Crysis Remastered...

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Crysis Remastered Gameplay! Always good fun to go back and play this. Many memes to be had. Thanks to Crysis for sponsoring, check out the game here - Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
Runtime: 14:50


Mr Mitsuho
Mr Mitsuho - 20 dager siden
my gear is i7 7700, ram 16gb single , ssd nvme 500gb , vga 1060 3gb asus. lcd 2k. setting game medium, 2k, no aa, and very very lag. terible
Rock Wood
Rock Wood - 26 dager siden
Downloading the game now, I bet we can still edit the bauer.cfg file for the extra special secret nano suit upgrades. Make sure you save the original bauer.cfg before you go tweaking the suit functions.
Titan Yt
Titan Yt - Måned siden
Emperor V
Emperor V - Måned siden
4:34 Look at those textures. " Remaster " smh.
Doesn't even look remastered. Just looks like a port
Major Kaboom
Major Kaboom - Måned siden
To funny
chrisdatasiankid - Måned siden
Jack I'm glad u put up other gameplay time to time include of warzone feed all over youtube lol
L1ven - Måned siden
"Punch the boat back to the ocean"
Cringy Joe
Cringy Joe - Måned siden
You thought the physics in that game were good but then battlefield came and nobody cared about it anymore
Johan - Måned siden
I remember that you could spawn tornado's in the game... Then physics went realy wild!
the scarecrow
the scarecrow - Måned siden
Pick up EVERYTHING remastered
Kenne English
Kenne English - 2 måneder siden
14:02 Jack finds bananas!
Soviet Red
Soviet Red - 2 måneder siden
Tortoises don't swim Jack😢
Wqter - 2 måneder siden
No one:
Game: use stealth mode
Jack: *takes everything as hostage wHeRe aRe tHe bAnAnaS
Aaron Kornet
Aaron Kornet - 2 måneder siden
Yanks a tortoise incapable of swimming into the raging ocean
EazyMichael - 2 måneder siden
So never use HDR in any videogame then?
Anaumalus - 2 måneder siden
Ирина Клепикова
Ирина Клепикова - 2 måneder siden
The character movements in this game are a bit stiff, personally this is a relatively intuitive question
FamousNo7 - 2 måneder siden
Is that the location of bananas? 😅
Robbie Dunst
Robbie Dunst - 2 måneder siden
the suit doesn't malfunction fyi. :D
Floating Boi
Floating Boi - 2 måneder siden
awwww i loved this game when i was a kid❤️❤️
Justin justintheman
Justin justintheman - 2 måneder siden
Very similar to just cause franchise
Mathias Hornbæk
Mathias Hornbæk - 2 måneder siden
Connie A
Connie A - 2 måneder siden
Watching him have pure fun all by himself makes me happy.
nighthowk117 - 2 måneder siden
If those are Nearly Best in Game Graphics and the Game needs so much Power to Run it one thing is sure someone really fucked UP. It looks llike a GTX1080 would run it at Maximum. I literally thought they did much more then typical remaster when i heard recommended specs but it just turns out they fucked up since with what they done to this game RTX should be able to run it in 4k 60 FPS no problem if it doesnt it means they fucked up.
Ciobanu Mihai
Ciobanu Mihai - 2 måneder siden
the dude at 11:11 doing a naruto run :)) killed me
mc philosoraptor
mc philosoraptor - 2 måneder siden
Crisis remastered the quest for bananas
Lou Lou
Lou Lou - 2 måneder siden
Stop yeeting the fauna!
The Rival
The Rival - 2 måneder siden
This game is basically half-life story levels of fun
oo f
oo f - 2 måneder siden
Oh my god the memories
Jugger naut
Jugger naut - 2 måneder siden
its like this one dude said, before they tried to make it look like from pictures of an island, now it looks like a cartoon. it has an other feel now
Ra Mo
Ra Mo - 2 måneder siden
The game looks like actual donkey shit lol
Krieg - 2 måneder siden
Crab: *exist*
Jack: I see that you have chosen to be yeeted.
So magical
So magical - 2 måneder siden
unfortunately the remasters performance is awful, its a port of the console port, not the original pc game. so theres loads of "bugs" due to it being made for the consoles so isnt PC friendly is some respects, also most towns youll get a masssive decrease in performance, i have an 8700k and a 2080, and on high it tanks in every major area, i wish id of gotten a refund but ive played longer than 2 hours
Weta - 2 måneder siden
This reminds me so much of the Battlefield sandbox experience.
Max G
Max G - 2 måneder siden
Those "quails" are some sort of sandpiper it seems. Quails are much smaller!
Keith Tappenden
Keith Tappenden - 2 måneder siden
A_Ku_Da_Ma_ - 2 måneder siden
Tbf for a remaster game looks trash.
Battalions of Fear
Battalions of Fear - 2 måneder siden
better watch out for those PETA employees jack
Aleksa944 - 2 måneder siden
To me this isnt impressive change in graphic. It was woow in 2008 when i bought 9600gt and played on medium settings withous frame drops. But it is for sure ahead of time.
Nogaru Gaming
Nogaru Gaming - 2 måneder siden
nice, very nostalgic, try the hardest mode and enemy swarms and rain bullets to you, even smarter i suppose... :)
Ryan Truong
Ryan Truong - 2 måneder siden
Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior banana?
Qaltobas Cef
Qaltobas Cef - 2 måneder siden
12:57 Boxed bananas
Mr.Moody - 2 måneder siden
wtf, Epic store? well thats not gonna fucking happen
Rasta Dad 67
Rasta Dad 67 - 2 måneder siden
You picked up the bananas
Dan - 2 måneder siden
no one:
jack: b a n a n a s
GAMING BRO CHINMAY - 2 måneder siden
Sharks: exist
Jack: let's find sharks and Easter eggs
eliteEVIL darkness
eliteEVIL darkness - 2 måneder siden
That tortoise just chilling
Jack comes in and throws it in water
Tortoise - *DA FUCK*
Kozuk0 - 2 måneder siden
They call this shit remastered with 2002 graphics ...
Addison Larsen
Addison Larsen - 2 måneder siden
Wow... Now I want bananas...
Anthony Roca
Anthony Roca - 2 måneder siden
11:11 soldier hits the naruto run for a second
TH3DOC - 2 måneder siden
Some of the Weapons mods were super fun, like the RPG Nuke 😅
epicfail331 - 2 måneder siden
jack, you should let us know if the final level has been fixed for DX12, since the original requires running the game in DX9 to have it playable.
Jesper På Luffen
Jesper På Luffen - 2 måneder siden
Well atleast its not another cod video:)
Nick W
Nick W - 2 måneder siden
turtle yeet simulator
Landon Bobbett
Landon Bobbett - 2 måneder siden
Can't wait to turn my xbox into a oven with this!
J A - 2 måneder siden
Jackyeets, the Crab Yeeter
Supaballin - 2 måneder siden
Maz Cartel
Maz Cartel - 2 måneder siden
Old Time Gamer
Old Time Gamer - 2 måneder siden
So what exactly is remastered here cuz looks identical with the original.. oh and with worse sound effects and shittier hud
murnavid - 2 måneder siden
the original still looks better
Benjamin - 2 måneder siden
please more of that jack that was hilarious
the crab empire
the crab empire - 2 måneder siden
FreakyFried EH
FreakyFried EH - 2 måneder siden
Oh Jack, you'd better hope nobody from PETA sees this or you'll be in big trouble, they'll boycott your channel!!! 😱
Kaynine DeathKnight
Kaynine DeathKnight - 2 måneder siden
Me: this is the remastered time to play serious

me *20seconds into the*: imma yeet this turtle and crab into the sea!!!!
Kimbo Slice
Kimbo Slice - 2 måneder siden
I give it a 4/10
Luke Olson
Luke Olson - 2 måneder siden
I remember playing this game on the xbox360
kw Gibb
kw Gibb - 2 måneder siden
I was a fan of the atom bomb mod.
KanE - 2 måneder siden
Marek De Marko
Marek De Marko - 2 måneder siden
"Turtle, let's throw him in water where he belongs" (throws tortoise which can't swim in water)
TheGsGClan - 2 måneder siden
yeah what happened to physics in games?! I want a battlefield with full destruction!
CasualYoutuber - 2 måneder siden
looks same
DJ_CodNub - 2 måneder siden
Original looks better overall
ohhdanielson - 2 måneder siden
A 2007 games has better physics then 99% of the games out now!!
Blackwater - 2 måneder siden
The gameplay itself is just stunning even after all these years. You barely find stuff like that nowadays.
The remaster looks like shit tho.... totally crap.
tsarhiggy770 Higgins0n
tsarhiggy770 Higgins0n - 2 måneder siden
I grew up watching my dad play this. Wow the nostalgia is real !!!
Levi - 2 måneder siden
holy shit they made a 2007 game look like a 2010 game!! Amazing!!!
Finest Montero
Finest Montero - 2 måneder siden
1:01 he threw a tortoise into the water...🥺😭
john smith
john smith - 2 måneder siden
That guy was doing Naruto run, lol 11:11
Gejamugam Latsoomanam
Gejamugam Latsoomanam - 2 måneder siden
Does the remaster include warhead?
Abdullah Ahmad
Abdullah Ahmad - 2 måneder siden
Take a shot every time he says bananas
Jayson Whitehall
Jayson Whitehall - 2 måneder siden
Legend has it: He still hasn't found the bananas
Edit: Okay nevermind... He has found the bananas
shagged 1973
shagged 1973 - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for the memories Jack! It was an awesome game I just kept running out of ammo...My Q6600 back in the day will still play it me thinks!!
RS Redbaron
RS Redbaron - 2 måneder siden
Still looks the same Remastered oké
Safar Bagera
Safar Bagera - 2 måneder siden
Yah u make me remember this game
I still have the original on my external hard drive......maybe I should play it again
Jody Silvestri
Jody Silvestri - 2 måneder siden
Brings back so many memories especially on multiplayer
Code Like A Pro
Code Like A Pro - 2 måneder siden
Miss that game so much..
Ramsn Sora
Ramsn Sora - 2 måneder siden
trash remaster
astartespete - 2 måneder siden
Crisis yeetmastered, love it.
Rashma Skywalker
Rashma Skywalker - 2 måneder siden
More banana plz
Aleksa Jovanović
Aleksa Jovanović - 2 måneder siden
throwing simulator :D
IMPRESSA - 2 måneder siden
this is ready to play battlefield 6 xD
Generously buttered ALCO
Generously buttered ALCO - 2 måneder siden
*How many chicks can Jack pick up?
Sharpi 27
Sharpi 27 - 2 måneder siden
This remaster is a complete failure!
Cut content on PC, in some places inferior graphics, bugs, very poor performance.
Dont buy this garbage shit unless you are a complete brainless idiot
MSZ - 2 måneder siden
Is the big multiplayer mode back ? We need it !
M Digital Gaming
M Digital Gaming - 2 måneder siden
Oh man this takes me back I remember playing this on my channel so long ago, can't wait to get my hands on it along with that RTX 3080 ❤
Jared Bertrand
Jared Bertrand - 2 måneder siden
This does look a little dated
RIZECEK - 2 måneder siden
So I tried it and it's unreasonably demanding and again poorly optimized ...
Mariano - 2 måneder siden
11:12 the enemy was Naruto running
Luciano Contri
Luciano Contri - 2 måneder siden
Not very impressed with this remaster