Call of Duty Warzone - The OVERPOWERED ODEN build...

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COD Warzone ODEN is a Monster of a gun. I need to use it more often! This build is ruining everyone. Playing with @Stodeh and @Westie Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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suspicious tree
suspicious tree - 3 dager siden
I like the way the oden sounds unsuppressed
D E - 15 dager siden
3:45 "pizdets" LOL :D
vv mm
vv mm - 16 dager siden
i want zombies back
Realist 1801
Realist 1801 - 17 dager siden
More builds to keep the subs ‘click cash’ rolling in but the graus still the best
Mitsicop - 18 dager siden
Bruh this gameplay has better quality than my game
Olaf B.
Olaf B. - 19 dager siden
Crazy but fun.
John Calderon
John Calderon - 25 dager siden
Wen watching gameplay is more fun than the matches u play urself
Hostage Murderer
Hostage Murderer - 25 dager siden
Would fennec work well as a backup as well? It may be too close range though
Mike Becker
Mike Becker - 26 dager siden
12:00 When u have $20k and 20ft from the buystation but dont buy ur boy back. oof
Gappy - 26 dager siden
Why does Jack sounds like he has an itchy throat.
Chris R
Chris R - 26 dager siden
The comms and kills here were MENTAL
Pvt. Snowball
Pvt. Snowball - 27 dager siden
I'm seeing a very basic trend here. Each "OP" gun is an AR with the longest barrel and monolithic suppressor, highest mag capacity, a foregrip, and a sight
Khaled Ahmed
Khaled Ahmed - 28 dager siden
Watching the boiz working together pushing thier limits getting overwelmed not giving up .. thats real gaming there lads thats what matters
Evil's Playhouse
Evil's Playhouse - 28 dager siden
Great shots all around. Nice game play.
K. Z.
K. Z. - 28 dager siden
VLK 3K and 420 factory barrel in setup and than he plays with Holo and 810 factory... Good lies.
Michael Strandberg
Michael Strandberg - 28 dager siden
The Oden has been my favorite gun for a while now. Always felt like the only person who used it. Lol
Reister Webb
Reister Webb - 28 dager siden
is it weird that jackfrags playing a cod zombie game is what i need to calm down?
creaminthebank - 28 dager siden
I think the Oden is soooo much easier to control with PC than controller. Thats why its chalked for me.
Angga Handika
Angga Handika - 28 dager siden
So excited dude😂 i love it from Indonesia🇮🇩 btw maybe up again your brightness on your warzone👍
CT-Gutter - 29 dager siden
now I will always close my eyes every time I open a crate (having FNAF flashback)
Fred Vaughan
Fred Vaughan - 29 dager siden
I love the gun is the best is the first one I start using in war zone when I started playing
Pete Parker2288
Pete Parker2288 - 29 dager siden
I have the same setup and the recoil is awful even at mid range
Darrion Reese
Darrion Reese - 29 dager siden
Out of all the YouTube's I've ever watched throughout my life I've been subbed to you the longest I miss the dayz mod days with epoch and choppers
Lone Maus
Lone Maus - 29 dager siden
To much recoil it’s a horrible gun there’s a reason no one uses it
Diego Villarreal
Diego Villarreal - 29 dager siden
0:13 Class setup
Yohan Co
Yohan Co - 29 dager siden
Me to but its ugly so used cr 56 amax instead
Nik - Måned siden
Gee, it's almost as if every AR can be "OP" if you know how to use it! Who knew!? 🙄
Alex K
Alex K - Måned siden
Oden was op since day one
Gold - Måned siden
Does this mode counts for the stats ?
NoobMaster 69
NoobMaster 69 - Måned siden
There are very few weapons that arent good tbh
You just have to give them a try and youre gonna feel like they are OP
Like the Oden, Fal, Finn, Bruen, Spr, Rytec
Dual renetti, fennec, and the list goes
Txiong14 - Måned siden
OMG. The second game's call outs are everywhere.
Mantimis Prime
Mantimis Prime - Måned siden
No recoil?
shane dempsey
shane dempsey - Måned siden
kilo is the best
DANIEL BAAZOV - Måned siden
Last time I talked about builds, I was still getting my famas golden
Balaji - Måned siden
try the MG34 LMG. It's real good.
Ariel Traasdahl
Ariel Traasdahl - Måned siden
Bullpups with suppressors make a lot of sense.
Looks cool here too.
Mark Miranda
Mark Miranda - Måned siden
It’s a Scythe not a sickle Jack lol.
Z - Måned siden
Dang controller really makes it seem like its recoil aint that high
JY L - Måned siden
Actually Merc grip has the most vertical recoil control. Try Merc next time
Mykola Rieland
Mykola Rieland - Måned siden
Suppose I happen to be violent and I see by looking at it carefully the causes of it and I do not know how to deal with it. So I invent the nonviolence to get rid of violence. So I am escaping from the fact to nonfact.
Katleho Motake
Katleho Motake - Måned siden
Second game was action packed and I couldn't take my eyes off
Siggie - Måned siden
Jack, having top tier aim: "The OVERPOWERED [insert any weapon] build"
Aarit Gupta
Aarit Gupta - Måned siden
I have the same oden blueprint as you, but I don't know how I got it.
Rudy Montanez
Rudy Montanez - Måned siden
This channel isn’t console friendly
shea togher
shea togher - Måned siden
Anyone got the build?
Shawn - Måned siden
Zombos hehe
Kyle - Måned siden
iiiiin your heeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaad in your heeeEEeeeead
Jbox - Måned siden
Your enemie names @7:52 ...
"Kotnascher" is someone who is enjoying eating poop and "RektalDuftkerze" means rectal scented candle.
Awadoy - Måned siden
whats the oden build?
Luke Clark
Luke Clark - Måned siden
Thanks for this video. I’ve been using this class for months glad to see it’s gonna become popular and probably nerfed. Just let people build their own shit. I’m tired of getting killed by skill-less kids who have to use build guides to get good guns
DBear182 - Måned siden
Jack: "That's Elon Musk"
nO tHANKS - Måned siden
Stopped playing this gamemode because of those people with riot shield and kali sticks. You can barely hit them but they can somehow 2tap you with the sticks, it’s broken.
acecharlie229 - Måned siden
Oh lord is he gonna be calling for this to be nerfed too
Titus Eclipse
Titus Eclipse - Måned siden
More games with underrated guns please. I like these underrated guns. For some reason I just like to use guns no one use, It's more fun that way.
hiddenlawyer - Måned siden
Goddamnit I can't wait for the next BF game.
Shirdithan Pon
Shirdithan Pon - Måned siden
Real gamer Love ya ❤: )
Nhân Béo
Nhân Béo - Måned siden
8:08 the moment we all love to see
Alejandro Bonfiglio
Alejandro Bonfiglio - Måned siden
The exact weapons I use in zombies crazy good. I was using the invincible arsenal at the final circle and just shredding mofos so I decided to use oden after that.
WubWay - Måned siden
The only thing with oden is that it has a hard to control recoil and slow fire rate,
which means 90% of all cod players are incapable of using it because its too challenging to use and they can only use guns with no recoil and a massive fire rate to make up for all the shots they miss.
Marwan Sallam
Marwan Sallam - Måned siden
How are you carrying 3 killstreaks?
The- potato-warrior
The- potato-warrior - Måned siden
Nah man r9 with stopping power
One shot kills all day
Aviral2108 - Måned siden
4:44 that's a full electric mp7, made by elon musk
Berkhof - Måned siden
Cannot wait to finish this halloween event to be able to open these chests easily
DLZ Media
DLZ Media - Måned siden
I feel like the Grau is better still
Drummercommander - Måned siden
They should never remove this mode! It's so much more fun especially in the end!
Thanom L
Thanom L - Måned siden
Please make a vid witth realife gun loadout from navvix
Sir Elefant
Sir Elefant - Måned siden
I've used ODEN as my main weapon for a year now, got that obsidian skin for it!.. Best weapon imo
Phil Jeynes
Phil Jeynes - Måned siden
Really enjoy your vids.
Ohaji Joiner
Ohaji Joiner - Måned siden
Bruh he should’ve stayed on the roof in the end
يوسف أحمد
يوسف أحمد - Måned siden
Every gun is good on pc🤦🏾‍♂️
Nex0s YT
Nex0s YT - Måned siden
at "Kitkat ChONKi" I died Laughing (2:24)
Nex0s YT
Nex0s YT - Måned siden
salmaan khan
salmaan khan - Måned siden
4:41 looool
lol lol nico hjuhh
lol lol nico hjuhh - Måned siden
I uset your code gg
TanYt - Måned siden
My loadout is MP7+Grau 5.56
spydamark - Måned siden
Does every body always just shoot full auto or do controlled bursts.
A Gaming Channel.
A Gaming Channel. - Måned siden
I dare you to use the FAMAS again. You won't.
DeltaSM - Måned siden
I’d rather use the commando fore grip and the 710mm barrel but if you have issues with recoil control, this is perfect
Vatican24 - Måned siden
The video quality is amazing!
Lord Assface
Lord Assface - Måned siden
It will be funny to play warzone now xD
Ngl I hate the ODEN
MadMaxThrax *
MadMaxThrax * - Måned siden
All popular youtubers use Cronus Zen anti-recoil cheats and it's so obvious. We ALL know the recoil is so much worse and your cheats dont go unnoticed
Nico C
Nico C - Måned siden
wtf is the build though
Al1boxx PlayToLearn
Al1boxx PlayToLearn - Måned siden
I myself run Kilo since season 1.. but Oden and fal is one of my fav loadouts aswell almost same Oden. But i dont take 30 ammunition instead i focus more more kn controlling so i can easy 2 shot from far away..
The Dago
The Dago - Måned siden
What is the secondary gun he us using in this?
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith - Måned siden
What a stupid thing to make the zone go up an unclimbable hill 😂😂
TrackerPro16 - Måned siden
THAT.... Was insane!
Randy Bobandy
Randy Bobandy - Måned siden
The most Tory squad you’ll ever see
MrBenbrom17 - Måned siden
I get ptsd from opening creates 😅😂
RK Cronus55
RK Cronus55 - Måned siden
In case the oden was buffed to a 1 shot headshot and 2 shot body shot, I would build it into a sniper or the VKS.
Simon Hibbeler
Simon Hibbeler - Måned siden
Do you genuinly enjoy the game the cycle?
joesiah leof cusi
joesiah leof cusi - Måned siden
Yes I was still wondering why nobody is using the oden
That Guy
That Guy - Måned siden
I’ve been using this setup!!! Let’s go it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves
Paxton Schwendinger
Paxton Schwendinger - Måned siden
It's always fun to hear what people call the zombies. A close friend and I call them zamblams.
Nil - Måned siden
Is anyone else experiencing hitbox issues with the Oden? I suspect the scopes are part of the problem.
For example, I used the scope Jack used in this vid and would rarely run into an issue, but when I switched to a scout combat optic, it's like there's an invisible wall in front of people sometimes. And I mean my shots would miss when both the target and I are under 20 meters. There was even a time when I peeked around a corner and the enemy and I couldn't hit each other.
Before anyone asks, I'm not on Walmart wifi, nor on their internet. I'm tethered and don't experience this issue with any other weapon. Got an MP7 as my secondary and it works without issue when I switch over after experiencing that bs.
John Smithy
John Smithy - Måned siden
It’s not meta just because of fire rate, obviously. But it is so good at punishing head glitchers, if it doesn’t down them it makes them eat through plates
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez - Måned siden
hi jack
Roelof Du Plessis
Roelof Du Plessis - Måned siden
Great game! Well played boys. 👍
Andreas Raab
Andreas Raab - Måned siden
Great gameplay!
Salvador Reyes
Salvador Reyes - Måned siden
I’ve been using this set-up since season 1! Finally getting some attention
Sajan - Måned siden
Jack is poppin off
Kevton Tech
Kevton Tech - Måned siden
Two epic matches Jack. Awesome