Call of Duty Warzone - PROOF that this gun is OP and Broken!

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COD Warzone SP-R is hitscan up to 407M right now. It is totally overpowered in this state and should be fixed as soon as possible. I did some testing to hopefully prove that it needs looking at! Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner
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Unkle LumpY
Unkle LumpY - Måned siden
World's longest confirmed marksman kill in history was performed with a .338 lepua, fyi
B uki
B uki - Måned siden
The whole game is broken garbage.
Good Vibes
Good Vibes - Måned siden
SPR is still to strong it is a beast no doubt. Personally don't play warzone anymore, I do play more TDM or matchmaking game modes. An it my Friends has killed the fun.
However I really had fun playing COD mw . this game has as much patches and problems as destiny 2.
Not complaining but if your not using the SPR beast mode you probably having low kill games.
George Humphrey
George Humphrey - Måned siden
Great video Jack, love your stuff.
But every one using “hit scan” in a literal sense to describe this is bugging me... probably bugging me more than it should because it’s pedantic as hell.
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous - Måned siden
yeah I haven't used any other gun except this since season 6 lol
TheManic1112 - Måned siden
Why does it matter, people are enjoying playing with it, also this game is at end of its lifecycle now
Raymond M
Raymond M - Måned siden
They really added the SSG 08 from CSGO.
Slimane HAMGA
Slimane HAMGA - Måned siden
lapua mag stands for lapua magnum, not magazine!!
Alexandar Kostov
Alexandar Kostov - Måned siden
The riot shield is a counter to it
tehhwizz - Måned siden
Its been nefed already?
kieren phillips
kieren phillips - Måned siden
tehhwizz yeah
Michael Long
Michael Long - Måned siden
thomaswilliam kidney
thomaswilliam kidney - Måned siden
That gun with that round would not have much bullet drop at 438 yards and you're shooting down hill
Infrared Twenty3
Infrared Twenty3 - Måned siden
SMOKYY_DA_BEAR92 100 - Måned siden
Look at my kr8 snipes its the same
SMOKYY_DA_BEAR92 100 - Måned siden
No I love this gun please don't Nerf I shoot at the birds from over 500 m
Hill0Munkki - Måned siden
It got nerfed now its not good anymore
Zach - Måned siden
Snipers in real life have no bullet drop at 400m...but in a gameplay perspective i can see how this is a no brainer
Charlie Patch
Charlie Patch - Måned siden
I like this it gives me a chance against the thousands of hackers still plagueing this game
MrBillisk - Måned siden
It was pure laziness in coding
Aixall - Måned siden
its not fun anymore, I can't have snipe wars, for example when i climb up on a ledge to have a better shot, normally i have time to climb take a shot, giving me a chance to get a head shot before i get shot back, but now, soon as my head shows up to the enemy I'm dead, doesn't give me time to fight back, also if the enemy has a controller, the aim assist makes them even more OP, they really need to just remove the guns until they can fix them.
Basil Alfayez
Basil Alfayez - Måned siden
The people saying it is not broken are stupids.
No marksman rifle and no sniper match this gun in any criteria.
Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham - Måned siden
But jack... broken is fun!
Ramzi Nasser
Ramzi Nasser - Måned siden
Man these accidents are getting out of hand, like every season and each one is more powerful then the other
TandCEveryDay - Måned siden
They always make the new guns OP
Benja Benja
Benja Benja - Måned siden
Bf4 wins this part ...
Hate games without bullet drops all
Cod :whorezone 🤣
tookAfatDOOK - Måned siden
i remember the first gameplay i was like why does the bullet velocity look instant?
luke_cloud_walker - Måned siden
What is your sensitivity in battlefield 1 Jack?
Yogi Bharti
Yogi Bharti - Måned siden
Its fun using it though
Mitch Baltazar
Mitch Baltazar - Måned siden
No. Don't change a damn thing. This gun is so fun to use and REALLY shows how good someone's aim is because you NEED to put the crosshair on the person, not the random inconsistent bullet drop and leading shots BS. I am NOT mad when I die to this like I am with a Kar98 or other sniper. Hit scan is what made older titles so much better.
Hunter Ricketts
Hunter Ricketts - Måned siden
No accident. Release broken OP guns in new season pass to get awareness like this and attract back people who left the game with a chance to play with these guns.
Radical Will
Radical Will - Måned siden
Absolutely Beautiful 👌👌
The Toasty
The Toasty - Måned siden
This game has the biggest try hards of any cod its insane,
Boxc4r Willie
Boxc4r Willie - Måned siden
lots of buds seem to have dropped off while they wait for this to get fixed, I hope they repair this error ASAP or I'm gonna go back to Candyland or sumtin...
KrayzieFingaz - Måned siden
so what is the best attachments for this gun so you get that hitscan XD
joni hokkanen
joni hokkanen - Måned siden
Ok. This is not broke if you know what is a real life 338 lapua bullet!? 🇫🇮 😎 The real speed of this is 920m / s so the travel time of 400m is less than half a second..
Aidan B
Aidan B - Måned siden
I’m more worried about the SPP rounds
RealNeon Neo
RealNeon Neo - Måned siden
The vibecheckinator
XinXan - Måned siden
Thanks for ruining everyhin
larry dalton
larry dalton - Måned siden
At 925m a sec they just imputed the true speed and now people are showing how little they understand why this won't work
Niko Orellana
Niko Orellana - Måned siden
I think that it should be a pain to unlock, something like get 15 headshots with a sniper in game 7 times, I also don’t think that it should be that op, but still have very good bullet velocity
Jeffaa 010
Jeffaa 010 - Måned siden
Its broken af. Thats for sure. Im loving it though. Sniping never felt good to me but this has changed it. Yeah im pretty good with the other snipers but they just dont feel right.
Jackson - Måned siden
I dropped a 22 kill solo game the other day with it t needs to be patched.
Carlos Go
Carlos Go - Måned siden
I actually have read the description for the norma mag, it says its firing straight but the only issue there would probably be the bullet time not the drop.
Itz Slurzzi
Itz Slurzzi - Måned siden
You obviously haven’t played bo2
roland craggs
roland craggs - Måned siden
I still think BOCW is going to be hitscan, at least in MP. This just reinforces that opinion. It can't be a coincidence that a hitscan sniper is 'accidentally' released just before the new game 🤔
Avocadogaming - Måned siden
Is it only at 400 m or within 400m it’s a hit scan
Techn9neebah Kcmo
Techn9neebah Kcmo - Måned siden
I say it's ok
Yuan Yuan
Yuan Yuan - Måned siden
Jack, just dont let them fix it if it is "broken" i've never been better using a sniper or marksman rifle. Cmpn dude
Dương Lò
Dương Lò - Måned siden
Alex van Oers
Alex van Oers - Måned siden
Meh, make the bullets disappear faster... So its only 204 or 154 meters
itakaaf johnson
itakaaf johnson - Måned siden
Still the most fun op weapon in warzone
JackFn - Måned siden
Been watching for years and I'd say it's the first time I disagree with Him 😭
Emrys93 - Måned siden
If this wasn't intentional they would have given it a normal scope. They gave it a shitty scope to mitigate its severity.
Barret Lemire
Barret Lemire - Måned siden
Idk man i can still get hit markers with it
justin alias
justin alias - Måned siden
I watched this video , using SPR killed 7 people in plunder for the first time in my life.. I could hear people swearing 🤬 in different languages 😂
Brandon Carbee
Brandon Carbee - Måned siden
This has become the "iTs ToO oP" channel since bf3
onelungshogun - Måned siden
Don't fix this
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - Måned siden
As val. With the vss 10rnd mags I got the final kill through a giant boulder rock 🤣
Occams OX
Occams OX - Måned siden
The ballistics of a .338 Lapua Magnum round average in the 2850 ft per second range. 450 yards is 1350 feet. A Lapua round should cover 450 yards in .52 seconds. It’s a seriously deadly round, heavy, fast, with almost no drag or drop. CoD didn’t overestimate how deadly this round is. There are guys pulling mile long shots off with just basic windage and elevation calculations and the round hits less than three seconds after they fire. This round will also most certainly destroy body armor. I don’t play a lot of war zone, but from what I can tell, the biggest mistake with the Devs made is the Lapua round not being able to hit past 450 yards. There are 1760 yards in a mile. This round can double that in the right situation.
Crete Monsta
Crete Monsta - Måned siden
If you have ever shot a 338 lapua magnum you would understand. Love it
TheDaringPastry1313 - Måned siden
This thing paired with the VLK (no glint) is just mean .... Don't ask me how I know.
A.h.t - Måned siden
The people who dont think it's broken are the ones who cant aim😂😂😂they literally shoot a leg and they get a kill
B3STone - Måned siden
They never it. Sadly
ISaidDieMF'er Yep You LOOL
Have you ever fired a 338 Lapua? I doubt it, that round was built to kill at 400+ meters, it is a HIGH Powered SNIPER it should be 1 shot kill
Tony Hidalgo
Tony Hidalgo - Måned siden
I guess it's back to the HDR boys
sean rader
sean rader - Måned siden
Bro don’t think about it just buy the battle pass.
Tyler Monroe
Tyler Monroe - Måned siden
Honestly they probably shot the gun and caliber size is faster the Lupras.... yassss
Oce4n M4n - Mordern warfare
Pls don't call it broken otherwise infinity ward will need it I also want to use this
ynumikol - Måned siden
This is intentional, its a buisness tactic to get more people to buy the battle pass with the 20 tier skips so that people can take advantage of it as much as possible before it gets nerfed.
Ryan Evison
Ryan Evison - Måned siden
a 250gr 338 lapua will have hardly any energy loss or bullet drop. 300 norma is a necked down 338 from my understanding, so I can't see much difference between the two. I guess its a "realistic, unrealistic" shooter 🤷‍♂️
Jarrett Mundy
Jarrett Mundy - Måned siden
My thoughts are if streamers like you are having discrepancies with this game, reach out to your fan base, and say “let’s branch together and not play for a week” show IW that things need to change.
Palpatine - Måned siden
Isn’t even a debate. If you don’t have to lead a 400m shot you know it’s a broken gun
LEMSDK - Måned siden
Creating an addicting but frustrating fps game is literally the receipe they use to make cod games... anyone else than me who wish they for once would try removing that frustration part from the receipe and make a balanced skill based game for once?
CodyTheOptimist 333
CodyTheOptimist 333 - Måned siden
Bro, I can’t get into a single lobby, Warzone or MW with out getting slapped with this guys by atleast half the team using it.. it’s ruining the game man it’s too easy
Ian Lucero
Ian Lucero - Måned siden
This is next gen
Legtendo - Måned siden
If people actually know what .338 rounds can do and this game is trying to be based of realism then the rounds are perfect only fault is they dont go further than 400! Thats what needs fixing.. Google Remington 700 firing 338 rounds and watch! People are complaining because it now makes people who wasn't good at sniping semi ok. I thought we was making all the guns like cold war and the snipers in cold war was op in the alpha
Red Solo
Red Solo - Måned siden
Hit scan doesn't mean broken use the HDR with max range it's hit scan too

People are snowflakes
Nas - Måned siden
How to ruin fun 101.
Abel Algaba Rodriguez
Abel Algaba Rodriguez - Måned siden
Then... whats the best magazine?
DiamondSwordUnit - Måned siden
The spr is not Broken at all it's just what a sniper should play.....
Hunterman 117
Hunterman 117 - Måned siden
I still say the AP rounds from the Val is worse since you can die from spawn, but I didn't know this was happening on the spr. They broke everything this season
HULKGQ Nissan Patrol
HULKGQ Nissan Patrol - Måned siden
Rushed through a gloval pandemic.
It's the only gun that I have a problem with and refuse to use it.
Don't lern exploits and you will be a good player. I come back and blow them up with the RYTEC 😂
Vince Ramirez
Vince Ramirez - Måned siden
Bruh I was playing online with this yesterday, hit marker galore
UPPER_TTV - Måned siden
Leave it alone . No nerfs to either gun. The game has a month left . The skill ceiling in cod isn’t high anyways .
Sebbson - Måned siden
Nice to see that they test the patches before they release them.....
ky - Måned siden
My theory is that they do this on purpose. To get people who were once playing but no longer playing to play and use these broken guns. There’s absolutely no way that two guns that are detrimentally broken slipped by and they didn’t know about it.
Obscure Anonymous
Obscure Anonymous - Måned siden
well the kill is registered even before!
Armaniac 70
Armaniac 70 - Måned siden
The COD support a creator feature is like onlyfans for guys
Drew Elder
Drew Elder - Måned siden
This gun makes this game unplayable for me. Moving back to battlefield.
Santeria 318
Santeria 318 - Måned siden
I still watch cod videos, but Ive stopped playing it.
Ask About
Ask About - Måned siden
As if it isn't broken on purpose.
dan smith
dan smith - Måned siden
Meanwhile im quickscoping with the AX in search and kids think they are good because they are beating me with this garbage weapon
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith - Måned siden
Lol it’s op but you still need skill to use it
Eetmah Bykechorts
Eetmah Bykechorts - Måned siden
The 2 new weapons put the final nail in the coffin for this game.
White_NinjaUSMC - Måned siden
COD: releases new gun that's good.
Youtube: It's OP...REEEE
Gun enthusiasts: It's an elephant gun for a reason
Nick Macik
Nick Macik - Måned siden
I was about to say “no don’t exploit it” but then you put on .338 and oh yeah fuck that that shit’s broken af
Absolutely Pro
Absolutely Pro - Måned siden
LOL it definitely was intentional. You act surprised. It’s been the same thing since season 2, they release new meta broken weapons. And the community uses them until the next batch. Shit company shit game shit community. Wouldn’t be an issue if they would’ve just provided all the guns AT launch or BETA like a normal cod instead of being micro transaction filled
topshotz11 - Måned siden
Honestly this had to be intentional since they made the asval shoot through the map and the sniper lazer people no way they accidentally messed up both the new guns
topshotz11 - Måned siden
Honestly they need to buff the m107 especially with the 25mm rounds they should 1hit kill full armored players it's a 25mm he round it would turn you into mist
A Nickgur
A Nickgur - Måned siden
This is the only sniper who can compete against the sweatiest mp5/mp7 users if they nerf it that's it im uninstalling this shitty game i've never had that much fun with a sniper since BO4
CuffA40 YT
CuffA40 YT - Måned siden
Yea give it all the attention so it can get nerfed. We finally get a gun that’s fun to use.