Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Sniper!

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Call of Duty Black Ops Snipers are STRONG! Let's jump on and see how many kills we can get with the sniper rifles. Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. I have 9 beta keys to give out! Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner
Runtime: 2:13:10


Ryan D
Ryan D - 3 timer siden
Is this the ps5 version?
Ryan D
Ryan D - 3 timer siden
This my favourite part of thrid gamer. Anyonme can win at anytime
Allit take it s few great -play hard and your off the races and and anyone can win. Your off to the racesl
Cer3aL KiLLeR
Cer3aL KiLLeR - 14 timer siden
8:52 dead posture
Vanalos - 2 dager siden
Wow, since when did COD turn into BF?
Robert Walker
Robert Walker - 6 dager siden
F in the chat for Jack's 5th round that pulled to the left.
Miles Easton
Miles Easton - 7 dager siden
Graphics are super forgettable
Idk - 11 dager siden
I would just buy this game for zombies and campaign but that’s it
Extropy - 12 dager siden
Cold War is a pile of sh*t!
Jehovah Lord
Jehovah Lord - 12 dager siden
What your game running on bro it's nice cool and smooth
Will Forever PUBG
Will Forever PUBG - 13 dager siden
Praying for you to get better Jack😷🙏
Timur Lorenz
Timur Lorenz - 13 dager siden
looks like an indie fps
Will Forever PUBG
Will Forever PUBG - 14 dager siden
Cod player at heart so I Subscribed
Alex Myodov
Alex Myodov - 14 dager siden
There should be a law that prohibits the content makers from creating gameplay videos and streaming with V-sync disabled. 3 to 5 years in jail should be sufficient for breaking people eyes with tearing.
Ben Schilling
Ben Schilling - 15 dager siden
This game looks so cartoonish. Would be nice to have another realistic cod like mw.
Robert Readinger
Robert Readinger - 16 dager siden
I'll just continue to play warzone and wait for the new battlefield sometime next year
Nicholas Marinich
Nicholas Marinich - 16 dager siden
Wtf is this game
posford - 17 dager siden
Only BF .
Alex Nichols
Alex Nichols - 18 dager siden
What a crock of shit... copied so many things from BF.
Let sos
Let sos - 18 dager siden
27:11 that was the most political correct callout i have ever heared xD
chrispy199 - 19 dager siden
This game looks like a big yawn.....Id still play bf 5 anyday over it
Thomas Garrison
Thomas Garrison - 20 dager siden
Doesnt every Englishman have an underbite though Jack?
Leon Dunphy
Leon Dunphy - 23 dager siden
It's so wooden and shit for a 2020 game
Matt Risko
Matt Risko - 23 dager siden
Is there weapon skins in this game?
Longball Larry
Longball Larry - 25 dager siden
400 DPI? Did I hear that right?
Masterchief of the Universe
Masterchief of the Universe - 27 dager siden
This game is so shit. Visual effects and sound effects of 2008
Cooper Foster
Cooper Foster - Måned siden
I'm a drop an opinion no one seems to share. I liked the gameplay could definitely use touchups, but doesn't mean I'm going to refund my preorder. I own and enjoy MW19, but truthfully I find it extremely overrated. The only thing that has really bothered me so far is Woods getting a new voice actor. Is it perfect, no. But IMO I enjoyed the beta more than current MW19 multiplayer. I enjoy just how far MW19 is graphics and realism wise but I like its current graphics. Fyi I play on ps4. I dont doubt PC is better I've just never been able to afford something decent and consoles just have a place in my heart.
Feel Like Hyakkimaru
Feel Like Hyakkimaru - Måned siden
Why did I look it up.......
ttv promt
ttv promt - Måned siden
I the beta good
Kick ass free game this. About time. 👍.
Luka Nogalo
Luka Nogalo - Måned siden
Hey guys, I have an urgent request. What do you use for capturing screen video and audio? Please help me, I need to attend two zoom conferences at the same time, how can I do that?
John Axios
John Axios - Måned siden
Hey Jack, as a guy who was born with an underdeveloped jaw and had about 20+ major jaw surgeries throughout my life, I know how you feel man and how hard it was doing it, pre, during, and post. I'm just glad that it worked out and that you are happy with it now, congratulations on getting through it man.
Emil Andersson
Emil Andersson - Måned siden
Humans should be on land, sitting behind a monitor all day xD
DeathWozza - Måned siden
Hey Jack, didn't know about your surgery, all the best mate.
s child
s child - Måned siden
Ive never heard jack say i love science with so much enthusiasm! It reminds me science is dank!
mpd mpd
mpd mpd - Måned siden
nothing like warzone...this is blackops version of groundwar
merek - Måned siden
I know it’s not finished yet or anything but multiplayer ui in game looks low budget lol
Bryson B
Bryson B - Måned siden
How can assault rifles and small arms fire damage a tank? Ridiculous
Дрезден - Måned siden
it would be much more ridiculous if they weren´t, they´re op enough already
Phil Hooper
Phil Hooper - Måned siden
Who made this game? It looks awful.
The Big Game Theory
The Big Game Theory - Måned siden
Pretty stupid, you shouldn't be able to shot under water.
darkness2156 - Måned siden
Hey Jack,love your videos man,check out Beyond The Wire coming out tomorrow on the Steam store. I'd love to see what you think about it,it's a world war 1 game made by the same people who made Squad
sagexaero - Måned siden
ran into so many cheaters that i gave up after like an hour
The_Littles - Måned siden
"Long range sniping" - 80 metres....
zayd syed
zayd syed - Måned siden
christopher wdym hyped this is just a beta its obvious it will be lackluster
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams - Måned siden
why is the screen SO CLUTTERED
Grey Baphomet
Grey Baphomet - Måned siden
All it needs now is destructible environments and it'll become battlefield
Gaming With Ouma
Gaming With Ouma - Måned siden
Is he and randomgaming hd the same person? Cause they sound exactly the same
Jackson Scott
Jackson Scott - Måned siden
Last night I played the beta for a few hours, then went to Modern Warfare, night and day. I will be staying on MW for a while.
Werner Golombick
Werner Golombick - Måned siden
Played the open beta and must say, I enjoy the longer time to kill. CODMW is too Quick! Longer time to kill, results in more interesting engagements. Quick scope is still a game killer for me, unrealistic as hell, drop quick scope all out !
ThaRealERAQ - Måned siden
You get a jet ski you get a jet ski
Sam O'Kane
Sam O'Kane - Måned siden
he is such a nice guy
Mike Riccardi
Mike Riccardi - Måned siden
wazzageek - Måned siden
I’ve had the same surgery and my chin is still a little numb. No regrets either.
Justin M
Justin M - Måned siden
They don't use the real names of the guns because of all this BLM crap and the so called "gun violence epidemic" and they don't want to pay for the licensing because that's supporting the gun industry. All political.
Ragheed Lasoo
Ragheed Lasoo - Måned siden
I know you know something about battlefield 3 remastered.
256KLABS - Måned siden
Jack leveled up higher in 2 games than i did in an entire night of playing :D
provable spark
provable spark - Måned siden
I got great new juggernaut royale is gonna be back in October 20
Not gonna lie, this BO Cold War looks like confusing game. It's trying to aproach realistic gameplay like MW 2019 but its ended up being too arcade because movements is too fast like you are super soldier. This game had no direction at all compared to MW 2019 which is clear from beginning.
Dead - Måned siden
I really don't like this game at all
Robbie G
Robbie G - Måned siden
@jackfrags - The Symbol on the upside down boat is a Bow Thruster warning symbol. Lets others know that the boat has a "prop" for moving the bow side to side.
Asymerul - Måned siden
Sniper sounds soo satisfying ... Especially shooting inside a compound.
O C - Måned siden
I had exactly the same surgery and went through the same procedure when I was about 19. Recovery was very difficult and chin/lower lip became numb, post surgery, but it has partially recovered since then. It was tough but well worth it!
Curtis Davis
Curtis Davis - Måned siden
What are best controller setting for cold war sniping?
OceanPandaz - Måned siden
47:47 legit looks like James Franco 😂
gibran5000 - Måned siden
it was the same way in mw when the game was in beta the footsteps were really good. after release they nerfed them all to hell and now you cant hear a thing, seems like this game is going that way already in beta though.
Joaquin Jacobo Miguel Maruya
Animal Addiction
Animal Addiction - Måned siden
Is it just me or are xbox and ps4 at a massive advantage over pc with the annoying amount of aim assist they have especially with snipers
papabearnewf23 - Måned siden
You are awesome one of the best and nicest streamers/YouTubers westie and Nick merks are also fun to watch
Maxmartini - Måned siden
love that you can scope and shoot underwater -.-
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson - Måned siden
I love this game so much
Aiden Lehr
Aiden Lehr - Måned siden
Does anyone else's game freak out, like trees and the ground will dissapesr and reappear, idk how to fix it
Kobrg - Måned siden
Why u stopped playing battlefield 5
Corey BROCO - Måned siden
think youre the only person i know that uses aim on toggle and not hold
TheKFCManager - Måned siden
only camping no skill noobs prefer mw over this game, mw is all about camping in the corner and made easy for noobs to get kills with that TTK. cold war is for more skilled players
THE WARZONER - Måned siden
love the gameplay well played jack GG
The Backyard Reenactor
The Backyard Reenactor - Måned siden
hey jack do you remember jonny from bf5
Sadhu Abhijeet
Sadhu Abhijeet - Måned siden
Much much respect
EricTheClasher - Måned siden
there strong until that stupid little yellow hit marker happens
PAUL EBINEZAR - Måned siden
1,2,3 like lol
Project Trippy
Project Trippy - Måned siden
I almost passed out when you were talking about the surgery 😅 Glad you’re doing better Jack!
Antony Blackburn
Antony Blackburn - Måned siden
Sorry i missed the stream dude absolutely bummed i missed it
John Peckham
John Peckham - Måned siden
Played the previous /current version of COD and older versions back in the day... Cold war is a real step backwards... not a keeper, I wont be buying it after playing the BETA. Keep up the good work JackFrags, really enjoy your posts.
_테리스 - Måned siden
Wow, I was very fascinated by how you talked about your surgery. I have an overbite and has always been conscious about it. It also becomes painful at times, which I'm a little concerned about.
You just made me look up about possible solutions to my jaw problem. Thanks for the awesome games and unexpected medical content, Jack. All the best!!!
JacoGames - Måned siden
Battlefield will win this round if they make a decent game
Lyserberg - Måned siden
Jack is absolutely nasty with the sniper.
Julien Ouellette
Julien Ouellette - Måned siden
200fps god... what kind of setup do you have ?
Guess_who_son - Måned siden
Sniper is out of control
broxboiii sumenep
broxboiii sumenep - Måned siden
Uncle Crow
Uncle Crow - Måned siden
It was fun watching the video mate.
What a luck 14 kills on a tank 😁
I use 400 dpi too and love runing around snipping.
happy dog
happy dog - Måned siden
FREE open beta this weekend!!
SuperCookie Cookie
SuperCookie Cookie - Måned siden
This seems like battlefield hardline cod edition? I mean this map screams bf1 most famous map in the desert too.
Zeebra - Måned siden
Amazing video, i rly like the game so far but the beta has been a huge joke on pc ! fatal error after fatal error
Jean - Måned siden
i’m not sure how i feel about this game. For pc it’s a little poorly optimized but then again it IS in beta and that can change. I think MW set the bar very high in terms of quality thats it’s kind of hard to like this new one
psychonaut038 - Måned siden
no it's the full game. The alpha was the full game at that moment.
Wor_lds Drifting
Wor_lds Drifting - Måned siden
Well I’ve played the open beta for a few hour and I’m already max level 40
Ed Sled
Ed Sled - Måned siden
The Obliviax
The Obliviax - Måned siden
jackfrags, you are extremely pleasant to listen to. keep keep making good videos.
Eugene Bagnall
Eugene Bagnall - Måned siden
Question - do you find that changing the field of view affects your aim?
Racket Meister
Racket Meister - Måned siden
Stim shot would keep you alive longer when on a streak.
BIG HEAD - Måned siden
Ya buddy haha get that auto aim assist goin.....woooooo.
kgqm - Måned siden
I hate this cod, simple to say.
Tayone robinson rutter
Tayone robinson rutter - Måned siden
1:47:34 Probably the best change from MW to this game for me is the lighting, I know damn well in MW a guy sitting in a dark ass bunker like that would be straight up invisible, in this game though man's literally glowing, love to see it.