Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Beta Gameplay and Impressions

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Black Ops Beta is live on PS4! Let's test out the updates and go over some of the changes made. Is it any better? I have COD points and BETA Codes to give away! Use code JACKFRAGS in the store. Become a member - noburn.infojoin - Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.#COD_Partner
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Eli Riley
Eli Riley - 5 dager siden
dus it came in 360
Eli Riley
Eli Riley - 5 dager siden
hay man love your videos
Eli Riley
Eli Riley - 5 dager siden
Eli Riley
Eli Riley - 5 dager siden
ХЛОРКА - 7 dager siden
лайк 👍👍👍👍
Self Destruct
Self Destruct - 9 dager siden
@V -woods Calm down nerd. Enjoy your 8 maps and 27 guns.
DailyPlayers - 9 dager siden
Guys, SUBSCRIBE to our channel, we post gameplays daily (Battlefield, Cold War, CS:GO, Warzone, FIFA21 etc. THANK YOU!
Ughblah - 13 dager siden
Im getting Bo2 Vibes
N3ON PLAYA - 13 dager siden
Honestly never heard of you before but I watched this whole video and really enjoyed your content I wanted to ask if maybe when can play when the actual game drops because I bought the cross gen pack and you seem pretty cool anyway I will stay tuned to your videos
stevin simon
stevin simon - 14 dager siden
Can anyone please give me the Alder skin redeem code for cod mobile...
tyler rudek
tyler rudek - 15 dager siden
turn ur commentary off ur brutal, cant listen to that stupid shit
flashy5150 - 15 dager siden
That’s the same thing that I noticed, all these games get your graphics card and processor working harder, when it should be running slower, like in a main menu. Cheers
Travis Wirth
Travis Wirth - 16 dager siden
Multiplayer is more playable with less camping. Other than that, it’s just... meh
Sinister BB
Sinister BB - 18 dager siden
*gets it*
COD community: Where’s the effort? We want NEW call of duty style
David - 13 dager siden
Stephen Poore
Stephen Poore - 18 dager siden
Hey can you do co-op story missions with mates rather than have to be on same console
Leon Batey
Leon Batey - 19 dager siden
I hate how there is no distinction between factions.. woods could be running round as a Russian. find myself shooting at team mates cause of a operator or dying to someone I thought was a team mate. so stupid. be worse on hardcore
Strelok - 19 dager siden
Still no dedicated servers. Still not interested.
Owen DePascal
Owen DePascal - 21 dag siden
People always hate on the new cod in the beta bit love it when it comes with only a few expeptions
Tommy BRO
Tommy BRO - 24 dager siden
Just hope mw wont die
Paul Barlow
Paul Barlow - 26 dager siden
I played both Alpha and Beta and loved the cartel map
Jayden Walker
Jayden Walker - 27 dager siden
I got reserved it at gaamestop
Landon Weaver
Landon Weaver - 28 dager siden
this looks like halo which i dont like animations are scetch idk about this game
Omar Mahfouz
Omar Mahfouz - Måned siden
Looks terrible
Bleakings - Måned siden
Ur horrible at cod
Prophet Phill x
Prophet Phill x - Måned siden
Looks like bo1 and battlefield
Hakai Shin
Hakai Shin - Måned siden
Can't believe that they stopped working on MW Warzone for "this". It's not real Call of Duty bruh..
OneDay - Måned siden
God those guns firing sounds awful
callofduty mobile
callofduty mobile - Måned siden
Anyone have adler redeem code
Pravin Cj
Pravin Cj - Måned siden
Kina Retxrd
Kina Retxrd - Måned siden
Today IT OUT
Lucifer bonilla
Lucifer bonilla - Måned siden
It sucks though that you can’t play zombies
LFO FLOW - Måned siden
This game sucks cok
Chris Aubuchon
Chris Aubuchon - Måned siden
TankFrags is back! Greatly improved American accent btw. Epic Arnold impressions as always, and apparently Richtofen as well?
dylan sime
dylan sime - Måned siden
Jaws will drop to the floor when bf6 finally comes out
Ondřej Vaculík
Ondřej Vaculík - Måned siden
1:03:56 it looks like a battlefield hardline with better graphics
the murfree brood
the murfree brood - Måned siden
looks like same as csgo .. this is ball shit im not going to buy it
Utrekz - Måned siden
I hate saying it but I had to get the game refunded after playing the beta. It just doesnt play right. It feels off. I'm glad others are enjoying it but something about this game is off. The hit detection is strange and clunky, gonna have to skip this one
Joe Cole
Joe Cole - Måned siden
Is this game free?? I check it out today and it was free— I dunno if it was a prank or joke lol
Joe Cole
Joe Cole - Måned siden
are you getting the PS5??
Joe Cole
Joe Cole - Måned siden
Okay thank you
Chicken Nugs
Chicken Nugs - Måned siden
The beta is
Joe Cole
Joe Cole - Måned siden
Is this game free ?? cause I check it out today and it was free!!
The_Real_JDC - Måned siden
Jackfrags playing MnK on console!?
realbad72 - Måned siden
1:47:04 .... Smile your on Tv ;-)
Iftikhar Hussain
Iftikhar Hussain - Måned siden
I foun cod BO CW gameplay exactly the same as COD MW 2019
Rome Mac
Rome Mac - Måned siden
Kinda wish they woulda kept the opening and closing of doors and mounting the gun
Richy campervan
Richy campervan - Måned siden
Just played it , i didn't like it
*bread* - Måned siden
The m16 reminds me of the battle rifle from halo 2 anniversary.
The Witcher
The Witcher - Måned siden
please help , i download cold war beta but i'cant play ??
--------- This Game CanNot Played Yet .
Why how to play??
please help and thx :)
Pete Hagado
Pete Hagado - Måned siden
This game is hot garbage
Gary Blockley
Gary Blockley - Måned siden
150gb for the new update giving the total game on ps4 about 300gig just for that game? Had to deleat all my games almost. What a load of shite. I hope the ps5 comes with about 5tb of storage space or we will all be up shit creek.
Gaming Revolution HQ
Gaming Revolution HQ - Måned siden
The Gaming Revolution has started. Present yourself at the HQ!
Sha Snipe
Sha Snipe - Måned siden
Thanks, Jack. Subscribing. 🤙🏾
Bronson II
Bronson II - Måned siden
I will only buy this if I can take my created character online.
GamingInArabic - جيمينج بالعربي
When you rode the bike your name was al7yran... is that real or just a bug ?
Hinza 1500
Hinza 1500 - Måned siden
It looks like battle Field hardline
Ceege K
Ceege K - Måned siden
I am shocked to read how many people actually love MW2019. One of the worst multiplayer experiences I’ve had in the series.
ilan metrikin
ilan metrikin - Måned siden
feels like a free2play game
Enda Heaney
Enda Heaney - Måned siden
When he changed the fov, I literally did not see a change
Felix Fox
Felix Fox - Måned siden
Why is that your sow perfectly scared when I wear my Chelsea Shirt (Blue)
ConceptX2 - Måned siden
This looks appealing to me. Has that OG cod feel. Less realistic. MW is a camp fest with sound whoring to the max. Id like to see the run and gun back. Maps also looks smaller for more action. Open spaces to limit the camp effect.
Spazo - Måned siden
Owen DePascal
Owen DePascal - Måned siden
Looks amazing cant wait to try it today
Spazo - Måned siden
R_B0bby - Måned siden
First match I went in to, had connection issues... Definitely not a great start for me to liking this game. Tsk Tsk devs
scott Hirst
scott Hirst - Måned siden
Hi, has this game got offline bots - and how many per side?
SoCal Rc Guy
SoCal Rc Guy - Måned siden
The graphics look good
Bishop Nelson
Bishop Nelson - Måned siden
Honestly looks like battlefield hardline
Tinnaphop A. Thammapirom
Tinnaphop A. Thammapirom - Måned siden
MW2019 Set too high standard that everyone disappoint on their new games' quality LOL
David McIntyre
David McIntyre - Måned siden
They did make a new one! You should watch it. It is called birds of prey
J Richie
J Richie - Måned siden
Spazo - Måned siden
Nylokwyn - Måned siden
Everybody seems to be pretty hard on this game, but you gotta remember this is effectively the last gen version after November. They always do this when the next gen comes out. We haven't seen it in action on next gen to the fullest. It sucks for people not upgrading, yeah but that's probably what were looking at here.
Matthew nash
Matthew nash - Måned siden
Everyone getting mad at the game but this is only a beta, the bugs will be fixed and quality brought up! Chill !
Spazo - Måned siden
@SKANDERBEG well said.
SKANDERBEG - Måned siden
Its not about the bugs the game looks like shit
Arthur N
Arthur N - Måned siden
What an unnecessary game, they could just reuse MW2019 and launch this as a DLC...
Ancient Mew
Ancient Mew - Måned siden
Zakaria Zoabi
Zakaria Zoabi - Måned siden
SK. Trollingston
SK. Trollingston - Måned siden
They need to put operable doors in this like MW 2019.
gilbert angeles
gilbert angeles - Måned siden
Who have andler code here can you please give that to me❤️🥺
Jason M.
Jason M. - Måned siden
Why all the back flips when you shoot someone? This is a major downgrade to MW imo
Gh3tto Astronaut
Gh3tto Astronaut - Måned siden
Aman Udeshi
Aman Udeshi - Måned siden
love the obsession of no jet skis
Ryan Gantt
Ryan Gantt - Måned siden
Nice artillery tablet... in the 80's... lolz
Atticus X
Atticus X - Måned siden
Looks like every other call of duty
Bobo Snake
Bobo Snake - Måned siden
Maybe it isn’t as good as MW but just because MW was a beast game doesn’t mean this one isn’t solid. I’m just thankful it’s a boots on the ground Cod Game and not like some of the stuff they used to make when they were experimenting with advanced movements.
Jacob Garrido
Jacob Garrido - Måned siden
After watching this I’m kinda underwhelmed. There’s not much being offered that makes this game worth purchasing at full retail since MW. Good video though! Appreciate the content
DaNny - Måned siden
This is just a modern warfare with worst shooting mechanics , huds, movement, .... and yeah.. thats it
psycho_012000 - Måned siden
Looks like a million times better and million percent an upgrade from mw
fpsbaaron - Måned siden
I have to say that Call of Duty have really surprised me this time around!
Especially the snipers being 1 shot kill in the chest and shoulders :D
I got so tired of sniper rifles tbh, way too many hitmarkers.
Not anymore tho
Aruna de Groot
Aruna de Groot - Måned siden
Maybe i'm the only one but this game for one reason or another just doesn't give me Cold War vibes.. it feels more like modern war with just older weapons..
MRWHITE3535 - Måned siden
Doesn't seem any different to the current Call of Duty
jake - Måned siden
love the vids
King Velexarian
King Velexarian - Måned siden
I never understood what it meant when developers say the design aesthetic is "classic". The older games look like dogshit today. What exactly does classic look mean? Halo: Infinite was supposed to have a "classic" look, and that game looks Xbox 360 era. I'm not sure how one would blend a classic look and modern technology together. Cause this ain't it chief.
Mohsin Malik
Mohsin Malik - Måned siden
Battlefield always focuses on multiplayer
Call Of Duty always focuses on singleplayer,multiplayer and zombies/specops mode
Ezekiel Kevin
Ezekiel Kevin - Måned siden
you can change field of view on Battlefield too for Console
Fat Fuck
Fat Fuck - Måned siden
Preordered the special edition and I don’t even like the multiplayer right now. Can’t wait for zombies and campaign though. Think I’m going to stick with mw multiplayer
Nils Jonsson
Nils Jonsson - Måned siden
I was somewhat excited for this because of the era but it looks (and sounds) so bland and uninspired :/
Bone Thang
Bone Thang - Måned siden
The gunshots, grenades, rag doll physics, flow of the game, it all just seems off. I can’t put my finger on it but MW19 is way more enjoyable to play and I hate that it is because I was so excited for this game
David - 14 dager siden
@ً exactly
ً - Måned siden
The only thing that's good about mw is the sound but the game design is so horrible u get punishment for not camping or sniping
paul woodward
paul woodward - Måned siden
Cross run its course now this looks worse than modern warfare
Kilo Eight
Kilo Eight - Måned siden
Rusty - Måned siden
Didn’t know The Cold War was on Mars lmfao
squad1979 - Måned siden
He said in ps4 but he play in pc
NightSlash01 - Måned siden
I feel like the gameplay is being geared toward hardcore mode rather than core
Matt1984 - Måned siden
Looks fine to me, these $150k computer steamers are so spoiled.. Give me a break
Michael Rensberger
Michael Rensberger - Måned siden
I played the alpha and beta they were both utter dog shit. Anyone know how to get a refund for the preorder?
Mister 9mm
Mister 9mm - Måned siden
We didn’t even need a new cod. They should just made this game at least autumn next year so they have much more time to invest in it. Till that time big updates would take MW standing
ethan 2635
ethan 2635 - Måned siden
Many people in the comments are acting as if this is the official release of the game. Obviously the game won’t be perfect right now, there is still a month until official release. Personally I think there is a lot of room for improvement and hopefully the game is better on release.
J͙A͙M͙E͙S͙'X͙M͙ - Måned siden
Nah You paying for this
Viking Actual
Viking Actual - Måned siden
Owen Sillence
Owen Sillence - Måned siden