BLACK OPS COLD WAR Walkthrough Part 3 - The END is crazy!

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Campaign walkthrough Part 3. The End of this game is a bit mad, did you see the twist coming?! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner. Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store.
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Monster Monty
Monster Monty - 8 timer siden
Alder: you went in a cave
Jack: no I went down a VC rat tunnel to play zombies
Avery Duong
Avery Duong - Dag siden
What end?
Abe Hartshorne
Abe Hartshorne - Dag siden
loved it, would be nice to see some more campaign walkthroughs :)
Vigilant Slacker
Vigilant Slacker - Dag siden
You know the devs were huge Stanley Parable fans.
ed and 69 others
ed and 69 others - 2 dager siden
I didn't know The Stanley's Parable had DLC
MaD TitaN
MaD TitaN - 2 dager siden
I dont understand the ending...Woods and Mason were never dead there!?
Jim Plays Badly
Jim Plays Badly - 2 dager siden
SKS is great in Multi!CW. At least, until we get the FAL
M. Siam .M
M. Siam .M - 2 dager siden
I Tea Bagged Adler
Arth - 2 dager siden
Russian ending was better
Zeferino Perez
Zeferino Perez - 2 dager siden
“Drilled me” - jack frags 2020
SFB - 2 dager siden
what a load of shit
Devil666v2 - 3 dager siden
Glad I didn't buy it now. Just watch it for free on YouTube.
OscarMike - 3 dager siden
Cold war is a sequel for BO1 and a prequel to BO2.
Nidhan Sandhu
Nidhan Sandhu - 3 dager siden
Do you like the m49 television rifle yeah that's a really good sniper rifles but I see the school is better books on the gun is much more better scopes🙀🙀🙀🙀
ousou78 - 3 dager siden
So those AA they were worried about where heavy artillery pieces... are we in the Cold War with supersonic jets or in 1944 protecting B-17 heavy bomber?
I was expecting some ground to air missiles or at least fast wiring canon (23 or 30 mm batteries).
But hey that's COD I should have given up any hope of common sens as soon as I saw every East German soldier using MP5...
kjbskt - 4 dager siden
I think thewre is 5 possilble endings.
Ollie9T7 - 4 dager siden
21:34 that rpg was so so close
dizzychizzy - 4 dager siden
snooze fest
Mr White Films
Mr White Films - 4 dager siden
What difficulty was you playing it on?
John - 4 dager siden
I love Jack
RicebowlJohnson - 4 dager siden
the good ending is the canon ending
MightyKondrai - 4 dager siden
I hope Jack knows the the whole mind control was a real thing the CIA did, it's not made up.
Snakeinator - 4 dager siden
Jack didn't do the side missions though.
Adrigiri Widjaja
Adrigiri Widjaja - 4 dager siden
At least Perseus didn't betray bell
Mynt - 5 dager siden
I guess you could say that

Adler was the Bell's end.
Badvoc The Terrible
Badvoc The Terrible - 5 dager siden
What level did you run through the campaign at?
Evokyr - 5 dager siden
Those sniper bullets look like fucking airsoft lol.
Luepola - 5 dager siden
Sad Maz
Sad Maz - 5 dager siden
*shepperd Ptsd starts rolling*
Jared - 5 dager siden
that “dew it “ at 31:59 was funny as hell😭
ConsoleFreak - 5 dager siden
"If they do a sequel to this, I wonder which ending itll follow" pretty obvious surely? Woods and Mason are alive years after the events of this game.. so its clearly the USA victory ending that would be cannon..
MrMadManc - 5 dager siden
I soooo sick of them putting women on the front line its total BS
DEWANGGA - WIBISANA - 5 dager siden
who's "bell"?
Manny Moreno
Manny Moreno - 5 dager siden
I love at 0:25 that Mason and Woods give each other a fist bump I find it cute and wholesome
Packadapod - 5 dager siden
Damn. Everybody I watch doesnt keep disobeying Adler, and misses out on a REALLY TRIPPY ending to that mission. its so sick. I highly recommend replaying it and just keep going left until you cant anymore. its crazy.
Master Oof
Master Oof - 5 dager siden
Bell reminds me of the main character to an action anime. We have the people who hate on him and the ones who rely on him
Nenad Jakovljevic
Nenad Jakovljevic - 6 dager siden
9:45 oh no nononono :D
ZEROXIII - 6 dager siden
Man jacks still got it
Picogram - 6 dager siden
Can someone explain the twist of the events in the ending?
RayRice -
RayRice - - 6 dager siden
Someone needs to put the USSR anthem over the Soviet ending
Ran - 6 dager siden
I was spinning for hours to find the freaking door that was behind me the whole time
Greuf - 6 dager siden
This was a nice playthrough, the second ending was awesome XD. Thanks jack!
Tim Larsen
Tim Larsen - 6 dager siden
i didnt like the ending, i enjoyed most of the rest tho, whenever it opened up and allowed you to actually use your brain a little, nice change.
Alex Gee
Alex Gee - 6 dager siden
TLDW : Being that this is set during the cold war, you can expect the following: Nukes, Double Agents, Triple Agents, and in this case 2 endings.
Noob Trollington
Noob Trollington - 6 dager siden
I bet the "Truth" ending will be the canon. On both endings, they cutting loose ends, on Truth ending, they killed you, on Lie Ending, you're the who's tying up loose ends or tie it back. I personally like the Lie Ending as Perseus has complete trust on you meanwhile on the Truth ending, even you save the world, your team as well as the others still don't trust you at all.
Jack O'Neill
Jack O'Neill - 6 dager siden
This is a pretty lame campaign ngl
Gage Lindell
Gage Lindell - 6 dager siden
Its a campaign of COD. Who F’n cares? This crap is complete garbage.
Jonah Anthony
Jonah Anthony - 6 dager siden
i got unsubscribed? wtf
Moon Mars
Moon Mars - 6 dager siden
Are you playing on PS5 or PS4 ?
ya nan
ya nan - 6 dager siden
43:36 jack "bell" frags !!!
Gumby - 6 dager siden
42:30 the entire cutscene is so beautiful with the graphics
Vasil Racheff
Vasil Racheff - 6 dager siden
The sign: Says "СЮДА" ("HERE")
Jack: Cloak...
James West
James West - 6 dager siden
Lying is so much more enjoyable but a lot shorter.
BIg Man
BIg Man - 6 dager siden
Did anyone else find the zombie cave below the statue during the Vietnam part I was really confused
thewillofme - 6 dager siden
I think I'll wait till it's less expensive. It's too short for $70.
Coheed - 6 dager siden
Now that's a great COD campaign.
ValAirsoft - 6 dager siden
MyneOne Video Channel
MyneOne Video Channel - 6 dager siden
All COD games are exactly the same
Mr.Cubarino Gaming
Mr.Cubarino Gaming - 7 dager siden
Multiplayer...was a fan back in Mw..but now I feel like other ytube gamers ...the campaign is fire..but mp is yuca
Dirty Baker
Dirty Baker - 7 dager siden
Cool campaign! I have always loved the COD campaigns. Sad there are a lot of people who skip it entirely. The dream-like sequence when you're running through the lab reminds me of Max Payne. That game had some cool innovative stuff.
commander dalek
commander dalek - 7 dager siden
I love how he just casualy laughs at setting someone on fire
Kieran Schafer
Kieran Schafer - 7 dager siden
Such a fresh campaign compared to the other boring ass stale ones tacked onto multiplayer every year.
Victor Mota-Gil
Victor Mota-Gil - 7 dager siden
Plot: "if we don't stop them from detonating these nuclear bombs, Europe and the world will think we did it."
Me: "Just tell Europe and the world that there is a mad man looking to blow up nuclear bombs" 🤷‍♂️
Daniel Rotaru
Daniel Rotaru - 6 dager siden
yeah but they can’t tell them that they set up nukes in their cities without permission that could just lead to them stopping perseus and starting to war with russia on their side against the americans
Jonny Ratcliffe
Jonny Ratcliffe - 7 dager siden
The reason I didn’t mind dying is because bell is just some random fucker but if it was a character I knew I probably wouldn’t like it
StealingColor - 7 dager siden
this is the best campaign sense BO2 but its so damn short. :(
thú vị quá
thú vị quá - 7 dager siden
29:47 COD now have ZA WARUDO
Henry Morris
Henry Morris - 7 dager siden
Adler: "it was for the greater good"
Also Adler: *throws cigarette into the ocean*
Mr. Unknown
Mr. Unknown - 7 dager siden
"Mason im so sorry but not sorry"🤣🤣
Lucas Wozniak
Lucas Wozniak - 7 dager siden
But the mind f****** begin
Gavin Conant
Gavin Conant - 7 dager siden
Bruh - 7 dager siden
I like how jack didnt even mean to find the zombies easter egg yet he still did lol
Gon - 7 dager siden
You can tell with the ending they were going for a bioshock ending.
UnUsable4Evar - 7 dager siden
Squidy - 7 dager siden
Game is ass
CYBXR - 7 dager siden
Yes comrades, lie ending is best
what? you no agree?
send him to the gulag!!
Jaden Mayo
Jaden Mayo - 7 dager siden
Moral of the story. United States brainwashes their people
Cast Fury
Cast Fury - 7 dager siden
choosing kgb as your background or cia also gives a couple different voicelines in the end personally I prefer EX-KGB truth ending
Suu hi iwuwb Sjkwnw
Suu hi iwuwb Sjkwnw - 7 dager siden
The second ending is so perfect. Loved it
Astral'o Pithecus
Astral'o Pithecus - 7 dager siden
Loved the campaign. It shows that the USSR wasn't the antagonist during the Cold War,
but both sides were malevolent entities looking for their own interests.
Ian Ng
Ian Ng - 7 dager siden
There's a third ending where you die on arrival in Duga
Kasper Schmidt
Kasper Schmidt - 7 dager siden
A shame the campaign wasn't longer, so much potential. It was a really interesting story, but too compressed.
everything will be ok
everything will be ok - 7 dager siden
“He could wipe out Europe” bro with that many nukes at once he’d wipe out all life on earth
mumuoz - 3 dager siden
Yeah, talk about radiation
Astral'o Pithecus
Astral'o Pithecus - 7 dager siden
Funny how MK-Ultra was actually a big failure. LSD or any other psychedelic
for that matter will enlighten you, it won't turn you into a mindless zombie.
Sebby Nona
Sebby Nona - 7 dager siden
Wait did bell give Adler the scar this campaign looks very interesting
Astral'o Pithecus
Astral'o Pithecus - 7 dager siden
29:20 The Russian sign that seems like "Cloak" means "Here". You should go to the left!
Iñigo Inchaurraga
Iñigo Inchaurraga - 7 dager siden
looks worse than the last?
Doomsday - 7 dager siden
the only game where the graphics have not improved over 15 years. What a shit game series.
SPLashBang 10
SPLashBang 10 - 7 dager siden
Poor bell the man gets betrayed twice!!
DAXimusTT - 7 dager siden
haha 9:06 a 5 1/4 floppy!
Ricky LaFleur
Ricky LaFleur - 7 dager siden
This part was so good wow
Austin Castleberry
Austin Castleberry - 7 dager siden
19:42 if you disobey Adler and go left the zip line right and find the little fox hole it gives the chance to open it up and go in once you do a vc solder will jump scar you and if you follow him to a cave a zombie easter egg will happen the zombie kills you and you hear the iconic laugh and adler tells you to quiet lying
Jory Putra
Jory Putra - 7 dager siden
So, if you choose the good ending, there is no Metro 2033?
VegaIsAgingWell - 7 dager siden
I bet there is a third ending where you can kill everyone and not detonate the bomb but I think yo have to completely ignore addler in the implanted memory by the sounds of it
Zefram Cochrane
Zefram Cochrane - 7 dager siden
What would have been REALLY cool is if they would've woven Menendez into this game.
Like maybe Adler's past mission dealt with him or something. That could've been a cool war to bring back one of COD's greatest villains.
But, nope.
Kyle Christensen
Kyle Christensen - 7 dager siden
bro if that many nuclear bombs went off there wouldnt be anyone left in the entire world to blame the bombs on
Jormungandr - 7 dager siden
MW2019 was better tbh. I dig the plot twist sequence and how it was done, but I still vastly prefer a well done linear narrative compared to branching endings
The Uncommon n00b
The Uncommon n00b - 7 dager siden
he already beat the game and acted like it was the first time he saw it
mvdillman - 7 dager siden
Jack, would you kindly finish that job you have to do?
Sean Mooney
Sean Mooney - 7 dager siden
Nice campaign Comrade!!
Itzz Lvo
Itzz Lvo - 7 dager siden
this cmpaign was amazing to watch