Call of Duty Warzone - This is Unfair!

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COD Warzone sometimes screws you over, and you wonder, "why are you the way you are?" Some chill solo gameplay attempting to win in the most competitive lobbies. Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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Roberts Sidorčiks
Roberts Sidorčiks - Dag siden
How does he have such a good quality and so textured in warzone what are hes graphics settings?
James FLAT-EARTH - 8 dager siden
Script kid
James FLAT-EARTH - 8 dager siden
Most who post these are cheaters
Monolithic Juggernaut
Monolithic Juggernaut - 11 dager siden
Sadly this game favors unskilled players. They designed it that way for the little kiddies...
Realist 1801
Realist 1801 - 14 dager siden
Totally ditched battlefield for a free to play battle royale 😳
Th3namesadam - 14 dager siden
TheBigDogMush - 15 dager siden
I’m gonna stick to MW
Christian Kopcienski
Christian Kopcienski - 15 dager siden
I think the intention is that if you're in the gas without a mask, realistically what might impair your vision would be the gas' effect on your eyes. Therefore it might be much easier for someone to see through the gas if they're not affected by it. Of course there are plenty of things that are unrealistic about the game.
Guiller Brady
Guiller Brady - 16 dager siden
I am yet to win 1 game in Warzone 🤣. It is way to sweaty and campy.
These days gamers are just happy to sit on a roof or corner the whole game and only move when absolutely necessary. How is that fun for anyone?
Flukio - 17 dager siden
henk leleel
henk leleel - 18 dager siden
Guys there are still og cod players who dont give a fuck about warzone, so please, my message to ms.jack (person who almost never uploaded cod games besides warzone) and al players in comments: Stfup about discussing about a subject yall don’t even care about, because warzone is not origenel og multiplayer gameplay
Dancing Panda
Dancing Panda - 18 dager siden
Cold war looks great
Saintom - 21 dag siden
Everything about the Gas should be changed...imo. Speed, Visability, and darn mask animation...
Stefan Sasu
Stefan Sasu - 21 dag siden
saavin brar
saavin brar - 22 dager siden
What mp7 attachment do you have ??
Cara Herrnberger
Cara Herrnberger - 23 dager siden
Im ready to go back
Deshaun Smith
Deshaun Smith - 23 dager siden
I agree with your comments at the end
Jonathan van Zuijlekom
Jonathan van Zuijlekom - 24 dager siden
It should be the other way around. You are surrounded by gas.
HappySpot - 27 dager siden
I played a guy who didn’t take gas damage and he used the gas to hide so he could snipe people in the final zone so that might be why
Igor Ukrainski
Igor Ukrainski - 27 dager siden
sometimes the gas zone is like a smoke grenade and blocks vision at the ends of the zone
Rohil Chhabria
Rohil Chhabria - 29 dager siden
Idk about the voice over jack. Should stick to in game communication apart from intro.
Arthur Charette
Arthur Charette - 29 dager siden
wow. what a bunch of shit that was. needs to be fixed
TheMadScout - 29 dager siden
an easy tip when you're under fire : keep clam and press 4
Maxmartini - 29 dager siden
the firestorm in bf was so awesome, this gas shit is terrible
KR Zi-O - Måned siden
Just like most Battle Royale games , sooner or later they get too repetitive and they stop updating it and move on to something else. And even if they do keep updating , people just get tired of the same ol same and they find the next best thing. That’s going to happen to WarZone. Even though CS Go is still going , it doesn’t have the support it used to have as well as PUBG and Fortnite. They are trying new things to get people to come back or renew their game but it doesn’t seem to be working. Oh they still have support , just not the same support they had a year or two ago.
That’s just my opinion on it.
Daniel Atkins
Daniel Atkins - Måned siden
Love this video. The commentary on how you play really helps us not too amazing players. You should totally do more of it, learned a lot in this video.
Michael Frame
Michael Frame - Måned siden
I think the Cold War beta was terrible. It really felt like 2 steps back. I'm sour about my pre-buy.
nominal251 - Måned siden
I actually liked the bocw alpha but the beta was shit
Utku k4h
Utku k4h - Måned siden
Why he keeps saying ''they'' when there is only 1 guy, i dont udnerstand.
wtfchickenreal - Måned siden
Gender neutrality strikes again.
DemDoolies - Måned siden
Am I the only one who enjoyed the Cold War beta? It's a return to form for the series and being a fan of the older games, I absolutely loved it. Much better maps than MW and almost no campers.
Bill Wener
Bill Wener - Måned siden
Bro you going to just explain basic gameplay all game with a click baity title like I didn't shoot there because I couldn't kill him well no duh lmao I guess to starting players this might be interesting but this isn't helpful
Roozbeh KHalilzadeh
Roozbeh KHalilzadeh - Måned siden
Twitte that
Roozbeh KHalilzadeh
Roozbeh KHalilzadeh - Måned siden
Star Lord
Star Lord - Måned siden
Cold war has taken one step ahead of MW....

...And one leap behind
AlexBarnard - Måned siden
Interesting perspective from that last guyv
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin - Måned siden
$10000000 to the first streamer that tells the truth. Y'all hacking?
iain forrester
iain forrester - Måned siden
Cold War feels ok I think it will do well but not as good as modern warfare and I’m comparing it to the beta of modern warfare it well will have to wait and see
Lil Dexter
Lil Dexter - Måned siden
This dude can work as commentary on any channel
Luka Nogalo
Luka Nogalo - Måned siden
Hey guys, I have an urgent request. What do you use for capturing screen video and audio? Please help me, I need to attend two zoom conferences at the same time, how can I do that?
HULKGQ Nissan Patrol
HULKGQ Nissan Patrol - Måned siden
He had a mask you didn't!
Don't be a STORMTROOPER Try hard! And it'll be fine. You should know! You announced the update and were all for it!
GT King
GT King - Måned siden
I love story time 😇🙌🏻
Lewis Fraser
Lewis Fraser - Måned siden
I played the alpha gave it a good go but jist didn't like the feel of it I understand the beta will be improved a little but I made my mind up I won't buy cold war as I will just keep playing warzone
Shaheer Zahid
Shaheer Zahid - Måned siden
One word for cod bo. As usual
Fu***NG campers
TheDJMill - Måned siden
Coldwar sucks
XenoComedy - Måned siden
i only enjoy the sniping in cold war, i dont enjoy the maps except for the snow one its just not comparable to mw in terms of quality and how fun it is
Boss Chicken
Boss Chicken - Måned siden
Cold war is good but modern warfare is better
O2TG - Måned siden
I agree, that was as cheap win.
Guerilla Clips
Guerilla Clips - Måned siden
I liked Cold War, the control game mode was really fun. Was it enough to replace modern warfare though? I don’t know
Matt5p - Måned siden
Cold War: I played 1 match. Then, I uninstalled it.
Frankie Vassallo
Frankie Vassallo - 14 dager siden
Same here ! That game is overrated 👎
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin - Måned siden
My MW account was for some reason deleted in mid August for no reason, I would totally not be excited for or want to play BO CW if it wasn’t.... just wanna start fresh but I would totally just play MW for another year
Shinsein Akuma
Shinsein Akuma - Måned siden
MW is built way better, but CW just plays way way better. I’d rather have fun gameplay over better graphics
Sergio Ibarra
Sergio Ibarra - Måned siden
Jarl Ballin'
Jarl Ballin' - Måned siden
There should be a deterrence for gas sniffers. Can't tell you how many times I've been killed by people literally coming out of the gas...
oKo AdiaDi
oKo AdiaDi - Måned siden
I really dont like CW...will stay with MW
Tinglyjoint - Måned siden
Idk bout you guys but I haven’t genuinely had fun playing cod since mw3/bo2. Mw2 being my fav. And I loved the beta. Glad I pre ordered too get extra gameplay
Jay Mee
Jay Mee - Måned siden
What do you play on?
Hellhound Dead
Hellhound Dead - Måned siden
I can't use the MP7 or M4 as I feel scummy for using it.
Rock-Steady-Yeti - Måned siden
Cold War was not amazing, BUT there is nothing else besides WarZone is holding me.
Kaiserland111 - Måned siden
I personally HATE Cold War when compared to CoD MW. Warzone is still hitting the spot for me, and I'm fine to play this until BF6 comes out!
Family Friendly
Family Friendly - Måned siden
I pre order cold war and i cant even play it. Then they make it free for beta??? really? fucking cash grab.
Matt Eaton
Matt Eaton - Måned siden
Cold War is absolutely awful and feels like a MASSIVE step-back it feels like it came out 3 years before Warzone
scottyK _CDVI
scottyK _CDVI - Måned siden
anyone else annoyed with the constant sliding???
MOONLIGHT SHADOW - 23 dager siden
I makes it harder to hit if your going for the snipe kill.
akaLazyKid _____
akaLazyKid _____ - Måned siden
I'm so confused why people are defending mw lol cold war had 1 years less of development and still made a game more enjoyable than mw. Because of graphics? Most of yall are playing on your mom's tvs screaming cuz u couldn't hit the guy even tho you were mounted in the corner sheesh yall really sad u can't kill people in 0.2 seconds behind a door
fugthiz fugu
fugthiz fugu - Måned siden
I fucking hate losing too ffs
ACIDIC HYDRA - Måned siden
How do I get past the invalid username for the account registration ?
h _767
h _767 - Måned siden
I think its meeh
The grafics are looking that they are from 2014, the gameplay is ok as well, and i only haved fun with the krieg and the mp5, nothing else
Ethan Small
Ethan Small - Måned siden
I personally think that the cold war load outs r a lot like cod mobile and they aren't so good
FloppyPancakE - Måned siden
Cold war was terrible imo. Think I played 1 and a half games
Rob Carnage
Rob Carnage - Måned siden
Graphically Cold War has nothing on MW. That said, MWs multiplayer was ass and I've been craving a more classic COD experience. Cold War's beta has a lot of rough spots but I was still having a bit more fun in 6v6 than I have with MW over the last year. I'm not much for BR so Warzone doesn't make up for MWs other lackluster modes for me.
jose Piedra
jose Piedra - Måned siden
Love this kind of gameplay 👌 love the commentary
MADelectriCITY - Måned siden
I am pretty sure the kill cams show the gas differently.. I bet he had a hindered view of you during that fight.
LuridFTW Gaming
LuridFTW Gaming - Måned siden
I feel like the beta was ok. It offers nothing new for the series and a lot of the mechanics feel like a step backward. Hopefully the netcode they used for the beta is going to improve. I had so many non-regs and hitting hit boxes I didn’t shoot. For example getting a headshot when you hit their upper chest.
WassPoppin - Måned siden
Some of y'all don't understand why cold war feels rushed and clunky🙄
Spencer Smith
Spencer Smith - Måned siden
Dead horse arguement. cod could of made mw2 for the past decade and just dlcd it everyyear for a fresh start.

But naw, developing a title everyyear for the idiots to munch down like shitty fast food.
Then MW comes out and (i cant believe im sayijg this) its so "polished" that now it will be compared against every pne they make...
Lucas Watering
Lucas Watering - Måned siden
Cold War is fucking amazing. If you grew up playing mw2 and bo2 that game is for you. Ppl who don’t like it like camping airport tower with an rpg
ketse89 -
ketse89 - - Måned siden
All these 'pros' seem to confuse MW for BO3. Oh the glory days of BO with server rules forbidding bunny jumping.
Mr. LoneWolf
Mr. LoneWolf - Måned siden
Cold War feels like a downgrade for me, but still buy it for thecampaing...
HOF Wolf
HOF Wolf - Måned siden
I loved ittt!!!!!!!
Charlie Hammond
Charlie Hammond - Måned siden
it’s a step back from modern warfare, won’t be buying it
TechpriestsGaming - Måned siden
CoD Cold War - its till beta. Plays more arcade-lly IMO. It feels (now) like some F2P FPS shooters like ArcticCombat, Warface and such. I believe that the CoD itself will have its fans, but I we will have to see if they will listen to the feedback from us in this moment.
James Walkington
James Walkington - Måned siden
None of this game play seem a bit suspect to anyone? 'Hear footsteps' Perfect shot 'Just glimpsed him here' Perfect crane shot
Lobbie Rinton
Lobbie Rinton - Måned siden
Wow.- really insightful. Thanks.
Atrophy - Måned siden
they should fix that tho lol
Fast and fun
Fast and fun - Måned siden
Cold War feels like the graphics are a complete downgrade I do like the new gameplay but other than that I’m not very impressed
Ethan Costa
Ethan Costa - Måned siden
"let's not get too salty about it" then proceeds to make a whole video on it oml gotta love jack 🤣
DancoHR Gaming Germany
DancoHR Gaming Germany - Måned siden
you are absolutly right!
Old Time Gamer
Old Time Gamer - Måned siden
This is why this game for me doeant work and still havent fixed the gas
Prodigy2100 - Måned siden
Is that whole "yellow means they're looking at me" thing just with the golden gas mask or am I missing something?
D T-S - Måned siden
Its from the specialist token it gives you all perks in the game. There is a perk that warns you if someone is looking at you.
Luke Halvorson
Luke Halvorson - Måned siden
I'm pretty sure it just shows like that for the kill cam. There's normally vision obstruction both ways with the gas
The Hh
The Hh - Måned siden
That's been a issue since Season 1
Johnnie Iyiannidis
Johnnie Iyiannidis - Måned siden
somebody needs to f fix that
Antonio Skocic
Antonio Skocic - Måned siden
I don't care about Cold War
Azure Dragon
Azure Dragon - Måned siden
Bought the Texas Chainsaw Massacre bundle with your creator code.
Anita Gofradump
Anita Gofradump - Måned siden
My opinion of cold war is it doesnt feel very special in any way but also i think i was suffering either some form of desync or the servers were having a tough time when i played cause the hit reg felt way off and it seemed like bullet damage was delayed
Lok Drog
Lok Drog - Måned siden
Cod modern warfare for me is more enjoyable with leaning and using cover
ryan farhan
ryan farhan - Måned siden
For me, durable gas mask suppose to have its vision clear on gas. Because whether durable or not, player could still see you in the gas
ryan farhan
ryan farhan - Måned siden
Or its best for all players is not seeing anything on gas whether is inside or outside zone
ryan farhan
ryan farhan - Måned siden
*gas zone
snapascrew - Måned siden
Uzi has got to be one of my fav ground loots. That uzi slays.
unknown - Måned siden
I like the game a lot i understand not a ton is changed but it reminds me of the days of cod i missed so its nice to somewhat relive it
Erik Alvarado
Erik Alvarado - Måned siden
Dude was hella salty. Lmao take the L ur tactic failed he simply had a better position than u. Im glad an underdog got the better of u :p either way, ull get em next time lol
FardidRyder - Måned siden
Cold war is a downgrade in every aspect compared to mw