Call of Duty Warzone - Engine Update + Possible New Location!

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COD Warzone will NOT be using the Black Ops Cold War Engine! Let's play some Solo matches and discuss Black Ops Implementation, PLUS a new location potentially coming to the game according to info from Modern Warzone. Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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NoahThomas29 - 4 dager siden
Cold war looks, sounds, and feels like garbage compared to MW 2019. i will continue playing it until the next modern warfare is released.
Radical Rab
Radical Rab - 14 dager siden
Shame the game runs like crap and constently crashes with numerous errors, regardless how good your pc is.
hansdietrich83 - 15 dager siden
They should have given uns a new map / map change at the end of Season 3. they teased us since the beginning of S3 and just never delivered. The nuke still hasn't been launched, the underground area from the cold warhasn't been added, etc.
Yokai Clan
Yokai Clan - 15 dager siden
Cold War engine is a huge downgrade compared to MW... thank god WZ won’t downgrade
cheeke breeke
cheeke breeke - 17 dager siden
3:00 what did you do for this?
RockerRobin - 18 dager siden
Need map changes game needs a refresh i loved the Halloween zombies event hope it not just a seasonal thing with the zombies.
Cory Nocera
Cory Nocera - 19 dager siden
@Jackfrags the exclusive Halloween Grau 5.56 from the Halloween event loot is broke.😑😞😭all that looting for nothing. Please tell a developer. Its not just mee
Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf - 19 dager siden
0:19 *calls uzi mp7*
BauerPower - 19 dager siden
what will happen to my Cod points on WARZONE?
CTG Vortex
CTG Vortex - 20 dager siden
There’s one things I’ve been confused about: will updates to warzone cause modern warfare to increase in size?
sludgedisciple - 20 dager siden
Jack outplayed that dude at 7:43....
Nelson Cheng
Nelson Cheng - 20 dager siden
I want something like an R4 Remington or an actual LOVAC rifle instead of the half hearted attachment on the M4 that we have now. In all honesty, what I want are more AR-ish tactical assault rifles.
tccraracer91 - 21 dag siden
Jack, the Austin Powers reference made my side hurt lmao. That side of Jack is rare on the channel, but very welcomed
Gitz Gamez
Gitz Gamez - 21 dag siden
Listening to this timestamp 5:35
i was like WTF?!
cod mobile? i thought bo4/blackout was the first
Pat Spags
Pat Spags - 21 dag siden
I feel like this engine update is 6 seasons too late
Hasebe - 21 dag siden
Why didn't they just use the same engine with cold war
AbdAlkalk Lou
AbdAlkalk Lou - 21 dag siden
it isn't MP7
Ghost - 21 dag siden
You said mp7 that's an uzi
ShotClanTxter - 21 dag siden
so am i going to be able to work on the cold war weapons in modern warfare?
TheMe9595 - 21 dag siden
They should do a thanksgiving event where instead of zombies players turn into turkeys.
Spit Fire1984
Spit Fire1984 - 21 dag siden
Uninstalled it because of unfixable dev errors that make the game unplayable....its unbearable how they dont care about fixing those.
daltonstokes5291 - 21 dag siden
Will we still keep all the guns and characters from warzone when they switch to cold war content?
2k7podge2k7 - 21 dag siden
So is there going to be 2 warzones or what? Or will there be 1 on ps4 and 1 on ps5 i dont get it
Chairo Neko
Chairo Neko - 21 dag siden
If cold war got fov slider for consoles will console warzone get it too?
Omega Point Singularity
Omega Point Singularity - 21 dag siden
I heard that the Stoner 420 is the best gun.
Star_wars_nerd 8.2
Star_wars_nerd 8.2 - 21 dag siden
00:19 you mean Uzi
Cristi Uries
Cristi Uries - 21 dag siden
What about the FOV in Warzone after the integration?
Talking about console, will it still be low by default or will there be a slider for us too... I personally experience motion sickness due to the low FOV in Warzone and would like there to be a slider to adjust that...
Connor Liddicott
Connor Liddicott - 21 dag siden
Best WZ content!
Nova Kain
Nova Kain - 21 dag siden
i cant wait for alcatraz
Jesse Alvarez
Jesse Alvarez - 21 dag siden
Cod mobile use to have zombies on it,,was so fun:/
Semper Faith
Semper Faith - 21 dag siden
Thank God they aren't changing the engine. CW's engine is garbage.
Hopefully this means with MW 2 they'll update the engine instead of swapping so we can get an updated engine which shouldn't be as difficult since it's just building off of this current one
Matthew Molina
Matthew Molina - 21 dag siden
Ok the Alcatraz map is for mobile
twitch7771 - 22 dager siden
dick balls
dick balls - 22 dager siden
what low frequencies are you using in your vids?
Sara Adamsds
Sara Adamsds - 22 dager siden
If they use the cold war engine, it's a HUGE downgrade. As in, the engine is from 2015.
Billy F-U
Billy F-U - 22 dager siden
Yea never trust resetera.
xXSkatXx - 22 dager siden
"actual developer" you mean the apes that say they "work" there?
INTR1NSIC RULES - 22 dager siden
Adam Lester
Adam Lester - 22 dager siden
Will war zone have Field Of View for console players? All my friends play war zone but it's literally unplayable for me on 60 FOV.
Nick Davidson
Nick Davidson - 22 dager siden
What about MW multiplayer though, is it going to be abandoned? I found the cold war beta a bit crap tbh. And I don't want to switch to it.
Tyler Magee
Tyler Magee - 22 dager siden
This news saved the game
SharkTank - 22 dager siden
0:27 thats an uzi not an mp7
UnchartedXLive - 22 dager siden
2:08 how do I get those lobbies? that was an utter gift, if the guy wasn't an utter potato you were D-E-D.
Kevin - 22 dager siden
This game is terrible. Getting DEV-error every other day
Dzigera TV
Dzigera TV - 22 dager siden
Thay need to bring new warzone maps
Rogue_4TW - 22 dager siden
0:16 "MP7"
Jake - 22 dager siden
They also mentioned progression matching between Modern Warfare and Cold War. I'm curious as to how they'll manage that. I assume it's for Warzone only, but it would be really interesting if it carries over into regular MP as well. Would be pretty awful for new CoD players if their first game is against a bunch of Lvl 55's that have every weapon unlocked.
Jay Roberts
Jay Roberts - 22 dager siden
How big is this game going to be, its pushing 150gb now, never mind 75% of another games content being added to it
Randy - 22 dager siden
That looks like an Uzi 🤔
john k
john k - 22 dager siden
All the millions they made With Mw an they change the engines up bs wazone will die out if they don't change it enough
Zen Khalifa
Zen Khalifa - 22 dager siden
Nice right into the content not like these other fools 🙄😁
leidenisthebest - 22 dager siden
they should scrab cold war and treyarc
Tyson Chan
Tyson Chan - 22 dager siden
how to unlock good egg charm like he did in 2:59?
elijah teel
elijah teel - 22 dager siden
Can we plz find somthing els to play than cod
Harry Nelson
Harry Nelson - 22 dager siden
Totally Tech Tips
Totally Tech Tips - 22 dager siden
Raho Barz
Raho Barz - 22 dager siden
Snow map would be lit
Tom Leeming
Tom Leeming - 22 dager siden
What set up are you using on your pc? So clean and smooth!
jose garcia
jose garcia - 22 dager siden
Did he just say mp7 oof
Hydox Clips
Hydox Clips - 22 dager siden
Disagree with everything u said , I ain't getting it now
RIZECEK - 22 dager siden
When will those jumpscare end. It really sucks.
Ed Mond
Ed Mond - 22 dager siden
Not available in 4k? Thought you had a light speed connection now? ;)
czuki - 22 dager siden
But if i have for example 1000CP will it stay for cold war warzone ?
CHANNTASTIC - 22 dager siden
Great info as always but I don’t think they will change the engine just for that.
roymustang36 - 22 dager siden
The TTK is entirely too fast in the MW engine. Hope this is addressed
Aashman Bajpai
Aashman Bajpai - 22 dager siden
Bruh, he just called this Uzi an MP7
Blindly Peaking
Blindly Peaking - 22 dager siden
Could see the campers hid in dark corners 🤔
MMA Via - 22 dager siden
Thank god because the Cold War engine fucking sucks. Anyone saying otherwise is simply a Treyarch fanboy.
PWN MALONE - 22 dager siden
Keep anything related to cold war TF away from mw.
John - 22 dager siden
I love Jack
Rami Ahmed alamoodi
Rami Ahmed alamoodi - 22 dager siden
P1DZ - 22 dager siden
there better be a new map im over this shitter
Nick Garlick
Nick Garlick - 22 dager siden
They need a brand new map!!!! Please God!
Cavey 506
Cavey 506 - 22 dager siden
For Christmas make a cold snow map Australia viewers be like😑
Meyukie _
Meyukie _ - 22 dager siden
I really want a fov slider for console and honestly they should make it where you can either have auto aim or an fov slider I get really motion sick so having a fov slider would really be helpful 👍
Tristan Lake
Tristan Lake - 22 dager siden
Even the WZ map reskins aren’t keeping me around. And Cold War surely isn’t what I wanted this year, it’s awful. So I’ll be sticking to other titles
Reaper - 22 dager siden
so call of duty mobile got Alcatraz before WZ
Ryan Butler
Ryan Butler - 22 dager siden
amazing how many ppl like the absolute shit that is MW
Simon Jordan
Simon Jordan - 23 dager siden
They really should release a new map ASAP. I love this game but man am i getting bored with dropping in the same areas over and over. Even if its released in march, i dont see why they couldnt do 2 maps a year? They updates they have done this year to verdansk were okay i suppose, the biggest probably being stadium but the majority of the map is literally exact same from when it was released.
Simon Jordan
Simon Jordan - 23 dager siden
What i mean is, if i have to wait to march to play another map i dont think il have the same level of interest
Ben Edwards
Ben Edwards - 23 dager siden
I would most definitely love to see some map changes and hopefully a new map soon. I do get a bit confused that everyone is surprised the game engine isn't changing though. Why would they ever have changed the engine??
Malte Degener
Malte Degener - 23 dager siden
The halloween event was amazing, really loved the way the game felt. Hope they'll keep it up with some twists in the future.
AsianAssassin 50
AsianAssassin 50 - 23 dager siden
Needs to be mutiple locations
Moldune. - 23 dager siden
should i update call of duty
Richard Whittington
Richard Whittington - 23 dager siden
Hey Jack what settings have you got the picture is crystal clear cheers stay safe
Nigel Moore
Nigel Moore - 23 dager siden
Looks like the uzi
Kobzie_ - 23 dager siden
The cold war maps look amazing. I just cant wait for modern warzone maps.
Ihsan Abd Al-kareem Abbas
Ihsan Abd Al-kareem Abbas - 23 dager siden
we are good with warzone.. thanks
JIXO - 23 dager siden
Is there season 7 for modern warfare tho?
Phantom3farty games
Phantom3farty games - 23 dager siden
Like the Austin powers reference
CENTENOMONTOYA - 23 dager siden
Random day and night modes or even more scavenger hunt missions to make people go to different locations other then superstore or prison
Nailed It
Nailed It - 23 dager siden
The night mode felt like a new modification to the current map.. but yes we need a new map
Mykola Rieland
Mykola Rieland - 23 dager siden
The self is very strong in most of us; sleeping or waking, it is ever alert, always strengthening itself but when there is an awareness of the self and a realization that all its activities, however subtle, must always lead to conflict and pain, then the craving for certainty, for self-continuance comes to an end.
Unscripted Reviews
Unscripted Reviews - 23 dager siden
Alcatraz is added to call of duty mobile, don't know if itll be staying tbh. But hey.. it's a nice map. Small and is packed with action. Very fast paced.
Dr Mango
Dr Mango - 23 dager siden
I don't like the sound of that. (My opinion)
Rich Sansy
Rich Sansy - 23 dager siden
Dude yo what I want

A remake of cod bo1 and 2
CaliYourPapi CR
CaliYourPapi CR - 23 dager siden
I’m just waiting for Christmas, so we can get the snowy version of Verdansk with the lights and stuff, oh boy!
Encak4191 - 23 dager siden
00:18 this is the uzi not the mp7
fore head
fore head - 23 dager siden
some sweaty solo game play (uses uzi)
Irshad Ansari
Irshad Ansari - 23 dager siden
So infinity ward wouldn't be allowed to work on another game soon.... Nice
Phoenix Chonk
Phoenix Chonk - 23 dager siden
it definently needs the new engien