Call of Duty Warzone - Getting things off my chest!

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COD Warzone had a rough week for me, let's discuss a game breaking glitch, awesome summer trials and difficult Solo games and a SECRET Truck Unlock! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner
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Jason - 9 dager siden
that last clip lmao, the guy killed jack and win is 90% a wall+aimlock, just look at that unnatural flick down after locking on the head and kill jack
Jesse Roach
Jesse Roach - 21 dag siden
I thought he said porn 😅 he said pawn
Pabalelo Tladi
Pabalelo Tladi - Måned siden
The accuracy 😦
Giga byte
Giga byte - Måned siden
Heyooooo i am the guy from Israel
Steven Martinez
Steven Martinez - 2 måneder siden
Warzone is trash , please take it out of cold war ):
Books OverCook
Books OverCook - 2 måneder siden
woah Jackfrags your aiming is insane
fitcalz - 2 måneder siden
I totaly missed these summer trials? fuck me ..
MR. LUCAvm - 2 måneder siden
How do you get to these?
Tanner Snell
Tanner Snell - 2 måneder siden
Do you think warzone should have a ranked and unranked matches? It would help correct the SBMM a little bit imo
Tanner Snell
Tanner Snell - 2 måneder siden
Bro if I gotta download more shit because of this glitch I'm gonna be pissed it's already a huge install on console on my pc I'm less worries but it still sucks
IncredibleFlyinSquid - 2 måneder siden
"...if they could do this every week, that'd be great..." - Jack, there's new trials every season you can do.
Nulli Secundus
Nulli Secundus - 2 måneder siden
Jack! BF6 please! 😁
White Fang
White Fang - 2 måneder siden
To all the people saying porn, you can actually hear the “w” in Jack’s pronunciation, excellent elocution lol. It is the difference between Aw and or. Btw I have a very similar accent to Jack, since I am from the south east ish of England.
UltraBran - 2 måneder siden
5:25 because of your accent, I thought you said porntexporn dot com at first.
Juicy Orange
Juicy Orange - 2 måneder siden
Go Canada 🇨🇦🤘😆
Rob Pollard
Rob Pollard - 2 måneder siden
Ok..... somebody plays a little too much
Elessar Telcontar
Elessar Telcontar - 2 måneder siden
Hopefully they just remove the vehicles all together. They are annoying and people just grief with them. Plus all the hackers. Im forced to turn crossplay off because there are so many. Its sad.
Justin Lowe
Justin Lowe - 2 måneder siden
I play the same way. I cannot sit still for long in these games. I have to move around and it makes me feel like if I hung around and camped i'd live longer but I like the challenge of setting out to find a battle
Mitchell Lane
Mitchell Lane - 2 måneder siden
Zork was the 1st previously released rpg for the first public apple cpu release from the 80s for those that dnt kno!!
Ice Blaze
Ice Blaze - 2 måneder siden
Vishwa Raghavan
Vishwa Raghavan - 2 måneder siden
Patric Peltola
Patric Peltola - 2 måneder siden
we have said it once jack and we will say it again.... This is how it starts, speedrunning is addictive, you'll soon be one making speedruns xD
The Weapon
The Weapon - 2 måneder siden
sbmm ruined the game for me. I haven't won a warzone game for 4 months now and yet I still get thrown in games against streamers with 5+ k/d all the time.
High Phive
High Phive - 2 måneder siden
you don't need to win homie just show us your gameplay and explain your mistakes :)
just please don't camp. watch itsiron for how to hold down an area which is different than just camping in a building.
Jaxson Stephenson
Jaxson Stephenson - 2 måneder siden
Yes go Canada go
Hoodkage - 2 måneder siden
this video is just 1 second from being “1337”
Oliver Benitez
Oliver Benitez - 2 måneder siden
Warzone needs a ranked mode for when you want to tryhard. This would leave casual for more relaxed players.
PokerNick - 2 måneder siden
Great content.
J. aka
J. aka - 2 måneder siden
Very nice!!!! Sniper Training....^^ a little difficult with the RIGHT Relode.
Do WE need all the Skins?
Sixx Wolf
Sixx Wolf - 2 måneder siden
Getting gold with a controller is a nightmare
DarthFader27 - 2 måneder siden
Yesterday after getting stomped on in multiplayer for 4-6 games back to back I said f it I’ll go play warzone which i usually don’t play solos. I have maybe 2 wins. But after being stomped bob in multiplayer the first solos game I jumped into the enemies I came upon seemed to be clueless. And ended up winning that first game. Then afterwards struggled to get even top 50. So back to multiplayer (shoot the ship) playlist and was just destroying for several games. Then went back to getting destroyed. It was very frustrating and something needs tweaked to SBMM it’s just not fun and never feels like a level playing field or close games anymore.
DarthFader27 - 2 måneder siden
Didn’t even look into what summer trials were until the last day thinking they were some tournament or something. Man was I hooked trying to get gold on all these but of course. The next day it was taken down 🤦🏻‍♂️
These need to be a weekly thing I think. Was a great way to warm your hands up and a fun way to practice accuracy and earn some skins/ rewards.
dennis horst
dennis horst - 2 måneder siden
WOOOW nice way to fix things ... hmmm ahh lets take all vehicles away fck this game
Tommy Cage
Tommy Cage - 2 måneder siden
i think i liked warzone without vehicles better hahaha
Paws Channel
Paws Channel - 2 måneder siden
i feel like 1/4th of the video is regarding things you either dislike or find difficult about warzone, which connects to the tittle getting things off your chest. The rest 3/4th of the video was kinda confusing to me. I love your videos, this was abit of a weird one tho ^^
Simon37 - 2 måneder siden
"there's a timer counting down..."
I believe its know as a clock 😅
Ian Rayner
Ian Rayner - 2 måneder siden
I actually had my first ever solo's win whilst there was no vehicles lol, needless to say that I was ecstatic with the win as the solo lobbies are so damn sweaty! Thanks to your videos jackfrags I've definitely become a better warzone player! Keep up the awesome work 👍
BizKwikTwist - 2 måneder siden
I just wish I wouldn't get those connection squares every game now on the left of my screen, it used to be fine. My ping is at a constant 120 to 140 but other games I own it hangs around 70 so idk
Nikolas Maes
Nikolas Maes - 2 måneder siden
Haaa portugal above spain
H Joostema
H Joostema - 2 måneder siden
i alweas come in like 10th place and lose out on 15 kill plus games especially in solos but hey it was a fun run also endgame is all about circle and if some dude in a building gets it and there is no surrounding cover its usually game over.
Kaden 27
Kaden 27 - 2 måneder siden
Bruh no it doesn’t give me a code. I have 14 achievements I press claim. It takes me to enter code screen. I don’t have a code so I can’t
Duane Linnens
Duane Linnens - 2 måneder siden
My thoughts on you (Jack) getting frustrated with playing for 4 hours and not getting a win... welcome to my world. Try 4 months before my first win! Lol
Luis Kross
Luis Kross - 2 måneder siden
You idiot you could have mount the sniper
Makar Lock
Makar Lock - 2 måneder siden
The civilians remind me of the @trexarms target system.
Mateusz Maciol
Mateusz Maciol - 2 måneder siden
Jack your opinion is shared by so many others! They really should remove SBMM and put in a ranked que for those who want to be hyper competitive all the time. I reckon they lose a ton of players (me included) when we get tired of the try hard lobbies and stop playing for a couple of weeks. I understand they may do this to keep those much more casual players hooked and playing but I don't think the reward is that great. A lot of time those noobie casual players play a handful of games, never really buy anything, and then months go by while they dont touch the game. Meanwhile those who want to are just burnt out. its really a shame of a scenario...
BAnder7192 - 2 måneder siden
"That colat tho!" Xfactor voice
E G - 2 måneder siden
Use the PKM, snatch grip, vlk, monolithic, and 200rd. My squad plays medium to medium high aggression, bounties only and hunt across the map. Its crazy the amount of gunfights won with it. You have to modify your play style a touch but its the most fun I've had in a long time cutting down full squads in trios and the final circle. Don't be tempted by the smaller mags the 200rd is the one to go with.
Luke Hindle
Luke Hindle - 2 måneder siden
The challenges were utter dog shit
Jeff Frisse
Jeff Frisse - 2 måneder siden
I feel your pain Jack but it is refreshing to hear that you are struggling as well too! I usually average about 3-5 wins a week and I’ve only gotten 2 in the last two weeks 👎🏻 The competition is tighter than ever right now and I’ve literally pissed away so many games in 2nd place it’s insane! lol
Keep up the good work Jack! We will win again! 🤣🤣🤣
John J
John J - 2 måneder siden
If you're matched up with people that are playing it like its a tournament that means you're also playing it like its a tournament, else you wouldn't be matched up with them.
Ben Beatty
Ben Beatty - 2 måneder siden
dude this glitch happened to me when i had 17 kills and i was about to win rippp
Cameron Lindsey
Cameron Lindsey - 2 måneder siden
I was actually happy to hear about no vehicles but I snagged a scavenger and the crate was 200m away and I found myself missing the vehicles 😅😂
Giga byte
Giga byte - 2 måneder siden
always on the TOP
motoguzzigriso - 2 måneder siden
CR-56 (Galil) is really good. It has a fast TTK but you have to be patient with it because it’s less accurate than the M14/Grau. I’ve had great success with it in solo, but I play slower and more careful than most. Got to pick your battles carefully.
stokey99 - 2 måneder siden
PS. the reason its a bit harder is because KIDS are back to school. so no more easy targets!
packman67ny - 2 måneder siden
Where do we send the screens?
David Saraceno
David Saraceno - 2 måneder siden
Let’s start a petition to end skill based match making
Christopher Scott
Christopher Scott - 2 måneder siden
Objective one for me is getting kills. Objective two is the win. Maybe this is why I don't have a lot of wins?
Bud McClain
Bud McClain - 2 måneder siden
Might wanna pronounce the word Pawn a bit more deliberately, Jack. haha
legjutubb - 2 måneder siden
4:22 - Bandersnatch... Beware! (jk)
Demonz Blut
Demonz Blut - 2 måneder siden
don't change your play-style man i love the way u play fam
4DIYers - 2 måneder siden
No vehicles have made it nearly impossible to get bounties, recons, etc.
Tom M
Tom M - 2 måneder siden
Helicopters made the games so much worse. Pricks just flying to one way camping spots constantly
Nick Sieve
Nick Sieve - 2 måneder siden
Byron Charles
Byron Charles - 2 måneder siden
No vehicles is rough not going to front I was master driver and most wanted was my go to contract
Jam - 2 måneder siden
SBMM will ruin Cold war :(
Get Brains
Get Brains - 2 måneder siden
Been watching for years jack you're a beast
Home Phone
Home Phone - 2 måneder siden
Regarding "Skill Based Matchmaking" Can you imagine what the game is like for us casuals when there is NOT skill based matchmaking? We have 50-50 battles with those as unskilled as us. We get smoked by those slightly more skilled than us, and then totally smoked by you semi-pros, and then the Pros ..... so EVERY game is sweaty, and it kinda sucks
Kawatora - 2 måneder siden
Last kill against you looks like a cheater to me... gun just drops as soon as you die. 13:19
M pizzle
M pizzle - 2 måneder siden
Play planetside again Jack!
da ganja mon
da ganja mon - 2 måneder siden
Lmao y’all still play this?
Fettuccini - 2 måneder siden
This game sucks, that's it
Chosen Gaming Individual
Chosen Gaming Individual - 2 måneder siden
That sniper trial really cooked my bacon. Blue targets kept spooking me
Pale Horse
Pale Horse - 2 måneder siden
Row back the patch...problem solved.
ft Plaga
ft Plaga - 2 måneder siden
The harder the player that harder you'll play and improve daily.
Jose - 2 måneder siden
It's getting genuinely unenjoyable to play Warzone. After getting a few wins it's just too sweaty
standish92k - 2 måneder siden
13:20 does that look like aimbot? why would he go from excellent head tracking to missing the target big time as soon as jack dies? It's like he was fighting the recoil a little and as soon as jack died and aimbot had nothing to target you can see him fighting the recoil.
Charlie George Redhead
Charlie George Redhead - 2 måneder siden
I’d love a series going through each primary Weapon in warzone. So one day you’d be using the Scar-H and then the next day you’d be using something different, like the mg34. It’d be interesting to see how “off meta” weapons handle in your hands
OllieWilson56 - 2 måneder siden
The cr56 has a faster ttk than the other rifles and if you use an mp5 with it is is very good
John Paul
John Paul - 2 måneder siden
I thought he was saying porn not pawn
Deontae Smith
Deontae Smith - 2 måneder siden
It’s some sort of map bro’s look at it it’s a fucking map sorry for my language everyone
Grover - 2 måneder siden
curious how jack gets those low textures even on very low on PC i cant get that. I actually really like the look
Sean Purce
Sean Purce - 2 måneder siden
3:35 no its not double
Jess Hill
Jess Hill - 2 måneder siden
Amazing quality thankyou
justcheat67 - 2 måneder siden
I like how the last one was obviously wallhacking and tried to play it off with the EMPTY hardbeat leaving Jack in 2nd place. Pretty much sums up my Warzone experience from the last couple of months.

For anyone who thinks this guy is not cheating: I looked him up and he has 16 hours play time but belongs to the top 8% when it comes to winrate, top 1.8% when it comes to K/D ratio and also top 1.8% when it comes to average lifetime with a 45% headshot accuracy. I dont think I have to say much more on this.
MartinP - 2 måneder siden
I thought the same, and the hearbeat kind of threw me off, but it really does like wallhack and those straight laser shots to the head!?? wtf?!
Jason Toomas
Jason Toomas - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for truck camo. 🙏🏼
Nicholas Stael von Holstein
Nicholas Stael von Holstein - 2 måneder siden
Loved this video.
begixdxd - 2 måneder siden
Crossplay is more frustrating than meta weapons builds..
VEV 1881
VEV 1881 - 2 måneder siden
7:03 I really thought that SBMM was missing, I was gonna rejoice
Brian Brown
Brian Brown - 2 måneder siden
Skill based match making in non ranked games is always a mistake.
Camilo Naran
Camilo Naran - 2 måneder siden
AK-47 bout to be the new meta in cold war!!!!
crittersfromthedark - 2 måneder siden
SO you just wanne beat up noobs because you complain about skill based matchmaking i wish it was even better who win a game get out of servers whit people who never won a game so every one has a chance on that feeling that you won a game because every one urn a win
Tobi D.
Tobi D. - 2 måneder siden
After they took out the vehicles I got my first 2 solo wins, I was so hyped :D
DECOY DRAMA - 2 måneder siden
Try going fishing for a day jack, them you will for sure learn patience lol
Sasha King
Sasha King - 2 måneder siden
Warzone is a love hate relationship.... Tho the group of friends I play with we're def losing a lot more games but with lots of kills we never manage to get to endgame always a team just behind us jerking the edge of the circle.
Barry Huxley
Barry Huxley - 2 måneder siden
Yeah games are sweaty now. Seems to be a lot of players using the riot shield at the end who try to stun you into the oncoming gas cloud. Do you have any tactics for these guys?
Also you destroyed my times on those although I did better on sniper ally. What was your risky parkour time? Cleared mine with milliseconds left.
mrhaftbar - 2 måneder siden
Even jackfrags has hires graphics not loading glitches at 12:15. Just look at the ground texture. Technically this game is such a mess.
steadyhand 08
steadyhand 08 - 2 måneder siden
Jack should just play some plunder. You get the elements of the BR will running around like a loon :)
Stanley Yong
Stanley Yong - 2 måneder siden
thumb up for not reverse boost like some puny youtuber !
AbyssFiend - 2 måneder siden
The reflex range was fun but the parkour and marksman were so annoying. For the marksman I just couldn't nail the 3rd round which always made me end up with 4250-4300, but I did eventually get the gold. Unfortunately I did these in the last leg, so it was 5 am and a few hours from the event ending and couldn't get gold for the parkour; best time was 41.5 so I decided to give up. The skin is pretty ugly, but I wanted the bragging rights.
Gatoute - 2 måneder siden
13:16 is it just me or was that kills sus as hell????
Gatoute - 2 måneder siden
I just checked that guy’s account and he has 300 kills and a 3.11KD, I think I just answered my own question