Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies - I have no Idea what I'm doing...

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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies is crazy! Checking it out as a noob with some mates! Playing in 4K 60FPS! Thanks to Nvidia for sponsoring. Learn more about the RTX 30-series cards here - Become a member - noburn.infojoin
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jackfrags - 7 dager siden
This was really fun, Zombies is awesome! Would love to get more maps in the future. We MIGHT attempt a full easter egg stream / video at some point :)
Texas Viking
Texas Viking - 3 dager siden
You need to go to the armor upgrade and upgrade your spas damage to gold tier than pap it
Yoshi - 4 dager siden
Yeah would love it
bobbydeazy - 5 dager siden
Please do another play on this was great fun
Paul Logan
Paul Logan - 5 dager siden
For a few weeks now jack, I cant play you in 4k anymore, its like watching you in 1990, your 4k vids are 720p max
Bob Bobing
Bob Bobing - 6 dager siden
I like your steam but I don't like the game... no like from me on this one, but not a dislike either
Dion York
Dion York - 3 timer siden
He got quick revive for no reason 😂
Danny McTamaney
Danny McTamaney - Dag siden
the pump is better than the spas
Jesse Kautz
Jesse Kautz - 2 dager siden
fool, you need to turm Gsync on... please.
VenomSlingShooter - 2 dager siden
I wish you could buy cold war zombies separately from the game. Its been pretty apparent that a lot of people want to play zombies/campaign way more then the multiplayers, cause multiplayer is shit. Might as well make camping separate as well.
Thiccboi W
Thiccboi W - 2 dager siden
You need the wonder weapon
pomme melon
pomme melon - 2 dager siden
Eric Mendenhall
Eric Mendenhall - 2 dager siden
I’m getting killing floor 2 vibes
wimmer021 - 3 dager siden
Play arcade zombies, a lot of fun
Br4v0 2
Br4v0 2 - 3 dager siden
i wish i could just buy the Zombie mode
Delaney 12
Delaney 12 - 3 dager siden
That down seemed like u were running so slow compared to the zombies...maybe I'm just tired idk
OscarMike - 3 dager siden
Man, the party leader pausing the game is annoying already. Can that shit be turned off?
jakeabooBITCH - 3 dager siden
My thoughts for 95 percent of this video: put the fucking knife away and you won't go down every round
Tyler Bryan
Tyler Bryan - 3 dager siden
Why do we need a vaccine for a virus with an overall 99.89% survival rate?
metal_ak4 - 3 dager siden
This was painful and fun to watch at the same time XD
Texas Viking
Texas Viking - 4 dager siden
I have issues with connection in zombies also, and man use the weapon tier upgrade machine get the spas to gold than pap, it's nuts
CANADIAN DIGGER - 4 dager siden
Kinda wish they sold zombies separate
L P - 4 dager siden
Absolute bell end just pausing it without notice
Matthias TSI
Matthias TSI - 4 dager siden
Hey Jack, what monitor are you using? been looking for one with 120hz
•Max White•
•Max White• - 4 dager siden
Zombies and campaign are spot on, amazing but the MP is really disappointing
Billy Narey
Billy Narey - 4 dager siden
Can't watch this, your friends are so annoying
Ryan Morris
Ryan Morris - 4 dager siden
Any zombies player was getting driven crazy by the gameplay.
Coretography - 4 dager siden
One of the best things you can do is that later in the round, keep one zombie alive so you can all replenish your armour and ammo. And so you can do your pack a punches, your weopon upgrades etc then youll be all prepared for the next round. You can get to higher levels alot easier that way.
Stu - 4 dager siden
So cool to see you on zombies after watching so much of your warzone videos. Very entertaining and I love how you guys went in blind. More zombies vids please!!
Nathan Brunner
Nathan Brunner - 5 dager siden
They do realize that the monster is Megaton Right? Not Megatron.
Tyler Baker
Tyler Baker - 5 dager siden
The 1911 packed is prob my personal favorite
Jon Williams
Jon Williams - 5 dager siden
Most annoyed by yall are not sticking together
Ian Smith
Ian Smith - 5 dager siden
... how I felt when I first played zombies on BO3.
Jon Williams
Jon Williams - 5 dager siden
so annoyed by the pauses
N0stalgicLeaf - 5 dager siden
Megatron use chet
Joseph notoempire
Joseph notoempire - 5 dager siden
Disconnect error is the final boss fight 2 matches in a row? Grrrrr, woof!
FVBeatzz - 5 dager siden
3080 and 90fps wtf I have +100 with my 2070 super
Clark Lewis
Clark Lewis - 5 dager siden
could be nice with seperate volumes ... game and you.. i would def shys you down to 0 db :D
TheNIX001 - 5 dager siden
Nice that you guys said it, had the same thoughts that zombie mode in a standalone would be nice. Only interested in that mode
Sachith Siriwardena
Sachith Siriwardena - 5 dager siden
Coretemp!!! Woot woot
oskar columb
oskar columb - 5 dager siden
Yeah this cements it, definitely will not be getting this game
AKA SGSVirgil - 5 dager siden
Oh yaye!.....just what COD needs....another zombie mod..... *sigh*
Chelioo - 5 dager siden
What's the problem with that? No one forces you to play it lol. Some ppl buy this game just for zombies
Kato Land
Kato Land - 5 dager siden
Nice game
Lippy Da Lips
Lippy Da Lips - 5 dager siden
It's POLAND not Germany Lol
Bringer OFpain
Bringer OFpain - 5 dager siden
might buy the game just for this
Callum Scott-Mills
Callum Scott-Mills - 5 dager siden
the peep show "do you want it" was quality
DRESTA12345678910 - 5 timer siden
@Clungemagnet yea, what time?
Clungemagnet - 2 dager siden
What time?
1992SOAD - 5 dager siden
'No I don't want it, alright? Fu*k off' Ahh Peep Show is the best
Joe GoldBerG
Joe GoldBerG - 6 dager siden
18:40 "in sorry whats going on" that demonic slurping had jack SHOOK BOI
Joaquin Vasquez
Joaquin Vasquez - 6 dager siden
bro game cept n pausing so stupid 🤬😡😠🥒🍑🍆
GunSlingerClyde - 6 dager siden
Stay on the watch for the Gunslinger. He's coming to Youtube soon.
Zed a
Zed a - 6 dager siden
can you do a bf4 video using my favorite new loadout: p90( or any small pdw) with a giant 4x scope
AmbronxX - 6 dager siden
As a zombies player, i really enjoyed watching Jackfrags playing zombies and having fun.
slight - 6 dager siden
I love watching new players and im glad this game is opening zombies up to casual players
Zen Goheen
Zen Goheen - 6 dager siden
Really fun to watch, I hope you play more of this soon :)
Daniel Mayhew
Daniel Mayhew - 6 dager siden
literlly everything that is next gen or new rn is amazing hence spider man miles morlaes and literlly everything about cold war
Daniel Mayhew
Daniel Mayhew - 6 dager siden
imagine having instakill gaist a boss
Imran Ali Jamal
Imran Ali Jamal - 6 dager siden
After a long finally a decent zombie mode for COD!!!
Paul Logan
Paul Logan - 6 dager siden
Guys, I cant view jacks videos on my TV in 4k but it plays everyone else's, my phone plays this in 4k but its 720p max on my tv for all of Jack's 4k vids
Ethan Bray
Ethan Bray - 6 dager siden
Where do you stream?
Dutch Sweden
Dutch Sweden - 6 dager siden
Jack there is this new game you should try its called Enlisted
Itriyum - 6 dager siden
Who asked for healthbars and hit points???
Venerable Malleus
Venerable Malleus - 4 dager siden
Shame there's no option to disable them in options based on preference. What a shame devs wouldn't consider giving us options. Guess we'll just have to raise our fists and shake them in anger about it.
Grubarybapl - 6 dager siden
you should stream more of this mode
Zen Goheen
Zen Goheen - 6 dager siden
1:34:30 That made me start tabing around to see what happen on my computer...
DETHRO J3THRO - 6 dager siden
In case Jack sees this, ya'll need to sprint a lot more. You have infinite sprint so you almost never should be standing still. Also you should always be outside at the start and middle of a round. Being indoors is setting yourself up for failure cause you're in narrow pathways with zombies spawning behind and in front of you. Only go indoors when the wave is almost over.
edit: lmao I keep editing and adding more tips. Another thing is reviving teammates is really important. If a teammate goes down take a few hits to revive them. You have enough health to survive a few hits reviving them. Focusing on clearing all the enemies around them first is never gonna work.
DETHRO J3THRO - 4 dager siden
@tyfhd The game's definitely not perfect, especially on the MP side, but overall the Campaign is great and Zombies is better than ever. MP is also better than a lot of previous titles.
tyfhd - 4 dager siden
@DETHRO J3THRO Thanks for the reply, and yes I intend to play all the modes (campaign, zombies and MP) as my friends seem really interested on all of that. It's just that the game seems to get a lot of negative opinions so I wasn't sure if it was worth buying.
DETHRO J3THRO - 4 dager siden
@tyfhd Hey, personally for me it would be because I'm a long-time fan but if you're not super interested in multiplayer or zombies then I can't say it's worth $70. However, the Zombies mode is the best it's been in a long time and I'm having a LOT of fun with it. So if you like what you see then go for it.
tyfhd - 5 dager siden
Thanks for these tips, im planning to buy this game soon so this helps a lot. Just asking a question here, do you think the game is worth $70? Just want to hear someone's else's opinion about it. Thanks in advance.
Steven Nicol
Steven Nicol - 6 dager siden
Have you got to the zombie party bit yet lol I did last not omg 😂🤣😂I put a clip up on mine lol
CookieMonstaHG - 6 dager siden
12:54 He thinks tally marks are Roman numerals.
DR. SawDust
DR. SawDust - 6 dager siden
It makes me think of Destiny 2 😅
Zen Goheen
Zen Goheen - 6 dager siden
The nuke is not very helpful honestly, sure it kills everything on the map, but you get only 400 for using it when just killing the enemies normally gives 5 times as much least. I can only see it helpful far in when you're in a tightspot. But early it ruins more then helping.
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson - 6 dager siden
I can't understand why people are still buying this crap 🦨💩
Yousif Salah
Yousif Salah - 6 dager siden
Saddest ending ever
Leo N
Leo N - 6 dager siden
I’ve been playing zombies since day one and haven’t got the ray gun once
Leo N
Leo N - 3 dager siden
@Jared Alonge huh?
Jared Alonge
Jared Alonge - 4 dager siden
liar, common in Waw
Spartiateism - 6 dager siden
Always wondered what Jack was doing for a living besides video games.
Mitchell McGregor
Mitchell McGregor - 6 dager siden
Its so strange watching people play that have no idea what's going on xD
iTz_jeremys films
iTz_jeremys films - 6 dager siden
Just realized they used the 1st ever created zombies map and made it 100x better gosh might have to buy cold war just for zombies
Debajit Boro
Debajit Boro - 6 dager siden
20:05 wowoooooooo🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤
JT Armstrong
JT Armstrong - 6 dager siden
I just tried out the knife on zombies and holy shit its so good
What a Wonderful Nightmare
What a Wonderful Nightmare - 6 dager siden
For the guy who was asking about a number showing you how many zombies remained, he was thinking of Killing Floor lol
Michael M.
Michael M. - 6 dager siden
Hey Jack, I hope you’re doing well. Lean on people that love you if you need to. Love your videos!
Dark8 9wolf
Dark8 9wolf - 6 dager siden
How do you like it mate??
Daniel Lohvinenko
Daniel Lohvinenko - 6 dager siden
LAAZERZONE - 6 dager siden
jack i appreciate the 2160 bro!
Nightcline14 - 6 dager siden
I can't believe you've never played Zombies before, my first ever zombies match was in BO2.
Hennessy - 6 dager siden
@CollegeCars THIS, man that game brings back major memories... ah the nostalgia...
CollegeCars - 6 dager siden
You havnt lived if u havnt played og waw zombs
Nightcline14 - 6 dager siden
I can't believe you've never played Zombies before, my first ever zombies match was in BO2.
SaltySugarPunch - 6 dager siden
it must be nice of nvidia to send u a graphics card while they premote their product with a practically empty stock, oh ya i forgot about the scalpers...
shut up bitch
shut up bitch - 6 dager siden
Booting random players from your party? Yeah great fan service there. That is lame dude. Be like Stone Mountain, he has mad respect.
josé tha1
josé tha1 - 6 dager siden
Stone didn’t play with randoms either, what you talking bout fan service. Weird thing to be upset about
Vinny Gonzales
Vinny Gonzales - 6 dager siden
What about the audio. I hear the sound affects louder than I do game chat. Is there something I can do? Just on zombies tho.
FXRVW - 6 dager siden
Need to let Jack host next time.
Can't enjoy the zombies 9/10 it crashes or kicks me and my friends. Ridiculous for a £50 game!!! Zombies is great but so disappointed with the crashes
FXRVW - 6 dager siden
“Let us traverse space UNT time, Ja?!”
Ryan G
Ryan G - 6 dager siden
COD Zombies should honestly be a separate game kinda like warzone. They could even make it free to play then monetize the hell out of skins.
TC4728 - 6 dager siden
I hope you know that’s what they’re doing...
Mattia Bovolenta
Mattia Bovolenta - 6 dager siden
Really hope you predict the future
Zen Goheen
Zen Goheen - 6 dager siden
I would love that!
802 Garage
802 Garage - 6 dager siden
Zombies looks far better than the full game. I would pay perhaps $10 for Zombies, but I won't buy Cold War.
mark286 - 6 dager siden
So weird to see the World at War map again!
SlimPolo Big facts
SlimPolo Big facts - 6 dager siden
Why are there floating Jellies lol
3776 M
3776 M - 6 dager siden
I am not planning on buying the game so im enjoying it a lot !
Drakoshi - 6 dager siden
Seems to me this game was specifically made for youtubers.
Jake - 6 dager siden
just realized that the first room is basically the same floor plan as nacht der untoten
Andy Reyno
Andy Reyno - 6 dager siden
Neil McAntee
Neil McAntee - 6 dager siden
The J-TAG Files.
Neil McAntee
Neil McAntee - 6 dager siden
Been waiting for this 😎
Randomguy7 - 6 dager siden
We NEED a tryhard guide for this game! Your guides are the best!
Crijn - 6 dager siden
Always use grenade on the last zombies so they have to crawl because they loose their legs from the explosion. Then you have all the time in the world before the new wave of zombies comes to upgrade your weapons and gear.
Christopher Tu
Christopher Tu - 5 dager siden
@Crijn idk exactly when since I started playing zombies in bo2, but if you damage a zombie even slightly it starts dying faster.
Crijn - 6 dager siden
@Christopher Tu Since when does that happen?
Christopher Tu
Christopher Tu - 6 dager siden
Nah don’t just have a person train that zombie around crawlers tend to die prematurely
All the Animals
All the Animals - 6 dager siden
Olaf B.
Olaf B. - 6 dager siden
The server disconnects are rwally aweful!
PnlBtr - 6 dager siden
I only get to play around 40% games when matchmaking. Always "unavailable" or host migration happens and it drops out.
joshua morales
joshua morales - 6 dager siden
Came fo da jak, stayed fo da planarian worm
Funnymanphilly - 6 dager siden
Love the content with Tommy and Adam, those two are hilarious and you guys have great chemistry together 👍
gbsavc - 7 dager siden
This looks like a lot of fun