Call of Duty Warzone is Breaking!

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COD Warzone has some great bugs at the moment. Dogs, Gun monsters and more! Using the GOLD GUN in the video today, turns enemies to Gold, I love gooooooooooooold. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Become a member - noburn.infojoin
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Gordon Mason
Gordon Mason - 10 dager siden
Austin powers is the best mike myers is a canadian legend
Gordon Mason
Gordon Mason - 10 dager siden
Goldmember !!
Codmobile tang
Codmobile tang - Måned siden
Jack, have you unlocked the grau yet
Tansher`s gaming Ps4
Tansher`s gaming Ps4 - Måned siden
0:20 that was my body!! i used the wyatt skin, heartbeat sensor and the grau and HDR!!!
Justin Gengan
Justin Gengan - 2 måneder siden
00:36 that laugh tho
Simon Ghost Riley
Simon Ghost Riley - 2 måneder siden
Btw, That Dog is called Riley
Brock Hamm
Brock Hamm - 2 måneder siden
(Dutch accent) my woohoo is gooold
Eric W
Eric W - 2 måneder siden
Them sound affects pretty fire
Hmong_Vaaj916 Vang
Hmong_Vaaj916 Vang - 2 måneder siden
I didn’t know Winnie the Pooh play warzone lol
ĸaιne - 2 måneder siden
It's a magnet gun. Attracted every bit of scrap metal in the map
brezylikethewind - 2 måneder siden
Hate this game mode. Wish they put same lvl players together
Unnamed - 2 måneder siden
badderen92 - 2 måneder siden
Sucks this game looks horseshit in 1080p compared to 1440p.
Confusion.mp4 - 2 måneder siden
I genuinely thought that the duck sound was the thing he said
Steve - 3 måneder siden
It was always broken for me.
lovelifenoites - 3 måneder siden
Playing all the CoD series with own playlist like especially with Delta Parole or some good rock traxxxx. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzzz
Ian Hernandez
Ian Hernandez - 3 måneder siden
What the deuce?!
Jonathan Sharpe
Jonathan Sharpe - 3 måneder siden
Goldmember "smoke & a pancake?"
rita - 3 måneder siden
Serenity in silence
Serenity in silence - 3 måneder siden
I’ve had really good luck using the famas on warzone. Idk why everyone hates it. Maybe their aim sucks?
InterWeebs - 3 måneder siden
The FAMAS all of the sudden broke and turned OP these days.
SlizzSZN - 3 måneder siden
I honestly quit warzone it feels incomplete and it just has too much problems season 2 3 4 has been soo fun and season 5 killed the game
Regan Brannigan
Regan Brannigan - 3 måneder siden
The game just isn’t big enough
Murilo Silva
Murilo Silva - 3 måneder siden
u make love vids and hate vids about this game that keeps me confused....
Bernd ??
Bernd ?? - 3 måneder siden
my problem with warzone is , that the style of the plays are same, because everyone is playing similar weapons, no mapdifferents. so i have this feeling, that every round is the same.
Higinio Jimenez
Higinio Jimenez - 3 måneder siden
They fixed thankfully I think..I haven't seen it since
Chris Brown
Chris Brown - 3 måneder siden
When you shoot an enemy up against the wall it splatters a dollar sigh💰in gold for those across the pond🙄🤙🏼
Joe Basurto
Joe Basurto - 3 måneder siden
I feel like it's breaking on purpose. Kind of setting up the whole Cold War aspect to the game.
Cktime ThirtyTwo
Cktime ThirtyTwo - 3 måneder siden
I love seeing people roast COD for finally having a update that has issues. When their favorite games have been broken for years lol
VCJ 777
VCJ 777 - 3 måneder siden
I cant even play the game it wont let me connect to server first it was transmission error now it just let me play a match 1 out of every 5 tries if im lucky
ASP Personal
ASP Personal - 3 måneder siden
0:33 Who left a gun from DOOM Eternal in Warzone?
shane oakes
shane oakes - 3 måneder siden
It's the under barrel that broken ent it
Neverero the Zero
Neverero the Zero - 3 måneder siden
How is Gerk?
Falcon Jamal
Falcon Jamal - 3 måneder siden
Why is called warzone they removed warzone game mode It should be CALLED, MODERN WARFARE
cvkO76 - 3 måneder siden
i went from 2 weapons from my loadout to suddenly 0, nothing! not even able to punch... later i could pick up a weapon, but just 1... they need 2 fix it asap
Brendin Laporte
Brendin Laporte - 3 måneder siden
4 days later “so I take back my comment you can now use the famas as a shotgun”
Harry_gc8 - 3 måneder siden
i love... GOOOOOLD. big ups the austin powers reference!
Ira Sittner
Ira Sittner - 3 måneder siden
Lol my name is gooooolllld member
Robby Biddle
Robby Biddle - 3 måneder siden
I like goooold. Fasha. fasha ish dad. Pipe and a crepe. It seems there is no pleasing you Mr. Powers.
p o o k e r
p o o k e r - 3 måneder siden
Hey jack what's you grau warzone setup
Balanar6236 - 3 måneder siden
I keep getting a lot of crashes after every update, got worse after this last one.
got AMD 5600 xt and it keeps crashing, then some memory error keeps popping up (I've got a new SSD and reinstalled COD on it).
It was working good after the 50G update, but this last one with glitch fix fcked it up for me.
Kaokaogtx1090 - 3 måneder siden
at the end he sound like donald duck 😂🤣😂😂🤣
Ave a Banana
Ave a Banana - 3 måneder siden
This will always happen on Pc, it's why I prefer to game on consoles.
James Lowell
James Lowell - 3 måneder siden
Game is one of the worst coded games from an AAA studio of all time without any doubt.
Muhammad Alif
Muhammad Alif - 3 måneder siden
Wow 😍
Craig Balfour
Craig Balfour - 3 måneder siden
That weapon bug is exclusive to PC players
JTW666 - 3 måneder siden
Not seen the glitched out weapons yet but I’ve had weird 5-10 second freezes lately, anyone else?
zafert85 - 3 måneder siden
I had guns glitching out like crazy, they were glitching so much it was impossible to play with them. And sometimes in gulag after dying whole screen was going crazy. Its retarded
Billitz - 3 måneder siden
ive had the glitched weapon bug quite a few times
Typical Tilly
Typical Tilly - 3 måneder siden
I'm already over warzone. Not going in the directions I wanted
ADH87 - 3 måneder siden
With every new season Modern Warfare looks inching closer towards going full Overwatch. Wouldn't be suprised if Season 6 will have a sci-fi exo-suits and wall running again.
Tom Brady
Tom Brady - 3 måneder siden
The server sucks
J L - 3 måneder siden
Why does that happen in games I remember that use to happen in battlefield 3 gulf of oman
Stammer Cane
Stammer Cane - 3 måneder siden
It's made of golden schmegma!!!!
Paul Reza
Paul Reza - 3 måneder siden
I think it's more common PC user's
Chris82 - 3 måneder siden
Warzone has been broken since release
Adoii Coquilla Jr
Adoii Coquilla Jr - 3 måneder siden
Did he just said DiCe? OKeY JaCK
Hermoáñ The Incredible
Hermoáñ The Incredible - 3 måneder siden
i hate how it's becoming more like fortnite with stupid cosmetics n shit
KaMa_kAzi - 3 måneder siden
Cod warzone sucks ass!
BAX 1 - 3 måneder siden
SA87 lmg
Amanda Kay
Amanda Kay - 3 måneder siden
Lets play youd hate me
Sasquatch Guy
Sasquatch Guy - 3 måneder siden
Those glitches are actually pretty cool
but game breaking
oh welrl
sand storm
sand storm - 3 måneder siden
Its the new fortnight..
Miguel Mercado
Miguel Mercado - 3 måneder siden
*starts video* I don't know what it is but It feels like warzones breaking

Jee jack maybe it's the horrible texture bug that happens every game
Clayton White
Clayton White - 3 måneder siden
yo how i unlock that 5g tower weapon skin?
el_rubn8r 1000
el_rubn8r 1000 - 3 måneder siden
dude!!! everybodys camping and sniping.
The Deadly Cable
The Deadly Cable - 3 måneder siden
I dislike this gold character with gold and shit it just looks like fortnut with I think midas? The character from the game
Goyard - 3 måneder siden
My console friends don’t know the struggle
J. LeprechaunFace.
J. LeprechaunFace. - 3 måneder siden
This game is Broken with the Hacker's #1 plus they gotta Fix the Crossplay options , Some console player's can not compete with the Level of PC player's , check warzone stats all PC player's #1 the console u see are using PC but with a controller
Aiden Centimo
Aiden Centimo - 3 måneder siden
You dont know anything until you played halo mcc when it 1st came out
Kyler Burroughs
Kyler Burroughs - 3 måneder siden
I didn't realize it made the body explode so I got a final kill and the head exploded gold
Fortnite Sucks
Fortnite Sucks - 3 måneder siden
No show off, but hear it from me a top 0% world wide, warzone has became the biggest dogshit battle royal of all time, from 50 hackers every game to bugs that you can’t even think they exist
G14LLAMA - 3 måneder siden
finally someone is having the same problem as me
Gamer World
Gamer World - 3 måneder siden
Thought it was just me fuck the guns that glitch n u got no sight cause it
Uzi Game GP
Uzi Game GP - 3 måneder siden
If you change the barrel of the golden grau do you lose the dismemberment effect?
Diefordethklok - 3 måneder siden
All the updates to keep up with secret rooms and shit for the new COD
DelDelincuentes - 3 måneder siden
My Heat Sensor makes me lag when I first use it. It lags for like 2 seconds. It had always done that since I first equipped it. 😑😑😑
Fat N'Boozey
Fat N'Boozey - 3 måneder siden
I barely manage a couple kills a game, meanwhile jack uses a pistol and out guns a dude who has an MP5.... legend
Alert Saucer
Alert Saucer - 3 måneder siden
I was the one that killed Jack
HEROWEN - 3 måneder siden
say FAM-ASS one more time jack
iambumpfel - 3 måneder siden
I see a player and I want him painted gold
Not lifelike anymore, I want them to turn gold
CeleryFox - 3 måneder siden
New update!
NCS353A - 3 måneder siden
Donald Duck??
A Andrew
A Andrew - 3 måneder siden
that glitch with the gun is SOOOO ANNOYING
Swaggster_Muffin - 3 måneder siden
I thought it was weird bc I haven’t gotten the glitch yet 🤷‍♂️
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery - 3 måneder siden
This is what happens when you can’t compress your updates smaller than 50 GB
Florian Stout
Florian Stout - 3 måneder siden
I got that glitched gun type in gulag, fml.
Anastasios Efthimiadis
Anastasios Efthimiadis - 3 måneder siden
Change pc man
Derforst - 3 måneder siden
The goldenshower -gun
Brad Beyers
Brad Beyers - 3 måneder siden
Pretty sad infinity ward just copies fortnite. They had a gold character and now there's one in MW. & I have noticed some glitches in multiplayer as well.
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris - 3 måneder siden
Breaking???? Its BROKE already never mind breaking lol
Andy McNab
Andy McNab - 3 måneder siden
Becoming more and more like Fortnite, which totally sucks
maria butt
maria butt - 3 måneder siden
11:45 ahahhahahaha
EXPL0D1NG_BEARz - 3 måneder siden
Naxts2 - 3 måneder siden
I had ALL those bugs without any exceptions seasons ago haha, jack discovers the true warzone experience 😂
AOW Hubbard
AOW Hubbard - 3 måneder siden
The bonus at the end “gooooooold”
Thermionic Emission
Thermionic Emission - 3 måneder siden
The end was too weird lol.
Peppe Lönnberg
Peppe Lönnberg - 3 måneder siden
How do you inspect your weapon
James_theBrain - 3 måneder siden
I've had this happen in the gulag. Couldn't see shit 🤣
MessyBoys Original
MessyBoys Original - 3 måneder siden
Update dropped today
Vincent ikea
Vincent ikea - 3 måneder siden
Austin powers is great