Call of Duty Warzone will be changed MASSIVELY by Black Ops Cold War!

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Black Ops Cold War will have a big impact on Warzone, but how will it work? A new engine, different gunsmith? Let's take a look! Sponsored by Wargaming. Sign up for Playtest here - Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #ad #COD_Partner
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YoungBeezy - 8 dager siden
What I don’t get is why did they make a new cod already.. warzone is a hit and fairly still new. They should of left it alone for a couple years.
Yogita Kachhawa
Yogita Kachhawa - 9 dager siden
Awesome content hope warzone stays on MW engine
Gold - 11 dager siden
So how is it now Cold war is released ?
Ian Randolph
Ian Randolph - 12 dager siden
YOU NEED TO INSTALL THEM BOTH?! My external ate itself. I only have default space.
Thomas Hawco
Thomas Hawco - 12 dager siden
XFAZE_GX - 14 dager siden
What are you talking about all new call of duty’s use one proprietary engine for all, cold war just uses different assets and animations but it’s the same engine.
XFAZE_GX - 14 dager siden
It was even mentioned when call of duty modern warfare 2019 was announced 🙂
Archaeopteryx 8
Archaeopteryx 8 - 14 dager siden
We need blackout 2 version in warzone. ✌️ warzone is full of noobs walking cruoch all the time is so stupid lol
Jacob kingston
Jacob kingston - 15 dager siden
I fucking fear that treyarch will fuck up warzone somehow
Phoenix Strong
Phoenix Strong - 16 dager siden
Will warzone be playable on Cold War at launch?
UchihaIce - 18 dager siden
when is cold war warzone coming
NoiseFr3ak - 19 dager siden
Im so sad that BO4 Blackout is empty.. That was by far the best BR shooter. Warzone just doesnt feel that good to me.
Jared Careier
Jared Careier - 21 dag siden
Can someone please explain to me the difference between Cod Cold war and Warzone
bizboy5 - 22 dager siden
Can they just get rid of drop shots? I know it must be extremely difficult.....they can't get it right. The "laying down" animation needs to restrict your trigger finger for ONE second...that's all....that's literally all it would take to eliminate the most ridiculous thing COD continues to allow.
eshaan Bidarakoppa
eshaan Bidarakoppa - 22 dager siden
I mean, the A-10 Entered Service in the 70s but using classic Cold War Jets would be more appropriate
Nicolas D
Nicolas D - 23 dager siden
my xbox hearing this: oh no.
Xeni Ibishi
Xeni Ibishi - 26 dager siden
Well if you preorderd cold war you get few guns from cold war in warzone m4 and 1 other cant remeber.
Conner Hofer
Conner Hofer - 28 dager siden
So when you upgrade a weapon in Cold War will it upgrade it in Warzone?
Alex Colwell
Alex Colwell - 29 dager siden
Its october 27th now and still no new warzone news. I'm getting kind of worried 😕😕
Miguel - 29 dager siden
so they are making MODERN warfare "older" ???
m jordansss
m jordansss - Måned siden
so will we have an fov slider now?
GybGyb - Måned siden
This shit is about to be a mess..
Exquizite Fff
Exquizite Fff - Måned siden
So basically MP is on a different engine than warzone is going to be? This will be interesting
Haze II
Haze II - Måned siden
so is warzone gonna switch to cold war graphics? I wonder how they're gonna manage that... Imo mw animations and graphics are way better
Hallo Jutuhb
Hallo Jutuhb - Måned siden
The A-10 is a cold war plane, dude.
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez - Måned siden
Will you be able to download warzone for Cold War like mw? Because I’m considering buying Cold War instead of mw
Cangriii _
Cangriii _ - Måned siden
I’m rlly confused, is there going to be a battle Royale on Cold War or they gonna put things from Cold War in warzone??? Pls someone help
Ethan Lewis
Ethan Lewis - Måned siden
forget warzone, we want blackout 2.0
Daniel Trimble
Daniel Trimble - Måned siden
War zone from mw will be the same from cw
Daniel Trimble
Daniel Trimble - Måned siden
So will mw still be played by a lot of people
Daniel Trimble
Daniel Trimble - Måned siden
So let me get this straight
St. Peter
St. Peter - Måned siden
people who bought the 2,400 coin bundle today belike:😂😢😭
RΘRΦ - Måned siden
They should just convert the whole game to the modern warfare engine
Dookie Juice
Dookie Juice - Måned siden
They will ruin warzone just look at the beta movement and gunplay
mguarin912 - Måned siden
I have this feeling the franchise is about to shit all over itself.
Logan - Måned siden
This still doesnt answer the one question I have. If they are bringing COD Cold war stuff to Warzone. And the battle pass and everything. Then how does that affect Modern Warfare? Does it not affect it at all? This is the only question I really have. I have only had the game for some months now, and I have tons left to do in it.
Carlonanix - Måned siden
Will I be able to use Ghost and Captain Price in the Cold War multiplayer?
TJ Vlogs
TJ Vlogs - Måned siden
Please no, Battle Royal games are actually fuckin stupid
Isaiah Stark
Isaiah Stark - Måned siden
I really hope they change the movement in warzone to more to like the movement in the beta and alpha
Horrifying Panda Cakes
Horrifying Panda Cakes - Måned siden
Guys if i have already downloaded warzone so should i delete it? Bc cold war got its own warzone....please answer m very confused!🥺
Jonuel Alvarado
Jonuel Alvarado - Måned siden
I believe they run on the same engine. So that’s why this is posible. You can make diferente types of graphic details and gameplays on the same engine.
Cash Drewski
Cash Drewski - Måned siden
Praying for a switch to the Cold War engine.
DEESWAGG 24 - Måned siden
Are u crazy
N!Mm0 - Måned siden
Modern warfare will be the best cod for awhile now
Projekt Unsterbliches Reich
Im gonna stay on warzone
Huell Babushka
Huell Babushka - Måned siden
So the sleep deprevation i have probably didnt help me understand how its gonna work better but i have a question, will you have do download cold war to still play warzone or will updates just come to the current mw warzone we have right now and we can just keep playing on that? And i think if they would keep adding all weapons available in cold war the game would just become so confusing that it would straigh up be frustrating.
Landon Ohle
Landon Ohle - Måned siden
I wish they would make a new warzone every game instead of keeping the same one
Exquizite Fff
Exquizite Fff - Måned siden
Your nuts
don ofchennai
don ofchennai - Måned siden
madden 20
Johnny - Måned siden
I think it's gotta be 2 separate games within warzone
Donkey - Måned siden
They should maybe just make a cod and just update it idk that’s just me
Shawn Mahoney
Shawn Mahoney - Måned siden
f warzone. I wanted a blackout style battle royale
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay - Måned siden
Yes, please just keep working on what Infinity Ward has built.. no new engines and gimmicks
isla Fitzgerald
isla Fitzgerald - Måned siden
War zone is ready looking forward to see the changes
Wesley Hulscher
Wesley Hulscher - Måned siden
Game is still going to be more of the same...
Gucci Viton
Gucci Viton - Måned siden
This shit is so lazy
Crunchy Bombed
Crunchy Bombed - Måned siden
Nah I think I’ll like how Cold War plays better and I’d want a new war zone map
Lucid - 2 måneder siden
If cold war warzone is free imma be so happy
Dirk Huber
Dirk Huber - 2 måneder siden
I honestly regret buying the new cold war game when all I play is warzone now.
EGaming _
EGaming _ - 2 måneder siden
You pre order to get woods? Not unlock him?
MaliciousEndz - 2 måneder siden
I can’t believe there are people that actually thought MW was good. Its utter shit. I guess the same ones complaining are the same ones that camp with claymores and shotguns for hours straight claiming it to be “ the best Cod in a ling time”. Its trash
Aids Monkey
Aids Monkey - 2 måneder siden
Poopie Stinky
Poopie Stinky - 2 måneder siden
Cw is better than modern warfare
Before Tax
Before Tax - 2 måneder siden
CW was kinda poor honestly
Ricky Woods
Ricky Woods - 2 måneder siden
2 engines at the same time is fucking stupid
Chap WillyTV
Chap WillyTV - 2 måneder siden
Warzone plays terrible, the ttk is still too fast that would be a dumb suggestion frags if u think they should keep it the same. Joe cecot and the butt plug gang fucking ruined this francise forever anyway because Cold War absolutely sucks!! Only good thing will be campaign and zombies, the map MIAMI SUCKS AND THE GAME IS TERRIBLE BRO!!
Lockheed C-130 Hercules
Lockheed C-130 Hercules - 2 måneder siden
This seems complicated tbh
Michael - 2 måneder siden
When do you get a 2-3 hours squad or third uploaded. I miss it so hard the last week. Pls more vid.
Thanks 🙏🏼
Mitchell Webb
Mitchell Webb - 2 måneder siden
My question is will you play warzone on the MW disk or the BO disk? With the BO changes to WZ will you need to have the BO installed just to be able to play WZ on MW?
eSKAone - 2 måneder siden
I said it a year ago, and I'll say it again: "I will never have to buy a new CoD again."🙂
Treyarchs tech is inferior anyway.
eSKAone - 2 måneder siden
Treyarchs tech is inferior.
TML - 2 måneder siden
Will it still have modern warfare completionist camos
Melliodas Gaming
Melliodas Gaming - 2 måneder siden
Hiii check up my channel 😁 sniping vids are there
Craig Perkins
Craig Perkins - 2 måneder siden
Sigh. I much prefer blackout. Oh well I'll be staying on multiplayer. I don't like m.w.
Jordan Rodriguez
Jordan Rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
Leave Warzone for the newbs that like to buy their friends back. Make BLACKOUT 2 for the love of Christ. And have more sneaky little surprises and dark ops challenges. Come on Treyarch if they put jungle, dome, die rise, and Havana on it oof
UZKxDEATHSTROKE - 2 måneder siden
Well that count in zombies too? Cuz I would love MW weapons in Zombies!
Ramon Cestero
Ramon Cestero - 2 måneder siden
dont like it they need to make a new battle royal
Kris Rob
Kris Rob - 2 måneder siden
Wait I’m on Xbox right now but getting ps5 does that mean in warzone everyone will still have all the weapons maxed out and I have to start from scratch again, I thought a completely new battle royal was coming out separate from mw warzone someone help
Shookrew - 2 måneder siden
So maybe this time 150 gb update?
tcziebell - 2 måneder siden
But will you have to buy the new game to play warzone? Or will warzone still be a free to play and you just carry on buying the battle pass?
Sirdingmydong - 2 måneder siden
I'm glad they are keeping the same engine and stuff. Gotta say, I'm not impressed with the way the gunplay/gameplay looks in cold war. Just looks the way call of duty was before Modern warfare 2019, which is a downgrade if you ask me.
CITIZ3n Z NY - 2 måneder siden
lol same game engine
ImJustFrenzy - 2 måneder siden
I wouldn't sign up for the game... It caused multiple spam emails (over 100+) and had my account taken and had to get google support get it back for me, not worth it tbh
Carl Phillips
Carl Phillips - 2 måneder siden
When this game is out... all I want to know is will there be a massive map with shot loads of players like warzone?? Tell me now bitches
Sam King
Sam King - 2 måneder siden
So many paste eaters in this comment section
K R - 2 måneder siden
In regards to changing them not changing how warzone feels/plays since we have been playing it for 7-9 months the same is going to apply once people start switching to cold war. It will feel weird to play WZ. Right now WZ feels good bc your used to playing MW. Once all you play is CW, WZ will feel off. Id much rather have them update the WZ mechanics to match the latest cod rather than it seem off. Not that it will happen but it would be nice.
MOZZARELLA - 2 måneder siden
I'm just excited for 2021 Modern Warfare 2. The epic return
Jamess Pete
Jamess Pete - 2 måneder siden
Just PERMANENTLY ban hackers. That's all we want.
dave chin
dave chin - 2 måneder siden
the A-10 first flew prior to the f-15, but the f-15 entered service about a year prior (early 1976 vs 77). Maybe if they used f-4 phantoms....
Dimitrios Desmos
Dimitrios Desmos - 2 måneder siden
This is what will upgrade this game, i been playing games for 40 years.....1: MORE REALSTIC shot to the head and you are DEAD....compensate with helmet if you want. 2: More realistic movement, some of the movement is ridiculous, human beings dont move that (this is a general problem with games though) how people move on the street with how players move in COD....photorealism is half the story, total realism wins it. 3: instead of 4 per group,...50 vs 50, like in Battlefront Star massive battlefield with 50 vs 50 , Those that win are those that control the largest map area at the end of the game. 4. Lets get some Tanks in the game, and mortars....
Reload Gaming Videos
Reload Gaming Videos - 2 måneder siden
The A10 has been around since the 70s so I don't think they will need to change it, considering it's mostly a ground support aircraft anyway unlike the F15 and Mig29 which are air superiority aircraft.
Zahir Millard
Zahir Millard - 2 måneder siden
Your gameplay is distracting
Garrett Dean
Garrett Dean - 2 måneder siden
The A-10 thunderbolt began service in the 1976, so it can stay
Alton Caldwell
Alton Caldwell - 2 måneder siden
There should be unique guns in warzone that you cant unlock anywhere else and if you win a game with them you can keep them and use in multiplayer and warzone, like guns from older cods that everyone liked
Kasra - 2 måneder siden
Well what will happen when the mw mechanics get outdated?
H M - 2 måneder siden
Don't fix what ain't broke....
Anthony Cross
Anthony Cross - 2 måneder siden
Does this mean when cold war comes out there gonna still update warzone regularly until the next infinity ward cod comes out
Nicolas S
Nicolas S - 2 måneder siden
basically, but it won't be new MW weapons, they'll be cold war weapons. for example during MW, each new season we'd get a MW weapon like the Fennec or the AN94, but now instead of MW weapons we'll get CW weapons like the SPAS or the L96
Christoph Egger
Christoph Egger - 2 måneder siden
Its much more likely that we will just get another battle royal map:
Verdansk = MW Warzone (MW Engine)
NewMap = CW Warzone (CW Engine)
Joe Park
Joe Park - 2 måneder siden
A-10 was in active use in the 1980's so it doesn't seem necessary to swap it out for the tactical airstrike. Maybe and Su-25 Frogfoot for the Russians though.
Rod Sims
Rod Sims - 2 måneder siden
Makes sense that they will just make a 1980s version of the map. 2020 is just the modern looking version
Lewis B
Lewis B - 2 måneder siden
Blackout > Warzone
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 2 måneder siden
So my sbmm will be transferred to cold war wtf.
Doug Burton
Doug Burton - 2 måneder siden
Good info but you might want to rethink the idea that a Mig 29 or F-15 is the Cold War version of an A-10, All of those aircraft are from the same era and while the Mig or the F-15 can play a ground support role, they would never provide close support like an A-10.
David Elder
David Elder - 2 måneder siden
Now I wish I did not pre-ordered the game. I do not plan on playing multiplayer ever. Multiplayer is dead to me.
Knights of the Nine
Knights of the Nine - 2 måneder siden
Wow this makes no sense