Black Ops Cold War Zombies Reveal!

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COD Zombies has to be coming soon and these Puzzles can help unlock the reveal! Join me along with 5 others to get closer to the reveal. Solving puzzles using my computer terminal today! Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner
Runtime: 2:11:56


DailyPlayers - 9 dager siden
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Matthew Quinly
Matthew Quinly - Måned siden
Did i just watch a 2 hour scavenger hunt that we didn't get the fucking answer too!!! I'm gonna loose my mind
Welco - Måned siden
Its basically an ANTIFA level
Geoffrey Hanford
Geoffrey Hanford - Måned siden
What ever happened with this? Weren't you going to continue this the following day?
TheeKyuubiKidd - Måned siden
The Easter egg doesn’t seem like it’s done yet, and he probably said that thinking it would be done by then. I think he may wait until it’s actually done being developed to post more about it.
metal_ak4 - Måned siden
why dont they do a community hunt.. instead of watching cringy youtubers mess around on photoshop for 3 hours.
Anuj - Måned siden
@TheeKyuubiKidd Maybe he's interested in the decoding but he's pissed because the devs only give the damn resources to the youtubers. It's pretty stupid actually, I agree with him.
TheeKyuubiKidd - Måned siden
metal_ak4 If you can’t understand the fallacy in your own logic, how can you sit there and say I need a better argument? You sit here and complain and call people cringy yet you’re here just like everyone else who’s watching.
metal_ak4 - Måned siden
@TheeKyuubiKidd what sort of inherently flawed logic is that? Just because I am here, doesn't mean I wouldn't rather have something different. Come back with a stronger argument than that.
TheeKyuubiKidd - Måned siden
Why sit here and complain about “cringy” youtubers if you’re here watching the same video everyone else is?
A youtube subscriber hore
A youtube subscriber hore - Måned siden
Zombies has had its day.....
aojohn2 - Måned siden
Why can't Brits pronounce the th sound correctly?
Kiraito - Måned siden
BONUS STAGE UNLOCKED... was it that hard to u?
kill montge 2223
kill montge 2223 - 2 måneder siden
November 4-1
November 4-1 - 2 måneder siden
Can anyone help me with the captcha system? It's absolute bonkers. I can't use ANY emails anymore, they won't let me pass, and they've been checking on one for 24+ hours, still no account. Can anyone help out/ give advice?
cammobus - 2 måneder siden
yeah this was great Jack, thanks
Quinn Florence
Quinn Florence - 2 måneder siden
Well if this is the COD Cold War team doing this than this is very Cold War like and kinda scary just because you have no clue what it could be at first.
Great video Jack and good luck with future videos and projects.
Take care everyone and stay safe out there.
Ugandan Gamer
Ugandan Gamer - 2 måneder siden
Play Planetside 2
Kevin C.
Kevin C. - 2 måneder siden
TheSrjo - 2 måneder siden
@jackfrags i havnt gotten too into warzone being a BF fan; but lately ive been noticing you enjoying warzone(as in largescale tactical gameplay) and i kn BF6 wont be out for awhile; so my question is...
Since warzone will be supported awhile, do you think its worth getting into now?
I still feel warzone is kinda a "aim and shoot" gameplay where primarily; whoever shot first wins, compared to BF where gun skill matters more..or is warzone the best out rn and i shld just accept it and play??? Like honestly has warzone gotten better ganeplay like in bullet drop, bf style gunplay and largescale matches or is it still arcade like???
oPinkz - 2 måneder siden
Jack with all this clue solving, it would be cool to see you play among us
LaBronco 75
LaBronco 75 - 2 måneder siden
Jack, when you watched the first couple videos, it sounds a lot like a message to the American people about what’s happening in America right now…!
Mikeureko - 2 måneder siden
Indeed indeed.
Kollin fnaf
Kollin fnaf - 2 måneder siden
Love the content fam if you can pls do a couple more bf4 or bfv vids explaining more about the weapons and shit that'd be cool.
L. - 2 måneder siden
Pls play Squad
No Luck, Pure Skill
No Luck, Pure Skill - 2 måneder siden
More lip stick for the pig I'm guessing ...
Zal Can
Zal Can - 2 måneder siden
Had to turn on English subs for some of those boys
"Page free"
"This fing"
maxhaha123 - 2 måneder siden
White Fang
White Fang - 2 måneder siden
Erm... is that a hyphen not a dash Jack?
Sea Bee
Sea Bee - 2 måneder siden
2 hours and they still don't know if it is for zombies
Richard Alward
Richard Alward - 2 måneder siden
This is cool but it’s just a pain in the ass to get the clues together on this
J L - 2 måneder siden
Has anyone tried steganography to try and decode any info from the screen shots of the videos?
Justin Leduc
Justin Leduc - 2 måneder siden
Look at the sticky on the terminal ( could be my semi drunk arse) but the hamburgler , sticky note , two pawns and zonk 1 and what are those dog tags? Edit: guess i spoke to early in the vid lol
DIO - 2 måneder siden
If this is just for teaser. Then why bother? Wait for the FULL trailer that will come out regardless. It doesn't seem fun or worth it to do all this.
Jeff Frisse
Jeff Frisse - 2 måneder siden
Seriously, Treyarch's PR team worked harder on these mystery challenges than the dev team did on MP and ZOMBIES.
The game release will feature 3 ZOMBIE maps, two of which are remasters. LOL!!!
Cold War will die quicker than BLOPS 4 and that's a damn shame!
Jacobahalls - 2 måneder siden
Got confirmation?
Deeno Vers
Deeno Vers - 2 måneder siden
Jack what sensitivity do you use in warzone?
Adib Bhai
Adib Bhai - 2 måneder siden
Jack wick
Abhinandan S. P
Abhinandan S. P - 2 måneder siden
Hi Jack
Wendell Earnest
Wendell Earnest - 2 måneder siden
Zork was the shit in it's day... takes me waaaay back, lol...
JediStorm - 2 måneder siden
You got to beat zork first lol
TheMrlongbeard - 2 måneder siden
If they put as much effort into the campaign mode as they do into these teasers I'd buy it safe that there would be more than 3 or 4 hours worth of game-play, shame it ain't so.
bloodyFarts 6669
bloodyFarts 6669 - 2 måneder siden
Do a collab with marley13 please. Would be great
Martin H
Martin H - 2 måneder siden
Really enjoyable thanks
Anthony Regina
Anthony Regina - 2 måneder siden
Sick he got one of the terminals
Cory Miller
Cory Miller - 2 måneder siden
Duuuuuude I love Driftor
Felix Newell
Felix Newell - 2 måneder siden
love your channel, but this was a bit click baity.
Jordon J Njie
Jordon J Njie - 2 måneder siden
Ima just leave this on my second monitor and get my ass beat on warzone watching
Jason Page
Jason Page - 2 måneder siden
I think the real gem in this is geekypasttimes. Thanks Jack.
Shahram Abid
Shahram Abid - 2 måneder siden
RAHUL ASHWILL DENNIS - - 2 måneder siden
Could the dots be more?
RAHUL ASHWILL DENNIS - - 2 måneder siden
Cheapsh0t247 - 2 måneder siden
please be careful plugging random USBs into your PC dude
Blake Thibodeaux
Blake Thibodeaux - 2 måneder siden
Watching jack make that “qr code” not as quickly as I’d like killed me
Callum B-H
Callum B-H - 2 måneder siden
Gonna wait until Jack edits this down into a shorter video - I know it's quarantine, but I'm not trying to watch a feature length movie about an ARG.
dom sturman
dom sturman - 2 måneder siden
This is genius marketing!
Space Imposter
Space Imposter - 2 måneder siden
So who the imposter?
Matthijs G
Matthijs G - 2 måneder siden
2 houres and 11 min for a "see you tomorow"
Alita - 2 måneder siden
the biggest disappointment is seeing Jack use light mode for Discord
Gamer_Gawd - Måned siden
@Horrible At Everything Skype. Get with the times loser
Horrible At Everything
Horrible At Everything - Måned siden
C0AL1T10N 22 what else would you use.
C0AL1T10N 22
C0AL1T10N 22 - Måned siden
A bigger dissapointment is people still using discord
Golo - 2 måneder siden
jack you should probably change the title
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez - 2 måneder siden
Imagine wasn’t your time on this
Blane Nau
Blane Nau - 2 måneder siden
Sat there for two hours and we get a “come back tomorrow.” How fucking disappointing. I hope this isn’t foreshadowing the game’s release.
Mike T
Mike T - 2 måneder siden
So this is where the time was spent, rather than putting a 2014 effort into MP lol
C0AL1T10N 22
C0AL1T10N 22 - Måned siden
Wdym? The multiplayer in advanced warafre was the the second worse, after bo4. The campaign carried that game
Vince - 2 måneder siden
Mike Ross
Mike Ross - 2 måneder siden
Would love to see you playing For Honor!
Daryl Alexander
Daryl Alexander - 2 måneder siden
Who were the other streamers besides jack and noahj?
Bondcoupe - 2 måneder siden
4 more subs to 120
dub2459 - 2 måneder siden
I think Jack works for the C.I.A...he knows too much
Scam Water
Scam Water - 2 måneder siden
Aaah yes, British man is working for the CIA
Tim West
Tim West - 2 måneder siden
What's up with the little Kaboom! guy on the monitor?
Noobish! - 2 måneder siden
Da fuq was this? Convoluted shite just like zombies is now!
alra7eel - 2 måneder siden
your videos are the best 👌
kyle Nunya
kyle Nunya - 2 måneder siden
This has got nothing on destiny 2 puzzles and args
William Anderson
William Anderson - 2 måneder siden
kyle Nunya destiny puzzles are ez
FBI - 2 måneder siden
G'day mate
Darryl Giors
Darryl Giors - 2 måneder siden
It's fun to see some gamers operating out of their element.
Yuri Costa
Yuri Costa - 2 måneder siden
It's this an out season April fools joke !?
Creationeer Gaming
Creationeer Gaming - 2 måneder siden
Got the first password for FIRE, picked up the new item from Damp cave, confirmed related to AIR puzzle
Valka Solidor
Valka Solidor - 2 måneder siden
I spent part of the cold war era in an anti-armor mech unit doing exercises in the hills along the DDR (German)/Czech border. From the high ground we surveyed what gamers now recognize as the locales portrayed in Dayz as Chernarus. It's cool that we can now have fun with cold war zombies, but back then it was no joke. More than once a Soviet tank corps commander was seen with a tape measure assuring the clearance for the advance of eastern bloc tanks.
TheeKyuubiKidd - Måned siden
ARUSH : Why is it that he has to be trying to prove anything because he said something? That’s an asinine way of thinking.
Twax agone
Twax agone - 2 måneder siden
Is the paint dry yet?
TheCoupDeCoude78 - 2 måneder siden
Where is the gameplay ?
was wer
was wer - 2 måneder siden
Only a little clickbaity Jack
Tomasz 6400t
Tomasz 6400t - 2 måneder siden
Another commercial... youtubers in 2020... sad.
TinySpaceGuy - 2 måneder siden
ok so when talking about the helicopters, everytime someone said "jump to left" i kept thinking of the Time Warp
QP - 2 måneder siden
MarleyThirteen Notifaction Squaaaaaaaaad!!
PokerNick - 2 måneder siden
Bo Mars
Bo Mars - 2 måneder siden
Hi Jack
That was nice.
Would be also nice to see you play WZ with Geeky. What do you recon?
Sealboy - 2 måneder siden
Omfg this was boring.U must be meganerd if u can watch this
Dom Hitchen
Dom Hitchen - 2 måneder siden
Haha love Marley he hasny got a clue
Dalva Sá Sá
Dalva Sá Sá - 2 måneder siden
Just comment some aleatory thing and win a lot of likes
HolyWrath - 2 måneder siden
This is so legit.
WoopsToggle - 2 måneder siden
yo fuck treyarch fr
Reports 1337
Reports 1337 - 2 måneder siden
God that shit sucks
ramzan bahadurzaev
ramzan bahadurzaev - 2 måneder siden
My favourite content creator of all time!
Nikronic - 2 måneder siden
I cannot believe people did not enjoy this. What? you want a trailer and just go click and stuff? an AIM BOT can do much better than if you know what I mean. I enjoyed this stream more than any other streams of COD.
Jerry Kale
Jerry Kale - 2 måneder siden
All these Easter eggs and reveals for a shitty half baked downgrade game compared to MW.
Roasted Toast
Roasted Toast - 2 måneder siden
This is gonna be bfv all over again
Briggs 123
Briggs 123 - 2 måneder siden
This probably the first time I've actually been disappointed by Jacks content.
Keanu R
Keanu R - 2 måneder siden
I remember battlefield easter eggs were huge back in the day And then jack recently released a bf easter egg with the clock ticking and the community did nothing,like no one cares that just show how deep in shit the battlefield franchise is.
ahahahahhahah - 2 måneder siden
I hope BF6 brings everyone back, hopefully the PR team does something similar to this to get the BF Easter egg community in motion
Julien M
Julien M - 2 måneder siden
Il a eu l'exclusivité du zombies ????
Salty - 2 måneder siden
my pawn vs pawn card just came into the mail just a couple days ago lol
Maykol Alvarez
Maykol Alvarez - 2 måneder siden
Love when companies do stuff like this for games, it really turns the games into an experience rather than just a game.
Declan Fletcher
Declan Fletcher - 2 måneder siden
So no information about zombies for cod bocw nice
Ree R
Ree R - 2 måneder siden
How many “mysterious packages “ do you get a year?
Erik - 2 måneder siden
More than the President
Tranquillado - 2 måneder siden
Jack, who were the other detectives besides Drift0r?
djamcat - 2 måneder siden
Blah blah fuckin'blah. That sucked big time.
Paints Withlead
Paints Withlead - 2 måneder siden
Can’t wait for the next vid, love the Easter egg. I want to also bet that you’ll be opening the fire place... with the bricks and maybe the items from the rest of the group.
J Inxon
J Inxon - 2 måneder siden
Jack, I'll teach you to be a Exl master, and you turn me into a WZ master.. deal? 🤣
Kwl Gamer
Kwl Gamer - 2 måneder siden
Hey that's Driftor!
Blinkycuff - 2 måneder siden
That's a fax