Call of Duty Warzone - Making people RAGE!

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COD Warzone RAGE Chat is hilarious! Here are some of my best moments and finally a good Galil game. Check out Displate here - Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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Mythical Assassin
Mythical Assassin - 19 dager siden
Riley Reid lmao
BG68 x NK
BG68 x NK - 22 dager siden
You beeped most of the cusses, what's the fun in that ? Next time, don't beep it.
Seve Garza
Seve Garza - 27 dager siden
lol welcome to America!
T Mo T
T Mo T - Måned siden
Why the hell would a piece of bread sober you up?
trent.vs.robots - Måned siden
Best video since the "snipey Boys" videos
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas - Måned siden
I love the intense desperate music there at the end of each round. So good!
Miles - Måned siden
Another action packed match !!
sneha bawari
sneha bawari - Måned siden
sweet but psycho
Rob Allotment carpfishing
Rob Allotment carpfishing - 2 måneder siden
Would love to have a game with ya bud love the team work
Gabriel Zaragoza
Gabriel Zaragoza - 2 måneder siden
" I put bread over my eyes and poked holes in them"
Darby Nash
Darby Nash - 2 måneder siden
This video might be good if you had Australian servers instead.
Daniel B
Daniel B - 2 måneder siden
Fucking quality team
Brandon Conley
Brandon Conley - 2 måneder siden
Jake I just bought a big ass box of Lucky 🍀 Charms in you’re honor!!! Cheers
RiskierMonkey34 - 2 måneder siden
one of my brothers mates had a texture glitch where he had no trees anywhere, entire forest empty, he could see clearly but he could shoot through them or anything like that
RiskierMonkey34 - 2 måneder siden
he was on PC to
xTheKingsGuard - 2 måneder siden
Nice snipes man ! You’re nasty !
Larry Adkins
Larry Adkins - 2 måneder siden
Jack, love the work, enjoyed for a long time. You guys should assemble “over 40” or “over 50” year olds who play, coach them, then stage a live competition in public match to crown the best coach! Talk about excellent voice chats. Keep up the great work
Fresh Toast
Fresh Toast - 2 måneder siden
1:53 no damage
Hassan Issa
Hassan Issa - 2 måneder siden
The end is awesome bro 😂😁
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt - 2 måneder siden
On a real though, how does he not know who boris Johnson is? American ignorance is too real
Mackenzie Grady
Mackenzie Grady - 2 måneder siden
Yorksheer Jack? YORKSHEER?! It’s bloody yorkshur
phil Langham
phil Langham - 2 måneder siden
Please play fortunate son-CCR at the end of a Warzone game when you win : )
nanaki85 - 2 måneder siden
11:55 We do not speak of that door!
Matt C2083
Matt C2083 - 2 måneder siden
no way this guy isn't cheating
Graul - 2 måneder siden
4:24 hahaha huya!
extremeBrah - 2 måneder siden
Pause 7:17 WTF is that bar on your screen ?
Émile Lavoie
Émile Lavoie - 2 måneder siden
What is your country jack
Is mayonnaise an instrument?
Is mayonnaise an instrument? - 2 måneder siden
*Looks at this gun*
Jack: *Picks up gun and kills enemy*
*Yeah it's pretty good*
rustyz8 - 2 måneder siden
R9 is garbage if they have EOD on
Joel Anngow
Joel Anngow - 2 måneder siden
I use the creator code JACKFRAGS
transparent91 - 2 måneder siden
Jack listen. This is perhaps the most redundant thing you have ever done. You made an explicit reaction video whilst censoring every reaction. Sigh
Bombs with cheese
Bombs with cheese - 2 måneder siden
I played on a russian server
Oy blyat what did i hear
nel 9
nel 9 - 2 måneder siden
Love from Yorkshire 👍 ............F ' Fucks sake !😀
Luke Gallagher
Luke Gallagher - 2 måneder siden
Nice game 👍
Jalen Lane
Jalen Lane - 2 måneder siden
Lol I hate warzone.
Private Sandwich
Private Sandwich - 2 måneder siden
Dafuq is up with some of your floor textures
Sanela Dugalic
Sanela Dugalic - 2 måneder siden
Imagine proximity chat
James ______
James ______ - 2 måneder siden
This video has been very educational, so everyone in North America speaks duck?
Justine scotland
Justine scotland - 2 måneder siden
2:42 look good
Hayden Gullins
Hayden Gullins - 2 måneder siden
Used your code to buy the new stoner pack haha! Thanks for the great content Jack!
Oussama Abn Jochin
Oussama Abn Jochin - 2 måneder siden
one question how i can move my ps4 account to a pc 🖥 is it possibl
Tyler Thornberg
Tyler Thornberg - 2 måneder siden
Heck of an ending, Jack. I cheered!
strawberrymilk57 - 2 måneder siden
why am i getting a notification of this video being uploaded 25 mins ago when it’s was uploaded 2 DAYS ago??
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox - 2 måneder siden
I shall support thee!
Seantheman - 2 måneder siden
ive played na for months and ive only got like 1 person mad in vc
spencer burdette
spencer burdette - 2 måneder siden
wow that ending was like WW1
ZikkyZed - 2 måneder siden
It no where near as good if you censor it
Russkof619 elite
Russkof619 elite - 2 måneder siden
2:51 if you know you know :)
George McGriff
George McGriff - 2 måneder siden
shoutout to you for knowing leon the professional.
Hugh Mad
Hugh Mad - 2 måneder siden
So glad we don’t have to play with Americans.
Prakhar Maheshwari
Prakhar Maheshwari - 2 måneder siden
So nobody is gonna talk about the fact that he doesn't know who Riley Reid is...??? 😂😂🤣🤣
Jalen Lane
Jalen Lane - 2 måneder siden
He might not watch a lot of porn lol.
VizerDown - 2 måneder siden
Challenge, prove there isn't a damage multiplier on console players.
Luke - 2 måneder siden
I play with my friends in the US just for the banter. It's next level.
retrotellephone - 2 måneder siden
Like 5 reacts...
Chris Verner
Chris Verner - 2 måneder siden
Jack is that you at the beginning IRL?
RED REAPER - 2 måneder siden
What is the name of the song
Trevor - 2 måneder siden
5:22 it is a very real scenario, ask me how i know
hyrum beardall
hyrum beardall - 2 måneder siden
I loved the classical music at the beginning of the video... Maybe it went on for a little long though
RoarofdalioN - 2 måneder siden
I immediately saw leon, it's one of my favorite movies of all time 😀
VinnyBoberino - 2 måneder siden
Great video as always Jack!
Ram1500 2012
Ram1500 2012 - 2 måneder siden
It’s funny how mad people over here get over a simple game and it’s on just about every game
xxKingTxx - 2 måneder siden
“Look at the bodies look at the bodies yay bodies lol
Dap P
Dap P - 2 måneder siden
I loved the fact you killed dude with your teammates gun and he thought you were shooting him lmao
tikkop towenaar
tikkop towenaar - 2 måneder siden
Please give hardline
Pikasourusrex - 2 måneder siden
dumb question, what setting does he have to make the floor all smooth and whats the benefit?
Bradley Brutus
Bradley Brutus - 2 måneder siden
@2:30 " I ALWAYS GO GHOST" THANK YOU. There is literally no reason to get overkill aside from being without the secondary you want for literally a minute or two in most cases. You risk the chance of going the whole game without ghost and being easily find-able in that end circle.
Yusuf Aftab
Yusuf Aftab - 2 måneder siden
somebody been watching mike boyd...
O J - 2 måneder siden
😁😁😁 I discovered how to put emojis😚🤕😵🙈🙉
The Sophy and Shawn ship gan page
Imagine if war zone had proximity chat 👀
vladimir stalin churchill II
vladimir stalin churchill II - 2 måneder siden
Would anyone wanna play with me?I’m not very good cause I kinda just started playing
RedNosedJacob - Minecraft
RedNosedJacob - Minecraft - 2 måneder siden
First time watching you and it’s safe to say this won’t be the last time watching you
Gees Inc.
Gees Inc. - 2 måneder siden
“Pissing off Americans and Canadians”
Dylan Myers
Dylan Myers - 2 måneder siden
Wow another win how suprising. You're easily taking enemies out when your sniping them and throwing multiple airstrikes on them but when you get sniped and have airstrikes put on you you somehow survive. The best part is one of those groups that you threw an airstrike on actually went under cover in a stairway and they somehow died. You were out in the open getting shot and air struck but yet you didn't die. Seems weird...
Joseph Castillo
Joseph Castillo - 2 måneder siden
“There’s always an f word guaranteed, just don’t know in which order” this gets me. Lmao!
Oscar Salamanca
Oscar Salamanca - 2 måneder siden
Was Jack using the merc forgrip on the Amax?
Derp Network
Derp Network - 2 måneder siden
What's up with warzone textures?
Southeast Skates
Southeast Skates - 2 måneder siden
That triple kill tho
Steve Koivun
Steve Koivun - 2 måneder siden
What texture setting do you have for the ground to be so smooth?
kubazukowsky - 2 måneder siden
Creator supported ;) Cheers mate, GG! :)
Naxts2 - 2 måneder siden
1:34 do you know who boris johnson is?
derek Rank
derek Rank - 2 måneder siden
why would someone play a game if it enrages them ? sounds like alot of unnecessary stress.
Tim Flipkens
Tim Flipkens - 2 måneder siden
2:50 underrated reference right there
O2TG - 2 måneder siden
Us American's are passionate Jack! Hahah
Rigby Zen
Rigby Zen - 2 måneder siden
what a weird and annoying voice...sound's like a 50y guy trying look younger...
extremeBrah - 2 måneder siden
Alexsandar Alexsandar
Alexsandar Alexsandar - 2 måneder siden
It's crazy how consistency truly does work.
CloneTrooper1948 - 2 måneder siden
Bread guy
CloneTrooper1948 - 2 måneder siden
She loves the vomit
Sithtiger - 2 måneder siden
Love your gameplay and commentary as always Jack, but not loving the low graphics you used in this video though. Keep up the great videos!
Ern Of Glory
Ern Of Glory - 2 måneder siden
Is ur skill legit? Lol. Exposed
Bitethe Book
Bitethe Book - 2 måneder siden
Running man z?
L i f e. is M e a n i n g l e s s
What gun were u using? 7:10
YourMUMY - 2 måneder siden
Look at this gun jack "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". Want your gun back. Her worked just fine 😜😜😜😜😜😜
Maciej Kocela
Maciej Kocela - 2 måneder siden
Play on console against ppl with 300fps and oncreased fov, than we gonna see who will be the one raging
Crazywatcher - 2 måneder siden
Jack on the lowest of low textures hahaha love the vids my man
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez - 2 måneder siden
Tyson Fury playing Warzone 😂
miguelsergio100 - 2 måneder siden
This guy is a cheater
Willem Grobbelaar
Willem Grobbelaar - 2 måneder siden
Gr8 game, awesome teamwork, good going guys! Me having fun watching!
Rowan Thane
Rowan Thane - 2 måneder siden
came here for the raging... hardly any raging. 😔
Placebo Gazebo
Placebo Gazebo - 2 måneder siden
a vl
a vl - 2 måneder siden
Britsish parlement he Googled didn't hé lol.