Call of Duty Warzone - Zombie Hunting with Jacksepticeye !

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COD Warzone Zombie mode is Phenomenal, especially when you play with someone new to the mode! Having fun with @jacksepticeye in this one, hope you guys like it. Use code JACKFRAGS in the store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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eric whitlow
eric whitlow - 2 dager siden
IIRC all hollows eve is supposed to be when the veil between the realm of the living and the dead is the thinnest.
Lone Silver StAg
Lone Silver StAg - 4 dager siden
Dumb question alert 🚨 Is this part of the new COD Cold War?
Latoya Ritchie
Latoya Ritchie - 13 dager siden
Jack is an og
Lauren Silberman
Lauren Silberman - 17 dager siden
what is the best shot gun
Attarik Maulana
Attarik Maulana - 20 dager siden
Love to see jack play with jack
RatMouse55 - 26 dager siden
Tommy2Shoes - 26 dager siden
1:01 I’m dead
BJY Videos
BJY Videos - 27 dager siden
When Jack killed the one “with a family”, I realized they were the #1 cause of fatherless homes
Neil Johnson
Neil Johnson - 27 dager siden
How is your kilo only level 28 when you play this all the time? Thought you had this max level
Unknown Ghostslayer
Unknown Ghostslayer - 27 dager siden
He’s on a different account
Saggy Chunks
Saggy Chunks - 27 dager siden
Back to circle map?
nick stanz
nick stanz - 27 dager siden
love the reference to the first saw movie
Agent327 - 27 dager siden
Actually they don’t stop after all 16 I found out the hard way
Veunic - 28 dager siden
it never stops....
Diana Maioru
Diana Maioru - 28 dager siden
This is beautiful. I love the Jack & Jack duo! 😘
Yusuf TIRTIR - 28 dager siden
Hi jack...Ghost train 🤔💀💀💀☠☠ no real was so funny
Christian Lhyle Nulada
Christian Lhyle Nulada - 28 dager siden
I can't actually tell who is talking.
Bot Phong 1337
Bot Phong 1337 - 28 dager siden
"i want to play a game"
Huh you have a good life and i live without a tv and a pc
Tremolo Truong
Tremolo Truong - 28 dager siden
So nice of Jack to help out small aspiring creators like this. I hope that Septic guy blows up, he's good at video games.
Dry Saliva
Dry Saliva - 28 dager siden
This game is beautiful
carlsong643 - 28 dager siden
14:37 what optic is that??
Unknown Ghostslayer
Unknown Ghostslayer - 27 dager siden
It’s the last one for the an-94 it’s a thermal
smokeygingerman - 29 dager siden
Great English accent's lads :)
Martin Bredi
Martin Bredi - 29 dager siden
Why plays jack with a new acc?
Vox Tox
Vox Tox - 29 dager siden
Would love to see a live stream with you two and j listen to you guys talk uninterrupted just like a chill warzone stream with you two that would be solid
charlie fruirtbat
charlie fruirtbat - 29 dager siden
We all miss battlefield
Ulrik Strand
Ulrik Strand - 29 dager siden
The oirish!
Craig - 29 dager siden
I hope they make a game mode where zombies just spawn around the map like in bo4
Monygy _
Monygy _ - 29 dager siden
Are we going to ignore how good Sean’s Saw impression was?
Diana Maioru
Diana Maioru - 28 dager siden
He’s sooo good at impressions!
Hehe I see ya little Dude
Hehe I see ya little Dude - 28 dager siden
I don’t. Play this cod so I thought that it was real until I heard a joke
Hehe I see ya little Dude
Hehe I see ya little Dude - 28 dager siden
Dude exactly nobody’s talking about it lol
Paras Nayyar
Paras Nayyar - 29 dager siden
Jack and Jack, more iconic than crafting table and furnace.
Jugg Chugger
Jugg Chugger - 29 dager siden
Jack plus Jack equals dubs
Crispy 123
Crispy 123 - 29 dager siden
Mate you store name
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine - 29 dager siden
I felt the same way with that jump scare, I'm going to miss this game mode.
Roadrunner - 29 dager siden
Jackfrags reverse boosting with a new account?
garrett aguiar
garrett aguiar - 29 dager siden
I really would love to see this game mode stick around all year. It's gotten me back into warzone
GraysonKade - 29 dager siden
This was awesome but they should have made the zombies stronger. In the patch notes tit claimed their mele was going to be extra strong but it was weaker than a guy just dropped in wit a pistol. Hah. It takes like 4-5 swipes as a zombie to even down a human and by that time you're melted. How can it take 2 mele hits with a weapon to down somebody in normal mode but 5 mele attacks to down somebody as a supposedly more powerful mele zombie?
It just created no incentive to stay a zombie and go hunting people and killing them because you just die so fast. So people just immediately go for the syringes so they can come back a human. They should have made the zombies powerful so you'd want to stay a zombie for a while and hunt down and rack up human kills. So good mode but missed opportunity for it to be even better.
A Random Guy
A Random Guy - 29 dager siden
Yo jack played with jack again
fraggin out
fraggin out - Måned siden
bro dem zombies messed with MY FAVORITE POTATO im gonna go on a ghost hunt now
David Duarte
David Duarte - Måned siden
Jack an jack so meta
Gamerboy 584
Gamerboy 584 - Måned siden
No Jack you still get jump scares once you get the blueprint I still get them
R B - Måned siden
Halloween - October 31, yes is made by the Celts but every culture that doesn’t have abrahamic roots has a celebration for their dead.
Ryan Osborne
Ryan Osborne - Måned siden
Worst zombies ever dude weakk af .... why are they so weak .... they are zombies 2 hits down .... like i wish fucking real zombies gave us this much life fuckkking wack .... you’re supposed to be scared of them instead you’re scared as one .... smh with my earphones on .... please someone make a game that better someone save us from wack call of duty
EyesOfByes - Måned siden
The zombies sound like Andrybirds
sabrina sanders
sabrina sanders - Måned siden
"Watch the train!* **splat**. HAHA... Honestly I laugh everytime that Jack plays with ya. Great team and awesome dialogue!
David Hunsicker
David Hunsicker - Måned siden
you would thnk they would have a green hazard circle for zombie spawns and not whole map.. but to each there own
n3s4r1 - Måned siden
greetings from germany!✌🎃
Monster RR
Monster RR - Måned siden
This game has been boring as ball sacks since they removed armoured trucks! And the zombie mode SUCKS how about a REAL zombie mode teaming all the players against ACTUAL zombies. Just plain stupid
ThatCruckov - Måned siden
Ive collcted all 16 and I still get these scares when opening boxes. Although its more rare.
Freddy Micah
Freddy Micah - Måned siden
what gun is jackfrags using?
Joel Hernandez
Joel Hernandez - Måned siden
Jackfrags alt account?
SKY SCANTLAN - Måned siden
4:20 you still get jump scared but it's just less frequent
Andrej Holeva
Andrej Holeva - Måned siden
When you think about it warzone is like hunger games
s1mon2k - Måned siden
s u b t o m e
Milligramms - Måned siden
Great Fun !
『 You 』
『 You 』 - Måned siden
so nobody is gonna talk about that seizure at 11:46?
Arim Oh
Arim Oh - Måned siden
English man has a truce and plays Call of Duty Warzone with Irish man
Aiden Barry
Aiden Barry - Måned siden
No cap I'm 60% Irish and Scottish Gaelic, and my Birthday is Halloween
Josh Garcia Gomez
Josh Garcia Gomez - Måned siden
The jacks have finally United
Avres - Måned siden
14:34 It's For You Guys
504Jroc - Måned siden
Idk how many people know this but if you real enough to use the rytec w/explosive rounds it one taps zombies 🙃.... I love it especially the kill coms
Julian Smart
Julian Smart - Måned siden
HDR sounding sooo mean
Dan McGuire
Dan McGuire - Måned siden
Another collab with Jack, nice!
Balanar6236 - Måned siden
Jack playing with Shaun of the dead
Ryhmmes - Måned siden
good hunting
Jiří Marvan
Jiří Marvan - Måned siden
14:32 been there, done that
John Jones
John Jones - Måned siden
they need to keep this mode in, but they wont which is annoying
I'm Chez
I'm Chez - Måned siden
can you play with jack again jack ok jack? Thanks jack :)
PaulD - Måned siden
Last circle is too much
Karanveer Singh
Karanveer Singh - Måned siden
How is ur mp7 not leveled up 3:55 thought that was ur fav gun new account??
tmac sauce
tmac sauce - Måned siden
you make such amazing videos and have such an amazing vibe ive been watching you since the dayz mod days keep it up bro
Neeraj4Games - Måned siden
Dope 🔥
Rvgd G
Rvgd G - Måned siden
Oh no double jacks how many jacks are there ?
Tom Long
Tom Long - Måned siden
Sean's English accent is still better than Karl Urban's.
Dreamz - Måned siden
what monitor you have?
Akuma Zymaki
Akuma Zymaki - Måned siden
The real train hitting Jack was the best
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - Måned siden
The problem is the jump scares don’t stop when you collect all 16 crates, THEY DON’T STOP!
thisismalus - Måned siden
Ok imma correct you. The Celts were not just in Scotland and Ireland they were also mostly in England and it was thought to be when the dead come alive for a night so children would dress up to hide amongst them. Yeh celtic people had a strong area in places like the south east and Suffolk in england
Z3r0CooL - Måned siden
I’ve had all 16.. they never stop
Dylan Skutches
Dylan Skutches - Måned siden
Jack on the bunny game
Spreik - Måned siden
Hey man can you watch some of my vids? Let me know what you think?
Kyle Lombardi
Kyle Lombardi - Måned siden
Did I miss something, how do you guys know each other??
PerfectChaosdoesntEx - Måned siden
It's a ghost train...*SPLAT* HAHAHAH I DIED
PhatKloudz - Måned siden
They don’t stop though when you get all 16! I’m still getting jump scared 😭😭😭
Matt Ayala
Matt Ayala - Måned siden
Seán playing Warzone, never thought I’d see the day lol
Joan Zuniga
Joan Zuniga - Måned siden
jack plays with jack
Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor - Måned siden
Why are you leveling a kilo tho? Are you playing on a different account for better lobby?
Donovan Livingston
Donovan Livingston - Måned siden
Did I miss something or is this a blank, new account
K - Måned siden
Hey why are you playing on a new account? Your kilo ranked up so many times?
K - Måned siden
Ok. Commentary was great! Love all the references and voices. Also, this is THE best cod mode ever. I pray it becomes permanent.
Mubeen Ahmed Jawad
Mubeen Ahmed Jawad - Måned siden
14:34 goteeeeeeeem
Eric Marsh
Eric Marsh - Måned siden
thy should have kept the zombie the whole round. 2 teams also trying to survive a horde too
Anthony and Nikita
Anthony and Nikita - Måned siden
go to super store
callsignvibe - Måned siden
Billy pull your socks up!
Thomas Wolff
Thomas Wolff - Måned siden
Ghost Train 😂😂
tomas bosch
tomas bosch - Måned siden
Its time for the Jacks to shine
The Life Of Pablawz
The Life Of Pablawz - Måned siden
Are you playing on a new account Jack? Surprised to see kilo unlocks and levelling to 28.
sacred bridge
sacred bridge - Måned siden
ive opened all 16 crates and I still get the tricks from the boxes
arrshyan - Måned siden
More Boopy Doopy please very funny
mc donald trump
mc donald trump - Måned siden
The most ambitious crossover event.
Michael Aiello
Michael Aiello - Måned siden
i love all the saw and jigsaw is great too
Eric Payne
Eric Payne - Måned siden
I want that zombie model as a skin or this mode in cod mobile