Call of Duty Warzone - COD 2020 Reveal Video + NEW Secret room!

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COD 2020 teasers updated today with new videos, codes and they revealed a secret room in Warzone! Let's take a look. Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
Runtime: 1:22:48


illougal nation
illougal nation - 2 måneder siden
Zephyr is Westwind?
Kevin Barnard
Kevin Barnard - 2 måneder siden
E=mc^2 did come from from Einstein's special theory, but the equation itself describes nuclear processes. On one hand, it's why stars shine, but for Cold War reference, it's why atomic and nuclear bombs go boom. Nothing to do with time travel. Take the mass of source material, have it go through a fission [the only atomic bombs ever used in war so far, and what power plants do] or fusion process [what stars do and what hydrogen bombs do] times c [the speed of light] squared and that will equal the energy that will result from the process.
coopertrooper YT
coopertrooper YT - 3 måneder siden
The guy at 15:45 was friendly
He was crouching
Unscripted Reviews
Unscripted Reviews - 3 måneder siden
Morse code is *** - - - *** that's S.O.S.
sybo59 - 3 måneder siden
It’s the 50th anniversary of the ICBM, fyi.
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez - 3 måneder siden
Type the code that's on the phone into the keypad.
Transmissional - 3 måneder siden
Sounds to me like they are gonna RM BO and MW and tie all the stories together so they'll have complete directional control for any future products. That is if they actually do care about creating stable lore for this new COD and prevent all this offshoots we've had recently.
Ingólfur Arnar
Ingólfur Arnar - 3 måneder siden
DO NOT interrupt Jack while he's investigating stuff. YOU WILL DIE!
Funpad123 - 3 måneder siden
Absolutely agree with ambient light of darkness comment..... this is a great intro... makes you want to keep watching! Absolutely brilliant video.. loved every second of it
Moonlit Foxling
Moonlit Foxling - 3 måneder siden
Wait, I do remember in cod BO1 you could get out of the chair and type in codes at a console, not sure if you can type any of those codes in or not
Moonlit Foxling
Moonlit Foxling - 3 måneder siden
I remember doing this on the wii
Moonlit Foxling
Moonlit Foxling - 3 måneder siden
*Happy Ascension noises*
Moonlit Foxling
Moonlit Foxling - 3 måneder siden
Last one I'm saying for now
Çağdaş Çidam
Çağdaş Çidam - 3 måneder siden
that guy who keeps coming back to room was trying to show he is friendly :( come on jack
SuperBigDog2U - 3 måneder siden
Nice that Google has decided to drop all email notifications from YouTube creators, as of 8/13/20, of new uploads to their channels. Maybe if YouTube creators complain enough after seeing viewer numbers drop due to viewers not knowing new content is available, Google will change this back and resume sending email notifications.
lucas boone
lucas boone - 3 måneder siden
There was massive distrust of West and Eastern powers during WW2 when they were allies, so essentially the cold war started right after ww2 ended.
zane grider
zane grider - 3 måneder siden
This is some battlefield level stuff!
Ash Parks
Ash Parks - 3 måneder siden
That alpha numeric code poster on the wall also ends in X instead of Z.
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown - 3 måneder siden
Surley someone give me the highlights and times to watch at
Warmaster2143 - 3 måneder siden
In v1 i got
Scire Net
Scire Net - 3 måneder siden
future Morse code XD
very nice
Dave - 3 måneder siden
Where was the Summit map?
B5 Cepe, Liam Gabriel A.
B5 Cepe, Liam Gabriel A. - 3 måneder siden
Wow Battlefield's marketing just got blown to bits with this thing
DusteD gg
DusteD gg - 3 måneder siden
The quarry area is a zombies map
Bryan Lo
Bryan Lo - 3 måneder siden
Jack you should clip the teaching part of this stream, invaluable resource.
Đỗ Thủy
Đỗ Thủy - 3 måneder siden
The US put missiles in Turkey and that's why Soviet decided to put missiles in Cuba. Know your history!
Darwin Thompson
Darwin Thompson - 3 måneder siden
Bro he’s from the UK relax
EggMaster69 - 3 måneder siden
15:26 has dragovich.
Antonio Barreiro
Antonio Barreiro - 3 måneder siden
1- thats was not che guevara that was Fidel Castro.
2- the cold war started the day the ww2 ended.
Aeronoctus 85
Aeronoctus 85 - 3 måneder siden
So it’s safe to say that cod 2020 is going to story mainly around Zephyr? That could be pretty cool
Tic Tic Boom
Tic Tic Boom - 3 måneder siden
Call of duty fucking sucks I cant wait for BATTLEFEILD 6
Moonlit Foxling
Moonlit Foxling - 3 måneder siden
No reason for you to be here then is there
Gav M
Gav M - 3 måneder siden
Ireland is not part of Britain lad do your history
Raw Remedies
Raw Remedies - 3 måneder siden
you should play more cod zombies Jack if ur enjoying the ee hunt!! Activition has been doing this stuff for years through the zombies mode.. hope to see u on the next zombie hunt..
Outbound Wheel49
Outbound Wheel49 - 3 måneder siden
So this could be Cod Blops or Cod Cold war
Outbound Wheel49
Outbound Wheel49 - 3 måneder siden
I was close
Praveen Colaco
Praveen Colaco - 3 måneder siden
A new one came up 1968-69
Steve Oh
Steve Oh - 3 måneder siden
Lol that evil guy that tried to come back again
Mr78Stiffler - 3 måneder siden
Love the scene with the door and the poor guys who just want to say hello. ^^^^
Patrick Blagbrough
Patrick Blagbrough - 3 måneder siden
It has already been mentioned but the first time some one tried to get in jack kills him and carries on as if nothing happened was hilarious 😂
Luke Satchell
Luke Satchell - 3 måneder siden
FYI The next tape has been added....WZ B5 87624851. Another puzzle is on the chair, clue is on the table “BRAVO, FOXTROT, ALPHA” also the shipping crate has an original bill of loading but is spelt “LADING” numbers on the phone are the same. The puzzles have colours that relate to the tapes currently green and orange with purple in the new location.
Vanz Who?
Vanz Who? - 3 måneder siden
history class would be so much fun if it was like this
Vanz Who?
Vanz Who? - 3 måneder siden
ok so basically they're copying the phantom program but doing it a bit better
Wayne Katz
Wayne Katz - 3 måneder siden
Those tips for noobs around the 1hr Mark were great. Thanks mate! Would love more instructional content.
O K - 3 måneder siden
the numbers for the first tape are 37 15 25 60 48 63
Destrovg - 3 måneder siden
7:34 that's Fidel Castro
Old Haven
Old Haven - 3 måneder siden
bro use the "berliner" kilo for mp its destructive as a cqb weapon
Furkan Diechioco
Furkan Diechioco - 3 måneder siden
Xatar just killed you now you have to eat a koeftespiess
P0c0man8U - 3 måneder siden
There is a box room sized building towards Quarry just on the outskirts that is keypad only!! I cant get in!! I THINK its the smallest one in H3 to the south! Ill get back to you! Hope you read this?
Sale Historie
Sale Historie - 3 måneder siden
spider man totally garbage man, dont even try it
Acu Robbie
Acu Robbie - 3 måneder siden
This is maybe the best series of easter eggs and community involvement prior to a games ever even released.
Tayler Stewart
Tayler Stewart - 3 måneder siden
Take a shot every time Jack says " i love that stuff "
Johnny - 3 måneder siden
We will get to kill commies? Nice
The Censor
The Censor - 3 måneder siden
Post-Its weren't invented until 1977. VCRs started to appear in the U.S. in 1976.
Jesus Class
Jesus Class - 3 måneder siden
I would to have survival back like 2011 with the same movements and different types of enemies
Di Realest Gaming
Di Realest Gaming - 3 måneder siden
I just love how Jack teaches while he plays! I just love the fact that he tells you exactly what he is doing and how he is thinking brilliant. Helping me to improve alot.
Eric Hanson
Eric Hanson - 3 måneder siden
1961 is the start of the cold war?? Jack... bro... no. Like, not even remotely close. We had fought and won the entire Korean War by 1953, the Berlin Airlift began in 1948, and freaking communist bastard Stalin had already killed tens of millions of people way before the missile crisis. Love the COD content, but seriously if this is the average person's perception of the cold war we're all in massive trouble.
Rainbow Minion
Rainbow Minion - 3 måneder siden
Hey @jackfrags there is a bunker where you need to type a code on the map. Maybe you have it?
Andre Kruger
Andre Kruger - 3 måneder siden
top man, top streamer. Keep doing you and w
e will all enjoy
Andre Kruger
Andre Kruger - 3 måneder siden
Jack, been following you for some time... Love your style... Love your style...
Sam Clark
Sam Clark - 3 måneder siden
Jack Dr Disrespect wants to 1v1 you on 'fall guy', get involved.
corey phillips
corey phillips - 3 måneder siden
$200 of cod points?
Mad as a Cro!
Mad as a Cro! - 3 måneder siden
13:07 🤣🤣🤣
Alexander Macdonald-Smith
Alexander Macdonald-Smith - 3 måneder siden
It was Fidel Castro, not Che Guevara.
Don Solo
Don Solo - 3 måneder siden
Jack answers phone & says: "No, Oh nooooo! 6 TIMES?!?" Ahahaha 😂👏💕Wonder what that conversation was about, hmm... 🤷‍♂️🤔
Doug B
Doug B - 3 måneder siden
does anyone else hate sniper rifles in the gulag????
Lewis Hachmeister
Lewis Hachmeister - 3 måneder siden
Jack playing by himself on the phone was funny. 6 times?! That IS impressive.
phileflex187 - 3 måneder siden
Abraham Lincoln on video???? He was US president from 1861-1865... I recon time travel might be what’s going on here
Gameplay - 3 måneder siden
Modern warfare is all i need ..
LarDi DK
LarDi DK - 3 måneder siden
Get that babymonitor out of the game
LordVaderPOR - 3 måneder siden
"It's over Anakin, I have the high ground" love when Jacks uses Star Wars references xD
fugthiz fugu
fugthiz fugu - 3 måneder siden
27.55... Autism level maxed out
Andrey Bell
Andrey Bell - 3 måneder siden
This is the 70 gb update I had to delete games fore
Kdubz - 3 måneder siden
This next cod will be HUGE
BobTheBuilder20247 - 3 måneder siden
This number 1352 Mason, what does it mean???
Frances Morales
Frances Morales - 3 måneder siden
That hi scared the shit out of me
Space - 3 måneder siden
There’s a locked room near TV station like the one in this video.
Dan Chandler
Dan Chandler - 3 måneder siden
15:28 stephen fry?
UnseenShooter07 A
UnseenShooter07 A - 3 måneder siden
COD needs to chill out about the updates I can barely play because of all the updates
Drew Dugger
Drew Dugger - 3 måneder siden
You should come down to Texas! Everything awesome about America all in one place.
Drew Dugger
Drew Dugger - 3 måneder siden
Cold war basically started after WW2, and ended when the Russian Afghan war ended, the Berlin Wall fell and Germany was reunited. Those clips of history are very important to know about. If you don't follow history and learn from others mistakes, you are doomed to repeat it.
Sparky Bolt
Sparky Bolt - 3 måneder siden
The tangledweb site sounds like Alan Turing and the Enigma code things. From the line "Codes. Signals. Cyphers."
crash code fri
crash code fri - 3 måneder siden
the guy in the picture he is in the video
Christian Vaquero
Christian Vaquero - 3 måneder siden
That was not Che Guevara, that was Fidel Castro.
PAULIE FREESTYLEFPV - 3 måneder siden
William Leigh
William Leigh - 3 måneder siden
There are slides on the left at tangled web
Rickantonio-Gameplays - 3 måneder siden
Fuck this bullshit
tigerz - 3 måneder siden
nmo one likes it
George Gritts
George Gritts - 3 måneder siden
Was that picture from zombies
ENVY_DON YT - 3 måneder siden
I don’t why but the tv gives me the creeps 😳
Salty Salmon
Salty Salmon - 3 måneder siden
God, if it's called "Future Warfare" I'm gonna puke.
Samsquamsh - 3 måneder siden
Wait... Teddy bear easter egg? I found a teddy bear at the dam here recently. Should I be doing something to it?
Jackie Moon
Jackie Moon - 3 måneder siden
Awesone content jack!No wonder I kept getting kicked last night!
Charles Oberg
Charles Oberg - 3 måneder siden
Anyone else realize the tenths of a seconds only go to 20???
Teacher Lars LS
Teacher Lars LS - 3 måneder siden
58:00 and onwards is quite the masterclass!
Its Gabriel Oh
Its Gabriel Oh - 3 måneder siden
Call Of Duty World At War 2 !!
Robert Chamberlain
Robert Chamberlain - 3 måneder siden
"6 times? That's impressive"
Think you might have been speaking to Jürgen Klopp.
Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz - 3 måneder siden
That was castro jack
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis - 3 måneder siden
I’ve been playing as the new iskra battlepass skin and I keep getting a distorted white screen that says Know Your History and the some Russian text
ChillLetsPlays - 3 måneder siden
Call of duty sucks so much ass its so sad
Javier Banuelos
Javier Banuelos - 3 måneder siden
If anybody wants to team up for enigma ee please let me know.
JM Pimentel
JM Pimentel - 3 måneder siden
idk why, but I'm getting intense fnaf vibes
sketchy spud
sketchy spud - 3 måneder siden
The components negative effects could be zombification hence all the cod zombies references
mouth fjdj
mouth fjdj - 3 måneder siden
Jack have you experienced that stitc that pops up and says know your history
cub90with170bhp - 3 måneder siden
That was Fidel, not Ché