Call of Duty Warzone - Trying to Fix things...

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COD Warzone have acknowledged a problem with the 2 new guns. I've been busy, some updates coming to the channel and a problem I'm having... Use COD JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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Niklas Marr Nielsen
Niklas Marr Nielsen - 22 dager siden
was gonna subscribe then realised i already am. this guy seems awesome. even though i dont have 4k monitor or anytihng i can clearly see a difference in quality
Bradley Pring
Bradley Pring - Måned siden
Good luck Jack! Back pain is the worst. Don't mind hearing you talk about your personal life, if anything it keeps your channel just that more special.
dixie normous
dixie normous - Måned siden
You could have kidney stones.
WOLFDawg 606
WOLFDawg 606 - Måned siden
Idea (A really stupid idea, but an idea): One shot mode
Trooper - Måned siden
I'm glad you are getting your coccyx sorted out. It's a bit scary when you start getting pain for no reason at all, unfortunately I wasn't so lucky. After about 2 years of investigatory testing for everything from Aids to the frikin Zika virus probably, there were a lot of tests.
I later found out that I had Small Fibre Neuropathy Which is damage to the small fibre nerves in my hands, feet, legs and arms which basically means that the nerves misfire so I could be sat doing nothing and suddenly my nerves decide to act like they are being burnt aswell as other wonderful sensations. Unfortunately for me there is no cure hence why I watch multiplayer gameplay rather than actually playing it myself (I need to pause the game every so often and I can't control my hands as good as I could before).
I was 38 when this happened (2012) and I had to give up work (Engineer for a pharmaceutical company) and have sat around doing very little since. Every time I hear of someone who has a potential life altering condition and that they have a good chance of recovering, I smile a little and wish them a speedy recovery. So @JackFrags here is your :) and I wish you a speedy recovery.
Waldo - Måned siden
Honestly, no shade to jack or any other reviewer channels but it is super disheartening to see all these channels get 3080s AND 3090s while I struggle to get even 1 while trying daily and literally getting shaky anxious when I get a notification for in-stock.... and always failing to get one hahah. I fear NVIDIA has started this hype machine trend of increasing demand through casting a wide net of youtuber review samples and then not being able to deliver to the customers. Its exploiting the human nature of wanting something more because you can't get it solely to build brand image. I mean NVIDIA even abandoned ship by basically stopping sales through their own company's store so they don't have to deal with all this backlash of a botched launch directly.
Allen Swamy
Allen Swamy - Måned siden
Connor Liddicott
Connor Liddicott - Måned siden
chronic pain is horrible and debilitating , myself and others I'm sure can empathise
Mergen Alimaganbetov
Mergen Alimaganbetov - Måned siden
I wish you heal very soon :)
jahodnik2 - Måned siden
Is this CoD video? Or just your personal life??
Kur Gamer
Kur Gamer - Måned siden
disliked cause ur camping... 5:14
Justme - Måned siden
My first video from you and I subscribed
Paul Stiep
Paul Stiep - Måned siden
You might have Pilonidal cyst. I had one earlier this year. And it was so painful couldn't walk right and not even sit. Eventually it burst and all the pain went away. Took 800mg of ibuprofen and some kind of antibiotic.
Robert Nugent
Robert Nugent - Måned siden
Jack, Thank you for giving us insight into your personal life. I myself have been going forwards and backwards to my doctor for nearly 3 years over head pain, I now (at last) have a plan after several tests and several scans. They havent been able to tell me what the problem is as such but are eradicating any further issues I'm having.
ANYWAY... sharing your personal life with us is perfectly fine and amazing for your mental health. I've been talking to people more about my issues etc & it seems to have a positive effect. What we have to remember is that we're all together in some way shape or form, we all have our issues.
Thanks for being a source of entertainment for me and many others, love watching your videos & trying to replicate your talent on xbox proves VERY hard haha.
Take care Jack.
calvin sanabria
calvin sanabria - Måned siden
Dude stfu and just play your voice is annoying
Tom Brouwer
Tom Brouwer - Måned siden
Hope you get wel soon man. best to you
Jeff Doyle
Jeff Doyle - Måned siden
I hope you get well soon!
Oskari S.
Oskari S. - Måned siden
£800for 1Gb speed lmao. That would cost like 50€/month here in Finland. You are being robbed sir xD
superarvid 123
superarvid 123 - Måned siden
Love your vid started watching your videos in 2015
TBKx - Måned siden
Jack this is why I love you and your channel so much, you’re so interactive with the community and you actually care about your subs. Much love man, I hope you feel better! You got this!❤️
Olddirtytiger - Måned siden
Jacks being beating everyone on COD and Battlefield with no back .....
"I broke my back"- Tyson
Olddirtytiger - Måned siden
Fucking hell Jack I know our British Internet is shit but 700 + quid a month.....daaayymn ....i just use my mobile hotspot for 25 quid loooool
Spidey Venom
Spidey Venom - Måned siden
Wow such a big head.
John Smith
John Smith - Måned siden
God bless you take care
MrKenpetgam - Måned siden
I have that pain aswell. Fell on my back with skateboarding 7 years ago, and now it is acting up
DDRPriest - Måned siden
Happy to hear you have a positive outlook on the medical issues. Good luck with your recovery!!
Tyriq Canfield
Tyriq Canfield - Måned siden
Congrats jack, I know how ya feel, pain like that can be unreal
Jonathan Mahoney
Jonathan Mahoney - Måned siden
Thanks for sharing Jack
Humble Ronin
Humble Ronin - Måned siden
Feel better Jack, we're here for you!
Rui de Canha
Rui de Canha - Måned siden
Thanks for sharing Jack. Hope you get better soon. Awesome work.
juanki cardenas
juanki cardenas - Måned siden
Hope you get better soon Jack, everything will be ok man (: keep ur positive attitude, big fan!!!
James Stinnette
James Stinnette - Måned siden
So what was the issue that was causing your pain?
THE REAL NIUAEN - Måned siden
Just listen closely at 2:40 😂😂😂
Carlo H.
Carlo H. - Måned siden
Man, you got this. Hope you get well soon and it's nice to hear some personal stuff! Just love your videos and also enjoy your voice *no homo haha*
autismspeaks - Måned siden
Wow never knew how lucky I was to get symmetrical gigabit for $65 a month. I know business internet costs more but didn’t realize it’s be 15x more hah.
Vociferous Rich
Vociferous Rich - Måned siden
sit on a rubber ring. it rakes the pressure off your tail bone
Vociferous Rich
Vociferous Rich - Måned siden
i feel ya pain bro. i have the same problem
Oliver Spaeh
Oliver Spaeh - Måned siden
Jack, we love hearing about you! Great to hear that there's a light at the end of the tunnel! And of course we love the 4k crispy nes!
Josh Purnell
Josh Purnell - Måned siden
That rock at the end is exactly where I won my very first game (and it was a solos), and you took the exact route to it that I did, from that little shack on the edge of airfield. Good memories. Happy to hear there is some hope for tail bone problems, keep on keeping on.
Jamie briley
Jamie briley - Måned siden
Jack frags - be the Internet exchange
SIXSHOT GAMING - Måned siden
Love the dedication to your business
Artem Deinega
Artem Deinega - Måned siden
Hope you feel better, buddy!
XtremeV2 - Måned siden
I wish you all the best Jack
Mikey Tapasco
Mikey Tapasco - Måned siden
Hey Jack, love your content! Have you ever considered joining twitch?
Venomous Bite10
Venomous Bite10 - Måned siden
Get well
Hondude - Måned siden
Me playing on my 2.5Mb per second lol
Daniel Pedigrew
Daniel Pedigrew - Måned siden
DAMN! You pay more for Internet than I do for my house...
Sntd - Måned siden
700 pounds!!! Here in Spain I am currently paying 45€ per month for 600mb/s (optical fiber). And I live in a semi-rural area not big city.
Mohamed ElBoghdady
Mohamed ElBoghdady - Måned siden
you talk a lot 👎🏼
Davis A Santos
Davis A Santos - Måned siden
I deleted the game from my console after spend $500 on then (Yes, i have alot of fancy bundles). Why? Because game is awesome, i played for few month but its just unaceptable u play with cheaters or with 200ms ping (aways with desadvantage). So, what the situation of the game actually, because last time i played i found 2 cheater in same room.
Ant - Måned siden
So you're pregnant?
Peter Ensing
Peter Ensing - Måned siden
Wooohaaah.... My glassviber was free connected to my house cause the cable company wanted to upgrade the entire village 2,5 years ago and since then I've got a gigabit connection for €37,50/month... Jack you're getting robbed dude...
Tim Peters
Tim Peters - Måned siden
You've got pain in the but, but there's light at the end of the tunnel :3 lol
DAMIAN ZPIP - Måned siden
Can you records video about your video settings ?
John Paul Booth
John Paul Booth - Måned siden
Loved the personal mate, thumbs up we all have our issues and problems much love for everyone we can get there ❤️
Villiam - Måned siden
lol, here in finland we get fiber optic connection for just around 40 euros per month
David Wolton
David Wolton - Måned siden
Glad you're closer to being on the mend! I ruined my tailbone by falling 16ft and landing in my bum...I am still after many years suffering with pain at given times, mainly when it's cold or done too much bending.
Shall be good to hear what the specialist advises you on
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy - Måned siden
You the man Jackfrags
M Key
M Key - Måned siden
Brian Montes
Brian Montes - Måned siden
Got to give the support now
Fabius33 - Måned siden
We, your subs, are such a supportive community ...
TheNinjakat2010 - Måned siden
Man to think you could injure yourself sitting down lol. I work in a kitchen
Tiago Fonseca
Tiago Fonseca - Måned siden
Wtf, in portugal in Lisbon a gigabit 1000mbps connection costs about 130€ per month and it includes 3 phone numbers with 10Gb data/month each, almost 200 TV channels and many other perks
I can't wait until 120hz becomes a standard for YouTube
João DeCarvalho
João DeCarvalho - Måned siden
Get well soon jack! Shotout from brazil
Matthew Leslie
Matthew Leslie - Måned siden
Thanks for sharing about your personal life, we love all the content you produce and thank you for being so open about what it takes to continue this epic channel!
Aleksandar Savevski
Aleksandar Savevski - Måned siden
If they really wanted to "Fix things " they would remove SBMM from MW
Rattan Bhinder
Rattan Bhinder - Måned siden
Enjoy those tax rebate
Alex Hernaez
Alex Hernaez - Måned siden
I had to do task manager and set it normal. so buggy
kalel2127 - Måned siden
My son and I have been watching your videos for years and love that you have transitioned to 4K. I watch your videos in my home theater and it looks a lot better in 4K. Hoping your back pain goes away soon.
Joel Wilhite
Joel Wilhite - Måned siden
sorry to hear about the tailbone, ouch and good luck. I really do appreciate the quality upgrade and hope the price of the fiber improves for all of us.
Gavin Fitton
Gavin Fitton - Måned siden
I have the same issue with my tailbone through an injury and use an orthopaedic memory foam cushion. It helps a bit as there is a cut out so your Coccyx is not under pressure. Thanks for the video Jack!
mister president
mister president - Måned siden
Hope you get better jack like youre vids
MarkBJJWałbrzych - Måned siden
Jacek Frogowski znów Kurwa gra jak totalny smok i wszystkich zabija.
oGPoLa - Måned siden
Hopefully that fix for your back goes well. And can't wait to see you play some Cyberpunk.
O2TG - Måned siden
Wow Jack! I pay $85 usd a month for gig internet. Thanks for sharing Jack, we appreciate you sharing.
Liddz - Måned siden
Keep up the great work and hope you get on top of the tailbone stuff soon mate, big love from the land down under 💪🏾
Anthony Dentice
Anthony Dentice - Måned siden
I in fact love hearing about what's going on in my content creators lives
Abdullah - Måned siden
Thank you jack for always aiming for the top
keep it up
Mads HJ
Mads HJ - Måned siden
Would be awesome to hear what the specialist think is causing your pain. I've heard of this on several different occasions.
Mighty Thor
Mighty Thor - Måned siden
$970 a month for gigabit? Oof. My gigabit connection is $112 a month.
Follow theunofficialjesuschrist on insta
Jack is spending 12k a year on internet😳
dolebiscuit - Måned siden
Love you Jack! I'm happy you have a good treatment plan now.
Dexxa - Måned siden
You are the reason that i imoroved my english understandings. I do this because i wanna watch YOU and no german content creator. I hope you feeling better very very soon and want to thank you for all the great videos! Regards from Germany
Leon Sanchez
Leon Sanchez - Måned siden
You should start doing pilates. It will take care of it in no time.
liviu P
liviu P - Måned siden
Ive got this problem jack! Go to chiropractor and they will adjust you back!
dakotron Dakota
dakotron Dakota - Måned siden
Jack, I literally sit on the floor by the t.v and my tail bone has started hurting lmao. Stopped playing and sitting in my spot, and it already feels better haha
Mel W
Mel W - Måned siden
There is phrase i use with my online friends from other games. "You are here for the game, but you stay for the players". Its not tmi Jack, people are watching you play yes, but they are listening to you chat along with us or your friends and that makes us part of your community. Get well soon mate, i know back pain sucks :)
Brian Honey
Brian Honey - Måned siden
Hope you're feeling better Jack- don't give up, never give in. Keep up the good work man!
Lucas Holthuis
Lucas Holthuis - Måned siden
Hey man, good luck with getting this pain sorted. Hope you get rid of it soon. Really enjoy the content!
Battalon - Måned siden
Thank you for open up your personal struggle.
Insights from time to time is a good think, if it is executed professionally.
I wish you the best health!
Jesus Rios
Jesus Rios - Måned siden
I reason with you, I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I game, study and work from
Home. I like how you get personal... you just became my favorite YouTube
Jetons Canada
Jetons Canada - Måned siden
Nobody mentioned that we can hear swearing on Jack's channel at 2:38 ? Guy sigh and say : "Fuck you."
Syrup Gaming
Syrup Gaming - Måned siden
Cutting the bitrate of a 60-90 min 4K60 stream from 50 to 30 000 bitrate makes YouTube processing the video in around 12hrs rather than days
3y3sho7 - Måned siden
Fuck yes Jack
Chase Kurtz
Chase Kurtz - Måned siden
Get better man!
AMuhsin - Måned siden
Hope u will feel better soon jack 🌹
Smurfgazmik - Måned siden
Why does Ashton look like a woman, Ashton is a male name...
Bula_ZA_AG - Måned siden
Thanks JACKFRAGS! you're the boss!
statutoryape90 - Måned siden
Keep it up bud you are awesome