Call of Duty Warzone - New Guns and Map Changes! ( Season 6 is LIVE )

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COD Warzone Season 6 is live so let's jump in, check out the AS VAL and new Sniper Rifle that is apparently mad! Playing with the @Aculite @Tomographic @Stodeh . Use code JACKFRAGS in the cod store. Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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T Mo T
T Mo T - 3 dager siden
1:06:55 That's a perfect John Mulaney impression.
DailyPlayers - 9 dager siden
Guys, SUBSCRIBE to our channel, we post gameplays daily (Battlefield, Cold War, CS:GO, Warzone, FIFA21 etc. THANK YOU!
Travis Wirth
Travis Wirth - 13 dager siden
Best attitude of any of the cod gamers. Love your vids so i put your name in before I bought my season pass. 👍
marc patiag
marc patiag - 16 dager siden
Your english team mate sounds like james bond
fulSTakk - 18 dager siden
Love ya too Jack. That's just another epic video.
Space God
Space God - 19 dager siden
Thats funny to hear you talk about mall of millenia in Orlando, been there many times!
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose - 20 dager siden
I laughed so hard with that situation when he went with the train😂😂
爸爸 - 22 dager siden
Sharing screen consider "cheating". Lol
CupcakeJunkie - 23 dager siden
Still blames dice. Its the Battlefield PTSD induced to us players.
hanglewster - 23 dager siden
How do I support Jack in game?
joho0 - 28 dager siden
Orlando has a Millenia Mall and a Florida Mall. The Halloween shop you visited was in the Florida Mall.
Adrian Nowacki
Adrian Nowacki - 28 dager siden
Hi jackfrags ! I Love You Man ! maybe one day will be possible for me to play with you in the team to Learn from the Best !
Nuxiene - Måned siden
13:18 "Dice please fix this"
Bill Henn
Bill Henn - Måned siden
lol, you asking Dice to fix a call of duty game was the funniest part of this video
nguyen duc
nguyen duc - Måned siden
Christian Wheeler
Christian Wheeler - Måned siden
Regina spector is great
It’s Me
It’s Me - Måned siden
Random thought but I wonder what jack looks like
Conicle - Måned siden
I love watching warzone and hearing the quote from another video I have seen, 107, aculite "My mother is a nice lady" 😂😂
HelioFish - Måned siden
One of my favourite team compositions to watch. You lads seem to have good chemistry and fun
JC A - Måned siden
UK and US apple pies are the same, cinnamon and all.
carlsong643 - Måned siden
1:30:54 best part. Just descended and annihilated that guy XD
jordo aussie
jordo aussie - Måned siden
Im having issues on mp with my bullets not going where i aim
Gabriel Akui
Gabriel Akui - Måned siden
the fact that at the start you were minutely leading targets and missing because you were leading them by a few millimetres just proves how broken the sniper is lmao
Alive Active
Alive Active - Måned siden
Very nice gameplay bro 👍
Dom Brown
Dom Brown - Måned siden
Tom sounds like Henry cavill
Jafar Ssenyonga
Jafar Ssenyonga - Måned siden
Today's triple were awesome 😀
TheImmoralCookie - Måned siden
He missed a orange box at 53:00 something.
William Walker
William Walker - Måned siden
Cheers from Orlando mate!
Thats who Olaf was looking for. Haha
Nick Brosnan
Nick Brosnan - Måned siden
I hate the change to 3rd person parachute view
Timmy2Fingerz - Måned siden
Whats up with the framerates? That's a 3080 no? 120-140fps? Weren't you saying 170 average at max settings and 220+ med settings on launch day? What happened?
onimod13 - Måned siden
i put this on to keep my dog calm whilst i went out to the shop, such a soothing voice @Aculite @jackfrags
Kelvin Bear
Kelvin Bear - Måned siden
What happen there. Was that a hack Jack? Watch from 36:15 random headshot and kill
Debajit Boro
Debajit Boro - Måned siden
I know your voice you are aculite friend. because I listen aculite voice❤❤❤❤❤.
love you both. You both are amazing 🤩.
John Endalk
John Endalk - Måned siden
Best YouTuber
PAUL EBINEZAR - Måned siden
What's so funny is when jack gets piss'd with the game he crys out " Dice please fix it!!!! " lol does he know that he is playing battlefield ?
Hamish - Måned siden
Real sick of seeing warzone vids 😭😤
AsianKoolAid00 - Måned siden
I wish i could enjoy this without spending 2000 GB and 2 hours of my time dowloading
Aizaz Ahmed
Aizaz Ahmed - Måned siden
Adrian Jardim
Adrian Jardim - Måned siden
What is your attachments pls tell
No Way
No Way - Måned siden
Is 20 highest round mags?
CXZAR - Måned siden
How can you do that reload check on the weapons? (on Ps4 if is possible)
Holly Neal
Holly Neal - Måned siden
I want to know what Jack thinks about Americans for all holidays.
solomon joseph
solomon joseph - Måned siden
Mine is on October 30
kerry johnson
kerry johnson - Måned siden
I love how hes connor to you but hes aculite the god to us lmao
Delta 1
Delta 1 - Måned siden
22:49 wait, was that a rat?
Juno Lee
Juno Lee - Måned siden
Toms been dead for a long time Jack
OC-Radio - Måned siden
What’s the inspect weapon button on pc?
Dale Jackson
Dale Jackson - Måned siden
If you hold left d-pad down on xbox or playstation
Paul hugo
Paul hugo - Måned siden
Subservient mask wearing Brits all the while their race is being eliminated go boys
brysmma - Måned siden
SagaBendo war zone
smecky88 - Måned siden
1:38 looks like aimbot to me
CBR Slazer
CBR Slazer - Måned siden
Im playing this game too but car sounds are different . How can I fix it
Connor Miller
Connor Miller - Måned siden
It's crazy how I live next to the town where McDonald's started out in San Bernardino
Stoopydh - Måned siden
13:15 Ah yes, it's been a long time since I heard a good 'Dice pls'-moment!
DeFrancis Plays
DeFrancis Plays - Måned siden
This was a great stream, don’t know how you managed to go the entire way through without it crashing!
Scotty G
Scotty G - Måned siden
Squad Goals....23:17
I'm Vengeance
I'm Vengeance - Måned siden
My Favorite PDW from BF4. ❤
August Justine Noche
August Justine Noche - Måned siden
That ain't a remington r700. That's a fricking AWP
Al W
Al W - Måned siden
I’m glad Tom seized the “why aaa you roooning?” opportunity
Semi-Historical edd
Semi-Historical edd - Måned siden
That “no” was geniune...
Bond - Måned siden
lets go
Thomas Davey
Thomas Davey - Måned siden
Jack! Do you think BLOps cold war will be as equally invested with vile smelly hackers as this cod?
M C - Måned siden
That smart watch thing is very very very distracting
-Vance- Dun
-Vance- Dun - Måned siden
Welp here we go again 😪 Another Jumpzone vid...
Collin Blackford
Collin Blackford - Måned siden
Gotta love the Russian accents.
Eduardo Sousa
Eduardo Sousa - Måned siden
I usually love watching back these streams at my leisure, but the audio-video is horribly out of sync!
Rafee Maisoon
Rafee Maisoon - Måned siden
Okay there's a weird YouTube bug. When I was watching the stream and later on the whole video on my laptop, it was fine. But on my phones it's terribly out of sync and I think some other people are experiencing it too Jack
Κωνσταντίνος Σαμαράς
jacks a legend
Patrick Mulcahey
Patrick Mulcahey - Måned siden
I started watching this video this morning, paused it, came back a few hours later and it had completed changed, all audio is desynchronized, video doesn't begin where it originally began, not sure what happened but this is unwatchable in its current state.
bobbyspity - Måned siden
Jack the new Brewn blueprint is it a decent weapon ?
Markovicsable - Måned siden
Multiple horse styles.
Marvelxman89 - Måned siden
The audio is out of sync difficulties watching and listening.
lochlann bridgeford
lochlann bridgeford - Måned siden
Same here on my Xbox but went on my phone and it’s fine
Kelso Darby
Kelso Darby - Måned siden
Ya what was happening
Comic Scozzy
Comic Scozzy - Måned siden
same here i was so confused lol
Sean Hallahan
Sean Hallahan - Måned siden
Idk why but the sync with audio and video is off for me
little etha
little etha - Måned siden
Everybody's looking for the enemy but Jack's just looking for a by station
TetraVaal - Måned siden
"Why is it called Edward?"
Twilight reference for sure.
EDIT: Just got to the part where someone lets him know, haha.
Angel Arriaga
Angel Arriaga - Måned siden
It’s Edward for Edward Cullen from twilight lol🤣🤣
pacd61 - Måned siden
1:19:30 "he'll float too" so quickly lol
Gan Ning
Gan Ning - Måned siden
"we're not sweating, we're abusing, it's different!"
Teddayyy - Måned siden
Gotta abuse whatever you can for an advantage 😂 haha but Hey bro hope this isn’t too much of a bother but I saw you’re also a fan of Jack. If you could check out my NOburn I’d really appreciate it 🙌🏻 and if by chance you enjoy and think I’m good enough maybe you’ll wanna support the rest of my journey. 💙
erik sand
erik sand - Måned siden
5:25 Bats can see just fine. They just don't have good sight at night, like us. So they also have the sonar to help them catch their food.
Gary Bennett
Gary Bennett - Måned siden
I’m calling my bat Nora 😉
sochinese - Måned siden
my total game file for COD is 229GB
Blue Eagle7106
Blue Eagle7106 - Måned siden
Have a great day

And also I am a small YouTuber
Randomdude 27
Randomdude 27 - Måned siden
Cover the new sniper jack it’s insane
Boba Fett
Boba Fett - Måned siden
Robert Pattinsons character in Twilight was "Edward" and he was a vampire.
Robert Pattinson is playing Batman in the upcoming Batman movie. Im assuming thats sort of the joke of naming the finishing move "Edward" and it being a bat. Lol
panzerkampfwagen - Måned siden
armored royale is crazy
You 4 guys and Stone Mtn and TKO are my all time favorites! Jack has been in the topspot FPS for me of all time. I've seen you cycle with Stone Mtn, but I think you should play with TKO too.
There might be a couple of other watchable COD players, but you guys are the only ones I wish I was actual friends with (including Stone Mtn and TKO). While a lot of popular COD content creators are absolute douches, you guys are are not only great players, but class a gentlemen. I'm sure that's why you've gravitated to each other. Thanks for all the great content. You guys deserve the success.
FreemanIsReal - Måned siden
The crashing issue is resolved by turning off "On-Demand Texture Streaming" option from graphics settings
KarlKlaus vonS
KarlKlaus vonS - Måned siden
Not for me. Reflex isn't the problem either, still froze and/or crashed either way
Xiang Yuan
Xiang Yuan - Måned siden
Armoured royale is one of the best modes ngl
Jag 1010
Jag 1010 - Måned siden
Dad says COW MW takes you back to commodore 64 with the downloading times for updates
Blaine Foster
Blaine Foster - Måned siden
Stream every day mate
Nothing Here
Nothing Here - Måned siden
Hey Jack Frags I hope you see this comment. I think there’s an Easter egg in the elevators there’s a barcode on the thing you hold on to!
Mridaho Krieg
Mridaho Krieg - Måned siden
What do they mean when they say "hit scan" when they're talking about the new sniper?
Mridaho Krieg
Mridaho Krieg - Måned siden
@KarlKlaus vonS Thank you! I was super confused lol
KarlKlaus vonS
KarlKlaus vonS - Måned siden
Hit scan is a mechanic that doesn't use any ballistics. There's no actual bullet flying, no travel time, no drop, nothing. Basically just click on their heads at any range.
Joe Yanapisoot
Joe Yanapisoot - Måned siden
Hi Jack, Regina Spektor is my favorite female singer too!
SubSonic 75
SubSonic 75 - Måned siden
What button is it to inspect ur magazine?
Mr Mox
Mr Mox - Måned siden
nice season 6 is upon us but did they fix the crashes yet?
Gary Ferguson
Gary Ferguson - Måned siden
Love love love these full length streams Jack! More. Just more.
G Williams
G Williams - Måned siden
Tomo is a know it all and talks way too much
RetardskillMe - Måned siden
Just how lame can people be, asking streamers to say "Hi" to someone else. Get a freaking life please.
HeroicJello - Måned siden
It still bothers the absolute crap out of me when people swap in cryillic alphabet in English words. When it revealed Farah in the character menu with the letter Ya in it I was like, "Who the hell is Fayan?" Any of my Russian speaking friends agree?