is what Battlefield couldve been"??? battlefield is entirely its own thing, like wtf?
Coming4UCanadianSpawn pubg & cod mobile
Hope it comes to consoles . Looms awesome
Perfect - 19 dager siden
bf1 could've never been like this EVER the dice DEVs forgot how to make good games awhile ago
levijonathansix - 20 dager siden
"When it comes to tactical shooters, you've got 3 great games across 3 eras"
You really did my boy RS2: Vietnam like that huh?
Schilt No. 3 bis
Schilt No. 3 bis - 2 dager siden
Don't forget War of Rights too!
TB Bando
TB Bando - 20 dager siden
Will this come to ps4 ?
Jedi Knight buckley
Jedi Knight buckley - 20 dager siden
This looks awesome honestly
Mcyeezy - 21 dag siden
Verdun but RTX is on
Fadhilah Zaidan
Fadhilah Zaidan - 20 dager siden
And extra gore.
Mcyeezy - 21 dag siden
This is just spicy tannenburg
rare - 21 dag siden
This looks awesome, I played BF V for the first time last week. What a mess of a game. BF1 is still great fun, but it’s not easy finding servers with 200% gun impact which is what is prefer
a random guy hi
a random guy hi - 22 dager siden
I take it this guy has never heard of Verdun
Clarklewiz - 22 dager siden
bf1 was better looking if you ask me.. and ended out to be a damn fine game after all the start probs
Je teamleider
Je teamleider - 22 dager siden
If Battlefield 1 was like this, then it wouldn't have been Battlefield anymore.
Johnny Dotson
Johnny Dotson - 22 dager siden
Shit imagine a VR version of this
the dog tobs
the dog tobs - 22 dager siden
You still got to respect BF1. BF1 is a great game.
Trend101Warrior - 22 dager siden
Still pissed that we even can't get a true accurate WWI FPS story-based shooter, and BF1 feels more like arcadish, thereby sacrificing a bunch of historical believability/accuracies as a result.
Schilt No. 3 bis
Schilt No. 3 bis - 2 dager siden
While its not a shooter, Valiant Hearts is very nice and it has some respectful themes too
Fadhilah Zaidan
Fadhilah Zaidan - 20 dager siden
Same,but at least the events was real.
TheOnlyJoe_ - 22 dager siden
This on PS4?
Dankman - 22 dager siden
Is this PS3 graphics?
Medicjas - 22 dager siden
bf1 way better than this game.
Paul Wolf!
Paul Wolf! - 23 dager siden
THE GAME BATTLEFIELD 1 COULD HAVE BEEN.!!! youve really lost it havent you jf...
CKR - 23 dager siden
Squad, which had the same engine, has notoriously terrible optimization, even though the graphics aren’t that great
Trash Gamer
Trash Gamer - 23 dager siden
I want it
Evan Connolly
Evan Connolly - 23 dager siden
How do you team kill, the french wear blue uniforms, and the germans green and grey colors
Thomas Travaglione
Thomas Travaglione - 23 dager siden
This game is a great depiction of world war 1. Besides mele combat in this game is nuts
HEL1X - 23 dager siden
Youtube shows BF1 in the description lol
marcus mccormick
marcus mccormick - 23 dager siden
Good god man everytime you fire your rifle you keep forgetting to run the bolt.
tine0397 - 23 dager siden
i love war games :>
Zach Cloxton
Zach Cloxton - 23 dager siden
Congrats on 9 years Jack! It's been a pleasure to enjoy your content over the years and I can say whole heartedly, you're one of the biggest reasons I ever built my first PC, so thank you very much!