Call of Duty Warzone Xbox Series X Gameplay and More! ( 4K 60 FPS )

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COD Warzone next gen update has released. PS5 and Xbox Series X gameplay in this video as well as Private games, RCXD, new game modes, operators and more! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store.
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Alvin Sia
Alvin Sia - 9 timer siden
Does the texture pack work if its installed on external hard drive?
Otacon - 6 dager siden
1:18 It definitely doesn't look like ultra on PC, more like medium textures. They clearly are using a lot of manipulation of settings to get the FPS higher, I can see for example, that tessellation is very close, draw distance is not going as far as on pc, and the FOV is low. Other settings like anti-aliasing, it's not filmic, its something else. Also in some instances to me it looks like the resolution is going slightly adaptive?? But all in all, it's great for a console for sure.
GamingWithMercy - 6 dager siden
The Xbox series X gives a cleaner image take a look 2:10 look at the road and compare it when the image changes way better
lovelifenoites - 7 dager siden
COD is love CoD is life like always playing with own playlist that has Delta Parole or some McR. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzz
r3aperGAMING - 7 dager siden
25GB for a texture pac lol 😂
gamer 123
gamer 123 - 8 dager siden
On my series x warzone is 73gb...
Rexnor17 - 10 dager siden
Why when you play console are you against such plebs? They just stand there and get shot. I play against ninja motherfuckers. They never peek rooftops or aim like crap
Luis Fernando De La Mora
Luis Fernando De La Mora - 10 dager siden
Should I stay with my tv 4k 60 fps or buy a monitor 27 inches 1080 at 120 fps?
Ninjachickenfingers - 11 dager siden
Wish I could play against the bots that controller jack frags gets put into games with lol
Rui PTG - 11 dager siden
Still no FOV slider D:
Devin Terrio
Devin Terrio - 11 dager siden
Oooh verdansk roleplay server?
cyphersuit1 - 12 dager siden
The terrible pop up from ps4pro has been eliminated i guess?
JustAlbin - 12 dager siden
i came across that killstreak in warzone but i couldn't pick it up for some reason.
Seth Williamson
Seth Williamson - 12 dager siden
the gun covers the bottom part of the r in warzone so it looks like wapzone😂
aalhaeuter - 12 dager siden
2:23 I think you mixed up PS5 with the Xbox Series X in the top right corner.
mr lower caps
mr lower caps - 12 dager siden
Its 120fps on xboxsx!!!!
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson - 12 dager siden
Rebirth is the new map coming in the next 60 days. It is basically a nuked map of verdansk I believe.
Shakie 42
Shakie 42 - 12 dager siden
Wait so when the PS5 version of Warzone comes out in December will it support 120 FPS like Cold War?? Pls let me know
Vlad Guran
Vlad Guran - 12 dager siden
I already got the rc car, but i got killed before using ir
Harly Slamm
Harly Slamm - 12 dager siden
I cant tell the difference, it looks the same as my Samsung S5 resolution
Sebztano - 12 dager siden
Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone else have this issue with their Xbox series X. When 120hz is enabled on my Series X the game (Warzone) starts to stutter, it’s so frustrating.. please tell me if you have also experienced it and what you think could be the problem
Sebztano - 11 dager siden
@xAttICUs it does, I have a gaming monitor
xAttICUs - 11 dager siden
Does your TV support 120hz?
Dennis Hui
Dennis Hui - 12 dager siden
The movement is so slow on console no jk.....
Bryson Gooden
Bryson Gooden - 12 dager siden
me watching in 720p on my phone (yeah these new 4k graphics are fire)
lalo 1245567899413aqwp197
lalo 1245567899413aqwp197 - 13 dager siden
This guy plays like a bot
Mr Peen
Mr Peen - 13 dager siden
Anybody help me, I am running this game on series x and it has screen tearing when I am set to 120hz. I am using a hdmi 2.1 display and this game should be capped at 60 but for some reason it gets tears.
Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams - 13 dager siden
Saw this contract in the Battle Royale practice mode and completed it, it does give you an RC-XD but when you detonate it, it releases gas.
Daniel Alejandro
Daniel Alejandro - 13 dager siden
what’s this gameplay lmao step up
Lucas Molina
Lucas Molina - 13 dager siden
Not runs at 120hz?
Ballistic GamerMan
Ballistic GamerMan - 13 dager siden
Wait series x only is gonna play only in 60 FPS WTH I wanted at least 120 FPS man...
Daydreamer DE
Daydreamer DE - 13 dager siden
Hast anyone Tested the high res Pack for Xbox one x and can tell how well it runs
Oliver Fite
Oliver Fite - 13 dager siden
I can’t wait to get my ass handed to me on a silver platter in 4K!!! 😁
Ian D.
Ian D. - 13 dager siden
This is gonna look great on my 720 p tv !
Zsolt Hajdú
Zsolt Hajdú - 13 dager siden
120fps update is coming for next gen consoles?
TonyS - 13 dager siden
Still not better than pc but congrats to all console players for getting better resolution and higher fps!
It'sYaBotBoi - 13 dager siden
Weird that I have to spend $500 to clearly see enemies, they look like they're made of clay on the og Xbox one and ps4
John B
John B - 13 dager siden
I guarantee Rebirth is a game mode that is like Zombies.
GaMeRioT - 13 dager siden
Love the video 😍😍👏👏🏻
Lilskruf - 14 dager siden
Obviously used a reverse boosted lobby. Was it really necessary for this gameplay?
Sean Yamamoto
Sean Yamamoto - 14 dager siden
Ur a bot
augie - 14 dager siden
What's your favorite gun in Warzone
Shadow Maker
Shadow Maker - 14 dager siden
the FOV almost made me sick.
great comparison. much love!
Raphael B.
Raphael B. - 14 dager siden
Did they buffed C4? It feels way better
Allen T
Allen T - 14 dager siden
When he plays on console he’s playing a lobby full of me’s but when I play on console I’m playing a lobby full of PC Jacks
Victor Valencia
Victor Valencia - 14 dager siden
Cold War was said to run in dynamic 4k 120 fps. Didn't believe it but we'll see tonight
David Sage
David Sage - 14 dager siden
Is that a perk where u see the nameplates?
Troy Rollano Esteban
Troy Rollano Esteban - 14 dager siden
I was also able to do the detection contract in the battle royale practice
Truehopper TTV
Truehopper TTV - 14 dager siden
Can you change FOV on new Xbox warzone?
Barret Andersson
Barret Andersson - 14 dager siden
More frames please. Not pixels
zztzgza - 14 dager siden
Would rather have a netcode patch before a high resolution patch tbh. Priorities.
Ryan Scheib
Ryan Scheib - 14 dager siden
So the new consoles can't get more then 60fps. I thought they were supposed to be getting 120.
Davato - 14 dager siden
Its real the easiest way to get the rcxd is going into practice battle royale mode
Itzik BH
Itzik BH - 14 dager siden
Harrison2400 - 14 dager siden
Rebirth Island ?
Eddie Valdi
Eddie Valdi - 14 dager siden
Use to enjoy playing war zone a lot till it kept crashing my database, now it’s the only fucking game my ps4 wouldn’t work well with. I hate the fact that those who actually bought the game has more problems than those who just have WZ
shroudedstew 1
shroudedstew 1 - 14 dager siden
I'm running 1080 at 120 and it runs like butter. I notice it drop down a little under 120fps if you were droping from the plane
Mr. Personed
Mr. Personed - 14 dager siden
The detection contract is only in battle royale practice it is a real thing
Julian - 14 dager siden
series x its actually a beast :o
Steven Bacallao
Steven Bacallao - 14 dager siden
How come Xbox store says 120 fps in the technical capabilities?
samuel berard
samuel berard - 14 dager siden
Wow sick , after just stop fucking people over a machine you could just call a pc
Callsign Chaos
Callsign Chaos - 14 dager siden
The best part about waiting to buy a next gen console is by the time I want to buy mine, all of the games that it can run, should already have made their graphics/gameplay updates and such to better support the next gen hardware.
I’m traveling for the next 3 months but when I get back home, I’ll buy my ps5 and a nice 75-80 inch tv to go along with it.
Benjamin Bouchard
Benjamin Bouchard - 14 dager siden
Are you playing bots, sorry man but your game game seems off
sirmank 99
sirmank 99 - 14 dager siden
So how many fps ps5 provides?
Skyler Parsley
Skyler Parsley - 14 dager siden
“4K 60fps” bro even high end pcs struggle with 60fps at 4K and you really think these dogshit 700$ consoles can handle that? Sure with adaptive resolution you can, but stop lying this ain’t no true 4K
Pringle’s & Bleach
Pringle’s & Bleach - 14 dager siden
I just want to see 1080p 120fps bro....
NoItsMyHead - 14 dager siden
ill wait for the next gpu gen because I'll stick with my 165hz 1080p for a long time and I would like to play 144hz 4K in the future.
Mike - 14 dager siden
Great video. What are all of the weapons you were using in this video and the setup for them?
sacred bridge
sacred bridge - 14 dager siden
i don't understand how the gameplay in this video. Wtf was up with those players? my lobbies are rediculous
Wenatchee Hoosier
Wenatchee Hoosier - 14 dager siden
Looks the exact same
Ramsify - 14 dager siden
He’s chetin
Atramedess - 14 dager siden
All the comments are like 🤦‍♂️, that patch is just for space management in case you want some free space in your hard drive, the game it’s like 200GB so if you have some extra space then you can download this patch, this is NOT a patch for PS5 or Series X
VFX Todd
VFX Todd - 14 dager siden
I'm all for fancy new graphics with the new consoles. But, with COD new consoles almost always lead to the same ole lag. Personally, I'd rather go back to the days of pixelated graphics if it means smoother game play and less lag. COD: World At War was one of the best games I ever played. And it performed better than most CODs have since.
Canal Beto✅
Canal Beto✅ - 14 dager siden
SERIEX X : Dude, the ROCK looks so REALISTIC.
Matheus Abreu
Matheus Abreu - 14 dager siden
I like how we are kinda going back to the N64 era where you could play games on higher resolutions depending on the expansion pack. I feel like we are on a 2.0 version of that era of consoles, and it makes me feel filled with nostalgia somehow
Johan Brosef
Johan Brosef - 14 dager siden
Hej Jack, what are your thoughts about PS5 not having 1440p from get go and letting Xbox have that head start at launch? Thanks for good content as usual!
Francis powell
Francis powell - 14 dager siden
Hahahahha.. PS5 cant render native 4k. Sure no one cares about 4k but.....I guess 12tf really does make a difference lol
B1GBUD2007 - 14 dager siden
There was a 40GB update on PC.

My 240GB SSD: Nope
AllMountainBiker2020 - 14 dager siden
Is not Series X Gameplay 👎👎👎
KliveKushOfficial - 14 dager siden
So would PS5 players have advantage over ps4 users when playing warzone?
knotbfc1 - 14 dager siden
There is also a new drone with a C4 attached to it. Found it in a bunker, check the subreddit guys 👍
Kevin Crockett
Kevin Crockett - 14 dager siden
What TV are you using?
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Jeff - 14 dager siden
how are u kill an albanian 0:08
Toby Weeks
Toby Weeks - 14 dager siden
Is he playing against bots? Lol
ATeamFan007 - 14 dager siden
Can I join a lobby with bots to?
Aaron Henson
Aaron Henson - 14 dager siden
Only 60 FPS
Marz Pro_Bro
Marz Pro_Bro - 14 dager siden
For me I can put 120fps and it looks smoother
thomas Csihar
thomas Csihar - 14 dager siden
80fov looks painfully slow
Statystyk - 14 dager siden
I believe Your expectations are to high,these console's are not going to run 2k 120 maybe and it's a big maybe 1080p 120
fatima malik
fatima malik - 14 dager siden
Grandmaster Gray Jedi
Grandmaster Gray Jedi - 14 dager siden
I just want a Favela BR map
Peter Ratliff
Peter Ratliff - 14 dager siden
Aaaaand COD still sucks
A Snack
A Snack - 14 dager siden
Playing multiplayer on 30 or 60 FPS should be banned 😆
Pc rootz
Pc rootz - 14 dager siden
Lool 60fps only?? Where is the 120fps lies 🤣🤣
Pc rootz
Pc rootz - 14 dager siden
I run wz 185-200 on my rtx2080 super on medium which I console fan boys will never experience even at ps6 haha
Marz Pro_Bro
Marz Pro_Bro - 14 dager siden
I can run 120
Lee - 14 dager siden
Cold war is rumoured to have a FOV slider for console, after years for you guys it might be finally happening. So Hyped for cold war!!
Clapbox 81Z28
Clapbox 81Z28 - 14 dager siden
Wow now it looks like it did on my pc
futbolfan27 - 14 dager siden
I just want to play in 120 FPS but don’t have enough to get a PC. Oddly enough the next gen consoles are the most economical choice but they need to give us more features. I’m not gonna buy them if I don’t get a useful performance boost.
DR -fa9l
DR -fa9l - 14 dager siden
that will cost 900 GB
M Hayner
M Hayner - 14 dager siden
60fps pmsl glad I'm a pc gamer
YourWaifuIsTrash - 14 dager siden
4K 60 FPS is a joke to pc tbh watch and see next year pc will run 8k 60 and in 7 years higher and in 7 years console will run 8k 60 FPS
Paully.G - 14 dager siden
fucking hell they love these updates taking up more space dont they? Do they know how to cut size down😂
Randy Bobandy
Randy Bobandy - 14 dager siden
Out of stock everywhere in the U.K. I don’t know a single person who’s got one. No retailers even announce prior to when they’re going to be available so how do we get one? Does anybody know which retailers are going to have more stock and when?
Ty - 14 dager siden
I got the high res pack on my One X and don’t see much of a difference