BLACK OPS COLD WAR Walkthrough Part 1

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Campaign walkthrough part one in 4K 60 FPS! The Cold War goes hot. This is part one of my full walkthrough of the game, enjoy! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner. 4K.
Runtime: 59:41


shorey66 - 15 timer siden
If you played this at 4k, why on earth is the youtube video rendered at max 1080p?
AlykaGemyt - Dag siden
i cent see your self
Aryjax - Dag siden
“I’m jackfrags and I can NEVER be bothered to read that meaningless block of text that actually explains a shit ton of things”
joe wilts
joe wilts - 2 dager siden
On the first mission, they redacted "Netherlands" but not "Amsterdam"..... now the enemy shall never know where we were!
trap lover69
trap lover69 - 2 dager siden
Press F to send crack to the inner city's
chxbiscuit007 - 3 dager siden
at 17:45 you have more on the board than me and we have completed the same achievements. I am stuck at 12 % completion and canot progress further. doesn't give me the option to. Ive played the same 2 missions over and over. wtf am i missing here. Ive tried everything. it only lets me overwrite progress or replay. I cant go further... does any one else have this issue????
robertlovesgothgirlz - 4 dager siden
The reload sounds are so goddamn loud
Zakhev - 4 dager siden
29:54 bruh just go play Rising storm 2.
Zakhev - 4 dager siden
the fact that they put miniguns on the doors of the huey instead of M60s is a little saddening. kinda ruins the door gunner feel of nam.
Zakhev - 4 dager siden
They did a GREAT fucking job for casting the voice actor for Reagan
Zakhev - 4 dager siden
jfc EVERY FUCKING YOUTUBER picks the MP5 in this fucking starting mission and its so boring. overrated smg just because of this franchise.
beepbeeptaco - 4 dager siden
Press F to commit war crimes
BetteBalterZen - 4 dager siden
Isn't this supposed to be 4K? :))
ur mum gae
ur mum gae - 4 dager siden
i loved the vietnam scene
glockerbob - 4 dager siden
Dang... That dude looked and sounded like President Regan.
Ink Bendy Gaming
Ink Bendy Gaming - 4 dager siden
Didn't know Adler was German
ChickenTit - 5 dager siden
Everything in these cod games glorify/put American ideals above other nations (if set in modern times/Cold War era). Mw demonized Russians, cw glorified american illegal ops etc.
6hunned Mak
6hunned Mak - 5 dager siden
I finished the whole thing
Kristian Tange
Kristian Tange - 5 dager siden
Everybody picks the mp5
timebandit - 5 dager siden
why would anyone watch someone else playing a video game. Makes no sense
ridha gherri
ridha gherri - 3 dager siden
why would anyone watch some one else play sports , makes no sense
Copper Cable
Copper Cable - 5 dager siden
I was wondering why there was no more vietnam typical music played in the helo, until I remembered both the name of the song and the helicopters... that shit is genius!! Also love these Walkthroughs!
MrEpeeFencer - 5 dager siden
Non-binary isn't a thing.
ridha gherri
ridha gherri - 3 dager siden
Taylan Hussein
Taylan Hussein - 6 dager siden
7:35 bruh how is he gonna talk about us like that. Were normal human beings
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson - 6 dager siden
Love the apocalypse now reference
gonçalo silva
gonçalo silva - 6 dager siden
9:00 Fast and Furious copy right
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez - 6 dager siden
FINALLY someone who plays with the music on!
Faruk Jamal
Faruk Jamal - 6 dager siden
The video was uploaded at 1080p :/
OscarMike - 6 dager siden
Those hit marker noises are annoying in the campaign.
Marlon Labrie
Marlon Labrie - 7 dager siden
Love the Apocalypse Now 'Chopper Song' in the Vietnam mission intro!
Weasel65 - 7 dager siden
59:19 i thought that woman in the brown coat died? she looks like she is alive and well there.
Oliver Webb
Oliver Webb - 7 dager siden
Volkov = Bricktop
Coopdawg 720
Coopdawg 720 - 8 dager siden
Adler is being sus
Coopdawg 720
Coopdawg 720 - 8 dager siden
Creed from the office did a voice
Markus Lennart
Markus Lennart - 8 dager siden
You hip firing is going against all instincts I’ve built playing cod.
Dennis Karcic
Dennis Karcic - 8 dager siden
call of duty: the only game where a huey can take down a Hind
Bogdan Savchenko
Bogdan Savchenko - 8 dager siden
bf3, had better characted and ,ovement animations back in 2009 then this in 2020. PIty Dice stopped making good games after bf4
Aryan Alfa
Aryan Alfa - 8 dager siden
give me the game
marsel dagistani
marsel dagistani - 8 dager siden
Man Reagan is such a smooth talker
Dom Krall
Dom Krall - 8 dager siden
Shame this only uploaded in 1080p
Leigh - 8 dager siden
I didn’t get Ride of the Valkyries song in fracture jaw
Skyler Shimada
Skyler Shimada - 8 dager siden
Park sounds like Agent 47s handler
Podkriznik - 8 dager siden
What a load of BS that first mission was :D And the guns again sound worse than airsoft toys.
MythicFrost - 8 dager siden
not actually gun but a M40 recoilless rifle on that Jeep! Makes also no sense to have west german guns on GDR troops!
Saram Fiver
Saram Fiver - 8 dager siden
After seeing this map I got to buy the game. Frostbite all the way.
Gilkeway - 8 dager siden
23:52where my game crashes every time
Low Light
Low Light - 8 dager siden
"Flight if the Vakyries" just as in Apocalyps Now. Seems like the C._.A. always turn out as heroes, when it is clear they were behind a lot of dirty shit on their own people.
Flight Therapy **BullisticFPV**
Ok, so 80's Reagan era Iranian hostage crisis as a setting? Friggin awesome and all Ive wanted from COD for so long. Making it on a clearly inferior engine after a massive release like Modern Warfare? absolutely ridiculous... like.. just why?
Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang - 8 dager siden
The least realistic part of the game is Reagan respecting your preferred pronouns.
Johnathan Rivard
Johnathan Rivard - 9 dager siden
persius looks like a russian version of john cena
alex turnqest
alex turnqest - 9 dager siden
Is it just me.. or does Adlers voice sound just like Master Chief’s John 117 voice from Halo?
yourma2000 - 9 dager siden
Guys, remember when non-binary as a gender option in the 1980s was as common as air?
Cameron Buckles
Cameron Buckles - 9 dager siden
Hostages? it was never about the hostages it was about sending a message
Linus Heinz Hirschi
Linus Heinz Hirschi - 9 dager siden
4k doesnt work anymore on youtube? ;( but i can understand it, it's such an enormous amount of bandwith (8x)
Jee Young
Jee Young - 9 dager siden
Cold War would of been so much better if they added more gore to it. For example, when you threw that gernade as the body shield.
matthew reviews
matthew reviews - 9 dager siden
To me, the pacing feels honestly alittle too fast this time. Like, do they think we have the attention spans of a child? Well, maybe that’s true for some people
Mariusz Majcher
Mariusz Majcher - 9 dager siden
Arcade game
theM94 - 9 dager siden
So, why isn't Robert Redford voice acting for Adler?
Malachi W
Malachi W - 9 dager siden
hate woods voice actor
Jackson Heilman
Jackson Heilman - 9 dager siden
20:27 "what is that gun?" recoilless rifle, probably the M40.
Phantomstriker98 - 9 dager siden
Idk, this all just seems so bland
Stereotype - 9 dager siden
What over the top bullshit this is. They will never learn.
bambuwuzled YT
bambuwuzled YT - 9 dager siden
I wish there wasn't so much compression, why YouTube gotta do me like that
J - 9 dager siden
holy cow the voice acting is AWFUL xD
jeff wu
jeff wu - 9 dager siden
Finally we got the full auto m16....omg for long time every cod games they make m16 fuking 3 shot mode.....
Vindicated Rascal
Vindicated Rascal - 9 dager siden
next time kill volkov
FAZE9NINE ! - 9 dager siden
Should I do something similar on my channel guys ??
Christian Paul Miole
Christian Paul Miole - 9 dager siden
i knew they would include Carnik Con in the game 11:06
fu5ionazzo 18
fu5ionazzo 18 - 9 dager siden
I think the mw campaign had better AI death animations.
Philip Kekahu
Philip Kekahu - 9 dager siden
Jack Tacker
Jack Tacker - 9 dager siden
i hate this
Uzaki Chan
Uzaki Chan - 9 dager siden
How did jackfrags get Ride of the Valkyries Mission mine was different one even when I restart the mission
RikkiTikkiTavi - 9 dager siden
Adler is definitely a traitor. Hes probably Perseus. Just my first impressions.
I_ASED_I - 9 dager siden
I just gotta say the persian accent is just spot on in this game
Alexander Langhans
Alexander Langhans - 10 dager siden
Started this on another walkthru channel. But was disappointed with the gun abilities after a few min. I knew right away I had to come here.
Back lash
Back lash - 10 dager siden
The east german mp5 was the best mp5 right?
Djo Anton
Djo Anton - 10 dager siden
14:08 too real
Sam - 10 dager siden
Thank you for staying quiet during the cut scenes
Paslon - 10 dager siden
"sound of the train covered us!" No, the stealth set pieces in this game are just buggy horrible messes that do not have any logic to them.
Mister Polygon
Mister Polygon - 10 dager siden
First hint: Hold E to break the geneva convention
justburrito - 9 dager siden
2nd Hint: Press X to release crack
Ty the Gamer
Ty the Gamer - 10 dager siden
Does anyone else think Adler looks like Robert Redford
Jormungandr - 10 dager siden
I just finished the main story and have to admit that it isnt nearly as good as MW2019 tbh
Austin 92caps
Austin 92caps - 10 dager siden
Saved the traitor and got your contact killed and don't recognize either of them oh jack lay off the drugs and booze no wonder you use chets lol jk bud 🤣
J M - 10 dager siden
Really non binary is in there.
Blue Rain01
Blue Rain01 - 10 dager siden
CALL of DUTY and their ridiculous cutscnes
aps1s - 10 dager siden
Dude the yhave Non- Binary under Gender? what the fuck is that?
Kyle Yamada
Kyle Yamada - 10 dager siden
ronald regan was not that prolific
Macgregor Hall
Macgregor Hall - 10 dager siden
its a shame they got a new voice actor for mason
Daniel Lourenço Affonso
Daniel Lourenço Affonso - 10 dager siden
the gameplay audio is kinda low
Jackal Matlou
Jackal Matlou - 10 dager siden
Wait, the woman gave him Intel and helped him escape and Jack didn't remember her?
Weasel65 - 7 dager siden
@David Franks shes alive at the end though at 59:19 ? maybe a mistake from the game devs.
David Franks
David Franks - 10 dager siden
I killed the guy in blue because I read he's file on the desk where the German dude was on the radio and I save the woman because she helped me. When I saw jack miss the file and told the dude to f off I know the woman was going to die.
Chase Motes
Chase Motes - 10 dager siden
anyone dont like woods new voice
Jackal Matlou
Jackal Matlou - 10 dager siden
Adler is just cool AF
Blane Nau
Blane Nau - 10 dager siden
The nostalgia is blinding you people. This game is cheesy as fuuuuck.
Austin Stevenson
Austin Stevenson - 10 dager siden
The lady in the cupboard was you informant
Jackal Matlou
Jackal Matlou - 10 dager siden
Skin tone? I don't go outside lmao 😂 😂 65
Alistair Maclean
Alistair Maclean - 10 dager siden
Gender : non binary 😂😂 in the military
Blane Nau
Blane Nau - 10 dager siden
Is this a cod game or a Hollywood film?
Zossua - 10 dager siden
Damn this looks so unoriginal and boring.
Blane Nau
Blane Nau - 10 dager siden
I feel like if you love this game then your standards are set WAYYYY too fucking low.
Blane Nau
Blane Nau - 10 dager siden
The MAIN CHARACTER doesn’t have VOICE LINES? What the fuck?
Nathan Bower
Nathan Bower - 10 dager siden
I don't know why but Adler reminds me of the Ken doll from Toy Story! lol