Call of Duty Warzone - Secret BRUEN Unlock and All Perks at the same time!

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COD Warzone How to unlock the Firebrand blueprint and Specialist so you can get all perks on your character at the same time! This also guarantees you a Juggernaut, Advanced UAV and way more! Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner
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ZG 11
ZG 11 - 5 timer siden
Can you still do this in season 6
russo calix
russo calix - Dag siden
Anyone on ps4?
Alphan Erol
Alphan Erol - 2 dager siden
jackfrags we need more warzone solos
John Franco
John Franco - 4 dager siden
thank you for this it really help i just sub to you thank you
J7 In dis bih
J7 In dis bih - 7 dager siden
Can someone help lol i did everything went into the room and it wasnt there?
Andre Grey
Andre Grey - 7 dager siden
Anyone wants to help me get these ????
russo calix
russo calix - Dag siden
Amir Henderson
Amir Henderson - 7 dager siden
Exploding ship 4 battlefield hainan resort Easter egg you first vid
Amir Henderson
Amir Henderson - 7 dager siden
Jack can you help me with it please
Amir Henderson
Amir Henderson - 8 dager siden
Can anybody help me with this I just want the blueprint
ツgiorgioking29 - 10 dager siden
who wanna make it with me plz
Sarabnoor Singh
Sarabnoor Singh - 10 dager siden
Somehow I got it without doing literally anything. I don't know what's up with that
kb8F9fKLQ7AY TN7z9ACcphPE
kb8F9fKLQ7AY TN7z9ACcphPE - 11 dager siden
Does this still work? My son and I spend 3 hours trying to do this but it didn't work. And we are pretty sure we got the number right every time.
russo calix
russo calix - Dag siden
Wanna help?
A 1
A 1 - 7 dager siden
Nevermind it still works i did it
ツgiorgioking29 - 9 dager siden
Hi can u help me?
Edward Ceasar Dizon
Edward Ceasar Dizon - 13 dager siden
Imagine if the zone ended where that train station is. 😂😂😂
Mathew Woods
Mathew Woods - 14 dager siden
I’ve done the code right 3 times and it doesn’t work
DeepFriedNexus - 15 dager siden
LOGAN KOVAL - 15 dager siden
I found a specialist token and then i got killed before i could pick it up
El Birri
El Birri - 16 dager siden
the airport metro is the only one?
Kitnetsu Kaibatchi Gaming
Kitnetsu Kaibatchi Gaming - 17 dager siden
JackFrags: It's a difficult easter egg
Me: who haven't tried yet: It's easy
Me in 50 trys: yep it's difficult
Jean-guy Dupuis
Jean-guy Dupuis - 17 dager siden
By jingle u mean a dog mauling someone in the background
Grandpas_ Brownies
Grandpas_ Brownies - 19 dager siden
Its super difficult with the numbers and paintings part i just gave up and fuck the variant🤣🤣🤣
the bulldoggg
the bulldoggg - 19 dager siden
@Grandpas_ Brownies oh nice! u got some luck :D happy to hear u got it
Grandpas_ Brownies
Grandpas_ Brownies - 19 dager siden
@the bulldoggg i just got it and camped in there since the circle around me then i hopped on train it took me to storm got downed then it took me to the circle until 12 people left🤣🤣🤣but i revived myself in train i got so lucky but got killed by behind with 9 people left.Don't care still got the variant and its dope well worth the couple days of yelling and pain
the bulldoggg
the bulldoggg - 19 dager siden
U need help? I have done it like 5 times already so i could probably help u if u want the blueprint
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown - 19 dager siden
Anyone want to help me get the bp
ツgiorgioking29 - 9 dager siden
@the bulldoggg me plzzz
the bulldoggg
the bulldoggg - 19 dager siden
I can help u, ill be playing tomorrow at about 2pm UK time so i can help u then
gamerfox5760 sup
gamerfox5760 sup - 20 dager siden
I got stuck like I can't move
Mario Romero
Mario Romero - 20 dager siden
Can someone help me plz
the bulldoggg
the bulldoggg - 19 dager siden
I can help if u still wanna get it. Ill be playing tomorrow (thursday) at about 2pm UK time
braindeadbikers - 21 dag siden
bruh can you not do this anymore? none of the doors in the government building can be opened
russo calix
russo calix - Dag siden
braindeadbikers - 17 dager siden
@the bulldoggg yea I got it too realized that the doors building doors lock up when someone is doing it that’s why I couldn’t I ended up getting it
the bulldoggg
the bulldoggg - 19 dager siden
It still works i just did it 2hours ago
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez - 21 dag siden
I'm carrying everybody to get it who wants it
Niknar Jr
Niknar Jr - 22 dager siden
Can someone please help me with this because none of my friends want to do it
BabyLungs - 24 dager siden
+2 +1 -1

VibingJedi _
VibingJedi _ - 24 dager siden
Can someone help me get it
Rita Patel
Rita Patel - 24 dager siden
Rita Patel
Rita Patel - 24 dager siden
Jordan Guererro
Jordan Guererro - 24 dager siden
I need help
King WRLD - 24 dager siden
Does any one what are right code number from panting ain the pc on the right of account desk
Tincij Studios
Tincij Studios - 25 dager siden
Did it today, didn't find the blueprint or perk bonus... Still good loot tho but that's not worth the hassle
Jordan Guererro
Jordan Guererro - 24 dager siden
Xbox: ccxde yosway warzone: FaZe Sway
Jordan Guererro
Jordan Guererro - 24 dager siden
Can you help me
Tincij Studios
Tincij Studios - 25 dager siden
Did it today, didn't find the blueprint or perk bonus... Still good loot tho but that's not worth the hassle
NeoBee - 27 dager siden
ive done it today but i didnt see the BRUEN. only the minigun is there any problem on what i did
Metalist Penguin
Metalist Penguin - 28 dager siden
Is it still relevant in s 6.5?
Edwin Jimenez
Edwin Jimenez - 29 dager siden
Who’s trying help me ?
Yung Edd
Yung Edd - Måned siden
Can some one help me that shii hard 🤣🤣‼️
Shawn Lee
Shawn Lee - Måned siden
This too much to do
Valentino Bakker
Valentino Bakker - Måned siden
Anybody willing to do this message me man, need some help!!!!
Samnang Heng
Samnang Heng - Måned siden
hey! what is your gamer tag
Cgr95 - Måned siden
“Take a note of it lmao” either you guys got extra time or hack the time because every time I get the correct number order the gas goes off. Every. Single. Time. It’s like I always have 15 seconds
William Thomason
William Thomason - Måned siden
I got the gun blueprint for no reason I just loaded up the game and got it
Borislav Arbutina
Borislav Arbutina - Måned siden
Can you help plzzzz
History Victor
History Victor - Måned siden
I went into the secret subway station but the Bruen was not on the table. In fact I couldn't find it anywhere.
Ley -
Ley - - Måned siden
I found the specialist bonus in bunker 4 it must be rare
Lm Wheelies
Lm Wheelies - Måned siden
My keypad isn’t interactable
Raptor 171
Raptor 171 - Måned siden
Is this permanent or just for the game?
Reneson Destreza
Reneson Destreza - Måned siden
Is this a blueprint for bruen is this permanent?? Thanks
Big Mase
Big Mase - Måned siden
Can this still be done and can I do it on plunder or ut has to be batlleroyal
Chris Espinoss
Chris Espinoss - Måned siden
Been trying solo can't do it
russo calix
russo calix - Dag siden
Wanna do it
Josue 5oh
Josue 5oh - Måned siden
Can someone carry for the blueprint?
Carlos Amaral
Carlos Amaral - Måned siden
Is this Firebrand Easter egg still available...?
Ryan Shultz
Ryan Shultz - Måned siden
It won’t even let me put in any code at that card reader to begin this...
Lm Wheelies
Lm Wheelies - Måned siden
Below_Five - Måned siden
Dude wtf I cant put in the code at all whered the easter egg go?
Samuel Dunegan
Samuel Dunegan - Måned siden
i had a picture that had a number 3 but on the computer it said -2, 3-2=1 and there is no 1 for the last code.
Hussain Fahad
Hussain Fahad - Måned siden
Does it work today?
Samuel Dunegan
Samuel Dunegan - Måned siden
This is impossible. I can’t even make it to put in my code
Kuba Kozlowski
Kuba Kozlowski - Måned siden
It doesnt work for me I can use the keypad
Sebastijan Gombač
Sebastijan Gombač - Måned siden
Is this still working ?
Matthew Lawson
Matthew Lawson - Måned siden
Did they patch this or something? You can know longer access the keypad. 😡
Random dog with internet access
You can't do it in nighttime Plunder, only in normal Plunder
Braxton Hammond
Braxton Hammond - Måned siden
I already have the bruen blueprint for free
Ziad Ahmad
Ziad Ahmad - Måned siden
Wow i unlock without knowing
Leinmark Banilbo
Leinmark Banilbo - Måned siden
So did you win?
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez - Måned siden
So can you keep the gun
Christian Bacarra
Christian Bacarra - Måned siden
i tried to do this i get blasted again and again by players trying to finish this challenge.
Riza Miller
Riza Miller - Måned siden
Does the Bruen get added to our amory
Niufy 485 • 20 million years after
I recommend doing this now (if ur still able to do it) bc now the hype is over
Arthur Oliveira
Arthur Oliveira - Måned siden
I guess that its over , because when i get to that building i can no start the game
Anand Shubham
Anand Shubham - Måned siden
Its hard
Braden Williams
Braden Williams - Måned siden
I got the firebrand all reset before I walk this
C S - Måned siden
Am I too late to do this?
Turdle Claps
Turdle Claps - Måned siden
I did it but the blueprint gun wasnt there wtf
João Vitor
João Vitor - Måned siden
is it still up?
Scored-7- - Måned siden
i literally forget the images and the numbers the next second i see them
faisal Yassin
faisal Yassin - Måned siden
Its hard
Goodboyneva Bad
Goodboyneva Bad - Måned siden
You can get the all the perks in the bunkers too and be a juggernaut
JoeMama - Måned siden
you can still get the juggernaut?
Bryan Mitchell
Bryan Mitchell - Måned siden
Only took 12 attempts in duos to succeed. The video doesn't cover that one of the computer painting clips is a missing painting.
russo calix
russo calix - Dag siden
Wanna help me
Tobu Syd
Tobu Syd - Måned siden
Aiden Snacklad
Aiden Snacklad - Måned siden
did this and came second twice....
russo calix
russo calix - Dag siden
Wanna help
Sauce GamingYT
Sauce GamingYT - Måned siden
Can anyone help me get the firebrand
XXGAM ERXX - Måned siden
Thank you for this
NF1N1TY_ - Måned siden
I somehow did this first try
moose blood
moose blood - Måned siden
my team mate got it and it unlocked for me and i was halfway across the map
TheRealJako '
TheRealJako ' - Måned siden
I actually found that blueprint in superstore and when I finished the match it gave me that firebrand blueprint for free
I never found it again in a match so that makes that blueprint so rare to find in battle royale
Trevor Ladouceur
Trevor Ladouceur - Måned siden
Can this only be done on solo?
Eclipse24 - Måned siden
I did it solo it took me like 20 tries and I finally did it and realized it wasn’t as hard as I made it
russo calix
russo calix - Dag siden
Help me bro
Madpro 439
Madpro 439 - Måned siden
Its pretty easy after a couple of tries its worth it since your guaranteed foresight
russo calix
russo calix - Dag siden
Adan Gonzalez
Adan Gonzalez - Måned siden
lexer 21
lexer 21 - Måned siden
Took us 2 hours, 21 tries to finally get it haha
russo calix
russo calix - Dag siden
Need help
NightFyreTV - Måned siden
Great tutorial , very clear and concise directions. Thank you for taking the time to share with us
Dreddnaught19 - Måned siden
Wicked. Thank you!
Ryan Kiley
Ryan Kiley - Måned siden
Do you have to do this Plunder
Frost Gaming
Frost Gaming - Måned siden
There’s not enough time in the building before the gas kills you to figure out the code
Fada black
Fada black - Måned siden
Blue print? So we have it permanently ?
Alex Pittman
Alex Pittman - Måned siden
So this is why I’ve seen a damn juggernaut in just about every game this week...
Tryfe Clark
Tryfe Clark - Måned siden
Can you wear a gas mask?
Ashley Bittenbender
Ashley Bittenbender - Måned siden
Give it up playstationgrenade I know its you
Troxy - Måned siden
Can someone help me unlock the Bruen please?
Chad - Måned siden
day one asking warzone yourubers for a 1 tb or 500 gb drive so i can download warzone
Dylan Bayleef
Dylan Bayleef - Måned siden
I dont understand why they make this shit so hard bruh just for a blueprint
Miguel Figueroa
Miguel Figueroa - Måned siden
Just me or is there 3 spookies and 2 beards?