Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War PC Gameplay and Impressions!

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Black Ops Cold War BETA is live on PC and crossplay with consoles! Let's jump in and check it out. I'm also taking part in the race against the clock today, 90 minutes to get as many elims as I can. If I come top 3, you guys could win a prize. Full details here - #COD_Partner - Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. I have early access codes to give out in the chat too!
Runtime: 1:43:36


eStyle - Dag siden
You could just tell that warzone had more time put into it rather than this game.
daniel Aj
daniel Aj - 5 dager siden
1:31 yeaaaah this guy means business.
Espen Jørgensen
Espen Jørgensen - 8 dager siden
the game looks like crap
Ali Yazbek
Ali Yazbek - 12 dager siden
this game looks shitty
YRT Racing Team
YRT Racing Team - 13 dager siden
Mtf Mememan
Mtf Mememan - 15 dager siden
dexter lake
dexter lake - 15 dager siden
Sweat lobbies? more like lag comp bullet sponge lobbies
bullerbyne - 16 dager siden
The framerate is also nice....did you puke today?
WizardDoom - 16 dager siden
Sbmm and those weekly 16gb Updates ruined mw for me, it was so good but yeah
Frodo Baggins
Frodo Baggins - 18 dager siden
Most people seem to hate this CoD but of it feels like bo1, bring it on.
Dominick - 19 dager siden
Great video Jack, keep up the good work mate.
Betongkeps - 19 dager siden
Why is the CIA having british voices?
Gengar Soars
Gengar Soars - 20 dager siden
Anyone know if you can use controller for Cold War on pc?
『aka anontiy』
『aka anontiy』 - 20 dager siden
This looks so incomplete. Pretty big let down honestly.
Enoch Ha
Enoch Ha - 21 dag siden
i think you must learn how to play game
kappapisigma1 - 21 dag siden
I'm glad you said it 'cause those health bars are very jarring for me.
GHØŠT517 - 21 dag siden
4:21 Start of Game
Brandon Zimmerman
Brandon Zimmerman - 21 dag siden
Lolve how people have to jump around because they think they are playing Halo
Steven Baucom
Steven Baucom - 23 dager siden
Man freak all the last three cods. There should have been a Advanced Warfare 2 before any of this garbage. So sick of all of them going back in time. For god sakes can we plz get something fun again with wall running and boost jumps in the same game again? This shit is so slow. And say what you will oh these are two different studios but we want something fast paced not slug speed play. ADWF 4 LIFE!!!!!
aFullPoopSack - 23 dager siden
what a terrible game
SkyDrillProductions - 23 dager siden
Why are there no player shadows?
TheLeaderZack - 25 dager siden
People are complaining about this game but for me it's pretty good! Atleast the campaign, graphics, looks good. And if you think the gun sound sucks it's a arcade game.
Jackson Reynolds
Jackson Reynolds - 20 dager siden
Yea it looks doozy idk what people are on about
Random Dude
Random Dude - 21 dag siden
I hope it will be like iw where campaign is main focus For yet it seam to be possible
Philip Wood
Philip Wood - 26 dager siden
Garbage.....Why would I switch from Modern Warfare
Novus Magmatude
Novus Magmatude - 24 dager siden
It’s like saying that I don’t care what car I have as long as it’s shiny
Circular Element
Circular Element - 26 dager siden
COD died after MW1.
Nathan's Experiments
Nathan's Experiments - 27 dager siden
looks like insurgency sandstorm but with crappy mechanics
MacSwaggin - 27 dager siden
i kinda like the throwback feels to the game, and i think the map is designed a little more balanced as well. Just my thoughts
Ohffs - 27 dager siden
Used to love Call of Duty but then I found Renegade X...
Novus Magmatude
Novus Magmatude - 24 dager siden
No one knows what that game is
Alex Jaimes
Alex Jaimes - 29 dager siden
I had bought every COD for 5 straight years then I didn’t buy MW because I thought It would be a disappointment like the other COD’s but now that I want to buy CoD again they come out with this.
balaji ashish
balaji ashish - 29 dager siden
Bro please give me the redeem code of alder . Plz bro give me the code .
verydumb • 27 years ago • edited
Can I run this on my Belle Delphin bathwater cooled PC?
Novus Magmatude
Novus Magmatude - 24 dager siden
I do
Novus Magmatude
Novus Magmatude - 24 dager siden
Chad Dean
Chad Dean - Måned siden
why does the graphics look so trashy
Robert Brainard
Robert Brainard - Måned siden
newer than modern warfare and looks a lot worst. Is that just me ?
lloyd clark
lloyd clark - Måned siden
Matt Ashley
Matt Ashley - Måned siden
Mw looks way better! 💯
Command J
Command J - Måned siden
Do we know of a gold, diamond, and d matter system yet ?
cutler999 - Måned siden
It might be my pc but the beta ran shit on mine anyone else thought this
100 subscribers before november?
Wish there was gore, was so fun blasting legs off in waw, or bouncing bettys just cutting people in half
Justine Polancos
Justine Polancos - Måned siden
I'd rather play COD warzone. :
Fi Hi
Fi Hi - Måned siden
Finally a BO that goes back to its roots
Çetin Ayyıldız
Çetin Ayyıldız - Måned siden
gaming with jen
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez - Måned siden
Yo I’m getting cod infinite warfare vibes in terms of overall sales and community feedback is gonna be pissed at this game... it looks like garbage.
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez - 20 dager siden
@Random Dude we will see we aren’t far from the release
Random Dude
Random Dude - 21 dag siden
Iw have one of best campaigns tho, this makes be bit excited
Cristi Kesmarki
Cristi Kesmarki - Måned siden
Played it and loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just like CoDMW2....hope they dont mess it a lot up with micros that change your they've allways done..
Cristi Kesmarki
Cristi Kesmarki - Måned siden
Btw..can't wait for the 13th !!!! GO COD!!!!!!
jose vazquez
jose vazquez - Måned siden
Mister Beefy
Mister Beefy - Måned siden
the amount of jumping around is ludicrous. doesn't look like boots on the ground COD
Nicky Ramond
Nicky Ramond - Måned siden
i love you
Ollie - Måned siden
This video came out 5 days ago and i just now got the notification for it
CyberArts - Måned siden
cod multiplayer more and more becoming a really flat mainstream kids arcade game with boring stuff :/
for whoever bored by the fps game like these or even BF, just try milsim like Squad, its a better Arma with much fun
darkness2156 - Måned siden
Hey Jack,love your videos man,check out Beyond The Wire coming out tomorrow on the Steam store. I'd love to see what you think about it,it's a world war 1 game made by the same people who made Squad
Ricardo Guerreiro Cortes
Ricardo Guerreiro Cortes - Måned siden
is this game also going to be a trillion gb big??
TheStarDeth - Måned siden
What the fuck people are complaining , its really fun
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup - Måned siden
Do you have Adler codm code I really appreciate it if you have one
Blaster - Måned siden
Low settings looks like consoles. Nbs looks like a downgrade tho
Isaiah Johnston
Isaiah Johnston - Måned siden
call of juty lol
Tate Greene
Tate Greene - Måned siden
Hopefully campaign can make up for it
Josh Gamble
Josh Gamble - Måned siden
Is it just me or does this game look like hot Garbage?
imkilo - Måned siden
does anyone know what software he record gameplay with
Umbrella Corporation
Umbrella Corporation - Måned siden
That one balcony in the map Miami overlooking the entire street is a killing zone.
PSYCHONAVT - Måned siden
The sliding looks like some ungodly pagan sorcery is willing the player to thrust forward
RelaxxGang - Måned siden
The game is a cool animated war game something different / funner & less realistic than MW. Change is cool
Dibbstar - Måned siden
every game is just the same or they have to stop with making new games every year of they need to make a game only every 4 years or so because this is just getting sad!!!
DJ PAKWAN - Måned siden
The health bar on the enemy doesn't feel like cod to me.
Skeng - 13 dager siden
@DJ PAKWAN nah it’s not
DJ PAKWAN - 28 dager siden
@Skeng even tho you can turn it off it is still a advantage for the players who have it on. That's just dumb
Skeng - 28 dager siden
U can turn it off
Shaun Mitchell
Shaun Mitchell - Måned siden
If someone told me that this footage is of a 2010 game, id believe them. Huge disappointment just watching it
Yusuf Magedy
Yusuf Magedy - Måned siden
Game looks awesome can’t wait till it’s release
Luca Capezio
Luca Capezio - Måned siden
Is this what FPS games become in 2020? Ok, I can go back playing Soldier of Fortune 2.
Dustin Ralls
Dustin Ralls - Måned siden
Bro that PC is beautiful, good luck on the contest
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson - Måned siden
Wish they would make an RPG for warzone with a guided missle you could fly through buildings for those pesky campers hahaha
Novus Magmatude
Novus Magmatude - 24 dager siden
Go back to fortnite
Jaheem - Måned siden
Isn’t MW gonnna have year 2 content? This game seems a little redundant (besides zombies)
Paul Smith
Paul Smith - Måned siden
I like the looks and gameplay of the new call of duty game. Can’t wait for it to be released in November
rhino11us - Måned siden
I love it! My original Xbox is overheating but I love it.
C0 rnDawg
C0 rnDawg - Måned siden
Play Squad if you want to play a real shooting game
C0 rnDawg
C0 rnDawg - Måned siden
The sliding in cod games 🤢
Jay - Måned siden
My first game was yesterday. I went 28-8. Second game sbmm kicked in and I went 8-11. 💩
Pedrito Aki
Pedrito Aki - Måned siden
I like the cod mobile
Daz Turner
Daz Turner - Måned siden
Normally I hate call of duty, but the dirty bomb and combined maps have me hooked. Now dolby atmos has been added, it is the best I have heard for home cinema. Helicopters, jets, explosions and gun fire sound so amazing. Deffo buying this one on day one release.
Psycho_ Ravager
Psycho_ Ravager - Måned siden
Only thing I think is truly, truly missing here is gore. Always loved dismemberment... and I think it'd fit best with the more arcade-like tone.
Steve Watson
Steve Watson - Måned siden
No battle royal?
Snekk - Måned siden
Why does this game look like a compilation of every cods worst feature
cruxer666 - Måned siden
MW beta made me buy it, BLOPSCW beta ensured me that my lack of interest after watching the trailers and gameplay was well grounded. I liked the music.
Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns - Måned siden
It feels weird af.. im missing so many shots
Thiago Alboneti
Thiago Alboneti - Måned siden
Always from one game to the next, my pc freezes and I need to hard reset it. I don't know what else to do ...
Thiago Alboneti
Thiago Alboneti - 24 dager siden
@Novus Magmatude It's not the Pc...
Novus Magmatude
Novus Magmatude - 24 dager siden
Get a good pc
Asetra 188
Asetra 188 - Måned siden
I will definitly Buy MW instead of cold war
Bananasundae 69
Bananasundae 69 - Måned siden
Cw is pretty good (in my opinion)
Bananasundae 69
Bananasundae 69 - Måned siden
@Ornal64 I never played MW so I have nothing to compare it to
Ornal64 - Måned siden
I was having more fun in CW multiplayer than modern warfare/warzone. Graphics wise I've got mixed feelings. Some things look very good and some remind me of PS3 era.
Ogee 63
Ogee 63 - Måned siden
Smoke check= after working on an electrical component, you power it up to see if the smoke comes out ie. burns up. Equivalent to ops check.
Uvdch Hvdch
Uvdch Hvdch - Måned siden
the gameing squid
the gameing squid - Måned siden
when is the campain comeing in
Lauan Knight
Lauan Knight - Måned siden
Awesome Shooting
ALIAS - Måned siden
This looks like it came out of 2012.
Jordan M
Jordan M - Måned siden
This game looks and plays like it should be mobile
Benny Ortiz
Benny Ortiz - Måned siden
Question once u play the beta and as u rank up will it still be the same rank as the beta to when u get the game or u have to start all over again??
Lee - Måned siden
So much hope was riding on this CoD. Sigh back to MW I guess...
beastmaster 64
beastmaster 64 - Måned siden
They need to separate NATO and Soviet operators
XD Z - Måned siden
I don't like it
Joshua T
Joshua T - Måned siden
This game looks gross..
Demokrasi Aşığı
Demokrasi Aşığı - Måned siden
this should be a f2p game
Zephkido - Måned siden
Lmao your graphics are soo good. I play on an older pc an have to set the graphics on low x)
WildNomadFire - Måned siden
Why are they running so fast?
J O - Måned siden
I loved MW while it was in beta. I don't like this one.
MZFT Morons
MZFT Morons - Måned siden
this game looks like absolute shit.
Dave Ov
Dave Ov - Måned siden
Looks like a cheap Chinese knock off modern ware fare
Nik 97
Nik 97 - Måned siden
This game like call of duty mobile