Black Ops Cold War PC Gameplay + New Guns!

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is now out on PC! Let's get our game face on and test some new guns out! I hve 5 xbox and 5 PC Codes to give away. Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. #COD_Partner Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
Runtime: 2:16:13


Dan Anthony
Dan Anthony - 2 dager siden
The Moscow map is so dull. Is it just me ?
Alex M
Alex M - 5 dager siden
Man I wish I got one of those pc codes haha
Big Baller Sam
Big Baller Sam - 6 dager siden
Can I play this with a RX 460 card?
nominal251 - 7 dager siden
I don't think this looks as good as MW but I still think it looks fun
wazzageek - 7 dager siden
When I first opened the game on Xbox everything unlocked and then when I restarted it everything was locked again. I also received a blue print for playing the beta but can’t find it. I’m assuming I don’t see it until unlock the gun it’s for or is it a warzone blue print?
Over Heated EsKim0
Over Heated EsKim0 - 7 dager siden
PS5 can only do 120fps at 1080p because Sony didn't at a 1440p mode and none of the console's can do 4k 120fps until the monitors are released with built in USB 2.1
Kyle Lenington
Kyle Lenington - 7 dager siden
Go to the weapon details and check that out
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo - 8 dager siden
This game really shows how good the graphics in MW are. Even last gen console MW looks better than max settings PC Cold War...
Old Timer
Old Timer - 8 dager siden
So your not doing any zombies content🤔??
Drifting Squirrel
Drifting Squirrel - 8 dager siden
What is your opinion about the PS5’s adaptive triggers? Ali-A said they are not as good for getting the shot (as quickly as possible), recommending turning it off
ben dover
ben dover - 8 dager siden
Was just about to say take the care package outve your score streak, then you did it, very nice gameplay mate, hope to still see the warzone streaming though!?
Christopher Holt
Christopher Holt - 8 dager siden
been winning alot of gunfights with the ksp 45
hertelmania - 8 dager siden
You gotta utilize your proximity mines more man! lol
THE SAUCE - 8 dager siden
This is the worst COD game I've seen so far. There's no diversity and the graphics look like they came out 5 years ago. The plot of the single-player campaign is decent but much too short. It just shows that COD put no effort into this game, at least not enough to compete with other newly released games.
DKDavidHimself - 8 dager siden
You often forget to check your angles, man ;) you are in such a hurry when playing!
Salma madrid
Salma madrid - 8 dager siden
How Dowland call of duty cold war +Pc
Justin Tedrow
Justin Tedrow - 8 dager siden
Everyone complaining must be watching this on a cheap ass phone. YouTube is not going to be able keep up with 4K 120hz, I’m sure it looks much better on Jacks end
Emplexity X
Emplexity X - 8 dager siden
Did I here Jack say DICE instead of tryarch when je was hipfiring while stunned
Nood1le - 8 dager siden
I dont give a crap about graphics. So now I ask this, is the gameplay good or not? Is it fun?
LETMELIVE - 8 dager siden
Why don't they make the movement and shooting more realistic
the804kid - 9 dager siden
Rainbow Six Siege came out 5 years ago and looks better than this. Wow Treyarch just wow....
KZCGTimothycat 7
KZCGTimothycat 7 - 9 dager siden
They took Modern Warfare and slapped a new cover on it tweaked a few things and sold it
KZCGTimothycat 7
KZCGTimothycat 7 - 9 dager siden
This game looks exactly like the new modern warfare man this is a copy on god bruh
Russell Graham
Russell Graham - 9 dager siden
@Jackfrags if you go to settings on PS5 and change game mode to performance Cold War will then run at 120hz
Green Gaming
Green Gaming - 8 dager siden
If monitor supports it
Ben Dale
Ben Dale - 9 dager siden
Loving the content mate 👍
ItsLordMuffin - 9 dager siden
Are we just going to pretend that jackfrags didn't say "Where the hell are those bullets going, DICE?" in a Call of Duty game at 22:58? :D
Ggjob 97
Ggjob 97 - 9 dager siden
Everyone comparing this to modern warfare they are not the same game yall need to stop comparing the two different era
Ggjob 97
Ggjob 97 - 8 dager siden
@Nood1le its the same game bro?
Nood1le - 8 dager siden
Oh yeah, theyOBVIOUSLY arent the same. Modern warfare set the bar way too high and this game couldn't reach it.
a7x5631 - 9 dager siden
I wonder what all the 360 kids that used to say "ThE HuMaN eYe CaNt SeE oVeR 28 FpS!1" are saying now? That was a legit argument for console players back in the day. Plus PC has had 120hz+ since the 90s. CRT's were great
a a
a a - 8 dager siden
Will you shut up man
idontreally kno
idontreally kno - 9 dager siden
will this cod have enough players on pc or is it not worh it because bo3 (i know its an older game) has very few players on pc
Nood1le - 8 dager siden
Yes it will bro
Tytus Chen
Tytus Chen - 9 dager siden
Completely disappointed by the graphics in this game. Got a 3080 and maxed everything out to ultra and 4k DLSS Quality and it still looks like a game that could have come out 4 years ago.
chocolatcolumbo - 9 dager siden
they just need to remaster BO1 and MW2 and id be set for life.
 - 9 dager siden
First cod im not buying. Looks like a recycled, reskinned bo4. Fuck this game, how can they even dare bringing a downgraded game out after all the advancements mw 2019 had.
Aaron Lynn
Aaron Lynn - 9 dager siden
Im going to stay on modern warfare. This game looks cheaply made
Nick D
Nick D - 9 dager siden
Yup! Me too
Taha Nasser
Taha Nasser - 9 dager siden
Did they literally just reskin BO2?
Grant Pegg
Grant Pegg - 9 dager siden
If ur account is on Blizzard it was hacked
John J
John J - 10 dager siden
Jack what's your dpi and sensitivity for your game
Bradley Marchant
Bradley Marchant - 10 dager siden
I wanted to like this game but it's so slow and clunky. It feels like everyone is stuck in the mud and as a result no one moves and just waits in corners or head glitches with mp5s
Daren CLUBLEY - 10 dager siden
i wont be buying this game it looks crap
Denny - 10 dager siden
guys i bought the ultimate edition with the abttle pass but i cant find it. can someone help?
Joe Henshall
Joe Henshall - 10 dager siden
What's with the loading to see scorestreaks?
Barib - 10 dager siden
Hello guys,
My laptop is:
GTX 1050
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz
6 cores
Can I run Warzone, MW or Cold War?
Nood1le - 8 dager siden
Also, warzone is free, so it doesn't hurt to try.
Nood1le - 8 dager siden
Dont take my word for it. Look for a website that tells you if its compatible with your pc or not
Nood1le - 8 dager siden
Yeah on low to medium settings
Rolnik Aitmatov
Rolnik Aitmatov - 10 dager siden
"Looks like shit" ... says kevin who never played any shitty looking game
Queaight - 10 dager siden
Is it just me or is the cod community complaining about everything they release?
Jeffrey S.
Jeffrey S. - 8 dager siden
Always are it’s a nonstop crybaby fest and it always will be
TheChrisglasgow - 10 dager siden
Easily the worst cod yet. Feel like a cheap version of cod.
An Es
An Es - 10 dager siden
So COD Cold War is basically COD MW 2019 2.0 ?
TheChrisglasgow - 10 dager siden
😂 Na nowhere near as good as MW 2019
TR!CK - 10 dager siden
I seen the likes of MarleyThirteen saying they bumped up content creators' accounts so you can showcase more weapons right away.
Elijah Sanders
Elijah Sanders - 10 dager siden
Feels like modern warfare 2 and 3
Madison Bryant
Madison Bryant - 10 dager siden
Just because it's not as good as moderwarfare doesn't mean it's not fun. I think it'll be a fun change for a couple weeks. Worth it.
Shawn Vo
Shawn Vo - 10 dager siden
Does this game support controller on PC?
 - 9 dager siden
Yes, of course.. but why would you prefer a controller when you have K+M
Justin S.
Justin S. - 10 dager siden
Looks so lost when he plays
Wes_Culture - 10 dager siden
Me : wanting to play this badly
My pc :Don’t you even think ————
pietje jansenen
pietje jansenen - 10 dager siden
It’s cool u got all stuff unlocked
Zeus The Entertainer
Zeus The Entertainer - 10 dager siden
To hate burst fire yooo ass was going to work on them fools
DedSec - 10 dager siden
Why does it look like crap, a game made like the very first cod, modern warfare looks much better. This is just junk, i'm saddened by it, i wanted to get it, but now that i see this. Nah just not acceptable
Realist 1801
Realist 1801 - 10 dager siden
Feel sorry for jack trying to make this interesting but this is like a mobile game compared to modern warefare.
Big Saucy
Big Saucy - 10 dager siden
It’s a fun game but it seems lazy imo, it doesn’t feel like a next gen cod
Dardania Posts
Dardania Posts - 10 dager siden
I dont know what everyone is talking about but this game looks good
Dylan Skutches
Dylan Skutches - 11 dager siden
"use ak 4". The Krig is not the ak 4, the ak 4 is a copy of the hk g3, the charging handle isn't even in the right place!
Dylan Skutches
Dylan Skutches - 10 dager siden
@Egomania 27 bababooey!
Egomania 27
Egomania 27 - 10 dager siden
Isnt the Krig based on the FNC?
S4nt1 - 11 dager siden
people don’t understand that cod was always meant to be an arcade casual shooter. all the battlefield fans of jackfrags prefer MW because it’s more tactical but it’s really not what cod was meant to be and it was boring. the core gameplay is 20x funner imo on cold war. and zombies is a blast
KarlKlaus vonS
KarlKlaus vonS - 10 dager siden
MWs engine is a good bit better in a technical sense. In the Cold War Beta I wasn't far from being cpu bottlenecked, and that's with an overclocked R5 1600 and only a damn gtx 970. Is it so hard to get a properly optimized DX12 game in 2020?
Adrian Taylor
Adrian Taylor - 11 dager siden
That constant annoying announcer voice in the background... Can you turn that off?? How are you supposed to hear what's going on around you with this guy "we captured foxtrot... enemy spy plane above..." etc
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro - 11 dager siden
No idea why they made the AUG a burst fire gun
Blinkycuff - 11 dager siden
Lots of glitches of my pre ordered
My son's disk I bought who lives away he's had lots of trouble downloaded
Not impressed 🤔
Matt M
Matt M - 11 dager siden
This game looks shit
MVRDA MONXY - 11 dager siden
Is it just me or do the guns all look kinda half ass like some n64 golden eye type of shit.
Major Kaboom
Major Kaboom - 11 dager siden
Love watching your content butt 1 thing. In BR you tend to hold of shooting at everything, but in MP you shoot at everything no matter the range. ?
Just my observation.
smt_ LuCa
smt_ LuCa - 11 dager siden
Can someone please share me cold War on ps4 pls I'm broke
GunRob Gaming
GunRob Gaming - 11 dager siden
I need to get me some chets man. I want to play like you
Beaver Tails
Beaver Tails - 11 dager siden
Anyone else not understand why all the announcers in cod games are so unenthusiastic now? One of the things that made the past cod games feel so authentic was the lines like “TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING”
Daddy Kun
Daddy Kun - 11 dager siden
Modern warfare 2019 is just a godsend compared to this game. The animation feel so clunky like the c4 throw and tactical equipment. The campaign was the only good thing about this game
Lewis Allen
Lewis Allen - 11 dager siden
Why have the weapons got such weird names for?
Major Kaboom
Major Kaboom - 11 dager siden
The game is set throughout the 80s. The MP5 was the best or at least one of the best weapons in that era. Makes sense it's beast in this game.
Tyrant Worm
Tyrant Worm - 11 dager siden
No it doesn't. The MP5 is an SMG not a battle rifle, you take a battle rifle into war. Sure the mp5 is a pretty great SMG, but 9mm is crap ballistically so downrange performance and penetration are poor; then you stick it into an mp5sd which drops standard issue 9mm subsonic, further nerfing it as a round. YW :)
x Zwoozy
x Zwoozy - 11 dager siden
To all those dissapointed with COD Cold War... that's what you get for pre-ordering or buying a game on the first day.
People really need to stop doing this... WHY CANT YOU WAIT 1 DAY TO CHECK IF ITS A SOLID RELEASE?!?! smh.
Egomania 27
Egomania 27 - 10 dager siden
Thats what I thought on some of these comments. "Wish I didn't preorder the game hunh hunh hunhhhh..." And I'm like WHYYYYYYYYYY did you preorder!? Whats keeping you from waiting a week?
MrMiikeeeey - 11 dager siden
Maps are shite and the lack of maps is shite, guns are shite / lack of guns is shite, graphics shite, performance shite, animations shite, this feels like a step down for me. games missing content played it all day today bored of it already.
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer - 11 dager siden
Modern warfare>>>>
Álvaro González García
Álvaro González García - 11 dager siden
Okay you have Cold war game. Congratulations! but seriously you are the worst cod player that I have ever seen before man!! joder! 🤣
Niko Helin
Niko Helin - 11 dager siden
The skill-based matchamaking doesn't turn me off, quite the opposite since you can improve way faster that way and all the undetected hackers go to play against the best players so the new players don't have to deal with them
Thomas Vognsen
Thomas Vognsen - 11 dager siden
look nice that game
Tsetso Angelov
Tsetso Angelov - 11 dager siden
hey I have question where is the competitive mode ? like in cs or other shooters ? how do you get rank in cod I am new to the game competitiveness is nowhere to be found
Tsetso Angelov
Tsetso Angelov - 11 dager siden
I can see there is world rank wtf is that
samuel muya
samuel muya - 11 dager siden
What's up with these weird looking graphics 😷🤮
Casey Chesnut
Casey Chesnut - 11 dager siden
Oh man bummed I missed this live! Great as always Jack 👍
Kurt Viviers
Kurt Viviers - 11 dager siden
can you get me a pc version please
Kurt Viviers
Kurt Viviers - 11 dager siden
ca you get me a pc version please
Christopher Moreland
Christopher Moreland - 11 dager siden
Jack my baby was just born yesterday! Thank you for your videos keeping me awake while at the hospital for a couple days!
Nood1le - 8 dager siden
VichoGamer27 - 10 dager siden
Android Apps Of The Year
Android Apps Of The Year - 11 dager siden
What do u think Warzone or Cold War in the gameplay !
Liam Sweeney
Liam Sweeney - 11 dager siden
Great to see they STILL haven't fixed the net code since CoD 1. I love getting killed from around corners.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - 11 dager siden
Yea, MW is so much better. This looks like a mobile cod game.
RustyNuts - 11 dager siden
Just bought the game ...enjoying it so far
Bhuvan - 11 dager siden
For some reason i feel like ur running out of words to say day by day idk what im even saying
BloodyMadlad - 11 dager siden
idk about the hate, i like this game :)
Ol Ga
Ol Ga - 11 dager siden
I think I'm just fed up with the ridiculous space requirements, never ending huge updates and very little changes to the games features to buy this new game. COD was always present in my house but i cba with this one 😩🤷‍♀️
mr hands
mr hands - 11 dager siden
Cant wait for battlefield 6
God Has Left The Chat Podcast Official Channel
The best cod since BO2!
FritsusKristus - 11 dager siden
It looks like a game from 2010 😂 💩
Ulf Persson
Ulf Persson - 11 dager siden
I enjoy cold war way more than i ever did MW. And i personaly thing warzone is garbage, i just hate all those battle royal type games.
zzz J
zzz J - 11 dager siden
more polished 7:43, enemy accelerate for no reason on flat ground, model desync midair during jump........
Ionut Balica
Ionut Balica - 11 dager siden
This game is not that good. I am sorry but will not watch anymore content related to it.
Mentoriii - 11 dager siden
Am i the only one who actually likes the new cod ?
Nathan Lambert
Nathan Lambert - 11 dager siden
To the guy who made the comment around the 37:45-38:00 minute mark about how he HATES that "everything blows up all the time " thats what the game is all about man. STFU LMFAO
Twelvyii - 11 dager siden
Just me or is this a $60 dlc for the last cod... all of you who bought this game got scammed
Darth vader
Darth vader - 11 dager siden
Literally every cod ever
Nathan Lambert
Nathan Lambert - 11 dager siden
The gameplay looks dope , i like that like Sub-machine you started rollin with, sorry i missed but what console are you playing on in the beginiinng of the video is it the new Xbox or is it the PC beacause i heard you mention both ???
Vodkannibis - 10 dager siden
Diez ALOT - 11 dager siden
multi million dollar company and they cant afford to get copyrights for real gun names.