Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Gameplay and Impressions

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Black Ops Cold War Gameplay. These are my first impressions from a 3 hour capture session! Let's look at the new gameplay, maps, perks, gunsmith and more. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner - Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store!
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Andy Griober
Andy Griober - 5 dager siden
@jackfrags whats up with the sensitivity in this game for pc, something feels horribly off.
sharon terry
sharon terry - 6 dager siden
looks awfull un natural like advanced warfare poo
ItsAssault - 10 dager siden
i need bo2 remastered
Josh M
Josh M - 13 dager siden
I feel like MW was trying too hard to be battlefield, this one seems much better.
Nick Pearson
Nick Pearson - 13 dager siden
Look, the gameplay is fun at its core and nothing seems too unbalanced from when i played. it just didn't feel different.
David Williams
David Williams - 13 dager siden
What so there's no search and destroy?
Erik S
Erik S - 14 dager siden
“requires 200 GB of HDD space on your Xbox series X”
Jeezzzzzus f***g christ
Shane McAdams
Shane McAdams - 14 dager siden
I personally don't like all the new stuff they've been adding to CoD, glad they're bringing it back to the simple feel back when I first started playing
Coleyobooster WFJC
Coleyobooster WFJC - 14 dager siden
Some of the worst reload animations of an FPS game in the last 15 years
Vladi Prokop
Vladi Prokop - 16 dager siden
those players, they reloade they weapons with 31 of 40 ammo 5:37
Aziz Ahmad
Aziz Ahmad - 16 dager siden
"It's simpler, similar to the older games"- Thank fuck! About time.
Jack Sherrington
Jack Sherrington - 16 dager siden
This is the COD that I like
Darren Boxhall
Darren Boxhall - 17 dager siden
Minimap? Yuck
Siale Finau
Siale Finau - 18 dager siden
I'm buying this just for the campaign
Tony K
Tony K - 19 dager siden
Ops 1 and 2 were the best cods anyways
HirTiuX - 20 dager siden
Semse like people don't like this game xd
Ismael oubandawaki
Ismael oubandawaki - 20 dager siden
Thanks, I’m not buying it. At least not full price
Rhys Mogg
Rhys Mogg - 21 dag siden
As a longterm Battleifeld fan who's become somewhat disenfranchised with the series, I've really been missing competitive first person shooters. I haven't bought a CoD since MW3 but I've pre ordered this in the hope it'll be at the very least entertaining. I enjoyed the beta but it doesn't feel like much of a step forward gameplay wise but I am looking forward to the Zombie mode.
KatanaQuits - 21 dag siden
Diego Alejandro De La Vega
Diego Alejandro De La Vega - 22 dager siden
Matija Jovsic
Matija Jovsic - 22 dager siden
it has 250 gb lol
TheEpicsniper34 - 23 dager siden
WTF WAS THAT RELOAD. Btw, I know this a cod but this looks like a battlefield game.
Sonic Titan
Sonic Titan - 23 dager siden
5:23 lacking some depp
Nick Harelik
Nick Harelik - 24 dager siden
This game looks dated.
Active Sniper
Active Sniper - 22 dager siden
Agreed its low key disappointing 😒
Mattynator 911
Mattynator 911 - 25 dager siden
What a downgrade from Mw and warzone
AYE CITY - 26 dager siden
Can't wait for MaximilianMus to come here
Robert Ignatowski
Robert Ignatowski - 27 dager siden
better have 2v2 gunfight or not buying
F3LYX - 27 dager siden
alwase missing test gun.shooting range
Chris Hockley Outdoors
Chris Hockley Outdoors - 27 dager siden
Invest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla instead of this. Yikes.
CraZBuildz - 28 dager siden
Yeah, I’m just here for the zombies..
ABCDEFGHIJKLMN - 29 dager siden
idk why yall hating. the game looks fire in my opinion
Xd String Bean Pheet
Xd String Bean Pheet - 29 dager siden
The desert map looks like the tattoine map from the star wars battlefront 1 survival mode
vBriolas - Måned siden
Can you see anyones combat record in this????
Taylor Just
Taylor Just - Måned siden
Ronald RayGun?
Gaspar Esber II
Gaspar Esber II - Måned siden
THIS is Sooo Cool😎
Cx Hyper YT
Cx Hyper YT - Måned siden
I hope they have prestiging in this one.🙏🙏
Dr Squiggly
Dr Squiggly - Måned siden
This video was exactly what I wanted... Needed to know if I wanted to buy this or not... Now I know. I will be waiting for a massive sale, specifically for zombies.
Praetorian 38
Praetorian 38 - Måned siden
Lmao are you sure this crap isn’t Call of Duty Mobile?
Fies - Måned siden
I love that game!
Koda James
Koda James - Måned siden
This is the closest call of duty has gotten to looking like a battlefield title
Tim veerman
Tim veerman - Måned siden
It looks like shit
Equilibrium 2112
Equilibrium 2112 - Måned siden
Sick of these mediocre CoD games, BF needs to come back strong and release masterpiece like BF3/5
sonny anderson
sonny anderson - Måned siden
Booooooooooooooo camper
REX STUDIO - Måned siden
im waiting for the zombie mode
rob sales
rob sales - Måned siden
I just wasted my 149.99aud in this game.
xXCrashTXx - Måned siden
now I have to uninstall the mw battle royale for this, heh, not like I played it or something :) this one is at least for free so why do people complain?
I never really played COD, so let's see how it is
Roel Velicaria
Roel Velicaria - Måned siden
Not feelin it 🥶☠️
Pumpkin Child
Pumpkin Child - Måned siden
It looks good but call of duty is just copying battlefield so much
James Timmins
James Timmins - Måned siden
"This plays very differently from Modern warfare"
*Proceeds to mash jump button whilst firing*
donald cheezits
donald cheezits - Måned siden
"foot step sounds though were really good I could hear where people were"...
Elijah Sutherland
Elijah Sutherland - Måned siden
this dudes a camper
Kinda Interesting
Kinda Interesting - Måned siden
Biggest issue I have is with the weapon animations, I've seen better work from Garry's Mod workshop addons.
Eixame - Måned siden
i love those people who gonna be like

how is he doing that wtf hacker report its gonna be a lot of funny rages
Joey Goll
Joey Goll - Måned siden
another Call of Duty game im not going to buy
TheTargetlockon - Måned siden
A COD, Battlefield game
• Kaansaticiii •
• Kaansaticiii • - Måned siden
Both MW and Cold war looks like battlefield to me, not that I don’t love battlefield, it’s just that it no longer looks and feels like the same. COD is never coming back to its peak in the 2010s.
Gilbert Sickler
Gilbert Sickler - Måned siden
This game is crap
BarryJ Gallagher
BarryJ Gallagher - Måned siden
Got to get it and have a go it wouldn't be right not to
enyer rivers
enyer rivers - Måned siden
Why does this look like Rainbow Seige graphics ? 😂🤣
George Quiroz
George Quiroz - Måned siden
Your trippen and there is a reason why MW2 and 3 BO And BO2 are Goated.
chris - Måned siden
Jens Jensen
Jens Jensen - Måned siden
The battlefield 4 remake looks nice
ROK films
ROK films - Måned siden
i dont understand why they made this game becuase the cold war was called the cold war becuase no one actually fougt directly it was literally just nuclear antagonizations, i am mean they could have made a much better game than this like maybe a new vietnam game, also it does not have the good stuff that mw has, and honeslty i was wondering how we were going to fight in this game without being non historicaly accurate, and plus no one asked or even thought of a game like this and now we are going to be stuck with this game for a year until another cod game comes out.
KappaFack -Gaming
KappaFack -Gaming - Måned siden
oh cool, a Battlefield V DLC.
KlaytonPoirier - Måned siden
used to be treyarch>infinitry ward now its infinity ward>treyarch. treyarch needs to up there game
Soumya Majumder
Soumya Majumder - Måned siden
Bf 3 had better graphics and gameplay and stuff..
Brett R
Brett R - Måned siden
It’ll be the first time since cod 3 I don’t buy it right away. Nothings really changed. Great video good editing but this game is a downgrade
jabbacado jabbacado
jabbacado jabbacado - Måned siden
How did you get to play on pc?
SPAWN 9XZ - Måned siden
This game looks very disappointing as per any cod these days . I'll wait for battlefield 6.
SN69 SaltyLemmon
SN69 SaltyLemmon - Måned siden
Multiplayer seems like shit only getting this for the zombies 👍👍
KanadianProductions - Måned siden
Is anybody else annoyed with him comparing it to MW rather than comparing it to it's predecessor?, I get that it's a call of duty game but to me they're noticeably different in gameplay style, enough to make it feel like comparing apples to oranges... Thank you for the review though, I still found this video very informative.
G Dig
G Dig - Måned siden
I really hate having to play as a pre-made character. One thing cod haven't done Is make a looter shooter. If you can create you own character top to bottom and get random loot in game opens up far more opportunities for COD. Not hyped to buy this.
cytrus - Måned siden
I don't know why, but the gunplay and the way the player sees the enemies, it reminds me so much of PvZ BFN. And honestly, that's not a good thing.
Durukan - Måned siden
Like a battlefield game. :D
KillShoot Gameplays
KillShoot Gameplays - Måned siden
Someone kill WillyRex in 0:56
sirmordrede - Måned siden
so i take it there is no floating, running on walls and no super jumps? well i may try this one.
Gaige Kersting
Gaige Kersting - Måned siden
Looks like bo1 and bo2! hyped
MeMyself I
MeMyself I - Måned siden
Comment section talkin shit bout the game , but y’all still buying ?
SeFu2006 - Måned siden
M16 looks sick!
TheJoshDesousa - Måned siden
Not my cup of tea
Brandon Prelutsky
Brandon Prelutsky - Måned siden
I hope Cold War has 3rd person view.
Matt Gallant
Matt Gallant - Måned siden
If y’all didn’t see it before. This is alpha gameplay so shits not polished yet
Yas - Måned siden
Tbh, ppl forgetting the main thing about video games. "Fun". This game is hella fun, played the alpha and couldn't stop. It's a good ole treyarch cod game which actually focuses on being fun. Def gonna cop
Simon - Måned siden
I seem to be alone in thinking this looks decent. CoD is an arcade shooter and its efforts in MW to be more like a BF game didn't really work for me, especially with the arcade gunplay. This might be the first CoD I buy in a long time!
Iz Khalifa
Iz Khalifa - Måned siden
Simon what I mean by smooth gunplay I guess I’m actually referring the the smoothness of movement I dunno, I always found Arma to be super clunky, I haven’t played tarkov, squad, or rainbow six to compare though. What do you think?
Iz Khalifa
Iz Khalifa - Måned siden
Simon Yee I agree
Simon - Måned siden
@Iz Khalifa CoDs gunplay isn't good though, yes it's smooth, buy it's very very arcade like. Very little recoil, child like modifications, but all the weapons ultimately play the same, there is no difference between wielding an LMG or SMG. Tarkov's gunplay would be a better example of good gunplay.
Iz Khalifa
Iz Khalifa - Måned siden
Simon imagine a game with Call of duty’s optimized gunplay and smoothness, combined with squads dynamic team play and organization plus ArmA’s in depth simulation systems and open world environment and Call of duty’s compressed urban terrain and detailed buildings. That would be the best mil sim and CQB trainer in my opinion.
Iz Khalifa
Iz Khalifa - Måned siden
Simon well, I like those games a lot (Squad, Arma), and they are much more focused on the realism aspect, ie proper bullet physics, realistic simulation, but the thing that call of duty does great is really clean and smooth gunplay, which is necessary for a CQB simulator, if call of duty had proper leaning mechanics, similar to Arma but less clunky and more optimized controls, it would be incredible as a CQB simulator, and if it also had Arma’s free look 😆
negro con bazuca
negro con bazuca - Måned siden
well ... im going to keep playing mw, cause it's so fucking good
Sérgio Magalhães
Sérgio Magalhães - Måned siden
It's graphically gorgeous but the players run too fast. Its much more arcadey than MW. MW has a better game-play.
Sha Snipe
Sha Snipe - Måned siden
Solid video dude. Idc what nobody says, this looks good, not great but still potentially enjoyable if you’re into FPS. Shocked I haven’t seen this account before, for sure subscribed! 🤙🏾
Ur Nan
Ur Nan - Måned siden
Imagine chilling in Miami and you hear *Artillery strike ready* nearby
Eddie Moen
Eddie Moen - Måned siden
People seem to forget this is what a cod is supposed to feel like. An arcade shooter. Modern warfare was to much of a battlefield in my opinion. If yall don't like it stay with mw.
JoeySTRIKE - Måned siden
Damn Battlefield 6 looking nice
enyer rivers
enyer rivers - Måned siden
Battlefield > Cod
Cucklord Of hero’s
Cucklord Of hero’s - Måned siden
Love how the mechanic is back to classic chunky cod feel, huge upgrade and no more doors and camping, and Cold War looks amazing
Maybe a human
Maybe a human - Måned siden
Better graphics before release
Maybe a human
Maybe a human - Måned siden
I'm gonna keep a open mind since its only alpha.
but for now it's only a battlefield ripoff branded as a CoD game
Cheeseless0 - Måned siden
I seriously dont get most of you guys.. ive played the alpha and in my opinion its a good game..
Angel Bruno
Angel Bruno - Måned siden
Sounds effects are horrible. Gun reloading animation sucks. I felt this game has been rushed. They need to fix this game...
Silla Silla
Silla Silla - Måned siden
when idiots try to code games: cod
Ƥяя - Måned siden
ohhhh, battlefield 4 in 2020 graphics
What is the specs of your pc?
Cody Sullivan
Cody Sullivan - Måned siden
Finally a radar and not doors and parkour not it’s getting close to of bo1