Call of Duty Warzone - Can you please explain this?!

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COD Warzone but I saw something I've never seen before and we don't know how they did it. Any ideas? check out @Aculite and @Tomographic Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching!
Music by Incompetech - Sneaky Snitch.
Runtime: 13:40


Mod Nagant
Mod Nagant - 16 timer siden
Honestly. Imagine being in warzone match with fucking Jack, Tomo, and Aculite. Like...dang man your chance to win went down substantially.
RR Showtime
RR Showtime - 6 dager siden
The original M16 was 3 shot burst or semi auto.
Djigit Borz
Djigit Borz - 6 dager siden
Funnist video was when you say chet, then someone write chechen, and you say not chechen 😂😂😂

Im from Grozny and om chechen that why it was very funny to hear you say that chechen 😂👍👍 thanks for good video , love from sweden!
HyeBlood - 7 dager siden
Hey Jack, can you post what graphic specs you are using for the game?
DGX KNOW IT ALL MSK - 7 dager siden
XLR EAGLE - 8 dager siden
First time here... Nice work
Ральф Jo_Agna
Ральф Jo_Agna - 9 dager siden
The ideal "trio voices" you wanna hear
TheKingOfMusic - 10 dager siden
Hi guys i am thinking of creating a channel for Warzone cold war epic moments with rewards. Please send me your opinions. Thanks
D Train
D Train - 10 dager siden
Lol it’s easy we do it all the time at the same bunker.
Oliver Fallon
Oliver Fallon - 12 dager siden
The left the door open the slightest bit and went crouch right behind making impossible to open unless you have an explosive 🧨
MOB Zelis
MOB Zelis - 14 dager siden
for some weird reason i have shitty fps on call of duty . got a i7 7700k , 16gb ram, with gtx 1080. I can play every game on ultra but for some reason ground war and warzone i cant even play on low settings because i have like 40 fps.
Reece Blake
Reece Blake - 14 dager siden
Easily my favourite warzone streamer !
Weasel - 15 dager siden
There is a way to block a door, by cracking it open a small amount and crouching in front of it on the other side. I have experienced a similar thing lol
Javi Vaca
Javi Vaca - 15 dager siden
They are using a riet shield
brad kiss
brad kiss - 15 dager siden
They standing on the other side of the door is open an if you close it slowly it can't be opened.
Shorsey - 15 dager siden
No recoil aimbot
Ducky 101
Ducky 101 - 15 dager siden
Haha that was a brilliant video well done
TR0LLZ0R260 - 16 dager siden
Its a peek glitch if you peek the door and stand behind the door it lockes it
Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart - 16 dager siden
Loved that rocket kill fucking awesome !! They didn’t know what hit them haha ... around 1:08
Sneeuwkabouter - 16 dager siden
How did he make the buggy sound so weird in the clip with park bunker?
Bob Evens
Bob Evens - 16 dager siden
Best video ever
PC Gamer
PC Gamer - 16 dager siden
What kind of cheats is Jack using? Doesn't make sense, for controller to be able to get hits like that, w/AR, at those distances.
Jose Melendez
Jose Melendez - 14 dager siden
What are you on about
Bad Beard Offroad
Bad Beard Offroad - 16 dager siden
If you just push the door closed instead of interacting with it, it can't be opened from the other side.
CRATES - 17 dager siden
definitely some kind of hack or glitch
Aleks Staiger
Aleks Staiger - 17 dager siden
Door stuck glitch
H S - 17 dager siden
wtf this isnt even new
cameron 2210
cameron 2210 - 17 dager siden
He's hacking lol
Alex Makedonski
Alex Makedonski - 17 dager siden
Stupid game can't open or blow up the door LOL = BATTLEFIELD all the way !
junior cherenfant
junior cherenfant - 17 dager siden
5:33 lol. He was pissedddddddd
Durgham Alameedi
Durgham Alameedi - 17 dager siden
They're clearly using a cheat to do the door thing considering you guys are running the game on PC servers
Jared Gonzalez
Jared Gonzalez - 18 dager siden
I love jack so much like he is literally the chillest dude ever he just always like "well played well played" 😂
Jordan Sharp
Jordan Sharp - 18 dager siden
no dmg goes thru the metal door so you can chill behind it. that's all it is
Mihnea Paval
Mihnea Paval - 19 dager siden
How do you not get lag in this game?
ole hickory
ole hickory - 19 dager siden
What a bunch of goons. You push it don’t hit the button to close and ur good if u stand opposite the door and keep closing it every time they try to blow it open with your body not the close button.
Daniel Herrmann
Daniel Herrmann - 19 dager siden
Good vid!
Joel Franklin
Joel Franklin - 19 dager siden
They put a trophy system at the hinge of the door and doorframe. So pushing from the outside the door won't budge and the trophy systems is good for 3 explosions.
The Pope Nutz
The Pope Nutz - 19 dager siden
What a bloated f ucking intro. Don't do that again
Yannick Guérin
Yannick Guérin - 19 dager siden
I think they shoved a quad bike behind the door
nick bickley
nick bickley - 19 dager siden
people do it on infected all of the time
Jonathan Francis
Jonathan Francis - 19 dager siden
U have to peak the door and like push it close with ur body
Patota - 19 dager siden
I was able to kinda replicate it by peek opening the door and standing just behind it. your door didnt seem to be opened tho so idk
YoungEkis - 19 dager siden
5:36 those 3 ppl are still spectating u
Barret Strate
Barret Strate - 20 dager siden
how did you get that camo shroud on your HDR?
Matthew Church
Matthew Church - 20 dager siden
maybe there was a downed player there i had someing like that happen
caleb tormoehlen
caleb tormoehlen - 20 dager siden
Why does this game have so many bugs and glitches still smh
Jake Lee
Jake Lee - 20 dager siden
Just seems like a typical door glitch to me.
If you open the door and move your character into the door, it will bend in. If your character stands behind it properly, their body will prevent anyone from getting in from the other side. You used to see it all the time in Downtown on top of the big skyscraper because most wanteds would go up, door glitch, and they'd be untouchable unless you had a chopper or javelin.
Bananas and Bass
Bananas and Bass - 20 dager siden
I think it’s simple, just like that bank building. Once you open the vault inside, there’s a challenge and the doors close until you complete that.
Owen Wolf Co.
Owen Wolf Co. - 20 dager siden
I haven’t played Warzone in months since I un-installed it on my Xbox.
I missed so much...
bastardlemonade - 20 dager siden
8:25 That "nooo weey" was hilarious.
Xyontec -
Xyontec - - 20 dager siden
this reminds me of doors stuck
ll_ psycho_ll
ll_ psycho_ll - 20 dager siden
So I guess wore zone people don’t know about that glitch
NinjaJaiden23 X
NinjaJaiden23 X - 20 dager siden
Them: chill game/ relaxing/ easy win
Me: omg/wtf/ fk this game/ whole squad dies
Sara Adamsds
Sara Adamsds - 20 dager siden
VSS is nothing like in BF3. It was best vss from all games.
craz0boy - 20 dager siden
What tha hahaha that door though
remytron83 - 20 dager siden
You can stand behind a door if it’s been opened and it will be solidly shut without closing it. I learned by playing infection.
One Crit Wonder
One Crit Wonder - 21 dag siden
i think this is fucking hillarious, shame if they fix it
Priyesh Gohil
Priyesh Gohil - 21 dag siden
What Gun / Loadout is this?!
J B - 21 dag siden
It's a glitch that if you put a deployable sheild in the door then close it it keeps the door shut
Robert Beattie
Robert Beattie - 21 dag siden
Hey can someone help me, my COD game on my PC is really broken it wont run at all :( not even the campaign will run smoothly :( I have tried repairing files a few times and nothing still works :(
Mr Cooksey
Mr Cooksey - 21 dag siden
I wish I had gaming chairs like they do, really helps with the recoil and locking on targets
TD Gaskins
TD Gaskins - 21 dag siden
if you close the door with your body you can keep it closed
MattIsLoling - 21 dag siden
first clip they were peeking out the door looking at your dudes,don't know if you noticed
ratikka0 - 21 dag siden
He's lit, says JF while burning.😁
RnB - 21 dag siden
I thought you flopped at the end but you pulled it off like a champ
Usha Rana
Usha Rana - 21 dag siden
They're must be 4 putting riot shields
Daruda102 - 21 dag siden
It’s a game not RL that’s why DUDDEEE
Alpha Orionis
Alpha Orionis - 21 dag siden
I don't get how you take so many bullets in this game, I'm dead with full armour before the damage even appears on my screen and here jack is taking whole magazines.
Mitch - 21 dag siden
You need to push the door shut physically then stand behind it, not press to close.
Bob Evens
Bob Evens - 21 dag siden
Kani - 21 dag siden
You peek the door going out and crouch at the door locking it
Just the Beginning.
Just the Beginning. - 21 dag siden
This happened to me but the door was slightly ajar. I got through eventually but there was nothing there to block the door and the guy was hiding in the corner???
Aaron Chris
Aaron Chris - 21 dag siden
They should have an option 1080p 120hz on YouTube
Aaron Chris
Aaron Chris - 21 dag siden
Bro can you play cod mobile
Christian - 21 dag siden
Insurgency Sandstorm is so much better than Cod
YODA GANG - 21 dag siden
Me and my friends do this all the time
BIG_CAT_RARR - 21 dag siden
I do this at least once a day on stream, and have been doing so for many months.
alightvlogging - 21 dag siden
This vid has just been featured on Ladbible!
Symmx - 21 dag siden
You can do that when you equip the meat header perk.
Jay Sohal
Jay Sohal - 21 dag siden
You just got a sub.
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Barnes - 21 dag siden
It's a door stuck glitch used in infected
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin - 21 dag siden
Love the für Elise
Pykey312 - 21 dag siden
Jack you're actually an insane sniper, holy crap!
RahimTiger - 21 dag siden
Music is Perfect
Ndfan153001 - 21 dag siden
You seemed to lock on to every target quite quickly... Including knowing the guy was immediately on your left when entering the bunker. Wouldn't be surprised if you are cheating yourself...
Ndfan153001 - 21 dag siden
Not to mention your ridiculous auto aiming on the helo at the end. Lol gtfo
I T - 21 dag siden
You content, comments and play are 5 STAR ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
332 Safe
332 Safe - 21 dag siden
Can’t believe people play like this
Darren Boyle
Darren Boyle - 21 dag siden
Knows where every one is cheating
Christopher Campos
Christopher Campos - 21 dag siden
Ive been waiting for ever for this exploit to finally leave infected. Just a matter of time before pros start doing it LMAO
Shawn - 21 dag siden
Haha the string music makes it even better
Waffles Yo
Waffles Yo - 22 dager siden
wtf ur game is so clean what settings??
Captain_Coleslaw - 22 dager siden
Any chance its a macro, that spams F to keep the door in the center position
Bravo Gaming
Bravo Gaming - 22 dager siden
A teammate showed me this you just stand there behind the door after "peaking" it closed
Derek Schneide
Derek Schneide - 22 dager siden
Another video proving crossplay needs disabled
Mark Baladad
Mark Baladad - 22 dager siden
Its the wall thing
juan pablo
juan pablo - 22 dager siden
gg...i won my first warzone match last weekend (zombie mode)....played with a random Spanish guy who couldn't speak any English and it was an awesome, mad game...does feel good when you win!
Dalton - 22 dager siden
One of the way is to put a claymore behind the door. I found this out accidentally after a team was chasing me and i dropped one behind the door.
Boner - 22 dager siden
Good team.
joaquin - 22 dager siden
The Aculite-Stone-Tomo-Jackfrags combo is so elite. No bullshit, silly over the top reactions like so many other Warzone content creators. Just great banter and gameplay.
Doctor Sedillo
Doctor Sedillo - 22 dager siden
Door Stuck glich, you open it, and push it almost close, it you cant interact with it bc it is like mid animation almost.
Shadow Infinity Gaming
Shadow Infinity Gaming - 22 dager siden
You slowly push it closed but to where it touchs the frame and stay against the door. It stops ppl from coming in. Its been around for few seasons. Its why zip lines came to play