Call of Duty Warzone - The M4 Is the new King ( OP Build )

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COD Warzone meta has shifted over the last few days and this M4 Build is my new favourite. I think it's the best weapon in the game right now. Solo gameplay and commentary! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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J Z - 11 timer siden
Pyroninical EPIC stuff
I thought this was a stohdeh video
Zaeem Shameem
Zaeem Shameem - 2 dager siden
Dan Masoomi
Dan Masoomi - 6 dager siden
AutoChirurg - 15 dager siden
The M4 was always the King 👑👑👑
Matej Šimala
Matej Šimala - 20 dager siden
I have tried this setup on M4, usually I'm using M13 and I can say that M13 is way way better than M4
Quack - 22 dager siden
Me: When did everyone start this "Always have been" thing
Everyone: " *Always Have Been* "
Y tho
Y tho - 22 dager siden
I’m happy they slowed the game down I stopped playing because they just hopped on the bandwagon of fast solo games where the most aggressive player wins and not the lucky or more skilled...
Lee Tv
Lee Tv - 24 dager siden
Ayeeee man ima new YouTuber 🙂trnna put out cod warzone content If I could get a handful of y’all to fw my channel I really appreciate it 💯if ya did thanks in advance ✅ if you didn’t I understand but have a bless day🙏🏾‼️
MasterSaber - 25 dager siden
Its a bit quiet here so I suspect someones around.
Me: Bruh
Nicholas Marinich
Nicholas Marinich - 26 dager siden
People complain about camping but it’s kind of the only way to win in solos
Chris - 27 dager siden
When did the M4 ever stop?.
J Burton
J Burton - 27 dager siden
Bet everyone watching was saying you got aim bot lol
Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson - 29 dager siden
Jack why do you use the lasers
Mark Sayos Mejia
Mark Sayos Mejia - Måned siden
Im new to cod and warzone and i never knew m4 had an op reputation, also i just like the m4 on its oversll aesthetic just like g36, mp5 and aug
lilcaam1 - Måned siden
i need this comentaria with ALL THESE TIPS (jesus, amazing) for codm, on BR, anyone knows about it?
Riski A
Riski A - Måned siden
For me though, i'm definitely gonna change the Corvus marksman for the grenadier barrel and remove the scope so i can get the stippled grip tape
Richard Herman
Richard Herman - Måned siden
corvus vs the grenadier?
Matthew Lim
Matthew Lim - Måned siden
is this the m4a1?
M fl
M fl - Måned siden
This commentary is world class. I always want to better myself on war zone (I’m not very good) and find this truly brilliant. I don’t think my own brain is this precise, eloquent and explanatory. Thank you Jack, was great mate x
Asphalt - Måned siden
Team Ram 7 💪🏾
Uniteddreamer U.D
Uniteddreamer U.D - Måned siden
I just did a video on solo and it be dangerousssss
Caspar Bartholomew Brown
Caspar Bartholomew Brown - Måned siden
I think the Grenadier barrel is better than the corvus
CrimsonViper - Måned siden
I cant even play with packet loss not going lower than 20% :(
Bedi O
Bedi O - Måned siden
M4 is the new king???

Jack.. Always has been
Da Boss
Da Boss - Måned siden
Does Ghost hide you on enemy UAVs ?
RusS NY - Måned siden
Nice match 👍🏼👍🏼
Personal Persona
Personal Persona - 2 måneder siden
It's so great that the M4, Kilo and M13 are META now, because I already had basically everything unlocked for them from playing at launch. So now I can just equip whatever I need on it, and just wreck shop in any mode 😂
James Benedict V. Ricamata
James Benedict V. Ricamata - 2 måneder siden
Is it m4a1?
wamsly - 2 måneder siden
LOVE ur commentary, super precise and simple!
Austin Burgess
Austin Burgess - 2 måneder siden
You sound like that golfer who tests all the golf clubs on YouTube
Didiray - 2 måneder siden
And the Build was ?
OsaiD - 2 måneder siden
FBI should watch this video
YellOhPanda - 2 måneder siden
How the hell is he hearing ppl from like 20 meters away o.o
Brianna Vurckio
Brianna Vurckio - 2 måneder siden
NightKnight - 2 måneder siden
hey sir i acctualyy got affected by your gameplay and created an youtube channel for my own can you guys show some support
Derek Chesney
Derek Chesney - 2 måneder siden
Love the solo
Losty 7th
Losty 7th - 2 måneder siden
More like gave the m4 back it’s crown. I suggest changing the vids title
L3dtube - 2 måneder siden
Hi Jack try flying sideways with the parachute to get much further! Try it before this is fixed aswell, works without parachute too heh. in tdm i land beyond enemy lines wich is fun xD
SUBHRAJIT ROY - 2 måneder siden
Sorry talked too much in this video😐😐
Brendan Official
Brendan Official - 2 måneder siden
“I thought, yno what, you can have some back mate how about that” you got a sub my guy 😂
Clone KLAPPED - 2 måneder siden
In cold war esc wz they should make the extraction helo a huey
lovelifenoites - 2 måneder siden
Always playing all the CoD series with own playlist like System Of A Down or Delta Parole or some McR. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzz
Cape - 2 måneder siden
Good video. I learned a lot. I haven’t played much solos until now and I have been losing like crazy. I’m so used to team battle that playing solos I get a little too aggressive.
James ______
James ______ - 2 måneder siden
Been using this setup but finding it completely ruins their armour but never downs them, teammates finish off most my kills
Dung Beetle
Dung Beetle - 2 måneder siden
Your gun is trash and basic
Colby Crenshaw
Colby Crenshaw - 2 måneder siden
@jackfrags, I forget if it is this video or another, but you mentioned something about special iron sights based on different blueprints. Which did you recommend for m4?
L. A. Bautista
L. A. Bautista - 2 måneder siden
Me: *Kills 60 people in a week with an m4*
Also me: *watches vid*
Vid: M4 Is Op Like hell!
Also also me: war zone is now harder..

"Oh no anyway "
kylev1996 - 2 måneder siden
I really like the way you talk through this, like i find it more descriptive of being in the moment than icemans way but thats just me
Tat S1000RR
Tat S1000RR - 2 måneder siden
Won't outgun my Amax or oden or AK builds. The Mr, kilo and grau are for scrubs who can't control recoil
Fresh - 2 måneder siden
Warzone is trash
18 years old
18 years old - 2 måneder siden
M4 is alway the King!
Poor Billy
Poor Billy - 2 måneder siden
You just killed me😩😩
Poor Billy
Poor Billy - 2 måneder siden
Hey bro I’m playing the game
Marlon Corral
Marlon Corral - 2 måneder siden
In the other video your second build m4 had an underbarrel but here it’s a laser, how come you changed it?
Carlos Fabian Abreu Valerio
Carlos Fabian Abreu Valerio - 2 måneder siden
i personally think the Ram-7 is OP, just try it Jack @jackfrags
Steven Baxley
Steven Baxley - 2 måneder siden
Everyone talking about the m4 I’m just chilling with my kilo
The Real Mothman
The Real Mothman - 13 dager siden
Nah bro, SA87
HatisTM - 26 dager siden
Me too, what attachments do you run? I cant remember mine but I use the commander and tac laser and some other stuff.
nervad - 2 måneder siden
you could not live with your own failure. And where did that bring you? Back to me.
Mark Chapman
Mark Chapman - 2 måneder siden
At the end you had 16k i would of got an advanced uav
Howdy Doody
Howdy Doody - 2 måneder siden
Y’all be sleeping on the m4 smg loadout
Brett Thomas
Brett Thomas - 2 måneder siden
Been using m4 in sticky situations
alex m
alex m - 2 måneder siden
I use the commando instead of the tac laser, is tac laser better than the commando?
Uwatchtoomuchtube - 2 måneder siden
Noice had to watch again lol
ysarcauga - 2 måneder siden
Are you playing with bots? lmao You're just too good
Uwatchtoomuchtube - 2 måneder siden
Oh ok so that's what the eye is for lol watchers
JO AT PLAY - 2 måneder siden
Solos is a Horrow Show. Where I'm just an extra 😔
Svetsi - 2 måneder siden
I literally dropped form the gulag into a building that had been looted, went up stairs to find a guy sitting the corner who killed me. I then went on to spectate him for THE REST OF THE GAME and all he did was sit in the building until he had to move form the zone, camping in the corner covering the stairs. THIS is solos, baby. Please bring back solos buyback and mini royal.
Conduitt - 2 måneder siden
M4 meme: ooba booga
M4: always has meme
Silent - 2 måneder siden
First game after finally completing this loadout and i finally won my first warzone solo match
Stoned Guy
Stoned Guy - 2 måneder siden
Solo is the best ❤️
Blue _Shadow
Blue _Shadow - 2 måneder siden
where can i find this lobby? no wonder your getting so many kills😂
Dustin Vallance
Dustin Vallance - 2 måneder siden
Well done good sir.
Shiloh Sigala
Shiloh Sigala - 2 måneder siden
Finn best LMG Change my mind.
Mr Brizzol
Mr Brizzol - 2 måneder siden
Imo it’s extremely weak
Frank Nisperos
Frank Nisperos - 2 måneder siden
This is an absolutely terrible build for the m4a1 if you get in any ranged fight its gonna have so much recoil your fucked.
Jowel Vargas
Jowel Vargas - 2 måneder siden
Nice gameplay ! M4 has always been the best ! :)
Kyle and Kris
Kyle and Kris - 2 måneder siden
Hey everyone come check my channels too it’s funny
JSCP AerialArtistry
JSCP AerialArtistry - 2 måneder siden
Any loadout on PC is going to be OP..... cross play sucks..... playing against anyone who’s game play is this fluid.. on console... you’re screwed. Cold war better shitcan SBMM and not punish players who don’t want cross play.
FreeZZe77 - 2 måneder siden
Loved the commentary. First video I have seen of yours Jack cheers
SpagettyLettuce - 2 måneder siden
i haven’t dismantled my m4 build since i created it in season 1. it’s been the only gun i’ve been able to find that could compete with the grau and bruen metas
RAY RAY - 2 måneder siden
Nice hack dude.
Chase Norcross
Chase Norcross - 2 måneder siden
Years of battlefield sniping experience and it shows😂😂
Dr WD - 2 måneder siden
M4 is always the OG best gun in any FPS game💀
Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare - 2 måneder siden
Great gun!
Garrett Kiefer
Garrett Kiefer - 2 måneder siden
I like the play-by-play format you do in this vid! Gives great insight into why you chose to perform that action in a particular given situation. However, I also really like your gameplay videos without commentary and I hope you continue to do both! Maybe adjust your titles to tell the viewer what style we will get.
FREDY LOPEZ - 2 måneder siden
wait the m4 is the new king
all ways has been
R0adkill78 YT
R0adkill78 YT - 2 måneder siden
Love this kind of video Jack! So informative 💚🙌
K.0 Built
K.0 Built - 2 måneder siden
M4 is my go to any game mode
Demarco Jones
Demarco Jones - 2 måneder siden
What is you sound setting cause u hear everything I don’t hear everything like that
Dillon Sivaanpu
Dillon Sivaanpu - 2 måneder siden
I remember first using the m4 After all my friends told me too
Asher the warrior
Asher the warrior - 2 måneder siden
M4 was nerfed this season in the mobile version along with ak117
Brendan Priggins
Brendan Priggins - 2 måneder siden
i normally don’t comment on any videos but i respect that you are showing what the viewers like opposed to what you prefer playing. solos is more creator-viewer engaged compared to squad videos.
Luis Pineres
Luis Pineres - 2 måneder siden
pretty good gameplay get your thumbs up but isnt it a shame not to use a grip for recoil stabilization? what y'all think ?
De__Vo - 2 måneder siden
In solos should i run an AR-Sniper loadout or an AR with a 3x sight and an SMG?
Leonard Jr
Leonard Jr - 2 måneder siden
Love the comments
Mrburnsson D
Mrburnsson D - 2 måneder siden
How do we know this guy is even really playing the game? This could be a completely different person playing, and he's just narrating.
Mrburnsson D
Mrburnsson D - 2 måneder siden
The RAM7 SHREEDDS. IN warzone.
James Keeley
James Keeley - 2 måneder siden
We've run out of things to talk about so the M4 is now best again...
VOTON .W.B. - 2 måneder siden
Enjoy your commentary man, Great work.
BozN -
BozN - - 2 måneder siden
You should equip stuns for your 2nd loadout 👍