Call of Duty Warzone - This gun is ACTUALLY broken...

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COD Warzone with the new SP-R Sniper. Is it supposed to be hit scan? I think it's quite broken atm, but fun to use! Playing with @Aculite and @tomographic. Giving Away COD POINTS IN CHAT! Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner
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Justin B
Justin B - 9 timer siden
Cod mobile is ruined becous thay have removed zombies only reason I downloaded it
George Mullican
George Mullican - Dag siden
were did you get your hell hawnd
*Clap Clap* *Clap Clap Clap*
*clap clap* *clap clap clap*
Marian Mariann
Marian Mariann - 5 dager siden
SPR is too broken mate
onemediuminmotion - 6 dager siden
Hate the unnaturally fast, jerky movement, and the white 2-D crosshairs floating in front and obscuring the field of view (I don't think those appear in real-world gun battles). Spoils the immersive experience.
Kami Vids
Kami Vids - 7 dager siden
2:00:24 thats where i quit the video
Maliki Higgs
Maliki Higgs - 7 dager siden
Is the spr 208 still op?
Maulana Winata
Maulana Winata - 9 dager siden
jack, what does putting your code in COD store do? will it support u? in what way?
DailyPlayers - 15 dager siden
Guys, SUBSCRIBE to our channel, we post gameplays daily (Battlefield, Cold War, CS:GO, Warzone, FIFA21 etc. THANK YOU!
Terrance Pollock
Terrance Pollock - 15 dager siden
Jack is always out of plates. 😆
Tiny Giraffes
Tiny Giraffes - 18 dager siden
1:24:05 You did see them jack
The Edge Of Reality
The Edge Of Reality - 21 dag siden
How do you get the hellhound
Master Ooogway
Master Ooogway - 24 dager siden
ill be bummed if they dont come out with the intervention
BHUSAN MUNANKAMI - 24 dager siden
Aculite's nane is conner?
Markus Lennart
Markus Lennart - 25 dager siden
I’ve seen you leave self-res on the ground so many times. It hurts to watch!
Justan Moore
Justan Moore - 27 dager siden
@ 12:28 it sounds like someone farted 😂
The Tranya
The Tranya - 27 dager siden
It's not a sniper rifle, it's a marksman rifle. Two different classes, but I'm sure you knew that, right?
Thrasher C
Thrasher C - 29 dager siden
i dont understand when i bought this game for pc there was actually 0 players never got in to 1 match
Liam Macloud
Liam Macloud - 29 dager siden
Bunch Of Fucking Weirdos How Boring
YXUNG TRASH - Måned siden
So is that why whenever I shoot someone with the gun it doesn't register
BBQJOE22 - Måned siden
you keep saying "Dice, please" whenever you are stuck, but that is Battlefield, no? xD
JoAn .P. * myWORLD4war *
JoAn .P. * myWORLD4war * - Måned siden
Jay Pearce
Jay Pearce - Måned siden
Play with fixtbe really good with you
brandon parnham
brandon parnham - Måned siden
The way they nerfed it completely invalidated the unique reason you would use this ammo type tho... everything you use to see through walls doesn’t last long enough. Warzone armour and movement will more than likely see you reloading before killing someone. The only real threat was 1) a hacker or 2) someone smart enough to make use of the ammo... now it barely penetrates any wall and it’s not worth it.
brandon parnham
brandon parnham - Måned siden
Honestly, when I used it post nerf I couldn’t even hit through a single wall and then I used the 30 round mag with FMJ and it functioned way better.
Leonardo Wunta
Leonardo Wunta - Måned siden
Jack can you play among us plz
Alexander Shabazz I
Alexander Shabazz I - Måned siden
The whole game is broken. Impossible to have an enjoyable game nowadays.
Skyler Taylor
Skyler Taylor - Måned siden
1:25:20 I get those migraines too. I get a blind spot and then a massive headache that can only be slept off. I think it's a combination of stress, lack of sleep and long periods of time staring at screens. Apparently your eyes produce toxins and your body rids those toxins through sleep. It's like your body forces you to go to sleep because it needs to recover and migraines are a way to get you to listen.
carlsong643 - Måned siden
"Riley Reid just fisted me" has to be one of the best Tomo lines thus far
Nobby XCVII - Måned siden
"She just loves cod" 😂
Kevatchi Ralzin
Kevatchi Ralzin - Måned siden
This match was Hot/Fire!!!!!!
Al Green
Al Green - Måned siden
44:32 was that not some of the dopest shit?!
Al Green
Al Green - Måned siden
21:22 "oh hai, guise!"
Smurf_ - Måned siden
Can you do a duo with Ali-A
Israel Turner
Israel Turner - Måned siden
Good stream as always!
Colin Q
Colin Q - Måned siden
Advanced gasmask part was the best
Arya Yohan Trivedi
Arya Yohan Trivedi - Måned siden
Is it the spp he’s using on the spr
Moises Lorenzo
Moises Lorenzo - Måned siden
I didnt even notice that this vid is more thn 2 hours long 😂
Bluey - Måned siden
Can someone tell me what reticle/scope combo jack is using on the SP-R?
steven baranowski
steven baranowski - Måned siden
Those noises must be for the Halloween event coming up.
Hourglass Independent
Hourglass Independent - Måned siden
Which camo is that on the sniper?
Ross Kirwan
Ross Kirwan - Måned siden
that was awesome first time catching you live, thanks awesome entertainment!
Hatchett’s Gaming
Hatchett’s Gaming - Måned siden
Dude Aculite sounds just like John Krasinski haha wow
Furious Vengeance
Furious Vengeance - Måned siden
People think the AS-Val is an accident... Infinity Ward do it on purpose.. *BUY THE BATTLEPASS* if you want it!
Brandon Conley
Brandon Conley - Måned siden
Play some Zombies some time I want to play with ya I’m decent
Shredded - Måned siden
Best feeling sniper in COD History 😍
erik sand
erik sand - Måned siden
I've been killed by an aim botter, and by someone using the cheat where they can see enemies through walls 😭😭
Eoin Sweetman
Eoin Sweetman - Måned siden
Report them I got a message the other day to tell me a player I reported got banned, ngl it felt about as good as a win on trio's with randoms.
Jeff Embertson
Jeff Embertson - Måned siden
This gun ruins the game. Do they even test this shit?
Diego Macias
Diego Macias - Måned siden
What happened to the duos with aculite?
Grim well
Grim well - Måned siden
Might actually stop playing until and IF they nerf it
CXZAR - Måned siden
Jackfrags, Aculite and Tomo is my favorite trio after Riley Reid, Lana Rhoades and Sasha Grey
phil stansfield
phil stansfield - 8 dager siden
After?! How about trying Before 🤣
itempthekiller - 14 dager siden
Das fucked man
André Richardson
André Richardson - 19 dager siden
Hahahahahahhahahahahahaahajahahahahahahahaahahahahahauahahahahahahaha. They’re my faves too Lana Rhodes though 😂😂 comment of the year
Alex Ayush Ryder
Alex Ayush Ryder - 20 dager siden
Killer combination 😁😁😁
J Rod
J Rod - 20 dager siden
Danielle Hodges
Danielle Hodges - Måned siden
Hi friend west
Nathan Powers
Nathan Powers - Måned siden
But u had to be accurate with the kar
Nathan Powers
Nathan Powers - Måned siden
New kar 98 ?
Nathan Powers
Nathan Powers - Måned siden
Nice dog
Zoltán Kádas
Zoltán Kádas - Måned siden
The Malphas skin on As Val, looks like VSS from Pubg🤷‍♂️🤔😁
Tobyxnd Tobyxnd
Tobyxnd Tobyxnd - Måned siden
Go vd kiep up the got wrk
Nano Gamer
Nano Gamer - Måned siden
Can we please for the love of Gog get some more Battlefield videos???
Brian Brown
Brian Brown - Måned siden
Hey Jack wanted to support a creator on MW warzone and it would have to be my favorite streamer so whats your MW code ?
8Flux8 - Måned siden
You've had the same video title for over a month now. Whatever works, I guess. Just a bit unimaginative.
ICEC00L3D - Måned siden
@jackfrags I played a game of "armoured royale" (yes with a 'u' because that's how it's spelt) where we got 2 trucks. We killed a team who just bought the truck marker and we were able to use it and spawn a 2nd truck. The easiest game I've ever played.
Dainius G
Dainius G - Måned siden
Hackers like...... Ooooooohhhooooohooooohhhoo
Josh Howard
Josh Howard - Måned siden
Wait, could you theoretically kill someone in the gulag from the man map with that val cause you can see where it is in the heartbeat sensor
The drifter Man
The drifter Man - Måned siden
No it’s not
Azure Dragon
Azure Dragon - Måned siden
Anyone on PS4 used the creator codes yet?
mrbussy0031 - Måned siden
Jack: We are totally sweats.
One minute later: Woow, bullet go zfffff
BenAnderson - Måned siden
mrbussy0031 where?
Josh Oblander
Josh Oblander - Måned siden
You should definitely switch to the .338 Lapua rounds for the R700!!! AS VAL sp armor piercing rounds are the way to go!!!
SaltyCalf703268 Gamming
SaltyCalf703268 Gamming - Måned siden
What about the Xbox fanboys jack's don't forgot us IV been a sub for years haha
Teddayyy - Måned siden
Hey bro hope this isn’t too much of a bother but I saw you’re also a fan of Jack. If you could check out my NOburn I’d really appreciate it 🙌🏻 and if by chance you enjoy and think I’m good enough maybe you’ll wanna support the rest of my journey. 💙 I’m really good too 💪🏻
Enes Sosa
Enes Sosa - Måned siden
how do you inspect your weapon in ps4?
Thijs Fange
Thijs Fange - Måned siden
When it,s at level 50 then it is sooooo gooooddd
Dario Grazettes
Dario Grazettes - Måned siden
Can any help me to get warzone to work on pc after the new update game not working telling me fatal error when I go in to the main
John Hopper
John Hopper - Måned siden
How in God's name did he already unlock the entire battlepass?
MereReef - Måned siden
Jack frags you legend... play with me man
Taz Daddy
Taz Daddy - Måned siden
STONE comes in at the end. Nice!!!
Taz Daddy
Taz Daddy - Måned siden
Caffeine kills headaches, which most pain killers contain caffeine (especially aspirin). So a high dose of caffeine for a migrane is very sound. Dr's wont say so because they have colllege debts to pay for, and hospital quotas to chase.
Christain Rodrigues
Christain Rodrigues - Måned siden
That's also a good way to get addicted to caffeine, latter you'll have headaches because of caffeine
Vespula 360
Vespula 360 - Måned siden
Just purchased 24000 cod points and a bunch of skins used your tag in support. Love your vids jack
Mehdi Shahid
Mehdi Shahid - Måned siden
Who's this 'Riley Reid' I wonder
SWE FOX07 - Måned siden
graphic settings? plz send...
B A - Måned siden
Almost three hours of frags, tom, and aculite. Thank you !!
Funkyboozer - Måned siden
🎵 everyday we’re javelin 🎵
B P - Måned siden
IS this patched yet? The AS VAL thing?
Aram K
Aram K - Måned siden
HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA OMGGGGG I DIED AT 59 mins in when the whole Riley Reid rant started!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and to top it all off Tom says "Riley reid just fisted me!"
I cant remember the last time i laughed so hard watching a livestream of a game!
Michael - Måned siden
I wanna see what the gas mask is doing 😃
Bram Bergs
Bram Bergs - Måned siden
"Riley Reid just fisted me"
Okayyyyyy this channel's getting weird...
Maciej - Måned siden
With both season 6 weapons being broken, I can't wait for AA-12 spammers
L G - Måned siden
what is that at 1:56:56 time ?
Jérôme Cordeau
Jérôme Cordeau - Måned siden
Yes it is and very annoying .
Luke Oliphant
Luke Oliphant - Måned siden
2:30:02 If you look closely or slow down the video, that shot that Tom hit, the tracer of the bullet wasn't even there when the enemy died. That's cool to see hitscan happen for real.
DMG017 PRODUCTIONS - Måned siden
I would use code jack frags but I got no code points to spemd
Jaj - Måned siden
I would like to ask you if there will be free weekend multiplayer in season 6. Thank you for responding.
Jimmy X
Jimmy X - Måned siden
Hey Jack, you have got to find out if the AS VAL with penetrating rounds can take out a team if they are in a helicopter..just shoot through the bottom of the chopper, that'd be awesome
Sungani Chirwa
Sungani Chirwa - Måned siden
Read your comments 😡
Ben Lastname
Ben Lastname - Måned siden
New season ruined shit, nothing but people camping and using the new sniper
shadows ignite
shadows ignite - Måned siden
R700 is soooooo damn broken... it's not fun playing the game with a weapon like this. It's an in game cheat.. doesnt take any skill to use.
*grimm* - Måned siden
Cyberpunk Or Valhalla? Im trying to decide
Mr Time Doesn't Die
Mr Time Doesn't Die - Måned siden
Cyberpunk all the way for me. With it you’ll be getting a largely new experience. With Valhalla you’ll just be getting one more copy paste assassins creed with a different setting.
Jeremiah Winkleberry
Jeremiah Winkleberry - Måned siden
Who broke it?
Barney Craggs
Barney Craggs - Måned siden
TBF if the bullet is hitting something like 980m/s then upto 300m it's arriving in under 1/3 a second so... always going to feel a little hit-scan'y
Eoin Sweetman
Eoin Sweetman - Måned siden
No no, this thing is broke broke.
London Konowitz
London Konowitz - Måned siden
hi jack how come the cod give outs are first come first serve?
Adam Phoenix
Adam Phoenix - Måned siden
You need to make sure to hit shots
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith - Måned siden
Hi Jack, what 3080 did you get (founders or aib)? Have you had any issues with stability when OCing?
Jusnogood 1
Jusnogood 1 - Måned siden
Why tf is it hitscan?
J Teek
J Teek - Måned siden
friends and joining parties is so broken..., glad i'm not the only one who has that problem...:)