Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Gameplay - LIVE!

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COD Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Live. Let's jump in, check out the new guns, maps, game modes, gunsmith and more! Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner
Runtime: 2:05:18


Lewis B
Lewis B - Dag siden
COD dead for years last good game was Bo2 after this only got worse.
Timothy Ayden Roberson
Timothy Ayden Roberson - 9 dager siden
Like one of the graphics like
Timothy Ayden Roberson
Timothy Ayden Roberson - 9 dager siden
So how does it feel to play call of duty Cold war
Emrehan E
Emrehan E - 11 dager siden
This game is life
Jonathan W
Jonathan W - 11 dager siden
Love it
Linda Shaw
Linda Shaw - 11 dager siden
Hi great video just wondering how you get a coloured reticle for that acog scope your using I've seen people with it but I don't have normal reticles for I don't understand lol
Lewis Cornish
Lewis Cornish - 13 dager siden
I got this game and I really wish I never did! Defo not buying another cod! This isn't worth £20 honestly please do not buy into the franchise! Its not worth it! I made that mistake and in order to get a decent cod we need to stop buying it. This is fucking shit!
Caleb Joffs
Caleb Joffs - 14 dager siden
My issue with the visuals can be summed up in the lobby screen, the characters look like they belong in a PS2 game, the fingers don’t even move when they inspect weapons, compared to character models in MW it’s a massive backtrack
Travis Wirth
Travis Wirth - 17 dager siden
Wow, what a step down from Modern Warfare in every way. I was hoping with a real world Cold War setting it would be more grounded, but nope, guess not. I'll be passing on this.
Josh Allen
Josh Allen - 19 dager siden
All 3 of my perks in one spot. Not cool
Fright Insanity
Fright Insanity - 20 dager siden
you’re not a gamer if you haven’t pre ordered cold war, leveled up to the max level (40), unlocked all weapons, and all attachments for them. (all done and completed in the beta)
maxpayne421 - 24 dager siden
Remaster MW2 and I’ll be the happiest COD player. This new generation doesn’t know what it’s like to have long lists of equipment and options.
Santas Vega
Santas Vega - 26 dager siden
It's reminding me of sledgehammer games
Officialshaunn - 28 dager siden
Game looks terrible 😂🥱
Boleslaw Czarnecki
Boleslaw Czarnecki - 29 dager siden
I prefer bo4 sounds compared to this
54127922 - Måned siden
Umm bf4 much ??? But worse and 4 years too late
Never Low Never
Never Low Never - Måned siden
The gun sounds are cheap as bigmac menu
The Rapid X
The Rapid X - Måned siden
yall calling this plastic and this is playing on a console lol get a pc.
Mark Samuels
Mark Samuels - Måned siden
Iam sorry but you can't tell me that COD has better realism, graphics than Battlefield. This looks like a pile of shit.
Gannon 009
Gannon 009 - Måned siden
Has anyone else noticed the Jaws reference on Armada?
gobien - Måned siden
Jack, COD hardpoint does not fit your style. You can tell but that's fine. And indeed VIP escort not as well.
JESSE B - Måned siden
I like it, it's not spectacular but I like, you can always change the game mode⁉️
Jagers ACOG
Jagers ACOG - Måned siden
I’m so excited to play bocw
Joaquín Manzanares
Joaquín Manzanares - Måned siden
Reminds me a lot to battlefield hardline, they really rushed this game
David Kay
David Kay - Måned siden
this is gonna be a garbage ass game. id rather play bfv or keep playing mw
Bobby Miller
Bobby Miller - Måned siden
I'll stick with MW. This game looks like crap. But what more could we expect from a game coming out in 2020. 2020 has been a s**t show
Justin Lopez
Justin Lopez - Måned siden
This game would've made sense if it came out before MW graphics wise
Oboy - Måned siden
i feel like this game is empty.... i don't know... just saying....
Nihilus - Måned siden
At least the TTK doesn't look as long as BO4. That shit was unplayable.
Shiny Book
Shiny Book - Måned siden
You guys are judging off of graphics and sound and not core gameplay and some of this stuff will change and it was made in a different engine give cod a break I like the style of this game and I am excited SO STOP JUDGING OFF OF GRAPHICS ANIMATIONS AND SOUND
matheus oliveira
matheus oliveira - Måned siden
your tracking is horrible
Albert Sun
Albert Sun - Måned siden
Map design still shit.
NightRider - Måned siden
41:39 Bruh textures
criv45 - Måned siden
cold war gives off a battlefield 3 feel
TheAnitdote - Måned siden
I can't get that Notorious song outta my head. It's gotta be the way the gun recoils lol.
Mr. Rager
Mr. Rager - Måned siden
This should just be additional content for modern warfare smh
Fi Hi
Fi Hi - Måned siden
@Mr. Rager They have milked mw enough now. Plus with the strict sbmm it has multiplayer is unplayable.
Mr. Rager
Mr. Rager - Måned siden
@Fi Hi instead of releasing Cold War they shoulda gave modern warfare more content...and I don’t even like cod
Fi Hi
Fi Hi - Måned siden
Complete different game in a completely different timeline made by a different studio... so no it shouldnt
Spider Cai
Spider Cai - Måned siden
Will there be hard core free for all ?
Tekkno Dragon
Tekkno Dragon - Måned siden
This is my rifle.
This is my gun.
This is for shooting.
This is for fun.
-Marine Corps Boot Camp-
Thomas Shears
Thomas Shears - Måned siden
Have already pre ordered this game for PS5 and wana save it but can't help watching this 🤦😅
RaiderzNation - Måned siden
Can't wait for this game to release so modern warfare will go on sale
Sum Won
Sum Won - 2 måneder siden
Looks the sam as MW2019
Dusty Levi
Dusty Levi - 2 måneder siden
Hey jackfrags do you use higher sticks when playing console? Like kontrol freaks?
海外华侨 - 2 måneder siden
Why does all the dead animation looks like someone hit them on the nuts.
shaun ramsey
shaun ramsey - 2 måneder siden
this is about the farthest thing from next gen ....My god... this is horrible .. I'll mess the the beta but have very low expections
Jack Scotchland
Jack Scotchland - 2 måneder siden
Lol all of the people who are complaining about the animations and shit are new to cod. None of them have any idea on how fun the older cods were and how unfun modern warfare is
Jay M89Z
Jay M89Z - 2 måneder siden
All the people hating how this looks you know it’s not done it’s a beta they are going to take the feedback and try improve it so ima just wait till release see how it is then
Juwan - 2 måneder siden
Battlefield been sitting waiting for another amazing game
mmark_the_MK 18
mmark_the_MK 18 - 2 måneder siden
if this game looks worse on high than MW4 on Medium i dont think it looks good
mmark_the_MK 18
mmark_the_MK 18 - 2 måneder siden
they should halt release a year it doesnt look nearly as good as MW4 it looks like playing with action figures MW4 looks more real and i would for sure play MW4 for a long ass time
A M - 2 måneder siden
Booooooring. Hard pass.
Isaac Hoz
Isaac Hoz - 2 måneder siden
So far no big streamer/YouTube I have watched has enjoyed the VIP mode. I mean, fucking zero. Everyone hates it or at the very least "isn't a big fan."
Mikey Estrada
Mikey Estrada - 2 måneder siden
NeXt GeN 😂😂😂😂
Yush - 2 måneder siden
I've seen Minecraft shaders have better water quality than cold war
Dylan Jacobs
Dylan Jacobs - 2 måneder siden
Groundwar is like a shitty attempt of battlefield lol
Franco X
Franco X - 2 måneder siden
Ur hilarious man 😂 “ u cant climb ladders when theres an attack boat around “ahahah
Gemini Film Project
Gemini Film Project - 2 måneder siden
Why all the modern accessories in a cold war game? Does not fit the vibe at all.
Gemini Film Project
Gemini Film Project - 2 måneder siden
This looks worse than BF4 and BF4 came out almost 7 years ago...
UltraJack299 - 2 måneder siden
Eliott Milner
Eliott Milner - 2 måneder siden
How anyone can say positive things about this game after playing Warzone/the current game is beyond me. That alpha was embarrassing. This game as it stands looks and feels like absolute trash. I played the alpha and was shocked. Terrible
Kid574 - 2 måneder siden
just checked and it's from Treyarch, no surprise it feels more like cod mobile than MW...
Kid574 - 2 måneder siden
This game just throws everything the new MW did and went back to the crappy feel of CoD... WTF?
D a i t h i
D a i t h i - 2 måneder siden
Looks bland. Side by side MW looks and sounds better. And everyone who cries “alpha” are kidding themselves. We all know this is what we are getting in 2 months time. The bar was raised with MW and treyarch did not step not their game making it the 4th BO game that I’ll skip.
cman Martin
cman Martin - 2 måneder siden
This game looks fun but the graphics just stay the same year round BF4 looks better and that game came out in like 2013 or 2014
Oscarwilkins Rattington
Oscarwilkins Rattington - 2 måneder siden
I will be sticking with modern warfare, thanks.
This looks like a mess.
Luke Burton
Luke Burton - 2 måneder siden
Played the PS4 Alpha, and this game feels like a step backwards for the franchise. After the amazing success of MW, Treyarch pump out this hot garbage of a game? What a disappointment.
Bradley West
Bradley West - 2 måneder siden
I'm seeing a lot of "the graphics don't stand out so im not buying it comments." Never understood that mentality
A M - 2 måneder siden
Whatever makes you feel better about your preorder. You know that’s not the real criticism of this game, the graphics are the least of this games problems. Stop being dishonest w yourself.
313 Onix
313 Onix - 2 måneder siden
Think ill skip out on this 1, looks like a step back from the last cod, which is a shame because MW was very stand out from the last 5 or 6 cods before MW
Jade Mills
Jade Mills - 2 måneder siden
Its shet!
Yuma - 2 måneder siden
that sound the UAV makes is anoying
Malcolm Morrison
Malcolm Morrison - 2 måneder siden
To all the people shitting on the game: have you even fucking played it? Who cares if it looks plasticky? MW looked gorgeous but it was fuck awful, you could only play if you were prepared to sweat and check every single fucking corner and even then you’d get domed from half-way across the map. This game is FUN - can you say that about any COD game since bo3?
ThePkGamerz - 2 måneder siden
Spend my most of time in "recording", "Gameplay", "Editing" and "uploading" I have uploaded about 290 videos. I need my all brothers and sisters support🙏😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Dry cleaner nick
Dry cleaner nick - 2 måneder siden
Looks EXACTLY like battlefront 2
alex - 2 måneder siden
I love how over the years every game essentially has same guns but they all sound way different 😂😂
Korra Alec
Korra Alec - 2 måneder siden
Guess I'll stick with Modern Warfare for now...
Kale Ross
Kale Ross - 2 måneder siden
I dont know what these people in the comments are saying, modern warfare had no color, it look dull and gray and everybody used the same gun and the guns were uninteresting and all felt the same.
Kale Ross
Kale Ross - 2 måneder siden
And dont forget zombies will be coming on cold war also, which is what I'm hear for.
Dyn - 2 måneder siden
VIP SUCC ASS, you got a teammate who is clueless af, you loss the entire match
Marc Becker
Marc Becker - 2 måneder siden
I tried it out. But the gunplay feels much better, more satisfying, in mw. I stick to mw. Waiting to see what Dice is going to put out next year.
biao liu
biao liu - 2 måneder siden
very good
Joey - 2 måneder siden
From what I know it’s a different engine. Reason why it feels and looks different
I Am
I Am - 2 måneder siden
All of y’all saying this game looks crap this game is in *ALPHA* this isn’t the final product
D a i t h i
D a i t h i - 2 måneder siden
We both know that’s bullshit... this is what we are getting in November.
THE OG PANTHER - 2 måneder siden
Uh there’s 2 months until the game. You realize it’s pretty much finished right?
gfuelcrazy - 2 måneder siden
Chrisian Resurreccion
Chrisian Resurreccion - 2 måneder siden
1:32:38 LMFAOOO
FeasTwChopsticks - 2 måneder siden
Funny how everyone is judging this game by it graphics. I'm ready for actual gunfights and people looking for their kills. MW is a snoozefest.
steppa money
steppa money - 2 måneder siden
Cod is just trash and basic.
The Big Lebowski
The Big Lebowski - 2 måneder siden
There is no satisfaction from killing or using that gun like I had in Battlefield 1 in COD Modern Warfare
Command & Conquer Fitness
Command & Conquer Fitness - 2 måneder siden
God dude, is it just me, or do these graphics look the fucking same as PS4
xzavier padin
xzavier padin - 2 måneder siden
when you got sniped i nearly shitted myself at 5:04
Doorknobs Doorknobs
Doorknobs Doorknobs - 2 måneder siden
Bruh its literally in alpha phase y'all overreacting😑😑
PerfectChaosdoesntEx - 2 måneder siden
The movement of the gun while the FPS player walks is so freaking over done and over exaggerated it's beyond annoying-- it's seriously the reason I never got into COD till MW. No one IRL walks like that!
Edoardo Cremona
Edoardo Cremona - 2 måneder siden
Before you comment anything complaining on how the game looks like...

David C
David C - 2 måneder siden
But Modern Warfare is way better in 2019. Its not about nextgen or oldgen. This game is just trash and everyone can see it
Emad Ahmed
Emad Ahmed - 2 måneder siden
Every time looking for match it says the lobby is not joinable why
Emad Ahmed
Emad Ahmed - 2 måneder siden
The lobby is not joinable- why
Aaroh Jha
Aaroh Jha - 2 måneder siden
everyone in the comments saying "this game looks trash", yeah like it doesn't look like every call of duty game ever made💀go play the ultimate camper simulator you call modern warfare. I don't give two fucks how the game looks, mounting being removed and footstep sounds that you can actually tell the direction of are enough for me
Your NIGHTM4RE - 2 måneder siden
Bruh it looks shit tf, the deathmark looks like bo2 😂😂
Fernando Aponte
Fernando Aponte - 2 måneder siden
This game looks like shit
EGaming _
EGaming _ - 2 måneder siden
Star wars cold war lmfao
Brosetta Stone
Brosetta Stone - 2 måneder siden
*straight away*
Phil Smyth
Phil Smyth - 2 måneder siden
I reckon it’s shit
Addison Dillon
Addison Dillon - 2 måneder siden
I like it, the hud feels fresh and it just looks crisper
Gavin Bennett
Gavin Bennett - 2 måneder siden
Is it just me, or is the ttk really fast on this game