Call of Duty Warzone - This gun is a JOKE!

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COD Warzone SP-R is ridiculous... This is the best SP-R build right now, use it before it gets nerfed! Playing with the Ultimate duos partner @Aculite Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Become a member - noburn.infojoin #COD_Partner
Runtime: 2:02:30


Varghese yohnnan
Varghese yohnnan - 7 dager siden
wait.Jack is 33 ? . no way😲
Mesh Monster 14
Mesh Monster 14 - 9 dager siden
ben dover
ben dover - 9 dager siden
Those dinasour leg things spoken about are great fun, the ones I used had knees straps to help support your legs when coming down due to the forces. I definitely recommend it
DailyPlayers - 9 dager siden
Guys, SUBSCRIBE to our channel, we post gameplays daily (Battlefield, Cold War, CS:GO, Warzone, FIFA21 etc. THANK YOU!
Markski Elliott
Markski Elliott - 16 dager siden
Wish I could play like that. Awesome to watch 👍🏻
Senpai mew
Senpai mew - 16 dager siden
Awareness but it makes all footsteps louder
Senpai mew
Senpai mew - 16 dager siden
Famas isnt meant for long fights its a close to mid range troop shredder as along as they are grouped up
Lucas - 18 dager siden
34:00 guy just dodget that bullet lol
Santiago Rubio
Santiago Rubio - 18 dager siden
I'm only able to see this vid in 1080. Is it just me ???
Samuel Branthwaite
Samuel Branthwaite - 18 dager siden
Fragsy, the integrated suppressor for the SPR is very good even at range plus the .300 Norma rounds. Headshot hero.
Carrie Martin
Carrie Martin - 19 dager siden
Is this live
Markus Lennart
Markus Lennart - 22 dager siden
Amazing first game. GG.
Edit: great start, terrible end.
Honest Insincerity 2
Honest Insincerity 2 - 23 dager siden
Totally saw that load out death coming. Was screaming throw it on the other side at my screen. But that's the benefit of not being under pressure in the actual game.
J Burton
J Burton - 24 dager siden
Dec 11th warzone changes to cold war.
Simon Cheatle
Simon Cheatle - 27 dager siden
hey jackfrags can you make a video on the p90 it is very underrated
Strilan - 27 dager siden
Jack... I don't ever comment on your videos, so I hope you actually see this, and show some feedback.
But I've been sitting here watching your stream, and at 01:41:00 when you mentioned Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear...
It made me smile.
Thanks for that, man. Good deal.
nickytax101 - 28 dager siden
i watched it back couple times and i think jack hears things that arent there couch in the smoke
Douglas Newman
Douglas Newman - 28 dager siden
*Always* great fun watching these two super players! Very entertaining. Thanks!
iTzPedroHDi - Måned siden
i use equalizer benq to 20 i see everything :)
DonDizzz - Måned siden
41:25 Great game guys
Ashley Navarro
Ashley Navarro - Måned siden
Why you always die dude? Lol
Chris Chandler
Chris Chandler - Måned siden
how about shows us the load out
Trev Brandenburg
Trev Brandenburg - Måned siden
I want jack and aculite to meet in person and vlog it 🙏🏼
Golden Striker
Golden Striker - Måned siden
Aculite voice so calm and soothing it puts my baby to sleep. Thank you Aculite 😎
Al1boxx PlayToLearn
Al1boxx PlayToLearn - Måned siden
Only i come from aculite channel to hear that child screaming 🤔😅 satisfaction.. haha
1:34:40 your welcome :D
Al1boxx PlayToLearn
Al1boxx PlayToLearn - Måned siden
Btw subscribed ❤🤘
Conicle - Måned siden
I think it's so good because they are both such nice guys 😊
XStaples - Måned siden
What optic is he using ?
F. G
F. G - Måned siden
20:34 what is that noise? 😯
dead1y - Måned siden
Ghost of easy E
Ghost of easy E - Måned siden
Newest sniper is sick
Ben Cody
Ben Cody - Måned siden
You missed two self revives right in the first match lol
The Iron Giant
The Iron Giant - Måned siden
Love the streams please jack continue this type of content. We all love it and love you guys 💜👁️👄👁️
Cindy Williams
Cindy Williams - Måned siden
I just played fire storm and there’s 57 people in the lobby
carlsong643 - Måned siden
carlsong643 - Måned siden
1:26:00 ???? Howd he magically gain 4 plates?
Red Solo
Red Solo - Måned siden
It's a joke now that's it's nerfed
Anthony Arens
Anthony Arens - Måned siden
I love call of duty modern warfare warzone so much
Anthony Arens
Anthony Arens - Måned siden
I love call of duty modern warfare so much
BIGFATMANLOL - Måned siden
Alternative title: Modern warfare THIS GAME IS A JOKE
Ryan Goodwin
Ryan Goodwin - Måned siden
Video quality is not great. at all. what's going on with your vids?
SMOKYY_DA_BEAR92 100 - Måned siden
I loooovvvvveeeee that gunnnnnnnnn 💘 💘 💘
Iks Lums
Iks Lums - Måned siden
great players
J S - Måned siden
I'm starting to find this game very boring
spinfowars - Måned siden
were you in the military ?
i was in the army and the navy back in the late ' 70 ' s
i recognize you used the familiar military term HELO instead of the civilian HELI
i don't know why - the one sounds masculine and the other feminine to me
The spr is a hit marker king
Y SOF - Måned siden
41:14 buddy was big mad😭
Grant Fehr
Grant Fehr - Måned siden
How many commercials are in this video!?
Leena Limbu
Leena Limbu - Måned siden
when playing warzone is fun to you but when I play warzone it just gives me anxiety 😅😂
xBebetin - Måned siden
7:22 you missed the self-revive!!!!
Bryce Welcher
Bryce Welcher - Måned siden
Jack love you to death but please don’t get this nerfed only good thing to come to call of duty for a while
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas - Måned siden
Ya i agree dead silence should be a little rare. But i think it should be in due to other players playing style
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas - Måned siden
I was tryin to play and the game froze on this happening to anybody??? Im on xbox one
Shane Schumaker
Shane Schumaker - Måned siden
Jack your friend really sounds like John Krasinski lol!! I swear you were playing with Jim from The Office haha
John Farrell
John Farrell - Måned siden
This needs to get nerfed hard this man I'm sick of this already it's ruining the game
J Sosa
J Sosa - Måned siden
Stop using the dumb ass bird execution, shit is so lame
Adam - Måned siden
Its SOOOOOOOOO satisfying to use and honestly i havent been killed by it all that much... unlike when everyone was using the Grau and it was OP for ages, hope it doesnt get nerfed for a while
Jules Jones
Jules Jones - Måned siden
The sad thing is that all of the main CoD Youtubers are running it. No class, guys.
Robert Moreno
Robert Moreno - Måned siden
I'm all for jackulite! Definitely need more of this.
N S - Måned siden
Any reason AT ALL the two of you don't compete as a duo?!
Khomuna - Måned siden
1:16:50 the sounds Jack makes when throwing things are just the best...
Misfit - Måned siden
How are they able to still talk during the loading screens?
Nathan Tomlin
Nathan Tomlin - Måned siden
Probably using another form of chat
ツJacob PlaysYT
ツJacob PlaysYT - Måned siden
dolij5 - Måned siden
quality isn't ideal but good content...
Steven Burns
Steven Burns - Måned siden
Why is the VOD quality so poor?
It's ruining a normally great experience.
Aedan De Jesus Ortiz
Aedan De Jesus Ortiz - Måned siden
Marciano Garza
Marciano Garza - Måned siden
41:13 that is an audible OOF
Swisba Swisba
Swisba Swisba - Måned siden
7:24 the self res jack come on!!!!
Andrei Patru
Andrei Patru - Måned siden
There's definitely good chemistry between you two! Keep it up, really enjoying it!
John John
John John - Måned siden
Thumps up , buy I don'y like the video quality of this and There is sometimes that looks like fps drop
seizureboy333 - Måned siden
Aculite sounded like Kip from Napolean Dynamite
"Sounded like a surpressed deagle"
Th3TearCollector - Måned siden
The entire game is a joke now!!
Adam Seddon
Adam Seddon - Måned siden
Anybody else watching in 1080p on their phone and the quality is awful?
Gordiejohn - Måned siden
Its not a joke. Its the gun of gods!
Benjamin L
Benjamin L - Måned siden
Great composure at Prison! You guys are seriously a dream team!!!
Renegade Pwolf
Renegade Pwolf - Måned siden
Love watching you two!! Hopefully I can get used to the new custom build computer I just bought so can play as well as you!! Be first time with pc gaming for me. You or a culture have any types for new pc gamers? Lol
Shaktz Man
Shaktz Man - Måned siden
Mate I just got off Warzone and multiplayer and this is the ONLY gun being used by pretty much everyone...!
Might shift back to BF3.... ohhhh wait
Matt Foote
Matt Foote - Måned siden
OG COD still not as good as Day of Defeat.
Jay Ammons
Jay Ammons - Måned siden
Get a room you two! You guys make a great team...
George Tremann
George Tremann - Måned siden
Just became a supporter, love your content, man. Keep it up!
DOVAH FETT - Måned siden
Jack did you play the sum of all fears game on pc? It was my first pc game that didn’t have Unreal or Descent in the title. I loved it
Dylan Bayleef
Dylan Bayleef - Måned siden
Everyone else: "oMg tHiS gUn sO bRoKeN nErF iT nOw"
Jackfrags: "This gun is an absolute joke!"
DOVAH FETT - Måned siden
Stopping power gives me an upper hand on people who are so much better than me, I think it absolutely needs to stay haha
DOVAH FETT - Måned siden
Also, Aculite reminds me of a funny, intelligent, and entertaining Chris DeMaris from Rooster Teeth.
Connor Hansford
Connor Hansford - Måned siden
Love watching yall! Great duo!
Kroatoan - Måned siden
I like stopping power, but implementing a Field Upgrade that raises defense to balance out would be good
Jose Lara
Jose Lara - Måned siden
Definitely interested in 'Ac and Jack Duo' merchandise.
Tri Robovski
Tri Robovski - Måned siden
IW buff the UMP45 plsssssssssssss
Hatti Wattti69
Hatti Wattti69 - Måned siden
NO ITS NOT OP ITS FINE SAME AS AS VAL (otherwise im not killing anyone not even hardcore modes)
Hatti Wattti69
Hatti Wattti69 - Måned siden
Well today i dropped my first 50bomb with as val lmao
Ginn Man
Ginn Man - Måned siden
Jack Frags is deffinatly high
elderd_ - Måned siden
Jack can you go back to sea of thieves
SwordBreaker925 - Måned siden
Just started playing MW again after a break and holy fuck does IW even test this shit before adding it to the game?!
Grey Fox
Grey Fox - Måned siden
Jackulite is always an amazing pair!
Angry_Beard - Måned siden
the (visual) quality of this video is lower than normal. Is that because it was a stream?
Pete De La Mare
Pete De La Mare - Måned siden
Angry_Beard Glad you said that, thought it was my download speed or something. Other HD and 4K videos are fine, it’s just Jack’s it seems.
Top Ñotch
Top Ñotch - Måned siden
Can anybody please tell me if when I get kicked for inactivity is that the game that kicks me or is there sometimes moderators that do it manually . Because sometimes it feels like someone is watching me me and waited for the best time to piss me right off. Most times I can't see why I was kicked it's mad as panda pants !!!!!
DZ1K - Måned siden
Is it just me or is this vid in 480p?
Birdyalion - Måned siden
MIR YAMIN - Måned siden
Only thing happening
Jack kills
Other player: well done jack👍
SpiritEndz - Måned siden
Whoever sees this i hope YOU HAVE AN amazing day BTW im an underrated call of duty youtuber:)
DRAGOX RS - Måned siden
Won’t hit past 450m so your kind of just bitching
The Sailing Robin
The Sailing Robin - Måned siden
1:37:47 That was also a near hit SP-R shot on Jack.
Bullet was so fast it didn't even trigger a whiz...
Aggies9810 - Måned siden
Sick dude