Call of Duty Warzone - The Ultimate Weapon...

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COD Warzone Ultimate weapon build. Here it is! Playing with @Aculite for some awesome duos matches. This was so much fun! Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
Runtime: 34:48


Alex Quiroz
Alex Quiroz - 16 timer siden
Sometimes I wish my girlfriend would communicate with me the way you both do. Precise with a few words. Truly jealous.
Dont deny the truth
Dont deny the truth - 23 timer siden
My fav pairing
Xilent - Dag siden
These boyz went hard
Asher Kimball
Asher Kimball - 3 dager siden
Luv this
Brian Stephenson
Brian Stephenson - 3 dager siden
Just imagine... if Jack and Aculite had a baby..
B A - 4 dager siden
27:50 amazing to see that much synergy
Chip 1528
Chip 1528 - 4 dager siden
Love watching your videos and just got a PS4. What game is Warzone attached to? Call of Duty Modern Warfare?
Rebel1280 - 5 dager siden
Acculite sounds like Jon B from Googan squad haha
Brian Spijkers
Brian Spijkers - 5 dager siden
I used this gun since day 1.
COLDFRICTION - 8 dager siden
yes 30 minute content is lit
Nicholas Lande
Nicholas Lande - 8 dager siden
Nice that you kept our secret about the Kilo....SHHH!!!!!
XLR EAGLE - 8 dager siden
Just started warzone and kilo is already my fav gun
Frankie Vassallo
Frankie Vassallo - 13 dager siden
Placing a C4 on the drone!!! Genius!!! That is teamwork 👍
god - 14 dager siden
i use the kilo all the time with the double drums🔥
Simon Markham
Simon Markham - 15 dager siden
What’s the spr build tho
Andrew Snyder
Andrew Snyder - 15 dager siden
I think your playstyle and content fit really well with longer video runtimes! If this kind of thing isn't significantly more strenuous for you to produce, I would love to see more half-hour videos of you and the crew on the warzone!
N0stalgicLeaf - 15 dager siden
Jack: Some guys just like crawling in a bush, don't they?
Me: If I ani't a bush, then I ain't nothin.
Bryzo4_20 - 16 dager siden
Warzone would be so cool if you would take out loadouts and just have one life. Like a BR should be.
thatrabbitguy - 16 dager siden
play planetside 2 like a man this game is for 4yos
lovelifenoites - 18 dager siden
Playing all the CoD series with own playlist like especially with Delta Parole or some good rock traxxxx. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzzz
Joe Kencel Jr.
Joe Kencel Jr. - 18 dager siden
What is your set up on the SPR in this video
Yaz SD
Yaz SD - 18 dager siden
At minute 1:50 how did u instantly located and aimed down the enemy ?!!
MrCOLT050 - 15 dager siden
Yes thats classic aimbot lock on to next enemy. Disgusting. Now unsubscribing. Hate warzone cheaters!
Izack Fajardo
Izack Fajardo - 19 dager siden
What attachments?
Kenny Powers Gaming
Kenny Powers Gaming - 19 dager siden
how do you stack airstrikes like that?? It says you have 3?????????????? helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
Alexander Tereshkov
Alexander Tereshkov - 20 dager siden
27:09 :D
scott maxfield
scott maxfield - 20 dager siden
Jack I like how you said dice please when you were trying to get up some rocks lol.
Motiv_47 - 21 dag siden
The longer the better!
FordPower5288 - 22 dager siden
The Kilo was my go to gun when Warzone first came out. I still use it every now and again. Though I haven’t in season 6, but I’ve played a lot less lately.
Anders Flem
Anders Flem - 22 dager siden
what craphic card do you use? And whats your game settings? It seems so smooth
J Manzo
J Manzo - 23 dager siden
The obligatory “dice pls” at the end there 😂
Brlqn B
Brlqn B - 23 dager siden
Lennie Maina
Lennie Maina - 24 dager siden
What is with the flying dude at 27:
Charlie Day
Charlie Day - 25 dager siden
Surprised he doesn’t use heartbeats
Gael Ulloa
Gael Ulloa - 26 dager siden
I used this exact gun in season 2
Victor Garza
Victor Garza - 26 dager siden
C4 also should be used as wall or vehicle mount. Even if the game is meant to unrealistic the c4s of previous seasons were absurd
Victor Garza
Victor Garza - 26 dager siden
Lol this guy talks about the kilo and proceeds to use a sniper.
Christian Aguayo
Christian Aguayo - 26 dager siden
Other guy: I was glitched in the matrix.
Jack: I like that! Properly well said, great use of the English language. I love you for that.
Other guy: Well thank you very much sir, I love you too.
Jakub Rożniewski
Jakub Rożniewski - 28 dager siden
I love how youtubers say that a particular weapon is good. Bro for me every weapon sucks, it's your skill that does the job.
medox23 - 28 dager siden
Robbo Gaming
Robbo Gaming - 29 dager siden
Bradley Pring
Bradley Pring - 29 dager siden
Love the longer videos!
Anw S
Anw S - 29 dager siden
If you think you don’t have optimum connection this gun isn’t for you, it is the worst at registering hits.
Turk2738 EK
Turk2738 EK - 29 dager siden
4:51 kill the campers at the tower with the hdr which is on the ground
Babyboigamer BaBy
Babyboigamer BaBy - Måned siden
I have already been using this kilo setup but I do agree it slays
Friedrich - Måned siden
been using this biuild since season 2
James Kim
James Kim - Måned siden
What’s your SPR set up ?
Oj Ukx
Oj Ukx - Måned siden
wtf kilo used to be so weak
Lucifer - Måned siden
So I’ve been seeing you check your gun out ingame, how do you do that or is that only a pc thing, it looks super cool!! Also great vid bro!
Cillian O’Shea
Cillian O’Shea - Måned siden
What Do want for christmas?
A Dragon!
Be realistic.
Jackfrags raging
what color do want the dragon?
H S - Måned siden
gun has been meta since season 4 with the good players, but ok lol
CrimZon RayZ
CrimZon RayZ - Måned siden
Bro jack frags is actually really good at warzone
Vlone-Vro - Måned siden
Senior Zolo
Senior Zolo - Måned siden
Generally speaking I prefer the 12-13 minute videos. They're a good watch with a friend before we play. Almost half an hour seems a bit long.
David Street
David Street - Måned siden
Nice game play
Frank Barnes
Frank Barnes - Måned siden
I wish the Blueprint would be still available
Renegade Pwolf
Renegade Pwolf - Måned siden
I love watching when you both join up!! Best of both my homes I could say.
HdndkdjdhgBs 89
HdndkdjdhgBs 89 - Måned siden
I honestly feel the Grau more
CoryTheSnake - Måned siden
I have it max level
CoryTheSnake - Måned siden
I was probability the only one who used this gun in season 2 and up
Abel luque
Abel luque - Måned siden
Why not pairing that kilo with an mp5?
Brandon Haywood
Brandon Haywood - Måned siden
So, which gun is this?
Albertus Nathan Widjaja
Albertus Nathan Widjaja - Måned siden
video's cut and the coalition leader is: "-overhead
Lynden Blomberg
Lynden Blomberg - Måned siden
If it’s live commentary with duos or squad, bring on the longer vids!
Viper3220 - Måned siden
Commenting to let you know that I do indeed like the longer videos
J.U. ICE 601 Beats
J.U. ICE 601 Beats - Måned siden
"the GOD kilo lol"
PepperBlood - Måned siden
The disappointment in the voice of the guy killed at 1:30 is so sad. Poor guy.
George Lawton
George Lawton - Måned siden
That final win was epic!
Ayush Wable
Ayush Wable - Måned siden
Fire Hawk
Fire Hawk - Måned siden
Kilo and Grau have been my Top 2 Assault since launch first two weapon packs bought and not looked back, i barely use M4 and M16 sometimes in multiplayer but i dont feel confident with these two, i use a weapon gives me confidence using and i know i garantee drop.
Andrew Naidoo
Andrew Naidoo - Måned siden
Is that a Kilo?
Jeff Eastwood
Jeff Eastwood - Måned siden
My Fav is the RAM but I've been using the Blue Shot KILO and it's a meat grinder for medium range.
The uggster
The uggster - Måned siden
Like the long vid
Rahul Udatha
Rahul Udatha - Måned siden
The way they communicate and just how chill Jack is surprises me. No toxicity, raging whatsoever. Pog
K. Herman
K. Herman - Måned siden
*Aculite: They're crawling in a bush, Jack...*
*Jack: Some people just like bushes, Connor...*
LMFAO! 🤣🤣😂😂
Sorry mates, but I like a trimmed bush, or no bush at all! ✌🏻😁
dave powell
dave powell - Måned siden
British comaradrie, legendary 👍👍👍👍👍
Stephen Meister
Stephen Meister - Måned siden
Is there any chance these ''glitched weapons'' help cover the hacks/cheats ???
AJ Parvinjah
AJ Parvinjah - Måned siden
I’ve always told my friends, but the never listened. But now people think they think the kilo sucks.
Ari Burgos
Ari Burgos - Måned siden
jackfrags litterally built Vickstars kilo
Garron Choate
Garron Choate - Måned siden
Easily my favorite combo
Thomas Becker jr
Thomas Becker jr - Måned siden
No respect for pc players against consoles
Corey BROCO - Måned siden
you have no right to be winning half of these gulag duels :D always kill them with like 1 hp lol
Jude Chua
Jude Chua - Måned siden
32:28 Yup! I watched that video last time. I wish I could ping real time like you guys,
Yuris72 - Måned siden
Dēļ šitādiem SHROUD-veidīgajiem kuces dēliem arī visa spēle tiek sabojāta.
IzZy EpiC
IzZy EpiC - Måned siden
whas the graphics settings are you using to play with? It's seems easier to see targets in your gameplay than in mine, like dust and particles seem to obscure my view soo much.
chocolnr Gaming
chocolnr Gaming - Måned siden
imho jackfrags is best warzone player worldwide (and BF4 too btw). sorry, its a fact.
Daniel Alejandro
Daniel Alejandro - Måned siden
you late asf lol buggin
Bo_omerRangDK - Måned siden
It looks like it works kind of similar to the Corrupter? Can you confirm this? I've stuck with that rifle ever since it came out, coupled with a IR scope it's amazing....
Austin Mullins
Austin Mullins - Måned siden
I don't care what anyone says m4 kills faster then kilo and m13 is better at close to medium then kilo with holo.. the kilo isn't frying...jack is great video as always dont forget to like and subscribe!
travi - Måned siden
If I ever see frags in Warzone match I’m coming after him first I can’t let him get a groove going
Fly Monkey
Fly Monkey - Måned siden
The Longer the Better my Friend
bobbyspity - Måned siden
Keep the duo content coming the best family on the tube
Jago Hitch
Jago Hitch - Måned siden
Gary Ferguson
6 days ago
The more Jackfrags the better. So yea, not only more vids but longer a well. I have yet to find a solid group of guys to play with consistently, so watching you play with your core group is very entertaining. i concur
NotSweetland - Måned siden
Always use this gun, since day 1.
Nick Schulze
Nick Schulze - Måned siden
Jackfrags aculite combo OPppp keep it up bruh good work
Kaleb Broadhead
Kaleb Broadhead - Måned siden
Your vids look so good since you got the RTX 3080!
Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith - Måned siden
what is the "gallow" gun? *0:15*
wondering which gun is meant
Thomas becket
Thomas becket - Måned siden
it was actually dominating in season 5 also, welcome to the party.
mecca6801 - Måned siden
the kilo is super underrated, that one, the m4 and the oden are my go-to AR's
Raymond Whittaker
Raymond Whittaker - Måned siden
You a sale out to call of duty BF is still the bezt
Christian Alvarado
Christian Alvarado - Måned siden
that is stonemountain64's loadout for the longest time lol