Call of Duty Warzone - Exploring the new Map!

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COD Warzone new map changes are hiding secrets... There are keycards and mysterious doors! 10 x 2400 COD Points giveaway. Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner Sponsored by Activision.
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ahmad abed
ahmad abed - 2 dager siden
Holy crap, that loadout marker tactic is very cheeky! Didn't know you could do that
Tom Woods
Tom Woods - 11 dager siden
not sure if you'll see this but I was wondering what your take on varied weather patterns in warzone was?
wakoz elite
wakoz elite - Måned siden
40:24 😂
Yusuf Landguy
Yusuf Landguy - Måned siden
That bug could be a fancy animation for a mag check
Travis - 2 måneder siden
My fav warzone commentary! Thanks for all your efforts Jackfrags!
Jacob Minster
Jacob Minster - 2 måneder siden
As someone who watches the streams as vods, keep it up! Long content is a life saver during quarantine
Martin Aas Andersen
Martin Aas Andersen - 2 måneder siden
You properly need to combine the codes of all 3 rooms. So the icons needs to replaced by actual numbers from the other rooms maybe. So house icon is 2nd room and weird one is the 3rd room.
Muzaffer Hasan
Muzaffer Hasan - 2 måneder siden
Hi Jack, this is zaffer from India. Appreciate ur stuff. Love from India.
Hatti Wattti69
Hatti Wattti69 - 2 måneder siden
I think that an-94 is good as it is in kill confirmed
Bruce Walker
Bruce Walker - 2 måneder siden
1:14 dude isnt on your heartbeat sensor because this game is a broken piece of trash
Bruce Walker
Bruce Walker - 2 måneder siden
I wanna see jack dr disrespect and Noah j play trios
Ashton Rendon
Ashton Rendon - 2 måneder siden
Happy birthday Jack :)
toni campbell
toni campbell - 3 måneder siden
Mr Bleg
Mr Bleg - 3 måneder siden
25:08 "Jesus kicked for inactivity"
Xela Oso
Xela Oso - 3 måneder siden
Why do crates remind me of refrigerators
Alexsandar Alexsandar
Alexsandar Alexsandar - 3 måneder siden
1:37:00 A guy with two kills wins an entire battle royale game...Their's clearly a huge problem.
I’m Me
I’m Me - 3 måneder siden
New Mem-buzz
I’m Me
I’m Me - 3 måneder siden
107:50 GG!
I’m Me
I’m Me - 3 måneder siden
107:50-108:40 GG!!
I’m Me
I’m Me - 3 måneder siden
107:50 GG
I’m Me
I’m Me - 3 måneder siden
You’re much better, and much better Off; playing with a Team!!
Steve Oh
Steve Oh - 3 måneder siden
I actually like these live streams posted on YouTube. Everyday I check your profile to see if you got any uploads on cod but it has been other games.
Rafiq Daniel
Rafiq Daniel - 3 måneder siden
Your impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger is amazing
Rafiq Daniel
Rafiq Daniel - 3 måneder siden
Jack, happy birthday
James Compton
James Compton - 3 måneder siden
Mine ended up 98055105.. Give it a shot, anyone still trying to brute force the lock. who knows? maybe it'll work. might have better luck that way then trying to legitimately find the cards anyways, tbh. This easter egg is hell.
oskar columb
oskar columb - 3 måneder siden
Why’d he have to say “oh the trains comin” as one started to go by my place
Samuel Langer
Samuel Langer - 3 måneder siden
9:24 covid-19 times out
aBBaZaBBa - 3 måneder siden
Did that guy you spectated just happen to stink once you started watching him
David Carlson
David Carlson - 3 måneder siden
Instead of ball in the back of the net Jacks more like bullet in the back of the head.
oliveirades - 3 måneder siden
Matimi0, jackfrags and LevelCap. I miss that. would be awesome!
Alex Pack
Alex Pack - 3 måneder siden
Which streamer is jack talking about ?
mdm3boi - 3 måneder siden
Jack I love your vids 👍
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards - 3 måneder siden
You weren't looking behind you when using the heartbeat sensor. It only works directionally, and the player was behind you. 1:15:00
Infinite Eight
Infinite Eight - 3 måneder siden
Mighty 3lf
Mighty 3lf - 3 måneder siden
What if you need all the storage room computer codes to open it and the symbols are just spaces for the other numbers of the code
WillyWonkaConfidential - 3 måneder siden
what skin is that in the beggining?
Acester - 3 måneder siden
Currently liking and then unliking to see it flick between 9.9k & 10k likes. Sad I know...
Paul Booth
Paul Booth - 3 måneder siden
if you tac sprint before the animation finishes it cancels the reload
Edward King
Edward King - 3 måneder siden
JackSteelGaming - 3 måneder siden
Archywizzard lives!
Casey Chesnut
Casey Chesnut - 3 måneder siden
I always catch these a day or two late to get those tasty cod points, but as always great stream Jack. Super entertaining to watch and now I’ve got a Warzone itch that needs scratched. GG my man
SPORT BIKE EXPERTE - 3 måneder siden
awesome livestream bro.
Rmf 22
Rmf 22 - 3 måneder siden
holy crap that win at 1:08:00 was a butt clencher for hands were sweating just holding my phone😂
Dino Jakovljević
Dino Jakovljević - 3 måneder siden
This game is trash and full of cheaters. Atm there's no new game that can compete with this bugfare and that's why it got this popularity. Dark times! BF we need you.
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo - 3 måneder siden
An immaculate perfect representation of why this game is trash lmfao
Richard Walmsley
Richard Walmsley - 3 måneder siden
great vids Jack, any spare CP ? :) I watch several other tubers vids and your often chatting in game in the back ground
Matthew - 3 måneder siden
anyone know what the "meta mp5" attachments that jack is using?
Soul Harvesting LLC
Soul Harvesting LLC - 3 måneder siden
Anyone else get a weird static 1/2 second screen distort and a image while playing WarZone?
Bo Mars
Bo Mars - 3 måneder siden
Thanks again, Jack.
Some very great plays there!-)
Cryomancer - 3 måneder siden
i used to drop regularly on stadium before S5 , not anymore 😭😭😭😭😢 because the whole lobby is going to drop there !! 😣
R.I.P stadium
Mark Oelschlager
Mark Oelschlager - 3 måneder siden
What a great set of matches! Jack... you got crazy skills! Really enjoyed the show!
Stahlhelm LP
Stahlhelm LP - 3 måneder siden
I found one of the keycards into the Training For wz. Is Ther a eateregg into the Training area??
NINJANKID MARYJANE - 3 måneder siden
DPTAZZZ - 3 måneder siden
did not know the gas just Keeps on getting smaller..1:07:00 . what a NAIL BITER.. dammmmmn, my heart was pounding... love it jack.. love it..
DPTAZZZ - 3 måneder siden
Jack-----" Moment of Silence.. for Narnia............................"..
OK right, back to blowin' players heads off..
PB Richie
PB Richie - 3 måneder siden
How did he inspect the gun at 7:32 ?
PB Richie
PB Richie - 3 måneder siden
Eduardo Sousa thanks big dawg
Eduardo Sousa
Eduardo Sousa - 3 måneder siden
PC is I by default, console I believe it's left on the dpad
Calsefire - 3 måneder siden
If there are 3 rooms, then each symbol refers to one of the rooms.
Each symbol needs to be replaced by a number found in the room that corresponds to that symbol.
I'm just guessing, but maybe?
Darrin Mills
Darrin Mills - 3 måneder siden
So I was playing earlier and had a weird message pop up on screen. Happened to quick to read but I did record it on Xbox. Looked it over and I think it said "know your history"? Anyone know what that is? GT is blackbird177 I uploaded it in case anyone wants to view it. Its bizarre so possibly an Easter egg.
SoullesS - 3 måneder siden
ah.. btw... happy birth day jack :P :D
DaCronicSpot Gaming
DaCronicSpot Gaming - 3 måneder siden
The end win on this video Jack 👌 , ooooh my days it was a great watch, really enjoyed the journey. Keep up the awesome content
Danny Dee
Danny Dee - 3 måneder siden
I think I have to change my audio settings cause I can hear the steps on your vids but when I play I don't hear it till I'm dead
Mark Werblow
Mark Werblow - 3 måneder siden
Try getting off the games and enjoying the out doors.
Endre Øsleby
Endre Øsleby - 3 måneder siden
Do all streamers have bladders of steel?
Fr0st61 - 3 måneder siden
Jack I found a keycard in stadium and someone had one idk what it’s for
Stephen Walter
Stephen Walter - 3 måneder siden
You play like an idiot dude
Forgetful - 3 måneder siden
thanks for the vids
همسات سلفية SalafiTalk
sub me aaand i will sub backk :D
DD4Speak - 3 måneder siden
id happily take some COD points so i can buy the battle pass :P
PokerNick - 3 måneder siden
Hellsbells Mason
Hellsbells Mason - 3 måneder siden
Pls give me the cod points
RogueNJ Gaming
RogueNJ Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Let the hunt begin xD
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia - 3 måneder siden
jack the reason that guy you killed in super store wasn't on the heart beat sensor is because he was on the opposite side of the heart beat sensor
Kevin Watts
Kevin Watts - 3 måneder siden
theses youtubers must have aim bot --- this shits ridiculous
Fun Game
Fun Game - 3 måneder siden
Season 5 impressive so far
Andrey Kiselev
Andrey Kiselev - 3 måneder siden
Worst voiceover ever, dislike hard
Shavauhn Gabay
Shavauhn Gabay - 3 måneder siden
jackfrags doesn't understand that lag life
Hornet - 3 måneder siden
You're playing good, but I don't like your style. Too stressful for me.
Santiago Rubio
Santiago Rubio - 3 måneder siden
That ending at 1:08:00 ...... Amazing! :D Nicely done, Jack!
Just finished watching the full vid. Great job! You make it seem so easy.... :D
bntz00 - 3 måneder siden
Murica! Lmaoo
Quirky Orc
Quirky Orc - 3 måneder siden
You are the best need cod points for pc missed the stream
Dream _
Dream _ - 3 måneder siden
hey jack do you have any advise for me, i was one of the unlucky people who got banned for having gtav mod menus installed do you know when thees bans will ever be looked at it has been 3 months and nothing has been done and due to Covid-19 there are no live support agents
Sandip Majumder
Sandip Majumder - 3 måneder siden
Why does yr graphic looks unrendered?
Subject 49
Subject 49 - 3 måneder siden
Hello Jackfrags I really hope u see this and respond because idk how to send u this clip where i got a bug saying know your history in the middle of a game.
M Ac
M Ac - 3 måneder siden
Dr disprespect is still live if you were wondering
Christian Terrill
Christian Terrill - 3 måneder siden
Those are numbers from a different language. It's the password
मस्त कलंदर
मस्त कलंदर - 3 måneder siden
Noise gate is cutting hard...Steep slope
Wilson - 3 måneder siden
Jack you’re awesome man!
Rakha Athadillah Abdi
Rakha Athadillah Abdi - 3 måneder siden
7:31 how do you do that? Tell me pls
Jonny - 3 måneder siden
hold left on dpad (for xbox)
Lost Boy
Lost Boy - 3 måneder siden
This dogshit game is just an epitome of what an abortion of what gaming has become
Jerry Chow Tak Hei
Jerry Chow Tak Hei - 3 måneder siden
That best game is sick!!!
Squidy - 3 måneder siden
Wtf is that skin , this game is turning into fortnite
Jake Nelson
Jake Nelson - 3 måneder siden
joseph hagood
joseph hagood - 3 måneder siden
I'm guessing the symbols represent the location to find part of the code. You need all locations to access the whole code
DPTAZZZ - 3 måneder siden
PMP - 3 måneder siden
1:06:49 A N X I E T Y
UkN Radio
UkN Radio - 3 måneder siden
you can with the use of google get the codes for stadium and other places ;) google is your friend Jack
Paulino N.
Paulino N. - 3 måneder siden
Interesting 🤔
Paulino N.
Paulino N. - 3 måneder siden
Hey Jack how did you rotate the Striker like that to get a better look at it after you reloaded it bro??
Kenny O'Brien
Kenny O'Brien - 3 måneder siden
Jack there is no such things as a 'league final '