Call of Duty Warzone running at 120FPS on Xbox Series X!

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COD Warzone now has 120FPS on Xbox Series X! Let's check it out today and look at perhaps why PS5 doesn't have this yet. Exciting times ahead for gamers! Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Final chance for limited edition merch - Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner
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Muayad Saleh
Muayad Saleh - 11 minutter siden
Guys what about Xbox series S?! Does it support120FPS? i am buying it 2nite.
I’m Ah Animal
I’m Ah Animal - 6 timer siden
What’s a good pc that under 500
I’m Ah Animal
I’m Ah Animal - 6 timer siden
So you can get a hdmi cord that unlocks 120
Mark Myers
Mark Myers - 9 timer siden
Just got xbox x, huge difference in graphics can't believe iv been playing warzone on Xbox 1 looks horrible
ryan taylor
ryan taylor - 10 timer siden
Is anyone seeing awful screen stutter?
Mike jones
Mike jones - 20 timer siden
I've been trying to get cold war atc120hz on the series x and can't get it to work and I have the lg cx tv
JUNGLE BUNNY - 21 time siden
Is it free to play
Drew Malcovsky
Drew Malcovsky - Dag siden
Anyone having a shutter issue @ 120hz on the series x? When I look left and right it seems to shutter on my screen. It’s not smooth at all. 1440p @120hz. LG27GL83A monitor
Diego Ribeiro
Diego Ribeiro - Dag siden
Jack, my monitor is 120hz but in my xbox series x doesnt show the Refresh rate. U know why that?
zakicee TV
zakicee TV - Dag siden
You don't see any change if your internet is a shit
pb1090 - Dag siden
Mateusz k
Mateusz k - Dag siden
Whats the field of view?
Keep one rolled
Keep one rolled - Dag siden
So I have the xbox series X and I also have the ASUS VG248QE 24 Wide LE monitor but this monitor doesn’t support HDMI 2.0 or 2.1 cable but this monitor goes up to I think 144hz does this mean I only run warzone at 60hz? Or do I get up to 120?
Blake Richardson
Blake Richardson - Dag siden
My xbox monitor is 4k 60fps that I had for my xbox one x. I also have 1440p 144hz monitor for my pc. Will the series X support 1440p so I can get the 120fps if i switch monitors?
AleBekaTV - 2 dager siden
Does it work in 4K120fps on Xbox series x? Or just 1080p in 120fps?
Peter Daffern
Peter Daffern - 2 dager siden
Anyone experiencing massive stutter and choppy game play on the Xbox series x at 120hz? Cold war is super smooth but warzone and modern warfare are almost unplayable.
Arnold Corriette
Arnold Corriette - 2 dager siden
Xbox fridge can't run 120fps 🤣🤣
dragon23 T
dragon23 T - 2 dager siden
Tiago Vilhana da Silva
Tiago Vilhana da Silva - 2 dager siden
Do you win more 1 on 1 fights?
Sam FitzGerald
Sam FitzGerald - 2 dager siden
Do you need to enable something in warzone to run the game at 120 hz?
Peter Daffern
Peter Daffern - 2 dager siden
You need a monitor or TV that runs at 120hz or more and you need to set it to 120hz in the Xbox settings.
J J - 2 dager siden
On gaming laptop rtx 2060 it was running at 60fps 1080p rtx on and rtx off 76fps
Cole Stefffenson
Cole Stefffenson - 2 dager siden
we need a Fov slider console players are looking through a fucking paper towel roll compared to pc
Cole Stefffenson
Cole Stefffenson - 2 dager siden
now all we need is FOV slider!!!!!!!!!
Sinan Demir
Sinan Demir - 3 dager siden
Ye the setting is 120fps, but does the game also run at 120fps. There must be an option to turn on FPS.
j p
j p - 3 dager siden
what about free sync
brutnell4 - 3 dager siden
Hi @jackfrags I’m looking into what headset is best for the series x, roughly £200-£250 max
AmilkaBoy91 - 3 dager siden
What about if you buy a 60hz 4k monitor, if you switch the resolution to 1440p, will you still be capped to 60hz?
Cris Averette
Cris Averette - 3 dager siden
2:36 - Game settings or Xbox settings?
Ghost Buster
Ghost Buster - 3 dager siden
Ps5 is also 120fps on warzone too bro
Darion Williams
Darion Williams - 3 dager siden
Might have to get a XSX
the truth
the truth - 3 dager siden
Looking for a 28inch 2.1 hdmi 4k 120hz monitor please help
cory wells
cory wells - 3 dager siden
series x does not run this in 4k120 fps. it does 4k 120hz. no way in hell a series X can output 120 frames in native 4k
MQJD - 3 dager siden
Imagine still playing on a tv 🤣🤣🤣
deViiouZ - 4 dager siden
Hey Jack! how were you able to capture 120hz on your elgato? Did you downscale 120hz to 60hz using a splitter?
Addict. - 4 dager siden
I highly doubt you actually get 120fps
Scott Hough
Scott Hough - 4 dager siden
Lol at all the console bros on here commenting loving this running at 4K 120fps 😂 are you mental ! That’s a stretch for even the most beast pc in all the land . This guy is talking 1440p not 4K
Roelos - 4 dager siden
Does anyone know what monitor jack is using?
Sagheer Ahmed
Sagheer Ahmed - 4 dager siden
Wait for few more updates and then xbox won’t be enough.
Hr Ismael
Hr Ismael - 4 dager siden
Fov can be changed on xbox ? Just sayin
Eli Advincula
Eli Advincula - 4 dager siden
What monitor does he have?
Joe Arnold
Joe Arnold - 5 dager siden
Is anyone else having flickering issues on the Series X with Warzone?
Joe Arnold
Joe Arnold - 4 dager siden
I had to turn off VRR now it’s no longer flickering
Daniel Miles
Daniel Miles - 5 dager siden
Good for you i cant even find one to buy bullshit
Kr33py Kyle
Kr33py Kyle - 5 dager siden
So does that mean it’s 120hz on one x also? Haven’t been lucky enough to get a series x yet
Mark Pacis
Mark Pacis - 5 dager siden
What monitor is that? I have a Acer Predator CG7 4K, 144hz, 1ms monitor but the Xbox series x won’t let me play at 4K/120FPS neither will it play 1440p/120FPS. HELP! 😭
MDDG - 5 dager siden
Will we be able to play warzone or fortnite without gold just like the ps?
show timefu
show timefu - 5 dager siden
You guys get the Xbox so I can get a ps5
just a random dude 743
just a random dude 743 - 5 dager siden
Since xbox did better ps people are salty this time not xbox lol in order tbh ps3 won then xbox one and ps4 ties and now xbox series x clearly won from specs
michael manners
michael manners - 5 dager siden
Xbox one x been had 120 hz feature since 2018. Gotta do ya homework
Shawn Yunes
Shawn Yunes - 5 dager siden
Is there a field of view option on the next Gen???
Cole Stefffenson
Cole Stefffenson - 2 dager siden
not yet but there is on cold war so im assuming so
Ronaldo Joe
Ronaldo Joe - 5 dager siden
I'm more interested in whether or the series S can run Warzone at 120fps at 1080p.
Jonas Wallen
Jonas Wallen - 5 dager siden
you can even do that on xbox one s..
Bobby Lotito
Bobby Lotito - 5 dager siden
My pc gets 180 so yeah ill take pc over console anyday
Bobby Lotito
Bobby Lotito - 5 dager siden
Your well aware that only in menu scree. Your getting like 80 to 90 lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Horror Gaming
Horror Gaming - 5 dager siden
Pc forever
MIKKIS KLIPIT - 5 dager siden
E1 SMITH - 5 dager siden
U can play 120hz on Xbox one s 🤦🏽‍♂️
Dan - 5 dager siden
WTF no 🤣🤣
Klay McMillan
Klay McMillan - 6 dager siden
Only 60p? On YouTube my phone is at 480p
snstr _8
snstr _8 - 6 dager siden
Super clean 👀👀🔥love it
SlopedOtter - 6 dager siden
For comparison, my PC runs basically the exact same speed in game as the Xbox, and it cost £1400 this year to build. I could probably cheap out on some parts and get the same game performance for £1000. Xbox is like £450?
Walker TxRanger
Walker TxRanger - 6 dager siden
When I run 4k 120fps on my series x, I never hit 120 unless I'm not moving and open a box. The rest looks choppy...idk what's going on
Burban - 3 dager siden
because its not powerful enough to stay at 120fps at 4k.... its 45-60fps at 4k....even at 120hz.
•Shady• - 6 dager siden
Does the series s run it also at 120 FPS or it’s only for the series x?
Cole Stefffenson
Cole Stefffenson - 2 dager siden
Living Snake
Living Snake - 6 dager siden
No computer can run this game on 240fps and just because you have a 240hz monitor doesn’t mean that your fps will stay locked at 240fps. It doesn’t work like that.
Jordan Woodhead
Jordan Woodhead - 6 dager siden
What monitor are you using 120hz on HDMI
Sell Err
Sell Err - 6 dager siden
PlayStation cant handle it. The HDMI is capped at 32 gbps hahahahahahahahahhah
Rush Johnston
Rush Johnston - 4 dager siden
What’s that mean?
Normal Guy Walking
Normal Guy Walking - 6 dager siden
does XBOX X still support KBM on this game?
ItsHoChi - 6 dager siden
120hz is not 120 fps lmao
Dan - 5 dager siden
Yes its same 🤣🤣
Karnvir Singh
Karnvir Singh - 6 dager siden
Everyone should just buy a PC 🙂👍
Spooden - 6 dager siden
Do I need a 120hz monitor to run 120hz because I only have a 60hz monitor
Pedro Bruhin
Pedro Bruhin - 6 dager siden
in cold war there is a FOV slider on console
Neftali Hurst
Neftali Hurst - 6 dager siden
Sorry not sorry but i easily noticed how every time you aimed it automatically locked on to enemies through buildings and terrain lol..
rybobuno - 6 dager siden
Does it feel like a real 120? I wish Xbox had a counter.
Beast Mangled You
Beast Mangled You - 6 dager siden
Yes it's real and amazing
Dark8 9wolf
Dark8 9wolf - 7 dager siden
Hello everyone 👋👋👋
PaWa - 7 dager siden
All I gotta say people is .... MAKE SURE you guys have atleast a 4K 120hz Tv! ... you ain’t getting the best out of it if you got a 1080p tv
pureshasta - 7 dager siden
Imagine still playing a console in 2020. PC >
Dan - 5 dager siden
Are more players in console than pc
Isaiaher - 7 dager siden
Do they turn down the texture quality or something? I know my PC is more powerful than the new consoles and I run high texture settings at 1440p and hit 80-90fps usually but my monitor is 75hz so I just cap it. But if they are able to run the high/ultra settings at 120fps, that’s a real game changer
Beast Mangled You
Beast Mangled You - 7 dager siden
No this is with the high texture pack installed and it runs a really solid 120fps on the ground with very slight dips it's really impressive
TSH ACE - 7 dager siden
Series S runs 120hz as well
Beast Mangled You
Beast Mangled You - 7 dager siden
Logan Hager
Logan Hager - 7 dager siden
My iPhone SE can run 1440p with 60fps without lag or stutter
Abraham Martinez
Abraham Martinez - 7 dager siden
Just need field of view now
Cole Stefffenson
Cole Stefffenson - 2 dager siden
no cap
Roben - 7 dager siden
Can i play 120 fps with 1080 p? 🤔🤔🤔
John Kidder
John Kidder - 7 dager siden
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John Kidder
John Kidder - 7 dager siden
With the help of *Fausahackit* on ìñstágràm I got my account unbanned try check it out
Pinoles P2
Pinoles P2 - 7 dager siden
You know what's funny that crisis from 2007 looks still better
Beast Mangled You
Beast Mangled You - 7 dager siden
No it doesn't
Erdem Kilic
Erdem Kilic - 7 dager siden
Is it running a solid 120 or is it running Max 120
Beast Mangled You
Beast Mangled You - 7 dager siden
It's pretty much solid with very occasional dips
El Navsio
El Navsio - 7 dager siden
We know this ?
Spidyboi Parker
Spidyboi Parker - 7 dager siden
Me on my xbox 360 like...
The Rainbow Of Life 592
The Rainbow Of Life 592 - 7 dager siden
Just ordered a vizo 4K tv 40inch 4 seris.220$ and 120hz a great buy in my opinion
POWERSJGAMING - 7 dager siden
What’s a good pc to buy ?
Trap Cityggg
Trap Cityggg - 7 dager siden
Bro I was already able to do this one the Xbox one X though with my QLED TV
Trap Cityggg
Trap Cityggg - 5 dager siden
@Beast Mangled You when did I say that? I said I was already to set it to 120hz at 1444p. With the series x you can do 4K 120hz
Beast Mangled You
Beast Mangled You - 7 dager siden
No the game wasn't running at 120fps you just had your one x set to 120hz in the settings one x is not powerful enough to run warzone above 60fps
J.E - 7 dager siden
Do i need to turn off HDR in order to get 1440 120 hz? My monitor currently does this where the xbox screen is at 120 but then changes to 60 once i launch the game.
Balint Budai
Balint Budai - 7 dager siden
Can you record the game/stream as well while maintaing 120fps? Just curious as I never had consoles.
Clutch - 7 dager siden
Can someone tell me what monitor he has. I need one for the new consoles
B0mber84 - 7 dager siden
Anyone else finds that cheating is everywhere again?
cryz - 7 dager siden
Do you think its better to have a 1440p 120hz monitor or 4k 60hz for series X? I usually only play multiplayer games, thank u
Beast Mangled You
Beast Mangled You - 7 dager siden
Definitely 1440p 120hz also variable refresh rate is a must as well
Dixin C.
Dixin C. - 7 dager siden
I always said PS5 was gonna struggle it’s a weaker GPU. They don’t need a special version they just need to dumb down the settings to hit 120
Aryan Naveen
Aryan Naveen - 7 dager siden
The ps5 outperforms the series x lol, plus they have the same graphics settings. Watch digital foundry.
VIDEO BOOKS - 7 dager siden
watch digital foundry
Antonio Barreiro
Antonio Barreiro - 7 dager siden
I live u man but u bought the x box 🤣🤣🤣 big L. Ps5 gang gang
Twitchstar Happy
Twitchstar Happy - 7 dager siden
What monitor are you using ?
Whiskeylung - The Guy who...
While it does hit 120fps it constantly drops below 100fps which is not a huge deal but I thought Jack should have mentioned here.
Beast Mangled You
Beast Mangled You - 6 dager siden
It's does not drop lower than that on the ground maybe in the airplane or dropping in but not on the ground I have fps counter on my monitor it's really stable on the ground
Beast Mangled You
Beast Mangled You - 6 dager siden
He did
Erik Soriano
Erik Soriano - 7 dager siden
PLEASE HELP How do I turn 120hz on??? My settings are already correct on my Xbox an monitor. Is it like Cold War where you need to disable Freesync?
Tastic Basic
Tastic Basic - 7 dager siden
I think consoles need to allow changeable graphic settings and resolution then an option for those go for reconmeneded settings for casual gamers
Beast Mangled You
Beast Mangled You - 6 dager siden
Just have it set to causal settings to start and the hardcore guys will figure it out
qqfh - 7 dager siden
My monitor is 1440p 144 HZ but i cannot run anything at 1440p 120hz only 1080 120.
Elven Ranger
Elven Ranger - 7 dager siden
It runs at 120fps but it kind of looks not very good. I'd take sub 120fps, 60-90fps, over an obvious quality downgrade.
Beast Mangled You
Beast Mangled You - 6 dager siden
It's the exact same graphics also looks better with the high res texture pack and runs 120fps 90% of the time there was no graphics downgrade actually upgrade with that texture pack