Cheating in Battlefield 5

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I'm cheating in Battlefield 5 again apparently. Great fun with the Shotty! LAST CHANCE to pick up my current line of merch - Reduced all the prices. Leave a like and a comment, thanks for watching.
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Happy Reacts
Happy Reacts - 29 minutter siden
Jonny B
Jonny B - 2 timer siden
Yeah a bit much. Never understood why they make shotguns in game so powerful. I mean like, not really anymore powerful than anything else haha. Except at very close range. But even then, is it really? Just a random game trope people expect I guess.
sam king
sam king - 4 timer siden
That was a load of Chet :D
Comrade Brezhnev
Comrade Brezhnev - 5 timer siden
A shotgun with range is too good? Isn’t that how every shotgun should be?
blazing sniper
blazing sniper - Dag siden
there r so many butt hurt players in these games nowadays
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas - Dag siden
Jack I just want to know is this game on ps4 and is it free? I might buy it because of the graphics!
Uncle Daniel
Uncle Daniel - Dag siden
Love ur vids
dj3037 - Dag siden
Pls gib chet
Goo Crazy
Goo Crazy - Dag siden
Nice it’s 3am and the view count says 666k views help
KillinWrillin - Dag siden
This could be a meme man meme chet
Mod Nagant
Mod Nagant - 2 dager siden
I really miss Battlefield JF. I know you've got a lot going on and warzone. But dang man Battlefield is your home turf.
AT_Kill_You - 2 dager siden
Omg how its possible? You have never die in 1 frame, super bullets... hoooowwww you have fix this scheet game???
Weaponized Autism
Weaponized Autism - 2 dager siden
Huge chet
OTX z - 2 dager siden
Lazaross - 2 dager siden
Jack I need a chet please
Owen Benedict
Owen Benedict - 3 dager siden
Jackfrags should try out the hardcore custom game that my milsim community uses. Bolt actions are one shot and pistol kills in two.
CalmDown BigBrother
CalmDown BigBrother - 3 dager siden
i can feel your fps are shaking
H3NRY - 3 dager siden
If the word violation was a gun:
chocolatebar - 3 dager siden
Where do I get chet?
Bugged9090 - 3 dager siden
123 chet
Carlo Valentino
Carlo Valentino - 4 dager siden
I played the same map in cod waw
Pablo984 - 4 dager siden
Why do you have so much stuttering?
Pasha Boss
Pasha Boss - 5 dager siden
How does he cheat?
Annihilation Squadron
Annihilation Squadron - 5 dager siden
Jackfrags when he's sick: Jackgags
Jackfrags when he finds a dead body: Jackbags
Anyone else got any jokes comment here!
glucen - 5 dager siden
i miss playing on that map, i havent gotten it in a few months
Myles Franco
Myles Franco - 6 dager siden
Please don't joke about chet. Chet is a serious problem, the game is broken with cet.
Justin Mielsch
Justin Mielsch - 6 dager siden
He has the chet........ he knows de wey
Bayram Furkan Olgay
Bayram Furkan Olgay - 6 dager siden
Drew Whitney
Drew Whitney - 6 dager siden
Battlefield makes call of duty look like a kids arcade game. Both fun, just very different
Frosty - 7 dager siden
Should rename the video to "Chet in Battlefield"
Yorkshire Man 1972
Yorkshire Man 1972 - 8 dager siden
More BFV please Jack loved it.👍👍👍
Alex Milne
Alex Milne - 8 dager siden
Heavy load or internal choke?
ramesh kuble
ramesh kuble - 8 dager siden
I used to enjoy playing bf4 all day...I hope this franchise will return to its glory day one day
Shawnmer - 8 dager siden
juan tew tree chet
Manny Moreno
Manny Moreno - 9 dager siden
So Jack and Sean (jack with an eye) is gonna be playing together... The Jack Duo
ollyology - 9 dager siden
What mode is this?
Остап Лисин
Остап Лисин - 9 dager siden
u nohchi and chechen
captain doraid
captain doraid - 10 dager siden
kids bop
xiangyu ma
xiangyu ma - 10 dager siden
So funny game !😆😆
frezon - 11 dager siden
Jack somehow gets more kills per game than in my life. Help me!
Kickin' chicken
Kickin' chicken - 12 dager siden
All cheating does is put real people in real danger.
Grunt 1467
Grunt 1467 - 9 dager siden
How so
Av47ar - 12 dager siden
brilliant, simple. much fun. Nice chet!
H LaWMaN H - 12 dager siden
Chatting on BFV lol
Number Zero
Number Zero - 12 dager siden
Looks so cartoony
Seijuro Hyuga
Seijuro Hyuga - 13 dager siden
Max van Limpt
Max van Limpt - 13 dager siden
Does anyone know whether a lot of people still play Battlefield V on PS4? I'm thinking about picking it up since it's on sale, but I'd rather not buy a game which is dying :/ (European servers btw)
KindaJammy - 13 dager siden
hi men I hear for chet pls dm
Sebastian G
Sebastian G - 14 dager siden
123 chet
Autumn R
Autumn R - 14 dager siden
Jack, if u dont know what does it mean chechen that is a nation. These guys defeated the russians in an unequal battle in the first Chechen-Russian war. Perhaps that is why he called you a Chechen, hinting at combat effectiveness. lol.
Connor Hershey
Connor Hershey - 14 dager siden
Jack am still waiting for chet. When receive chet?
Khris - 14 dager siden
gud chet man
Box Of Chocolate
Box Of Chocolate - 14 dager siden
Imagine if they released this map at launch.
ThiccDADDYclinton - 15 dager siden
Love the videos! Please keep going!
Kyosji Youtube
Kyosji Youtube - 15 dager siden
If you play Battlefield, and you don't know who one of the biggest Battlefield chetter in the world is, do you really play Battlefield?
Grunt 1467
Grunt 1467 - 9 dager siden
I don’t know of any cheaters
Frank Perez
Frank Perez - 15 dager siden
Well when you play on pc what can you expect, lmao. You have them on console too, but not as common as pc.
Jordyn Polderman
Jordyn Polderman - 15 dager siden
Called you at 123chet. Not for the chet, but for the chit chet but you weren't there :(
Dark - 16 dager siden
I hope bfv never dies
LAD 2020 WS CHAMPS - 16 dager siden
Playing BFV on the series X is cheating. I'm legit killing dudes that can't even see me
JokersOblivion - 16 dager siden
The title is misspelled it's cheting in battlefield 5.
Big Max
Big Max - 16 dager siden
1v1 mansour on Rust, Jack
Robert Sandri
Robert Sandri - 16 dager siden
When are we going to see you do another "pistols& throwing knives only" round?
Robert Sandri
Robert Sandri - 16 dager siden
Jack - try the Model 37 shotgun next time. You would have doubled your kills on Underground.
Some_Random Boi
Some_Random Boi - 16 dager siden
lol. When your such a boss the toxic people call you a hacker.
Duncan Jim
Duncan Jim - 16 dager siden
Come to play a few games on the Asian server. Feel the hopeless with me:
ThePresident2040 - 16 dager siden
I love how they put all of their effort into censoring words like "poopoo" and "dlc", but they still aren't fixing the cheating problems.
BrutalFoX ,
BrutalFoX , - 16 dager siden
3:32 ultra camper
Matthew Gameplays
Matthew Gameplays - 16 dager siden
This map is probably the remake of operation metro from BF3
BigBubbaloola - 16 dager siden
Wow! Jack went to a dark place at @3:12
Manni Live
Manni Live - 16 dager siden
imagine cheating in a shit game
Manni Live
Manni Live - 9 dager siden
@Grunt 1467 First of all i wasnt talking about jack cheating i was talking about it in general. 2nd i watch all of jacks videos. Cheating sucks this game sucks not really hard to understand
Grunt 1467
Grunt 1467 - 9 dager siden
Imagine cheating at all, and why are you watching videos of a man getting accused of cheating and a “shit” game, if you don’t like it then why watch it
KyleSVT - 16 dager siden
Jack is the best LOL Trolling in BF5 game chat lol
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh - 16 dager siden
I cant even see the other player and he is aiming and shooting. I am a campaign guy. Loved the game play in the video and the aiming and shooting was fast like played 10x speed.
DustyCrawdad - 17 dager siden
123-Chet... that got me...
TotalD4 - 17 dager siden
Me need Chet! Big Chet Send me all Chets Please JackFrags thx much.
Grumpy Lemming
Grumpy Lemming - 17 dager siden
I always knew you was a chetter :D
KingBongHogger - 17 dager siden
I have the new map stutters too. Turning off raytracing makes it disappear. 2nd time in with rtx on and it runs buttery smooth.
Emil Jensen
Emil Jensen - 17 dager siden
I wonder what your soy intake has to be to play this game unironically.
Grunt 1467
Grunt 1467 - 9 dager siden
I wonder what your salt intake has to be to make a comment complaining about someone playing and enjoying a game
will25 - 17 dager siden
remember when battlefield was a game built around destructible environments? :
Robby 123
Robby 123 - 17 dager siden
those slam fire shotguns shred, in bf1 iirc its a lot less effective and you would never get those range kills. even whiffs upclose.
Chris M
Chris M - 17 dager siden
$4.99/month for chet. You must pay 600 months in advance and then recurring charge for chet.
Zsolt Török
Zsolt Török - 17 dager siden
Hi Jack! Would you try this in user.cfg ? It will suprises you what can give.
(the core / thread numbers maybe not the same if you have 8/16 or something else. I have 6/12)
thread.processorcount 6
thread.maxprocessorcount 12
thread.minfreeprocessorcount 0
Blaine Bugaski
Blaine Bugaski - 17 dager siden
DirectX12 produces stuttering gameplay for me in both BF1 and BFV. In BF1 it also gives me that super bright sun glitch where you can't see anything at all.
perpetual torment
perpetual torment - 17 dager siden
Still think this game is good in many ways
ZoomRR Mcgee
ZoomRR Mcgee - 17 dager siden
Honestly, when people chet it just annoys me so much...
LewiiiG1 - 17 dager siden
Youtubes put 'cheating' in titles so when you search videos of actual proof they cheat it's covered by the mass amount of views they receive on there videos. Just saying.
Marponsa - 17 dager siden
jack isnt hacking
he's jacking
wait, that joke sounded better in my head
Nicholus Bearden
Nicholus Bearden - 17 dager siden
how chet?
Vlad Tepes
Vlad Tepes - 17 dager siden
Do you play with RTX ? I reinstalled the game after installing my strix 3090 just to see the performance. And 56-75fps at 5120x1440p did not really make me jump up and down from joy,. 😆 overall I have the same performance that I had earlier with my strix 1080Ti but without RTX.
Ibrahim Aldossary
Ibrahim Aldossary - 17 dager siden
It's a laggy game. Isn't it?
SPRIGGAN FORCE1 - 17 dager siden
You wanna vs someone good, Monty and CXNTO on BF4 their good!
ZIYAD ZUHAIR - 17 dager siden
BATTLEFIELD 5 still here ??
Julvi dell' internet
Julvi dell' internet - 17 dager siden
chet is great
blazexpp - 17 dager siden
Do people actually still play this crap? LOL
Otto Li
Otto Li - 17 dager siden
This is not fun actually, when you realize how serious the cheating problem is at the Asia server...
Robert scriven
Robert scriven - 17 dager siden
Are you max level?
Mitchell Young
Mitchell Young - 17 dager siden
Battlefield 5 so ass i literally couldn’t keep playing it anymore
Nathaniel Potthoff
Nathaniel Potthoff - 17 dager siden
Tbh I love this game, I know that it's not as good as BF1 but I feel like BF5 is good in its own way
CyberWolf - 17 dager siden
Wow those smooth brains are really jerking themselves off thinking they're killing a cheater lmao
Roman Plays4fun
Roman Plays4fun - 17 dager siden
even though he's using a shotgun, he's actually pretty good.
Jamielol - 17 dager siden
wtf that shotgun is broken!
Weira - 17 dager siden
That guy just so happy killing jack