Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Gameplay in 4K!

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Alpha is now live on PS4! Let's play in 4K and check it out with some first impressions! Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner
Runtime: 52:57


مستر روشش MR ROOSHH Sdn
I want to carry the original copy from anywhere
مستر روشش MR ROOSHH Sdn
How you to download cod cold war plaseee
Evrth en
Evrth en - Dag siden
0:36 this angle opening tho
KEK - Dag siden
Man they STILL can't get multiplayer right....after all these years. Just nuts. Single player story is great but the multiplayer is just horrid.
Dougan Nash
Dougan Nash - 5 dager siden
Call of Duty: World at War - still the best COD. Maybe next time.
Den Wild
Den Wild - 6 dager siden
i have a problem...
S I M P NAX - 7 dager siden
I just had ptsd when that bouncing betty flew up 😂😂👀
Loverr - 7 dager siden
I cant wait to get my hands on this game!
Malum Thadoombap
Malum Thadoombap - 7 dager siden
I think Medal of Honor 2010 looked better then this
iNutz - 7 dager siden
Total size of MULTIPLAYER on PC?
Prakash - 7 dager siden
the mp5 is overpowered and in the hands of tryhards you are screwed. they need to nerf the range on. it and abit of the damage to balance it. for the m16 they should make it a 2 round body kill and a one round head kill.
William Dinkel
William Dinkel - 8 dager siden
Never underestimate a man who uses the mp5 with ironsights. It is superior to having one with a sight attatchment
Dominik Mendez
Dominik Mendez - 8 dager siden
Do you guys like this multiplayer?
rolfich 7
rolfich 7 - 9 dager siden
Holy shit this looks good, how come they removed everything good like Lobbies, TTK and movement and put SBMM on top of it for the final release.
Vitalik Sukin
Vitalik Sukin - 10 dager siden
If in real life you would change your mag under water, you will have your breakfast, lunch and diner served under water and a personal "bon appetit" from the sergeant.
Dirty Dutch
Dirty Dutch - 10 dager siden
Watching this in 4K,but the sign at 0:12 make me wonder you where playing it on the NES?
Jake Halstead
Jake Halstead - 12 dager siden
2:31 this looks exactly like dead island 😂
נדב דאדיאן
נדב דאדיאן - 12 dager siden
This is ps5/4?
DPS Music
DPS Music - 13 dager siden
hi there just a tip but in bo2 when you trip a bouncing betty you can crouch to stay alive cause it explodes in the air yk
Chandler - 13 dager siden
Reminds me of the bo2 and bo3 days. I’m gonna have fun with this one I can’t wait. See y’all in a few hours
JupiterLounge - 14 dager siden
Game looks utterly shit. Battlefield is better, why have all the vehicles n shit
Nick Barbucci
Nick Barbucci - 14 dager siden
This looking really good
alexander jason
alexander jason - 14 dager siden
BF1 is far better than this crap
Robert Morris
Robert Morris - 14 dager siden
All the people in the comment bitching are going to buy the game anyways
Solars - 15 dager siden
"taking D"
debauched13 - 15 dager siden
"Nice little sniping spot here". "He's prone beside a rock, I don't like that." Anyone's wo played COD ever lol.
Noah Flanigan
Noah Flanigan - 17 dager siden
shellsbignumber2 - 18 dager siden
Yeah I'm sure a lot of peoples last words are 'Im dead' . @ 0:41
Dead Star
Dead Star - 18 dager siden
This game looks like a downgrade
Ryan Quirke
Ryan Quirke - 18 dager siden
I miss the days when there were maps you could trick shot and get quad feeds on. This game looks like a combination of star wars battlefront and battlefield.
Optical Beast
Optical Beast - 19 dager siden
At least there is almost no recoil, but how is it out already? It isn't even the 13th yet
حسن نور
حسن نور - 19 dager siden
This game maps have kinda AW vibe that’s great lol
Sinister BB
Sinister BB - 19 dager siden
Game DOES look shitty but I’m just here for the zombies
scottysaye - 19 dager siden
All the comments just hating... reminds me of why Ive got chat off. COD players are so toxic 🤣
Haven Wilson
Haven Wilson - 20 dager siden
Honestly, this looks really fun. I mean have your opinions, but if you don’t like it, then don’t play it.
Liasos88 - 20 dager siden
33:40 "That was my kill dude"
Moves on to fire 23 shots to kill a guy from 4 meters.
Tony Wilt
Tony Wilt - 20 dager siden
Getting a PS5 next week. Hope it looks as good on it as it does here.
Adam Colaneri
Adam Colaneri - 19 dager siden
Prolly even better on the ps5
Johnny Joseph
Johnny Joseph - 20 dager siden
Bloody hell how hard is it to find gameplay without some neckbeard talking over it
Gabriel - 21 dag siden
With all the hate this „arcade-ish“ game receives, the map LAYOUTS look pretty decent in comparison to MW
Reperto K
Reperto K - 22 dager siden
it looks so crapy... geeezus
N.B.A - 22 dager siden
Finally a COD worth buying
Michael Higdon
Michael Higdon - 24 dager siden
I was really hoping for a Blackout reboot. I really enjoyed how Blackout did battle royale over warzone.
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian - 25 dager siden
This hit detection looks horrid....even for COD...
Sam Smith
Sam Smith - 25 dager siden
Its like none of the major gaming companies can be bothered to innovate anymore.
Santas Vega
Santas Vega - 26 dager siden
It reminds me of sledgehammer
RogueNinja064 - 27 dager siden
I cant wait im so excited
Bare Less
Bare Less - 27 dager siden
Last cod I bought was advanced warfare this one reminds me of Bo1 looks simple and enjoyable
Sander Kolbeinsen Thomassen
Sander Kolbeinsen Thomassen - 28 dager siden
When in the dessert the gameplay reminded me alot of star wars battlefront?
dlangeryt - 28 dager siden
Sam Rose
Sam Rose - 29 dager siden
I'm gonna stick with playing WW2
Alex Banuelos
Alex Banuelos - 29 dager siden
If the game stays like this I might not buy the game
διαβόητο φάντασμα
I never liked cod only mw3 and modern warfare 2019, this one here looks like garbage
Fred Krazé
Fred Krazé - Måned siden
"Laughs in 720p first gen HDMI"
Jan Jacobszoon
Jan Jacobszoon - Måned siden
this game looks like it came out in 2015
Brendon Moore
Brendon Moore - Måned siden
lol when players reload with 20 to 30 bullets left.
sm1lezzz - Måned siden
gonna get my preorder rn, I’m liking it
CC 300
CC 300 - Måned siden
Not impressed with this cod
B P16
B P16 - Måned siden
I really hope that Treyarch doesn't listen to all the players that say Modern Warefare is better then Cold War. Cold War is a Call of Duty game. Modern Warefare doesn't feel like Call of Duty. Its trying hard to be more like rainbow 6 siege. More heavy and tactical, which isnt in line with classic CoD gameplay. If I want heavy and more realistic gameplay, I play Siege.
Zenkeef - Måned siden
just be happy the jet boots didnt make a comback
Anthony Shunnarah
Anthony Shunnarah - Måned siden
Looks pretty sweet. Though I've noticed just 'recently' that the weapons sound so much better in Multiplayer, than in the campaign. I wish people focused more on Multiplayer back in the older days. Like when I actually had buddies to game with (man I really miss those assholes) lmfao. It is what it is, regardless this looks decent in my eyes.
stants stunts
stants stunts - Måned siden
Looks dated to me
Trent Cluff
Trent Cluff - Måned siden
Ngl, this doesn't look very fun...
erikaslt - Måned siden
I always like battlefields game play feel. However I always prefers cod shooting feel over battlefield. This video seems to have both in one. Thumbs up for cod.
Jeremy Cooper
Jeremy Cooper - Måned siden
*watching on my 1080p monitor*
Rhys Allan
Rhys Allan - Måned siden
What a hamps stream.
A. You can't play for peanuts
B. Your not even far enough to show us weapons and attachments.
May aswell just guess what the game is going to be like
GreenLid Gaming
GreenLid Gaming - Måned siden
console 4K bahahahahaha whatever !!
ItsYaBoi Zakyree
ItsYaBoi Zakyree - Måned siden
All I know is Woods and probably mason is in this game when campaign comes out
Kobe Bell
Kobe Bell - Måned siden
Imagine judging a beta cuz u cant camp no more 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
XÆA-12 - Måned siden
I hope they improve this a lot before launch lmao
ccoryman kagd
ccoryman kagd - Måned siden
Like 5 hours of gameplay (ps4) and im level 30. Tbh the game looks really good my friend said that cod cw has no recoil
Jr - Måned siden
Hard pass
Rip My soul
Rip My soul - Måned siden
Idk bout this one its almost like ww2 and bo4 had a child
Angelprozos - Måned siden
nice gameplay bro
ITRURELIG1ON - Måned siden
Is the first map MIAMI?? Great map 👍 I really really am enjoying the beta gameplay!!!
Dethocus - Måned siden
Had to double check that this is the right video. Looks like they tried rebooting Medal of Honor again and it turned out shit again.
I dont mind MW for another year though.
C4NGO - Måned siden
YEAHH Now the game looks shit in 4K :D YAYYYy
YT Daredevil
YT Daredevil - Måned siden
Lay down when it goes off
teamacecaptain - Måned siden
im glad they arent using modern warfare engine you can actually see the enemy players
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin - Måned siden
How the hell does MW look and sound way better
Jonuel Alvarado
Jonuel Alvarado - Måned siden
Do you really know what engine is?
RABEN KÖNIG - Måned siden
Multiplayer 4k on 60fps
TrulySinn - Måned siden
The game looks so beautiful and smooth can’t wait to switch from xbox one to ps4 and buy this game
Angel of Neo
Angel of Neo - Måned siden
Definitely should be 7v7 it’s way too quiet
Still Edits
Still Edits - Måned siden
looks like a mobile game
Ghostly - Måned siden
full auto sprays from across a large map "why arent these bullets hitting" LMFAO
Element 115
Element 115 - Måned siden
And yet the masses will flock. We gamers deserve better than this.
D. G.
D. G. - Måned siden
upvote this comment
m akrapovic
m akrapovic - Måned siden
depuis cod4 c'est les memes graphismes
David Kay
David Kay - Måned siden
damn this game looks like garbage
Rogelio Bustillos
Rogelio Bustillos - Måned siden
Wtf happened to treyarch?? They used to set the bar with multiplayer and zombies. Now it feels so bland and boring. I played the alpha and the beta and I’m not impressed. This game is feels like bo4 with an 80s theme. I don’t even catch an 80s vibe when I play. Overall this game is not good
Artimus Pegasus
Artimus Pegasus - Måned siden
Such a step backwards. MW killed it
Robert Wood
Robert Wood - Måned siden
Shit.....I rock terra bytes.....
theraperbest cw
theraperbest cw - Måned siden
Ps3 graphics
Tom Wylie
Tom Wylie - Måned siden
am i the only one that thinks this looks good? the grapics dont look very good but everything else looks good
Denton Van Zan
Denton Van Zan - Måned siden
Phenomenal of the best on COD.....TATTICAL, SMARTER, AMAZING
RudiCast - Måned siden
Imagine this with better Graphics on ps5 *.*
HardstylezSuperstaar - Måned siden
Modern Warfare looks way better then this haha WTF happend??
Saeed Abbaszadeh
Saeed Abbaszadeh - Måned siden
good shot nice
L G x
L G x - Måned siden
Cant wait to have 300 updates which require me to go and get a bigger harddrive..
OG Jay Ghost
OG Jay Ghost - Måned siden
You can’t please everything , honestly I would buy it and play it compared to some of the stuff out , Been rocking since Day 1
Svein Einar Hagen
Svein Einar Hagen - Måned siden
it hurt my heart so see downgrade. why not using similar engine as modern warfare this is 2020