Call of Duty Warzone Zombies are INSANE!

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COD Warzone Halloween event is now live with Zombies, Night map, SAW, Leatherface and more crazy new things. Let's check it out with @2angrygamers Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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jackfrags - Måned siden
Apologies for the abrupt ending, my internet dropped out! Hope you guys enjoyed this though, and thanks for watching :)
Luna Petunia
Luna Petunia - Måned siden
I hate you 😠
Ghoul Syco
Ghoul Syco - Måned siden
Can you please watch my latest video and tell me what you think?
David Williams
David Williams - Måned siden
Spooky ending mate😉
Gerardo Leon
Gerardo Leon - Måned siden
Brits mentioned Shaun of the dead that is super meta
Retrofire - Måned siden
What happened to that fiber internet ;) For what you pay, I'd be pisssed
Kick Starter
Kick Starter - 21 time siden
great content
Terry Inthapanya
Terry Inthapanya - Dag siden
I'll sub now ok
John Paul
John Paul - 4 dager siden
Fun fact:The rytec amr with explosive rounds can one shot a zombie even if hits on limbs
Kristina Moreno
Kristina Moreno - 6 dager siden
jack can i have your acount
VIBEWITJOJO - 11 dager siden
R u playing this on the computer?
WhiteBoi ElSuecco
WhiteBoi ElSuecco - 13 dager siden
Its cool but isnt it a complete tio off of dying light?
carryoutmoth #1
carryoutmoth #1 - 15 dager siden
How the fuck are people playing zombies in warzone there ant no game mode for it.
Ismael Bouissef
Ismael Bouissef - 14 dager siden
Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips - 15 dager siden
Whoever Jack is playing with here...theyre kinda annoying
skimaskedjak - 16 dager siden
skimaskedjak - 16 dager siden
Travis Wirth
Travis Wirth - 18 dager siden
3:59 what a wasted opportunity to say "Do you want to play a game?"
Timothy Cohen
Timothy Cohen - 20 dager siden
People were surprised that UAVs didnt pick up zombies but they shouldn't because zombies are dead lol.
I may or may not have shoes on
The hospital esque building reminds me of mercy hospital from Left 4 Dead
lovelifenoites - 23 dager siden
Playing all the CoD series with own playlist like especially with Delta Parole or some good rock traxxxx. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzzz
Celina Alvarez
Celina Alvarez - 23 dager siden
I dream of the day jackfrags uploads a video of him playing bo zombies
snowmonsterBA - 24 dager siden
28:11 Don Dump
Kristal James
Kristal James - 26 dager siden
try to kill them in the air
Conor Lamb
Conor Lamb - 29 dager siden
Omg the amount of "enemy uav over head" is messed up
Marshmello NL
Marshmello NL - 29 dager siden
Gg bro, we did a tournament yesterday in zombie mode, if you want check the video's out they are on my youtube channel. Keep up the good work!
J Burton
J Burton - Måned siden
At 1:40:00 you look so suspicious of aimboting jack. It snap aims then you are like there must be someone here 🤨
813 Supreme
813 Supreme - Måned siden
1:48 "Phlembotomist" For when you can't tap a patients veins and they just cough into your vacutainer.
WeAreGame - Måned siden
So...when did everyone in Warzone become a competition level player? *Sigh*
Mike Chuaseco
Mike Chuaseco - Måned siden
Legit read that player name as "EGG TO MY RAGE" hahaha i realised that it was TOMMYRAGE HAHAHHAHAA
Dark Rose
Dark Rose - Måned siden
would be better if you stay as a zombie
Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts - Måned siden
I find it stupid how zombies have concussion grenades
Gongoozleblimp - Måned siden
Hey, I have a question. For the morte character that is used for Billy, how do you remove the dog walking next to you in the main screen?
Tech Is Life
Tech Is Life - Måned siden
Do they still have this available
RR Gaming & reviews
RR Gaming & reviews - Måned siden
Love the video
Fatima Hindi
Fatima Hindi - Måned siden
This is one of the most enjoyable video ... I laughed so hard gj keep it up ..... Liked your friends so funny so casual ☺️
Andrew Barnes
Andrew Barnes - Måned siden
Seems like the best weapons for defeating Zombies are the night sticks or whatever they're called!
Glen Lipkens
Glen Lipkens - Måned siden
This game mode has to stay forever
BLaZeY - Måned siden
The 14:55 death = fish in butter sauce. He either misses every bullet and shoots at nothing or misses zero.
Dosage - Måned siden
Thos mpde is to dark i dont get how u can kill ppl u cant even see do u have aimbot or something or is ur contrast turned up to 5000
Ktothe Swiss
Ktothe Swiss - Måned siden
He's Hackin.
Biavone - Måned siden
12:14 "porca puttana"
Eletrik89 - Måned siden
Remember when Cod was all about 6v6 multiplayer? This franchise sucks now.
Julio Ram
Julio Ram - Måned siden
Zach Pack
Zach Pack - Måned siden
Hugo Regn Nordic Int Norrköping
Imagine if this was like infected. Just world war z in warzone
DEVIL X DEMON 8967 - Måned siden
Luka Nogalo
Luka Nogalo - Måned siden
Hey guys, I have an urgent request. What do you use for capturing screen video and audio? Please help me, I need to attend two zoom conferences at the same time, how can I do that?
Lasse - Måned siden
Advertiser friendly comment for the algorithm and I like that you boys played together!!
Christian Lavilla
Christian Lavilla - Måned siden
Dr karlovs Ak47 looks alot like the volk from infinite warfare.
Alexander Fischer
Alexander Fischer - Måned siden
That sticker annotation is quite annoying
Legacy - Måned siden
Can someone tell me why I can’t use both my grenades?
David Birch
David Birch - Måned siden
Hey btw tracers are much less blurry and distracting if particle quality is on high. With it on low its a bunch of blurry particles that block the entire screen.
Wayne Payne98
Wayne Payne98 - Måned siden
Thus is such a cool mode. They should have it in forever
Ionfuckncare - Måned siden
Bought all 3 bundles and the turbo watch with your code Jack 🤙🏻 first items ive ever bought as well.
John LA
John LA - Måned siden
Bruh 4 real your content is awesome, maybe one day I will play with you 🙏🏽🤙🏽
Vidyut Krishnasrinivas
Vidyut Krishnasrinivas - Måned siden
This game mode is VERY stressful! Iyt really brings back that charm it had originally when Warzone came out, and it improves immensely upon it.
丂丨尺乂ㄩ丨卂 - Måned siden
That jigsaw outfit is sick
Christian Slazinik
Christian Slazinik - Måned siden
Am I crazy or at 40:16 is there a witch that flies past in the form of a shadow? It’s on the tent when jack goes to cross the field?
Smacky - Måned siden
Would be great If anyone could check me out aswell, if not enjoy your day!
NoTime 78
NoTime 78 - Måned siden
this shit is fortnite zombies bunk
corner liston
corner liston - Måned siden
Nah, waiting for the Tamagotchi Zombie DLC
doobtubes - Måned siden
Billy the puppet? You mean jigsaw 🧩
Roman Bhopal
Roman Bhopal - Måned siden
I couldn’t believe it when he said “the bison is horrible”because it’s my favourite weapon😂( I know it’s not a very popular opinion tho)
Sai Prabhakar
Sai Prabhakar - Måned siden
“I’m sorry I don’t understand by what you mean by then and there” HAD ME DYING!!
GHøSTy YT - Måned siden
@1:05:00- like @1:12:00 there are like 30 enemy UAVs over head
Bengie R
Bengie R - Måned siden
I wanna see this Sandra Anderson video now XD
ATL YoungSavage
ATL YoungSavage - Måned siden
Is this PC????
Rückflugticket Gratis
Rückflugticket Gratis - Måned siden
Best mode ever. Please be permanent.
Zeina Mohsen
Zeina Mohsen - Måned siden
I mean sad
Zeina Mohsen
Zeina Mohsen - Måned siden
Im so ssf because i can not play warzone because its a 108 gb
Billy Salter
Billy Salter - Måned siden
Still can't get this darn video to download and when I can its at 140p whhhyyyy 😭
Joshua Bird
Joshua Bird - Måned siden
Iam in tonight
Joshua Bird
Joshua Bird - Måned siden
Free play.
mexican crusader
mexican crusader - Måned siden
In my game
mexican crusader
mexican crusader - Måned siden
I got jump scared
mexican crusader
mexican crusader - Måned siden
How did you get that skin?
Matteo Vrancken
Matteo Vrancken - Måned siden
I'm glad you upgraded your internet and improved the quality of your videos. I sometimes watch your videos on the 60 inch 4K TV and before you upgraded, it looked terrible.
X X X - Måned siden
Great game modes!!!
Can you guys check out a small you tubers channel ? I appreciate it!
Jeremiah Gildon
Jeremiah Gildon - Måned siden
Its really
xoivy fo Chronic
xoivy fo Chronic - Måned siden
He from jigsaw
Anita Edwards
Anita Edwards - Måned siden
Owen Heuer
Owen Heuer - Måned siden
Gas zombies? Advance warfare anyone?
Astr4L - Måned siden
GOT 2 Mins? Want to SMILE?
👈Watch My Latest Cold War Video :)
YoutubeGhost - Måned siden
Who ever wants the Gulag cleaver, go to the Prison and at the top of the metal tower which is on your right-hand side from the entrance you will find your desired treasure.
Kaiden Stanley
Kaiden Stanley - Måned siden
this looks awesome but my xbox live ran out last week so hopefully by next szn ill be back
Michael Mccloskey-Ooi
Michael Mccloskey-Ooi - Måned siden
9:33 is when gameplay starts
MrRobYo Auntie
MrRobYo Auntie - Måned siden
Finally a YouTube who’s luck is the same as mine that’s how half my matches go at the start and Ik I’m not ass
BattousaiMLT - Måned siden
I love the streams with Tomo and Aculite but these guys are just hysterically funny. Keep em coming man
Bill Morgan
Bill Morgan - Måned siden
More streaming with these two guys Jack, you are all hysterical!!
Fredrik Thorberg
Fredrik Thorberg - Måned siden
Have you been to the camp at the hill with the laughing kid?
And if so is there anything new there now?
SMR IKhronics
SMR IKhronics - Måned siden
What are your settings Jackfrags?
Dr Bones
Dr Bones - Måned siden
The narrator sounds like Gordon Ramsay lol
Vladimír Pokorný
Vladimír Pokorný - Måned siden
My 3rd game with randoms, they left, I stayed and fucking won..sheer luck and little bit of skill, leaving combat and run for vials in dire situations saved me. Loving that after you spawn your gun stays in your hands, loving those long jumps, low visibility and constant look over shoulder and you dont have go throu animation/gulag/spawning with pistol/finding loot..just grab 2 vials and you are right back into the action....They could/should make this mode permanent imho
TTV assassin
TTV assassin - Måned siden
As soon as I get in I die by fall damage and I’m a zombie
Anil Ramdas
Anil Ramdas - Måned siden
I wish I could download this game without burning my computer
liquidlethe - Måned siden
Zombie victory is a really confusing rollercoaster of emotions, pretty annoying to think you won for a second
Anthony Arens
Anthony Arens - Måned siden
I love call of duty modern warfare so much
Anthony Arens
Anthony Arens - Måned siden
I love call of duty modern warfare so much
Danny Dee
Danny Dee - Måned siden
I couldn't stop laughing from all the
headshot66 - Måned siden
So I am pS4 player and I can't play it am I the only one having this problem
Juana Bautista
Juana Bautista - Måned siden
hahah wen he Maks the zombie noys
Ryan Waite
Ryan Waite - Måned siden
Judging from the negative feedback on coldwar this may be better then the zombies mode in coldwar imagine if it was.......😂😂
Patrick Quiroz
Patrick Quiroz - Måned siden
Does jack keep saying spoopy?
Mr shadow boy
Mr shadow boy - Måned siden
They literally putted jigsaw in warzone
sabrina sanders
sabrina sanders - Måned siden
Your two mates are hilarious.. definitley have to sync up with them and play a few more rounds with them. Thanks for another fantastic stream Jack!