Call of Duty Warzone - How to Unlock the ENIGMA Easter Egg Gun!

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COD Warzone - How to unlock the Enigma Galil. Become a member - noburn.infojoin First group to solve this I believe was @Geeky Pastimes if you want to check him out! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner Sponsored by Activision.
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Ibaad Farooqi
Ibaad Farooqi - 3 dager siden
can u still do this?
russo calix
russo calix - 5 dager siden
I need help for ps4
McFartnugget - 10 dager siden
Damn I got Really lucky on my run lmao I just brute forced it.. I got House-House-5-2-9-House-House-House, and house = 8.
McFartnugget - 8 dager siden
@João Mauricio Search up spawn locations here on NOburn. Theres 33 of them i think. One almost always spawns in the bar on the 1st level of stadium and in either of the team's rooms in the parking structure.
João Mauricio
João Mauricio - 9 dager siden
I can't find any card ;-;
CloudyKumo - 16 dager siden
need help getting the blueprint, heard its still obtainable PSN: CloudyKumo
Fortnite Sucks
Fortnite Sucks - 19 dager siden
ok so in Nov, does it work ?
compa Vega
compa Vega - Måned siden
Can someone help me get that blue print please?
CHOPPACHINO - Måned siden
Can i do this right now?
Bailleur Suprême
Bailleur Suprême - Måned siden
I wonder if its still doable in season 6
Big Boss
Big Boss - Måned siden
I want do it who gonna help me psn : mehrab_snake
Karim A B
Karim A B - 23 dager siden
I sent you a request 🙂
Camren Birdwell
Camren Birdwell - Måned siden
Someone explain this really clearly for me😂
JGKski360 - Måned siden
I unlocked it but cant find the gun when I customize my loadouts. Can someone help me?
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo - Måned siden
Select the amax on load out from the list of AR available, on the right it should say blueprints and store, select blueprints and pick the version of the amax you want as the base gun.
The Joker
The Joker - Måned siden
Hello can anyone help me get the blueprint please.
Oscar Sandford
Oscar Sandford - 2 måneder siden
What gun r u using
Xzavier Laming
Xzavier Laming - 2 måneder siden
Thank you for all the hard work and good content
Peter Milewski
Peter Milewski - 2 måneder siden
JF:"Andrew, if you could just kill everyone.."
Andrew : "yeah, no worries..." this conversation made my day 😂
Kanonikos - 2 måneder siden
Does this still work? I've attempted this twice with a code using a cipher and the game just doesn't accept our codes. Is this a bug?
Bib Bobo
Bib Bobo - 2 måneder siden
I completed this 2 try with one card my friend guest the code first try
Dvelop - 2 måneder siden
enigma aka smegma
kapono I
kapono I - 2 måneder siden
Im still tryna do this damn Easter egg after like a month smh...
HYPER' DEM - 2 måneder siden
Wanna do it together ?
Kale - 2 måneder siden
Right off the rip I thought Shadow got killed by Karma. But it's a fake acct with same clan tag even.
E Q - 2 måneder siden
Just film it on your phone
Gavin Schneider
Gavin Schneider - 2 måneder siden
You should make merchandise
FBJ416 - 2 måneder siden
Trying to do this shit solo and I keep getting shot, including by other players also looking for the Enigma.
Dude McNude
Dude McNude - 2 måneder siden
Lol the gun is not even worth the struggle to get it, same as the three new weapons. Unlocked the finn and played 2 matches and left. Same with the iso. Why did they even put it into the game? I dont understand this.
Chronostasis - 2 måneder siden
LEROYB30 : - 3 måneder siden
Anyone wanna help me on ps4 to get this blueprint?
LEROYB30 : - 3 måneder siden
@Enrique ight i got you hold up
Enrique - 3 måneder siden
yes Gt: xEnrikayx
Erin Charlotte
Erin Charlotte - 3 måneder siden
6:52 did jack swear?
I Gh
I Gh - 3 måneder siden
This video doesn’t work?
vSimplezz - 3 måneder siden
first try in plunder, could only find one card. my team and i spent the entire game trying to find the second one, but couldnt find it. so we went to the keypad at overtime and i managed to brute force the code first try. i got super lucky.
JacobLukas - 3 måneder siden
Enigma? I thought it's going to be BFV video. Ah yes, I forgot that game is a huge disappointment.
Miken2341 - 3 måneder siden
I'm looking for a team to try this with I have gotten two of the three then kept getting killed outside the door. Who has a PS4 and wants to try this week?
Gamerkiller Killer
Gamerkiller Killer - 3 måneder siden
The nose is 8 or 9?
Kadrek - 3 måneder siden
how hard can it be to to insert some numbers it took u ages lol
MonolithMoment - 3 måneder siden
Just got the blueprint from glitching into the rooms with an ATV. Took us a myriad of games but we did eventually get it. No keycards at all.
The Dumbass
The Dumbass - 3 måneder siden
Bruh,neither you are lucky or hacking,but how actually lol
Sir Spawner
Sir Spawner - 3 måneder siden
Logan Putthoff
Logan Putthoff - 3 måneder siden
this is actually aqua's lego gun
Stealthunit - 3 måneder siden
i just cant find the keys i dont think ill ever unlock it T.T and playing with pubs dont help at all >,
jiri dubislav
jiri dubislav - 3 måneder siden
these damn key cards spawn in random spots in stadium?
Shmevin - 3 måneder siden
I did this, surprisingly, in only 2 games in solos. Luck was definitely on my side lol.
FervensFlamma - 3 måneder siden
Anyone looking to do this still? im in au/nz but keen to do it with someone. Doing it solo is infuriating
scott010 - 3 måneder siden
The pace in which you opened that last door was painful🥴
ghosty boi
ghosty boi - 3 måneder siden
Code didn't work for me
The7Reaper - 2 måneder siden
No shit. Because the code is different for everyone and not a universal code. If that was the case it would be easy as fuck and you wouldn't see people complain about how annoying it is.
Keanu Caldas
Keanu Caldas - 3 måneder siden
Anyone willing to do this with me?
CobraMystic Gaming
CobraMystic Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Man I never find more then 1 cars
God of Chaos Khorne
God of Chaos Khorne - 3 måneder siden
It's super fucking annoying that you shared footage instead of properly explaining wtf is going onn
j - 3 måneder siden
That's a bit too much of a hassle for a gun. Bunker 11 seems easier than this
Kanarie Kees
Kanarie Kees - 3 måneder siden
Its bullshit u can only carry 1 keycard. Dumbass game
jean-luc Perdue
jean-luc Perdue - 3 måneder siden
I'm trying to do this but I can't seem to find more than one card and I had one match where I found a card and it straight up disappeared before i could pick it up.
QFkZVg lcHXhpkm
QFkZVg lcHXhpkm - 3 måneder siden
spent hours trying to do this and never found a single keycard. makes it go from "challenge" to "dumb" pretty quick. I had no problems doing bunker 11 over and over again right when it came online.
The Empowerer
The Empowerer - 3 måneder siden
I can't find a keycard I searched everywhere
Cristian J
Cristian J - 3 måneder siden
Nose? That’s far from nose bruh
Crown Gaming
Crown Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Js amax is meta. ttk is better than the grau at distance
BAX 1 - 3 måneder siden
SA87 LMG level up and it shreds
charla deportiva diaria
charla deportiva diaria - 3 måneder siden
You're The Guy That Runs The Compilation Channel?
Thermionic Emission
Thermionic Emission - 3 måneder siden
I thought for sure it was the AK at first cause of the way the wood is, nice looking blueprint.
mzzrla mishi
mzzrla mishi - 3 måneder siden
what is this?? a special force gameplay...
Xavier Maldorado
Xavier Maldorado - 3 måneder siden
I need help with this any takers
-Lucifer- - 3 måneder siden
They should make it so time of day actually changes and there’s a night time. That’d be sooooo cool
Samet A
Samet A - 3 måneder siden
İ just done, i just got 1 key card and then i searched for a time and couldnt find 2nd card then i go directly to room and start guess the rest of numbers my code was 80HNHN1N that so i tried every possible combination and after 10min of work i done it, its really hard to find key i recommend u guys check stairs and exe floor before i tried 4 or 5 games i found Keys often near to stairs or parking lot, its was really hard and annoying for look Keys and keep fights with other people
b bm
b bm - 3 måneder siden
does that mean that for every game the symbols are always translated to the same numbers ?
FireLordCanti - 3 måneder siden
What does the Enigma Rifle do?
Chris V
Chris V - 3 måneder siden
I think a better video would be how to completely uninstall this monstrous piece of trash from your computer and free up 200+GB of disc space for something worthwhile.
Farhan - 3 måneder siden
good effort guys. thanks jack for going through this to make a video out of it
Mauryan Ryan
Mauryan Ryan - 3 måneder siden
Where will i get key cards any idea??
Kaladin Stormblessed
Kaladin Stormblessed - 3 måneder siden
This’ll be easier than bunker 11 since you don’t have to run across the entire map.
Michael Galle
Michael Galle - 3 måneder siden
This was interesting and very enjoyable. Thanks Guys.
Soviet Union
Soviet Union - 3 måneder siden
How did he figure out the first symbol to brute force the second?
Matt5p - 3 måneder siden
Ain't nobody got time for that!
Gaming Channel
Gaming Channel - 3 måneder siden
Nice. I have been trying this like 92times and no luck to find keycards.. So i'll forfeit this easteregg
SwiftravenCD - 3 måneder siden
We tried this in a normal 3 man warzone and got it first try. No clue how we got that lucky.
Sokushi - 3 måneder siden
@SwiftravenCD xD well at least you've got that done xD
SwiftravenCD - 3 måneder siden
@Sokushi You havent seen me play. Was absolute luck lol. I found 2 keys within 2 min of dropping and we were able to rush through the area without running into a ton of people...then the fireworks started when we got in and got shredded as we left. :D
Sokushi - 3 måneder siden
you might be skilled too ;)
cinccu 666
cinccu 666 - 3 måneder siden
why is everyone using the AN94 on fullauto? :D
Mingue Kwak
Mingue Kwak - 3 måneder siden
I love this skin. It looks so nice. But I'm forced to use the 30 round mag in warzone. Still shreds because it's the Amax.
filmmaker2501 - 3 måneder siden
There's another Easter egg to be found! I was able to input actual numbers into the data pad at the second door in the bunker by prison but didn't have the code. I think there's something there no one's found yet!
FluXHound69 - 3 måneder siden
Can injust go to the room and imput the code?
Wardenclyffe 2302
Wardenclyffe 2302 - 3 måneder siden
I feel awful, completed easter egg, only to be beat to the location and killed, never getting the enigma
Optofix - 3 måneder siden
Thats alot of F***ing about for just ANOTHER AR BRO...
ATeamFan007 - 3 måneder siden
Just got my Enigma blueprint! Thanks Jack!
KENSHIBEATSGOHARD - 3 måneder siden
Aye this is dope def got my sub ! If you need any hard trap beats for your videos lmk i have over 300 of the hardest beats to choose from
Awe47 - 3 måneder siden
Can you still do it?
Ovi Wan Kenobi
Ovi Wan Kenobi - 3 måneder siden
This means it's now time for me to finally get that MP7 bunker blueprint. Hopefully people stopped camping that. I tried a bunch of times
OG Broly
OG Broly - 3 måneder siden
Would anyone be interested in doing this with me
Mark Zylstra
Mark Zylstra - 3 måneder siden
I'm interested, also would be down to do the bunker one as well
John Caraballo
John Caraballo - 3 måneder siden
There is the same code for everyone ?
John Jay
John Jay - 3 måneder siden
I need help to unlock bunker 11 can you do video clip how to do it
TheYoutuber - 3 måneder siden
I got extremely lucky jack, i had only 1 code which was 76hn2hnn. I tried brute forcing it with random numbers and on my the third try it worked 😃
Peter - 3 måneder siden
Real men play on console. Betas play on PC.
LT Chester
LT Chester - 3 måneder siden
My morning routine: Tea, cereal and jackfrags. :)
12 3
12 3 - 3 måneder siden
ShinjukuSensei - 3 måneder siden
Jesus could he type those numbers in any slower?!?!
tbuido - 3 måneder siden
Ok you unlock it with 12h of games.And now what?
DHunter - 3 måneder siden
Always finding 1 keycard and can't get to other room :/
AARYAN FARROQUE - 3 måneder siden
Are you able to use the same code?
Tom k
Tom k - 3 måneder siden
How do you work out 8 is N
Lulu Adness
Lulu Adness - 3 måneder siden
I have to thank you for this video! 👍🏻 with the information given I was able to do it solo with alotta luck
Maximilian - 3 måneder siden
Someone would like to do it ? I’m a Ps4 player and would like to do the Easter egg
Maximilian - 3 måneder siden
Mark Zylstra dude, if you want to we can try it
Mark Zylstra
Mark Zylstra - 3 måneder siden
Benzilla79 - 3 måneder siden
It looks like the ak 12 from rainbow 6
Emeka Osisi
Emeka Osisi - 3 måneder siden
@2:47 Why didn’t they pop those orange crates???????
Forgetful - 3 måneder siden
Whyd you cut the vid down? Would have loved the whole thing!
Dep - 3 måneder siden
damn jack has the worst short term memory ever
Jackson Fei
Jackson Fei - 3 måneder siden
should just leave the number on chat, let all teammates know that. Would work more quick
Mr CJ - 3 måneder siden
There was a minigun in that room :D 8:08