Call of Duty Warzone on a BIG new 4K 120hz TV...

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Gaming on an 86" 4K 120HZ TV is really FUN! PC gaming and Xbox series X on the 86NANO91. Thanks to LG for sponsoring. Check out this TV here - HDMI 2.1 is nuts. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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jackfrags - 25 dager siden
Full Metal Jacket is an absolute banger of a movie btw if you haven't seen it, would recommend. One of the classic Vietnam War movies that spawned so many pop culture references, and it has just been released on 4K blu-ray 👍
Byt3me21 - 20 dager siden
I picked up an LG 55" recently and I thought a 75 would have been great, but an 86" man that is just off the charts!
Dr. Paul Brule
Dr. Paul Brule - 23 dager siden
great movie, but man is it disturbing
Shur1kn - 23 dager siden
@sicknic715 Using mine on a TV for years now, having no trouble whatsoever, even in high precision games like a first person shooter. Almost any 2020 TV will do the trick though - response times vastly increased.
Shur1kn - 23 dager siden
Was wondering why your channel's not called "Full Metal Jack" ;)
Nelson King
Nelson King - 23 dager siden
Agreed. I was a child when I first watched it, love it to date!
The OLED is better for color but the 8K nanocell is basically the same price
R6 Boss
R6 Boss - 4 timer siden
Jurassic Master
Jurassic Master - 2 dager siden
Jesus i wish I had a pc that can get 60 frames on 8k holy
Kapono5150 - 5 dager siden
For watching a movie this TV looks great, but once you put this TV in game mode, the colors just don’t look as good. Keep that in mind if your considering this panel
Pale Horse
Pale Horse - 6 dager siden
$4500.00 price tag
JOSE ANGEL RUEDA - 6 dager siden
so...if u turn on 120hz on 4k, all setting are still working on? (VRR,GIGM,HDR,Freesync,etc)
NLE_Edgar - 7 dager siden
That tv is insane thanks for reviewing this
Daddone 92
Daddone 92 - 9 dager siden
Si ma quanto costa..?!
Echte Nederlander
Echte Nederlander - 9 dager siden
next generation gaming is actually just buying a new tv :/
Faizullah Memon
Faizullah Memon - 9 dager siden
Kids but TV legends buy monitor
Jamie Maher
Jamie Maher - 10 dager siden
Rather use 27inch
Michael Diaz
Michael Diaz - 10 dager siden
I heard the Warzone had a update for series X 4K 120 you should try it
Dwight penny
Dwight penny - 11 dager siden
its crazy how small YouTubers get stuff like this for free.
Shakie 42
Shakie 42 - 11 dager siden
Wait so does warzone support 120fps or not?? I’m being told that it doesn’t but i don’t know...
Artem Malian
Artem Malian - 11 dager siden
Finally a screen I can play Cs go on
Mega MovieZ
Mega MovieZ - 12 dager siden
Where did you get this tv? I’m looking for the perfect tv for the Series X.
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst - 12 dager siden
LG must be trippin if they think i give away my 4k HDMI 2.0 TV to crab a HDMI 2.1 TV for 3k bucks lol
99% of the games in the future will run at 4k 60FPS
satinder singh
satinder singh - 12 dager siden
u forget to shoot the cash balloon 😂
calvin dempsey
calvin dempsey - 13 dager siden
Jack, you should start doing vlogs but while wearing a helmet for the memes
R2SM - 13 dager siden
Hey Jack! Great video but I’m having issues with my setup for the XSX I have the exact setup as you and I’m having HDR issues when ever I load a game the screens goes completely green and on MW it does even display I’m hoping you could shed some light on some settings you are running that is giving you success?
Michael McDermott
Michael McDermott - 14 dager siden
2:50 the shooting of a Yegor is a crime against humanity
DrLeckda - 14 dager siden
No Ambilight, no buy!
Byli Lo
Byli Lo - 15 dager siden
I want such colors too
Ricky Nelson
Ricky Nelson - 15 dager siden
Yeah I’m not a fan of playing on tvs....
Chris diggy
Chris diggy - 15 dager siden
This tv is awesome love the remote also first time i have a lg tv but damn im happy with it :)
PrxncE _ LixH
PrxncE _ LixH - 15 dager siden
jack: show me frogs on YouTube
tv: shows frogs
jack: huh frogs (like he has never seen a frog 😂).
Kalinho_PL - 16 dager siden
Showing Xbox and GoW one after another is just... I don't know... whishful thinking? :D
El Loco 1919
El Loco 1919 - 17 dager siden
Bargain hunt will look amazing on that!
Theos - 17 dager siden
What’s the response time on this TV?
Honeyball Lecter
Honeyball Lecter - 16 dager siden
about 15ms
Clutch - 17 dager siden
*Me watching with 144p:*
Damn big differences, amazing graphics!
KC - 17 dager siden
If I find £4000 around under my couch .. defo buying the TV. Thanks
Trace Render 666 ANDRAS
Trace Render 666 ANDRAS - 18 dager siden
Jack Frags now your gaming 😉👍
NicksEntertainment1337 - 18 dager siden
Jackfrags in the next video: Look at my lambo scrubs
Martin william Morrison
Martin william Morrison - 18 dager siden
1 reason you wanted to get it..... It was free 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
At Om
At Om - 19 dager siden
120hz also seems unnaturally smooth like those that use true motion( soap opera effect )switched on when watching a film , maybe something to get use to idk
And don’t be one of those douche bags that put tv on the wall for everyone to see outside 😆
I Actually like the stand for once to this series of tv , so much so I’d bought the nano866 42inch a month back.,
Salman Drame
Salman Drame - 19 dager siden
Not even gonna check the price
Crepy_ Tetzu
Crepy_ Tetzu - 20 dager siden
One like for the wwe guy
Don Ochetti
Don Ochetti - 20 dager siden
Remember when a 46" was insane.
Maximus Truong
Maximus Truong - 20 dager siden
Have you tried war zone on the new Xbox series x? How does it play and look? Thanks!
Hunnxdbanj - 20 dager siden
I got that tv the 49” its worth gettin for next gen ngl
TheNiRho - 20 dager siden
You should flip that AIO 180 degrees, if possible, so that the tubes leaving the radiator are towards the bottom, if that makes sense. Unless its top mounted on the case. Cant really tell
Karel - 20 dager siden
I'd rather get a QLED with full array though. So Q80T and above.
Mark Hillyar
Mark Hillyar - 20 dager siden
Which Battlefield is that being shown at the end of the video?
James Thomas
James Thomas - 20 dager siden
Nah, I’ll keep my Sony x900h 😜
Mr. OMarr
Mr. OMarr - 20 dager siden
Someone probably asked this before but, how many next gen console games will run at 120 anyway ? I’m thinking that won’t be a thing for another year or two minimum
Mastermind Channel
Mastermind Channel - 20 dager siden
This is craaazy bro! Really nice quality. Need to try something like that on Cod
kmd76kmd76 - 20 dager siden
Shame those IPS panels make for terrible blooming. Although if LG gave it to me I’d be more then happy to take it.
Andrey Maruha
Andrey Maruha - 21 dag siden
Is this a monitor or a tv
r0beh - 21 dag siden
Haha someone else that says 'thank you' to voice control systems 😄
YurXire - 21 dag siden
Sean Duffy
Sean Duffy - 21 dag siden
The bigger the screen the bigger the lag for gaming
DynamicKilla_ on twitch
DynamicKilla_ on twitch - 21 dag siden
See my man jacky boy i have faced facts im really good at fps shooters and 3rd person shooter n games but i found out something my skill has been falling more and more over this past year n half on all my games except darksouls and so on but then i found out somthing really intriguing i the reason i have been doing ass is becouse of the big tv i have the same saize tv as this one so nuch more u gotta look at a bigger scale then earlier yesterday i put a roku mini size tv up to test somthing n boom i went 20 and 0 on rogue company becouse I was more skilled with the smaller tv and then dropped a nuke in cod s&d so I figured my fave tv size lol dont play big pvp games on massive tv's play on smaller tv for better skill i guess lol
Lawson23 - 21 dag siden
I just bought the same tv, 65inch, it’s wild but of course the original Xbox one doesn’t have 4K
Singularity_SgrA - 21 dag siden
"Show me frogs on youchoob" - Jackfrags 2020
DTec1978 - 21 dag siden
They didn't even send you an OLED?....such a disapointment
Spartan360oLive - 21 dag siden
£3,500 from Curry's for this model.. Damn that's pricey.
Chris Dillow
Chris Dillow - 21 dag siden
If LG make this exact panel at 35" they will absolutely replace gaming monitors
roby940 - 21 dag siden
I need one now
Jammstah - 21 dag siden
£3.500 TV right there
John Harrington
John Harrington - 22 dager siden
I skipped accidentally through where you explained it was your pc doing 8k. I almost thought it was the series x and sent back my 3070.
mxg ios
mxg ios - 22 dager siden
do you get to keep the tv
I Am Bhris
I Am Bhris - 22 dager siden
I was planning on getting this SAME EXACT tv I looked at a 55 inch from best buy I was gonna buy it as soon as I get the new game systems
NexGinoKiller - 22 dager siden
cheers jack just bought one ready for the new xbox series x ohh and for the frogs ;)
AnxiousChris - 22 dager siden
@jackfrags what CPU and RAM are you using? Thanks for the awesome content! :)
Reynaldo Lovo
Reynaldo Lovo - 22 dager siden
What's the name of the racing game at 1:01
Methy - 22 dager siden
Thanks for make me feel more broke :) Im sitting here looking at the new gpu with watery eyes, still not sure to get a 3070 with new cpu or just go for a 3080 and be sad after looking at my bank account.
HANDO - 22 dager siden
I'm so jealous 😅
Sushrut Gadgil
Sushrut Gadgil - 22 dager siden
Ryan Gamache
Ryan Gamache - 22 dager siden
Good video I just got the LG CX oled Can’t wait to see on the new systems
Will Ryan
Will Ryan - 7 dager siden
Do you have the series x? Are you able to get 4k 120 on it ?
Anthony Thompson
Anthony Thompson - 22 dager siden
The xbox series x and ps5 don't have anything like the power for 120hz 4k native in AAA titles.
RobertTheTire - 22 dager siden
Did you get to keep it? Is that like part of the payment for advertising?
Nate Dawg
Nate Dawg - 22 dager siden
I love how they dont show the huge price tag of this monster on there site
TX3_Smaug - 22 dager siden
Like your wall ^^
Megatron Decepticon
Megatron Decepticon - 22 dager siden
andrews De la hoz
andrews De la hoz - 22 dager siden
Warzone looks amazing 😍😍😍😍😍
Sykesee - 22 dager siden
Why does it say 100hz on curries website?
HardTarget Jimmy
HardTarget Jimmy - 22 dager siden
Is there a smaller version like 55" or 65" with the same specs as this?
Duncan Court
Duncan Court - 23 dager siden
So so jealous
Maury Altomare
Maury Altomare - 23 dager siden
Need a monster of a graphics card to run at those settings.
Philip Martin
Philip Martin - 23 dager siden
Will we be able to play warzone on series x on launch day?
Feku13 - 23 dager siden
New channel name: JackFrogs
David - 23 dager siden
Andrew B
Andrew B - 23 dager siden
Yeah but it's target is 4k 60.... Does it run 4k 120? lol no, maybe 2k if you read the spec sheet it says up to 120fps @1440p
60fps @ 2160p
UP TO leads lots of speculation pc master race still cause you can get over 60fps , true FPS not interpolated at 4k
Tom wells
Tom wells - 23 dager siden
What do you gain from getting a TV calibrated?
Nevy2630Dk - 23 dager siden
hey jack what do you have of setup in your gaming pc? :)
Sikkimese - 23 dager siden
guys. LG nano 91 or Sony X9000H, Suggestions pls?
Kristian Williams
Kristian Williams - 23 dager siden
Dude we have the same pc case lmao
Thomas Leaf
Thomas Leaf - 23 dager siden
I got an LG CX 65 inch specifically for HDMI 2.1 and PS5 and XBX.
David Peed
David Peed - 23 dager siden
Nicholas Kozak
Nicholas Kozak - 23 dager siden
Me mum would fancy a tv like that Jack, ye should hook me up... soon to be Pre-Med student so it would be a nice gift before college.
Money Bag Game Clips
Money Bag Game Clips - 23 dager siden
This item isn’t available in the US?
sam defoe
sam defoe - 23 dager siden
Ohh frogs 😂
Outdoor Arizona
Outdoor Arizona - 23 dager siden
Must be nice to get free shit
Leonard Smith
Leonard Smith - 23 dager siden
Love how you say "Thank you" to your TV
Peno - 23 dager siden
yer just a $7000 TV

why the hell would you say no
The Cobra
The Cobra - 23 dager siden
hello, what is the title of the animated movie at the end of the video?
wiggyp1v2 - 23 dager siden
would be better if it was OLED
Leo Mercs
Leo Mercs - 23 dager siden
I've got something in inches but it ain't a TV..
It's a ruler, I can't afford this 120hz shit with my broke ass
Falcon - 23 dager siden
you need a better camera to record this tv